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Kia Spectra5



  • nope still the same. single lever hight adjustment and single lever recline adjustment. Suits me just fine, I find my seats in the 05 spec5 more comfortable than my inlaws elantra. but that is just my opinion.

    my 2 cents.
  • spmrebelspmrebel Posts: 130
    I have both an 05 Spectra EX (my girlfriends) and an 05 Elantra GT in my garage. Both in my opinion are equally comfortable and can be adjusted the same.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 7,236
    just above mine here settles it.

    BTW-would you be goofy enough to let a seat decide what kind of rig you buy...anyway? ;)

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    Hey, who are you calling goofy!?!? 8-)
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 7,236
    would think that I meant you, backy!

    I didn't mean you, though I certainly recall that you have an issue with new-world-order Kia Spectra seats.

    No, really I think it's goofy if anybody lets something like a new car's seat affect whether or not they would buy the car or not. How about looking at it this way: if somebody likes a car's seat and they also like several more important features of that car, well then great. They can lump the seat in with all of the other things that they love about that car.

    But, what if someone love's a new car's manual transmission, it's moonroof, it's stereo, it's leather-wrapped steering wheel, it's speed-sensitive power steering, etc. The one thing they don't like is the car's seat. They may even dig that new car's Warranty, it's initial price, etc. but it's that nasty seat they don't like. I don't know about you, but IMHO, I think that's just...goofy!

    Remember the 2006 Hyundai Sonata thread a couple months ago...people were complaining about the new Sonata's seat, that they felt like they were leaning forward in the seat too much, that Hyundai mis-built the driver's seat. I haven't test drove the Sonata, so I don't know personally what they're talking about, but I think they were being goofy.

    Imagine that, backy, me thinking someone else is goofy! ;)

    Oh, I almost forgot! Seattle 27, Pittsburgh 18. I'll tweak it throughout the week as needs be. That's how I think the Big Boy is gonna come out. Can't wait for the Seahawks to get their first title!

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    When I was at my local Kia dealer driving the Rio5 last weekend, I did a test-sit in the Spectra5 just to make sure I wasn't imagining things when I drove the Spectra awhile back. I wasn't. Same lousy single-lever adjuster. The Rio5, fortunately, has the dual-knob setup like the old Spectra had and like the Elantra and several other Kias and Hyundais have. I was able to adjust the Rio5's seat juuuuuuust right. :)

    But the seat bottom wouldn't turn me away from the Spectra5. The $18.2k sticker price (without much in the way of rebates) would do that all by itself. :(
  • Keep in mind that the 2 cars are in entirely different classes: Rio-sub compact, Spectra -mid size.

  • SEOUL) February 1, 2006 -- Kia Motors Corporation announced today that its overseas retail sales of passenger cars and light trucks in January 2006 recorded 54,834 units, representing a 7.1% year-on-year increase.

    By region, Europe continued its steady growth with 21,940 units sold in January for a 13.8% rise over the same period of last year. Meanwhile, sales of Kia vehicles in the general market and North America recorded 14,014 units (4.3% year-on-year increase) and 18,880 (2.2% year-on-year increase), respectively.

    Popular RV models -- Sportage compact SUV (8,250 units) and Sorento full-size SUV (8,196 units) -- were Kia’s top selling vehicles in overseas markets in January. The A-segment Picanto -- Kia’s top selling model overseas in 2005 -- and the B-segment Rio were the third and fourth best-selling models in January, posting sales of 7,568 and 7,916 units, respectively.

    Yong-Hwan Kim, Senior Executive Vice President and COO of Kia Motors Corporation, said, “All indications show that Kia is once again off to a fast start to begin the year.”

    “And thanks to our continuing aggressive new model launch strategy, we aim to sell 1,226,900 vehicles globally in 2006, with 907,900 of this amount in overseas markets.”

