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Chevrolet Tahoe Prices Paid and Buying Experiences

SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
Share your buying experiences here!


  • I purchased a 2005 Z71 Tahoe fully loaded at this dealership last month. I initially made contact through the GM Buypower site, where I solicited quotes from several other area dealers as well.

    I stopped in at the dealer to look over the truck and managed to negotiate a price of $42,765 before rebates and other discounts were applied.
    The Tahoe was fully equipped with the Sun & Entertainment package, middle bucket/3rd row and side air bags. There was a $1000 GM rebate, and the dealer applied an additional $1000 discount from what he called "coupons".

    GMAC had also bumped up my card points to $2K and waived the remaining payments on my '02 Trailblazer lease, inviting me to "Pull Ahead".
    With a total of $4K down, the 48 month Smartbuy payment is $479.

    Overall, the sales and delivery experience at Bast Chevrolet was smooth and hassle free. I would highly recommend them if you're shopping for a Tahoe or any other Chevy.
  • I just signed a deal on a 2005 Z71 Tahoe. All options included. (Sun Sound Side airbags etc.)

    Bermuda Blue and molded mud flaps thrown in. I had $1287.60 left on a Lincoln LS lease paid off by the dealership and with nothing down I got it for $475/month on a 48 month smart buy. I'm tax exempt.

    The MSRP was $48800 and it comes out around $38000. The "Red Tag Sale" was worth the wait. We've been trying to buy for 4 months. Hope this helps. Wish I didn't have to pay off Lincoln it would have even been about $25 better a month. We live in the western NY area and I'll help out if I can. Good Luck!!
  • Just took home a new 2005 Tahoe LS with On-star ($995-$900 discount), 3rd row ($360), and 3.73 axle ($100), MSRP $36,580. Negotiated price to $27,400 including $2500 GM rebate & $1000 which dealer kicked-in towards my down payment. I used $3000 GM card earnings for the balance of down payment which was part of their top-off program. $2215 in sales tax (7.8%) $299 non-negotiable doc fee, and $625 license fee. my actual out the door cash cost, $27530.


    Dealership was very friendly, only one questionable tactic was when negotiating, half way through, we had come to terms, and they claimed that the "finance guy was doing this work-up on an avalanche, not a tahoe" and the price went up $600, I cut that in half, as i figured i had a good deal going, and gave them $300 back.


    Financing guy did a hard sell on their profit package (extended warranty, gap protection, paint sealant, carpet guard, gap protection, lo-jack). B&B is an autonation dealership and they have 4 standard packages. I took my chances and passed on the $6000 additional charges. The finance guy didn't appreciate when i told him his $5000 theft protection wasn't much of a value at $499, when i used the poster he showed me that 1 in 143 vehicles is stolen. I replied that the expected break-even on his $5000 theft etch protection was only worth $5000/143 = $35 He pretty much dropped his pitch after that.
  • dardson1dardson1 Posts: 696
    nice deal! A little over $24k before tax. I use my GMCard for business and 5% adds up real quick. I've always thought the base Tahoe was the way to go. Even un-optioned these vehicles are plenty loaded. With all the rebates, disounts, and GMCard perks, you get a nice luxo-car for the price of a mid-level Camry. Good job! BTW, do you like the smaller V8?
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    My brother and I both bought cars at Thorobred Chevrolet in Chandler, AZ in the last few months. In both deals they pulled underhanded tricks in the finance office. Specifically, after agreeing to a trade-in value and filling out all the paperwork, they tried to change the trade-in allowance. They claimed that they had mis-read the odometer and my trade was now worth $1200 less than agreed upon. They had inspected the cars completely and written the mileage as clear as day on the form. Don't fall for this ploy!


