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Chevrolet Tahoe Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • I just bought an '08 Tahoe 4x4 LT3 with conv. pkg. and Z71. The msrp was $47,770 and they offered 10% off sticker and the rebate. I always believed 9.75% was the invoice off MSRP so this was fine with me. The suprise came when they said the rebates were $2,750 while I thought they were $1,750 according to Edmunds and GM websites. Who was I to argue? What really made the deal is they offered me $29,000 for my trade which was an '07 Tahoe 4x4 LT2 produced without backup sensors and adjustable pedals. I also had 38,000 miles on it. The other three dealers I visited did not even come close. Is the rebate actually $2,750 on '08s?
  • Ok...Great. THanks for the info.
  • nflguynflguy Posts: 90
    I'm not sure what the current rebates are for the 2008 models. I do know that the dealers will NEVER offer you more then what is advertised. If they tell you 2,750 then it's a good bet that is the advertised number.
  • nflguynflguy Posts: 90
    Dealers ALWAYS rip you off on trade ins. They also use them to make you think your getting a better deal on your new car then you really are. It's usually best to do that separately or to negotiate final price of car with rebates etc, THEN see what they will give you for your car.
  • I really think they tripped over my trade. They offered $2,500 more than anyone else. The new '08 stickered for $5,500 more than the '07 did because of more equipment. I traded for a difference of $10,200 after my GM card points of $1,500. This means I could have traded for $4,700 on an '08 that was identical to my '07. That is pretty good to trade up a year and drop off 38,000 miles. I drive alot!
  • do you think that there will be new 07 tahoe around in feb 08. also i see that the rebates for the new 07 are still very good up til jan 08 (3750.00) is it possible to get a base new model 2007 for about 19000.00 including all gm family discount plus rebates???????? :blush:
  • nflguynflguy Posts: 90
    19,000?? I would seriously doubt it. You are looking at $26k+ for base models even if you get a fantastic deal..
  • I'm renting a Tohoe for a few days to try it out - the cloth seats seem kind of 'average'. Is my rental just beat up or are the cloth versions not so good?
  • me please!! We just got quoted an 07 LT3 Tahoe with Dvd, nav, all the bells and whistles for 39800.00. It already has 3000 miles on it. Is this a good deal or should we try to negotiate it down some more??? This price includes the 3750.00 rebate they are offering right now. Also, when I did this exact care in kelly blue book it gave me a price of 39240.00. Shouldn't that be the price before taking out the rebate?? Therefore, making the car 36670.00??? Please respond quickly as we want to be in the next few days....Thanks so much!!!!
  • me please!! We just got quoted an 07 LT3 Tahoe with Dvd, nav, all the bells and whistles for 39800.00. It already has 3000 miles on it. Is this a good deal or should we try to negotiate it down some more???
    For an '07 you should be able to do much better than that.....especially for a "used" vehicle and that is just what you are looking at.
  • So you think that I should start my negotiations at 35000???? I'm so bad at this, please help me. I don't want to get taken advantage of just because they think I'm a woman who has no clue!!!
  • also, would that be a good price for an 08 lt3 with nav and dvd, 39800??? What about an 07 LTZ 2wd with nav and dvd be?? the sticker was 50140.
  • nflguynflguy Posts: 90
    39,800 is way too high for a used vehicle.

    My 07 LT3 was brand new with almost every option (plus 20' polished wheels) aside from dvd and navigation. My final sales price was $31,800. I would start negotiations at $28,000 and go as high as 32,000.
  • I am looking at a used 2007 Tahoe LTZ, Sil. Birch Metallic, 29K miles, 2nd row bucket, ebony interior, 20 polished wheels, DVD enterainment system, 2wheel drive. I'm not sure (or at least I don't think that this vehicle has NAV). The asking or starting price is $35,9.

    This vehicle is not certified. How important is that having the GM certification. At this time I've only spoken with the salesman over the phone and he said that to cerify this it would bring the vehicle up about 2K.

    Also, as always being an owner of foreign made cars, how concerned should one be with 29K miles and only a year or so old????

    Could someone please post a fair price I should be getting this vehicle for. I don't have a clue at this time. Thank you so very much.

  • nflguynflguy Posts: 90
    35k for a car with nearly 30,000 miles??? That is crazy. The car will be past the bumper to bumper warranty in only 7k more miles.

    Brand new with no miles I would want a sales price of 33,000 for that vehicle and that's only if it comes with dvd and navigation..