    New Kia models to be introduced in 2006 include the short body version of the new Carnival (Sedona) MPV, the completely redesigned new Carens compact MPV and an all-new C-segment car designed specifically for the European market that will be produced at Kia’s new factory in Slovakia. Also, the ever-popular Sorento SUV will receive a face-lift in 2006 along with the C-segment Cerato (Spectra) and Opirus (Amanti) luxury sedan.

    Editor’s notes:

    1) Figures do not include domestic sales and KD (knock down) exports assembled at overseas plants.
    2) “General market” includes the regions of Central & South America, Asia & Pacific, and Middle East & Africa.

    ****so much for the hope of the body style being around long enough for the aftermarket accessories giants to make some really cool stuff for our little cars.**

  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    Rio is actually in the compact class now, measured by EPA interior volume (which is what puts Spectra into the mid-sized class). But at over $18k, the Spectra5 is getting into Mazda3s 5-door territory, and is far above (price-wise) Elantra 5-door territory. For the money, I'd much rather have a Mazda3s, or save a few thousand bucks and go with the Elantra. Maybe that is why my local Kia dealer has lots of Spectras on the lot.
  • "But the seat bottom wouldn't turn me away from the Spectra5. The $18.2k sticker price (without much in the way of rebates) would do that all by itself."

    I too have noticed how stingy KIA's being with the rebates these days.

    I suspect that it's a combination of KIA wanting to test the waters on how high they can price their vehicles BEFORE sales are adversely affected, coupled with the rising cost of energy and raw materials (steel, etc.). KIA obviously has to make a profit on their vehicles, else they'll be tempted to pack it in.

    The big thing they're facing in this country is how long they can tread water (aka: subsidize their vehicle prices) to allow the stigma of the KIA name to wear off, and thus warrant the higher prices.

    I'm a "believer", and have done more than my share of defending the brand against KIA bigots out on the various forums, but it's hard work! KIA really, REALLY has an image problem out there with the rank and file car drivers.

    I think Hyundai/KIA are going to have start spending some money on motor sports and performance car development to start getting some positive attention beyond the intermittent positive Car and Driver article, etc.

    Obviously they shouldn't attempt to compete in the Corvette/Viper territory, but why not create some kick butt little turboed 4-cyl autocross type vehicles???

  • I'm a believer in Korean cars. Before I bought my Elantra in October I drove a (Kia-built) Ford Aspire for almost 10 years and 120,000 miles with hardly any problems at all. I would buy either Hyundai or Kia without reservation (I just bought a new Elantra in October).

    I think the 100,000 mile warranty improved the reliability of Hyundai/Kia vehicles in a back-handed way: A lot of people bought the cars for the warranty, but then learned that the warranty can be voided if the car is not properly maintained. As a result, the cars are being maintained better than they were when the warranty was not a selling point and no one thought about it. Hyundai/Kia is training its customers to be responsible car owners (which is a good thing for everyone because a lot of people who buy these cars are first-time new-car buyers and need to be educated on car maintenance).
  • "but why not create some kick butt little turboed 4-cyl autocross type vehicles???"

    That would be sweet, I would love to see them come out with a midsize all wheel drive crossover to compete on the highly touted rally sport circuit. Wouldn't it be nice to see a korean car taking a top spot beside an Imprezza WRX?

    ah, but alas I may just be dreaming.

    Keep up the good postings guys, a good community is the key to raising the public status of an auto manufacturer.

  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 7,236
    how a little turbo 4-cyl Kia would look and perform. My feeling is that Kia would style the thing to look great and they could also win some races with it, too.

    Come on Kia, do it! You're already building the best vehicles on the planet, enter the rally sport racing field, too! :D

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • Kia Rio driver beats F1 driver to world ice racing title - again!

    - Third consecutive series win for Rio

    (SEOUL) February 3, 2006 -- Kia Rio driver, Yvan Muller, has taken sufficient points in the final round of what is regarded as the World Championship for the unique motorsport of ice racing, the Andros Trophy, to beat former F1 Grand Prix World Champion Alain Prost and win the championship title for the third successive year.