    By the way, don't buy their lie that they must have your credit info because of the Patriot Act.
  • Nice Deal. You are right about the Lincoln but the deal was too good to pass up. Pay above the principal if you can b/c before you know it they'll roll out the 2008's and you're gonna take a look and start saying, "Sweet, gotta have one, time for a trade in." As long as you are not unside down on this current you're golden
  • Just thought I'd share my buying experience with Chevy. Everyone stay away from Pallone Chevrolet in Chantilly, VA. They were the worst by far to deal with. Lied on the phone just to get you in the store then "played the game" all the way to the point where I just got up and left. Had a much better experience at another dealership. MSRP on the truck I purchased (with the 1SJ Option package) was $42,317. With rebates, coupons, and everything else we wound up with a fair price of $32K even. This vehicle has the Stabilitrack, Onstar, 3rd row seating, 5.3 V8, Towing package, ect....
  • Follow up from previous message. If anyone in the Northern Virginia area is looking for a Tahoe (or any Chevy for that matter) I would strongly recommend going to Lindsay Chevrolet in Woodbridge, VA (Rt. 1). I went to just about every dealership in the area and this is the only place that treated you like a human being. It was a pleasure dealing with someone you didn't feel like was trying to pull a fast one at every corner. I don't know if we truly got a great deal on our Tahoe, but we felt like we did and that's good enough for me. So if you're in the market, give them a try. Tell them you heard about them on Edmunds for an additional discount.
  • mgwavesmgwaves Posts: 1
    I got a white Z71 2005 Tahoe with 2nd row capt chairs, 3rd row, Sun/Sound Pack MSRP $48,655 - got it for around $40,000 and did a smart buy for $536/mo for 36 mo and 12K miles year with absolutely ZERO upfront at all - price included tax, MV etc....
  • bobd5bobd5 Posts: 3
    Was does 'LAM Dealer Contribution' and 'LAM Group contribution' stand for and will dealers knock off the price for them. They were both added to the invoice cost at the end for a total additional cost of $675.
  • bobd5bobd5 Posts: 3
    What does 'LAM Dealer Contribution' and 'LAM Group contribution' stand for and will dealers knock off the price for them. They were both added to the invoice cost at the end for a total additional cost of $675.
  • tauberjtauberj Posts: 61
    I believe they are both advertising the dealer pays. When I bought my truck last year, these two items were on the invoice. I think each equals 1.5% of MSRP not including destination charge. I don't think the dealer will negotiate these as they have to pay them. You might get a dealer to give you back the holdback, which is the same amount (3% of MSRP not including destination charge). This is more likely to happen with larger volume dealers, especially if they are hungry, like GM is right now. Good luck.
  • ap3ap3 Posts: 1
    I am a happy owner of a used 2004 Tahoe LT. The vehicle is described as below:
    - 2004 Chevy Tahoe LT
    - Leather interior with 3rd row seat.
    - Bose Stereo with XM Radio/6 Disk in dash CD Player/On-Star
    - Memory Seats
    - Rear Entertainment System
    - Sunroof
    - Running Boards
    - All power options including backup assist, electric folding mirrors
    - Balance of 3year /36 month warranty

    Dealer asking price $32,995, my price $31,500. final out the door price $24,185 after trade-in and taxes. I couldn't be more pleased. It looks nice sitting in the driveway next to my wife's 2002 Trailblazer LT. I have already took it on a road trip and I am very pleased. I look forward to many happy miles.

    By the way, I searched every Chevy dealer in GA and AL before I stumbled across this steal......see you on the big road. :P
  • mexammexam Posts: 1
    Can someone try, and explain a mail in rebate on a new vehicle? I am looking at purchasing a new SUV soon. I was at a dealer website, and they have sale prices on some of their inventory. They have "our price" marked at about $17,000 less than sticker price. It also reads "Price is after factory rebate and our mail-in rebate plus state taxes, license fee and $35 document fee. What does this mean? Please help. Thanks.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    I have never heard of a mail in rebate on a vehicle. On a computer or cell phone, yes. Most rebates or incentives on cars are deducted at purchase.
  • Has anyone bought a new 2005 Tahoe with the GM Employee Discount going on right now? How do the rebates apply?
    Base Tahoe listing MSRP around $36,120. GM Employee Discount listing around $27,000+. If you finance through them you get can get a $3,000 rebate. Not sure if I would finance through them or not - still checking rates at various places.

    First question is when would the $3,000 rebate apply? Before the sales tax or after the sales tax of the vehicle?

    Second question is which value would they use to figure the sales tax? The cost of the negotiated price after rebates applied? In this case on $24,000 (which is $27,000 GM Discount - $3000 rebate) Or would it be based on the MSRP? Or would it be based on the $27,000 (GM Discount without the rebate)?