    Throw in the fact that its got a ton of miles and I would want a sales price in the low to mid 20's.
  • Although I have not seen the sticker price on this vehicle, it is an LTZ, 2007 Tahoe, 2WD, 29K miles. I have since confirmed that it does not have NAV, but has basically everything else.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the sticker price on these was somwhere between $47K - $51, brand new. How would one buy new, with no miles for $33,000????
  • A FULLY loaded 2007 Chevy Tahoe LTZ (yes, nav. system and all the whistles) goes for around $51K. The Kelley Blue Book on one in mint condition with 3,000 miles (like the one I'm selling) is around $38K. Anyone interested, please send me a private msg.
  • nflguynflguy Posts: 90
    Forget the sticker price. Nobody pays that. It's not even close. My Tahoe came with everything but nav and dvd and had a sticker price of around $43,800. My price was 31,800.

    My tahoe had 14 miles on it.
  • nflguynflguy Posts: 90
    It doesn't take into consideration current rebates, end of year sales etc...
  • Attn Sydney472: A good way to check used car values is online with Kelly Blue Book or the NADA book. They are free services. You can Google for the actual web addresses....easy to find.
  • so if i find a new 07 base model tahoe that is msrp @ 26,500. i have the gm discount and there is a rebate of 3750.00 do you think the price will be somewhere close to 20000.00 when its all done??? or am i looking at how this rebate & gm discount deal the wrong way.... please help :confuse: :( :confuse:
  • ok what if i have located a 07 new tahoe on the internet in another state will they do a dealer trade to the state that im in with no extra charge and keep the same advertised price??? is that the same for internet dealers also :surprise:
  • bboozebbooze Posts: 34
    I've been looking at the 2008 Tahoe hybrid. I'm wondering which Tahoe model is the closest "comp" to what the hybrid has as a basis for determining how much one of these things might cost. Would it be the LTZ, or one of the LT 1/2/3's be the best model to base my pricing on?

    I must say I'm surprised at how much people are getting off of MSRP on some of these new vehicle purchases. Having bought from the likes of Nissan and Volkswagen the last two times around it's like pulling teeth to get those guys to come down. But with these Tahoes it seems like people are getting $10k off the MSRP no sweat.
  • i am reading the messages posted and am not finding the same deals. i have been looking at used ltz models. i have come up with the best pricing of about $34K w/nav and dvd, but it has 48K miles. not to interested in that many miles. how and where are you buying a fully loaded ltz new for $33k. i was on the phone today with a dealer that was going to get me an 07 ltz, it had 20.5K miles. he offered it for $39. i told him we had $35 in the budget with no response i told him i thought 37 was too much, he asked, can you do 38 claiming it was 718 miles away and would have more of an expense to go get the truck.

    i have received my best pricing by mere phone calls explaining what i want and what i don't. they have found them on line at the smart auction, send pics, and know there is less of the guessing game. should there be a different approach? if so how. and how much do they actually have on average as profit. i didn't think there was that much room for them to move.

    i have seen a number of tahoes in TX at what seems to be a better price than here in south west MI. how much does location play in pricing?
    thanks for the feedback.
  • Anyone want to give me a clue as to what kind of incentives (rebates or low interest financing) on new '08s after say Jan or even into March. Anyone remember any special sales that take place from Jan - Apr?

    I sure would like to take advantage of some of the offers right now but just don't have the where-with-all to do so. Come Feb/Mar, I certainly will be buying then.

  • fortopfortop Posts: 239
    There is no 2007 new Tahoe with an MSRP of $26,500. The cheapest 2007 Tahoe has an MSRP of $34,880. With a GMS price and $3750 rebate the price would be $27,372. Please post here and let us know if you find a new Tahoe for $20,000. This is much less than the dealers pay for them. I would buy several at that price and turn around and sell them for a nice profit.
  • fortopfortop Posts: 239
    The MSRP price on the cheapest 2007 base Tahoe is $34,880. (Add $460 for a third seat - I would not buy a Tahoe without one.) With GMS pricing and $3750 current rebate and you get $27,372. I don't know where you would get a new Tahoe for $20,000. I don't know where you saw an MSRP of $26,500 - please post here and let us know.
  • the one i found was priced at 26500 but i think it was price including all discounts how ever i found a used 2007 tahoe priced at 20000.00 with about 7000 miles online :blush: i think the color had been repainted it listed as bermuda blue
  • 2007Tahoe Said: think the color had been repainted it listed as bermuda blue
    You better ask yourself why a vehicle with just 7,000 miles has a new paint job. And I doubt that Bermuda Blue is the most popular color choice for an '07 Tahoe when it comes to resale time.
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