    The domination of the series, which is held in freezing conditions on specially-built race tracks on the top of mountains in the Alps, by Muller and the Rio was achieved despite Muller carrying more weight-penalty ballast as the twice-previous championship winner. Muller comprehensively fought off last minute challenges from former F1 Grand Prix World Champion Alain Prost in a Toyota, Jean-Phillipe Dayraut in a BMW and Franck Lagorce in a Fiat.

    The Kia team wrapped up the title with a superb tactical performance in Super-Besse, high in the Alps, recording solid placings in both races that were sufficient to secure enough points for Muller to win his tenth ice racing title.

    According to Muller, "It was the hardest ice racing season in my career, and surely the most beautiful victory, even if I had to play a game I'm not used to. During the last three seasons, the team proved we could beat everybody, dominating in 2004 and 2005, or playing tactics and nerve breaking games this season.”

    "In racing we are used to hearing about 'fastest times,' but this year we had our 'fastest' time even with 490 kilos of ballast," commented Paul Bourion, Kmotorsport team principal. "We did three seasons with the Kia Rio and we won three championships, thanks to Yvan, while this year and in 2005 we also won the constructor's championship. And we are very proud of that record," he added.

    Muller and the Kmotorsport team now go to Paris and the Stade de France for the final event of the season -- a non-championship round on a specially created ice-track at the country's national stadium on 18 March.
  • Waddya know... a three-door Rio. Is that the old gen?

    That won't help Kia with their image though: You don't have hundreds, or even tens, of thousands of fans at an ice race.

    Now maybe if they followed Toyota into NASCAR...!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    The styling is almost the same as the '07 Accent 3-door, so I suspect it's the new Rio--one not yet available in the U.S. Maybe this year, like the Accent 3-door?
  • Yeah, but without comparing I think the headlights are more similar to the old gen than the new. The graphics kind of hide the looks of the car though.
  • there is a world outside of the US. Just because ice racing is not popular in most of the US doesn't meen that it won't help the image of the company, it is an up and coming sport in Canada and already has lots of followers in Northern europe and Russia. using the same logic, how much nascar do you see outside the States?. And it certainally isn't helping the domestic auto manufacturers sell vehicles.

  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 7,236
    is something to be looked up to, anyway, right?

    What a waste of fuel, time and money.

    Kia is proceeding just fine, IMHO. I wouldn't mind reading about their other racing involvement, if it should come about.

    Besides, I can see car racing anytime by just heading out to my local freeway system and bumping butts with the big boys in their big 'ole pick-em-up trucks from GM and Ford. :D

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • My thought was not so much America vs. the world, but simply that I can't imagine huge crowds going up to altitude to witness car racing, whereas, NASCAR does attract a vast audience, if only in the U.S.
  • They do have this new fangled invention called television. Its true, you can sit in your home and watch sports from the warm comfort of your own home. Isn't technology great.

    Go team Kia.
  • I don't get into all those tech gadgets... :confuse:
  • Obviously they shouldn't attempt to compete in the Corvette/Viper territory, but why not create some kick butt little turboed 4-cyl autocross type vehicles???

    I *just* found the perfect powertrain for my "wish" above. Check out the new motor that the Dodge Caliber is getting, compliments of Chrysler's alliance with Mitsu and more importantly: HYUNDAI!

    Hopefully their technology sharing contract will allow Hyundai/KIA to have access to these bad boys. Since Dodge is able to stuff it into a Caliber, hopefully it could fit under the hood of the Elantra/Spectra family!


    2007 Caliber SRT4 - A 300 Horsepower Screamer

    Standout Powertrain
    The all-new 2007 Dodge Caliber SRT4 is capable of a 0-60 mph time in under six seconds. How is that possible?

    The all-new 2007 Dodge Caliber gets its motivation from an all-new "World Engine" produced at the Global Engine Manufacturing Alliance (GEMA) facility in Dundee, Mich. The World Engine is a family of small fuel- and emissions-efficient aluminum four-cylinder gasoline engines co-developed by DaimlerChrysler's Chrysler Group, Hyundai Motor Company and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation.