    Thanks for any help
  • larrys1larrys1 Posts: 15
    Just purchased my Tahoe Z71 earlier today. I hadn't really shopped for anything, and just stopped by the dealership to compare a few vehicles, but I drove out with my new Tahoe. The sticker was a bit over $49,000, and my purchase price after rebates, was $38,500. The deal was just too good, so we took advantage of it. Tax was computed on the selling price and not the sticker. The $3,000 rebate was deducted after computing the sales tax. I believe it is law that tax be computed on the selling price, before discounts, but I can't be certain of the legal aspect.
  • jguns1jguns1 Posts: 3
    Yes, I just did the financing today with the GM employee discount. I got the Tahoe LT with the Sun and sound package and all the other accoutrements of the LT. Mine had 4000 miles on it and they ended up taking around 1080 off so my final price was about 4060 minus another 3000 with the rebate. The cash rebate is on the pre tax sales price of the car and it ends up being better than taking the low interest rate loan if you are going longer than 36 months and you pay off early. So make sure to note that. The rate I finance at was 5.99percent for 60 months through GM. You will pay tax on the whole amount BEFORE the rebates.
  • jguns1jguns1 Posts: 3
    The one question I have after getting my new Chevy Tahoe LT is if the extended warranty is a good deal. My thoughts are usually not to take but the warranty that comes with the car is three years or 36000 miles. I will hit the 3 years FIRST. I can extend it out another 3 years for 1080 ($200 deductable)for everything but valves and brake pads and the like, but drivetrain and electrical is covered. So I would have the car covered for essentially 6 years. I don't have experience with Chevy, and i haven't given them the check for the payment yet. Is this a good deal? Or should I forget it?
  • I just purchased a brand new fully loaded 2005 Chevy Tahoe 4x4 Z71 worth $50K and I think that the extended warranty is definately worth it. Since I went with the smart buy program I am essentially leasing the vehicle, however it is mine, the only exception is at the end I can either pay off the large balloon payment or walk away without any debt. Anyways, considering that during the first 2 or 3 years of owning the vehicle it really doesn't have any major problems, then you definately wouldnt want to get stuck without a warranty when the 4 wheel drive system breaks or something other major happens. With the extended warranty, everything is covered for whatever time period/mileage that you want. I got the upgrade from 3yr/36K miles to 4yr/60K miles, because that is what the GMAC contract is for. That way if there is any problems, I am not stuck with thousand dollar bills for repairs on a vehicle that I may as well just walk away from in a year or two. The upgrade that I got was going to be 1200 bucks, but dont be afraid to argue with them...the car companies are so interested in getting you as a customer, that they will lower that price...I chewed them down to under a grand.
  • More on my new truck...I just purchased a brand new 2005 Chevy Tahoe 4x4 Z71 that had a sticker price of $48,000 on it. If anyone out there is thinking of purchasing a GM vehicle, now is the time to do it...when else have you seen discounts like $48,000 Tahoe came down to $37,000 after the GM Employee I traded in my old vehicle and got a good deal with that...where else can you drive off with a fifty thousand dollar brand new vehicle for under $37,000??? That's definately HUGE, and if you were looking at another type of vehicle like a dodge or nissan or something that is not GM, then you can essentially pay the same price as those other companies want, and get twice the vehicle...I was looking at a durango several months ago for about $35,000 and it is not nearly as nice or large or comfortable as this Tahoe.
  • jmarinojmarino Posts: 19
    I am considering a Smart Buy on this vehicle. Vehicle loaded MSRP $49355 dealer has it down to $38,500. I am trading a Durango 2003 with 20,500 miles .They are allowing me 14,000 I owe $16,275. Smart buy for me for 4 years is $631.00 no money down taxes ,fees included in price . IS this a good deal ? Also should I get Gap insurance and what does it cost ?
  • dardson1dardson1 Posts: 696
    First thing you need to do is go the Smart-Shopper site (here, on Edmunds) and visit the Real-World Trade-in Values thread. READ at least 30 or 40 of the postings so you will know exactly how to describe your Durango. If you obey the rules, giving a clear description of miles, color, trim-level, condition etc., etc., etc., the professional car-guy there can tell you mighty close a fair price for your trade-in.