    The all-new 2.4-liter turbocharged World Engine delivers a level of power you'd expect from a V-8," said Pete Gladysz, Senior Manager – Powertrain, SRT. "With the engine in the all-new 2007 Dodge Caliber SRT4, we were able to take advantage of tried-and-true performance improvements, such as increased cylinder-head flow and higher compression ratio, as well as newer technologies such as Variable Valve Timing (VVT)."
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 7,236
    like they are truly new world order type technology. Those power numbers are way impressive.

    I gotta tell ya, I kind of like this new Caliber from Dodge. A cool small car that is American...albeit sort of?

    Wow! I like the sporty style of the Caliber with the sort of toned down Dodge Ram design up in the grille. They do a tasteful job of it, indeed. I also like how they handled the rear end of it, the way they mold the plastic into the metal back there, real sporty looking.

    But it's how Hyundai and Kia will put these engines to use that really has me interested! How about that little Kia turbo-4 cyl screamer we were talking about, for starters? :surprise:

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • If I were buying a car this year instead of last, I would definitely give the Caliber a look. Overall, the style is JUST what I want, and in many ways is proportioned similarly to my Elantra (4-door, fastback hatch). However, while putting a pickup-style grill on a large station wagon (Magnum) might be okay, I think it looks terrible, awful, butt-ugly on a compact. The Magnum is almost trucklike in its stance, but the Caliber is just NOT. Putting a big ol' grill on that little car ruins the whole style concept, imo.

    The chunky, angular lines of the grill just don't match the otherwise sleek lines of the rest of the car.

    Back to the engine, though: It is my understanding that the new Elantra will be getting a detuned version of the engine in the Caliber. So there is a chance that future sport versions could get the full performance version. The Spectra and Elantra seem to piggy-back each other on a staggered release schedule. I would expect the Spectra to be at least updated in 2008 or 09; not sure if it will leap ahead of the 07 Elantra or not or whether it will get the new engine.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 7,236
    doohickie, but they have toned the Chrysler grille down a little so it kinda fits up there. I don't think there's enough goodness there to move me from my favorite Kia but this new Caliber seems to be a great new move for Dodge.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • ok, well I am having door lock issues with the spectra5, for a while it would constantly unlock, now it is locking itself on a whim. It doesn't matter wether the keys are in or out of the ignition, if the car is running or not. I cannot find a pattern of when it does this. The dealership needs to duplicate the issue for them to fix it apparently, but since it is willy nilly I may never get it fixed. Very annoying, last week i had to walk 2 miles back to my house to get the spare key; brrr cold.

    Has anyone else had this issue? perhaps someone knows of a technical service bulliton that explaines this problem?

    Thanks all, keep up the good work.

  • Geo:

    Can KIA disable the keyless entry feature (aka: the FOB) of your car for awhile? This would allow you to determine whether errant radio signals are confusing the signal receiver in the car.

    A couple of DJs at a local radio station in the Detroit area say that no one's key FOBs work at their station due to all the radio wave interference generated by "radio row". There's numerous stations all lined up on the particular road/highway their station's located on.

    I don't think you want the power lock fuse to simply be pulled.... because that wouldn't prove out my radio wave theory. The power locks would simply stop working.

    Somehow KIA needs to disable the FOB signal receiver.... and then any errant automatic locks or unlocks may point at a short circuit, etc.

    Keep us posted!

  • Thanks for your reply.
    I do not belive that it is in the fob. If it were the lights would flash on the car as it does when the fob is pressed (I think anyway). I have read on other forums that it is probablly a moisture issue with the central locking mechanism on the drivers side door. Your theory is sound, but I live out in the country where you can barely even get a cellular signal, not to mention no AM radio after 5pm. I am yanking the battery out of the fob tonight to test your theory. I will keep the board informed.

    Thanks again for you input.

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