    The easy part of buying a new car is figuring out a good/better/best price on a new one. A $10k+ discount on a $49k+ vehicle sounds nice; however, last month, before GM reshuffled the deck and reduced the Tahoe rebate by $2500, you could have probably done better (IMHO). Nevertheless, no one can tell you if you're making a good buy until you determine a value for your Durango. You can do it by shopping your Durango at 5-6-7 dealers and getting them to bid for your business; or, you can ask the smart guy on the Real-World Trade-In thread and save yourself some time. To tell the truth, I do both. . . .shop my trade and listen to his advice. . . I never feel I've left too much money on the table. Good luck. BTW, if you don't spend at least a month doing your homework to make a trade, you're probably not getting a great deal.
  • ycats0273ycats0273 Posts: 2
    I recently totaled my 2005 LS Chevrolet Tahoe in a MVA; thank goodness I was not at fault. The GM Employee Discount could not have come at a better time. Since pickings were slim in the color I was looking for, I opted for a LT Tahoe in Silver Birch; this color is new for 2005 Tahoes. My Tahoe is equipped with everything except navigation and autoride. MRSP-45, 705.00. Employee Discount price was 35,693.38. If you are a previous owner of a Chevy Tahoe, pay close attention to all correspondence from Chevrolet. Don't be quick to throw away any specials that come through the mail. Back in April I received a post card from GM advertising for NEW WHEELS, GREAT DEALS CERTIFICATE . It's details were 2500 allowance on 20 inch rims or 1500 in GM loyalty. Luckily I kept this postcard and was allowed to use it on this deal. The final cost on my 2005 Chevy Tahoe LT was 34,193.38! (5.3 V8 engine, leather, DVD, power glass sunroof, wheel flares, bose premium speakers, 6 cd changer, third row seat, etc.). If you threw away your certificate or unsure if you qualify for this deal, call Chevrolet at 1-866-466-9637. The reps will assist you with verification of eligibility. Then notify your salesman of your eligibility and have him/her call that same number to obtain your certificate number. The NEW WHEELS, GREAT DEALS CERTIFICATE EXPIRES ON 6/30/2005 So Hurry! I really hope this will help someone! ;)
  • dardson1dardson1 Posts: 696
    and more like what was going on last month with the 5k rebate. Looks like you took the $1500. Gotta admit these trucks look PDG riding on 20" rims. I got an email today reminding me GM Card holders are eligible for an additional $1000 bonus cash on platinum and copper cards and $500 on all others until June 30. First I heard about it. Be sure to check if you use a GM Card. BTW, I use it as my business card and often put $2-3k a month on it. With 5% credit it turns into big money quickly. Got $2000 off my 04 Tahoe. . .no catch. . .no questions. . .just a quick phone call by the finance guy as we were signing the papers.
  • azmaxazmax Posts: 1
    I love my new Tahoe LT (Convenience Pkg, Sunroof, third row, XM). Paid 31770 out the door. Brown & Brown s the best new car dealership in the US.
  • dardson1dardson1 Posts: 696
    for an LT with a sunroof. Did that count any GMCard money or additional incentives?
  • tinyishestinyishes Posts: 1

    Late last year I bought two NEW 2005 LT 4x4’s with everything but a sunroof for $33,450 after $1,000 GMC finance rebate. We then refinanced for $50 at a local bank one month later.

    Use my GM miles on one of them to save an additional $3000 (so I paid $30,450 for one of them).

    This was in Fargo, North Dakota.

    We need more of these kinds of sites!!!
  • 2005 Tahoe 2WD LS, MSRP $40,525. Got $1,000 below GMS (empl price), then used $477 in GMCard points and because I used those on a Tahoe, they gave me a bonus of $1250 off. Price came to $31,924 after registration, taxes, doc fees etc. They didn't calculate my sales tax until after the $4727 in rebates were taken off. This included 5.3L engine, bose speakers, bucket seats, onstar, sunroof, 3rd row seats (which will sit in my attic), tow package, locking rear diff & rear axle.
    My 2000 4WD Tahoe was totaled by a red light runner and I was quite depressed until I got this new one!
  • dardson1dardson1 Posts: 696
    why did they give you $1250 more on the GMCard credits? Is that some kind of added incentive from GMAC? Have not heard of it.
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