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Chevrolet Tahoe Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,000
    Since this discussion focuses on pricing & the purchasing experience, you'll have better luck getting feedback from other owners in our regular Chevy Tahoe discussion.

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  • shigershiger Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2005 Z71 Tahoe. It was a dealer demo with 4,000 miles. I pitted local chevy dealers against each other and only one dealer would go below 35k out the door. When two dealers told me they couldn't beat the deal, I got my Z71 for 34,500 which included all tax tags and fees. While I don't have navigation or dvd, it is 4x4, leather throughout, second row bucket seats, third row bench seat, sunroof, bose speakers and off road package. The dealer used the red tag pricing with an $8,000 rebate to get to the price. We went ahead and purchased the extended 100k mile warranty and service plan together for 2k. Best of all, my wife is happy. :blush:
  • Congratulations. That's a lot better than I did on an 05 in September.
  • Here is the out the door offer for a z71 loaded, buckets, dvd, premium paint, including taxes and fees...everything except no navigation. i have a suppliers discount by the way. msrp sticker is 49,500. here is their email, what do you think??

    "The supplier price less all discounts and rebates and a $580.00 discount for demo use, price includes all taxes and state fees. $ 37,463.00"
  • Just picked up an 04 Tahoe 24k mi loaded with every available option except the NAVI for $27,900.

    My Question ?

    Did the DVD player come with the wireless headphones and remote ? They were not in the vehicle at delivery.
  • thats one thing that ive been trying to figure out myself. i think that the dvd player and the headphones go hand in hand, but not sure if ive read that anywhere. i think its just assumed since i havent seen any options for optional wireless phones. not sure of a remote, think that the unit itself offers the only controls. thats a nice deal by the way
  • spalmspalm Posts: 5
    Hello ersm
    What dealership did you work with in Atlanta? Did you have a trade in? Thanks.
  • jvettejvette Posts: 70
    Today I purchased a 2006 Tahoe LT,demo with 5600 miles with moon roof, dvd player, autoride, adjustable pedals, wheel flares, side air bags, locking differential, that had a MSRP of $49120.00. My out the door price with tax and lic was $34,594.00. I started looking at the 2007 but with the deals on the 2006 I can drive it for a couple of years and then switch over to the new model.
  • spalmspalm Posts: 5
    Purchased a 2006 Chev Tahoe LT:
    New - only 15 miles
    White/Tan Leather
    MSRP 48650
    Traded 2003 Toyota Sequoia SR5, 2WD, Spec Edtn 36500 miles
    GM Card dollars 3300
    Greensboro, NC
    3 year/ 45000 mile maintainence - cost $570
    OTD including Tax, Tags, Doc Fee - $13500
    Great Dealership
    Wife Liked the 2006 looks better than 2007. Better deal.
  • bgarvbgarv Posts: 3
    Yes, these vehicles do come with the wireless headset and remote. From the factory they are in the 3rd row set storage compartments above the rear wheels. If you need replacement look here. You have system 2 es/jan05/ us&ct=clnk&cd=2

    Wireless Headphones and Remote Controls
    Because the wireless headphones and remote controls for GM DVD RSE (Rear Seat Entertainment) and RSA (Rear Seat Audio) systems are loose items, it’s possible for them to become separated from the vehicle they’re intended for, before the vehicle is delivered to the customer. In many cases, these items are not interchangeable among vehicles. If the wrong components are provided to the customer, dissatisfaction will result.

    For example, a Chevrolet dealership will have three different remote controls and they are not compatible (Malibu Maxx, TrailBlazer, and Uplander). However, the headphones are compatible with all GM DVD systems except the minivans, which require a 2-channel wireless headphone. If the 2-channel headphones are used in the wrong vehicle, channel 2 (RSA) will not be audible, but channel 1 (DVD) will be audible.

    To help keep these components straight, here’s some information about the systems in use.

    System 1a -- DVD RSE
    The following headphone kit (p/n 15140532) is released for the 2005-07 Malibu Maxx only (fig. 1). The remote control will not work with any other GM vehicles.

    15140532 (Visteon) Headphone Package (DVD RSE)
    part number quantity item
    15762534 2 Headphone Assembly
    (1 Channel Wireless )
    22698894 1 Control Assembly - Video Player Remote
    15073730 1 Pack Battery Package - Headphone
    4 - AAA
    15072561 1 Pack Battery Package - Video T/Player Remote Control
    2 - AA
    22727857 1 Instruction - Video Disc Player Operation
    15140533 1 Instruction - Video Disc Player

    System 1b -- RSA without DVD RSE
    TIP: The Malibu Maxx is the only current GM vehicle that offers an RSA system with wireless headphones. The other GM vehicles have RSA systems which use wired headphones (which are not provided to the customer).

    The following headphone kit (p/n 10396845) is released for the 2005-07 Malibu Maxx with RSA option (UK6)..

    10396845 (Visteon) Headphone Package (DVD RSA)
    part number quantity item
    15762534 2 Headphone Assembly
    (1 Channel Wireless )
    15073730 1 Pack Battery Package - Headphone
    4 - AAA

    System 2 -- DVD RSE
    The following headphone kit (p/n 15072230) (fig. 2) is released for the 2005-06:
    - Buick Rendezvous and Rainer
    - Cadillac Escalade, EXT, ESV, SRX
    - Chevrolet Avalanche, Silverado Crew Cab, Suburban, Tahoe, TrailBlazer
    - GMC Envoy, Sierra Crew Cab, Yukon, Denali, XL, XL Denali
    - Pontiac Aztek
    - Saturn Vue

    TIP: The remote control will work only in these GM Vehicles.

    15072230 (Panasonic) Headphone Package (DVD RSE)
    part number quantity item
    01999421 2 Headphone Assembly
    (1 Channel Wireless)
    01999355 1 Control Assembly - Video Player Remote
    15085989 1 Pack Battery package - Headphone
    4 - AAA
    15085988 1 Pack Battery Package -Video T/Player Remote Control
    2 - AA

    System 3 -- DVD RSE
    The following two kits (p/n 15136091 and 15136092) are released for the 2005-07:
    - Buick Terraza
    - Chevrolet Uplander
    - Pontiac Montana SV6
    - Saturn Relay

    TIP: The remote control will work only in these GM vehicles. Channel 2 of the wireless headphones will work only in these vehicles (Channel allows you to listen to DVD and Channel 2 allows you to listen to RSA).

    There are two DVD systems available:
    - A base system U56 comes with a remote control kit only (no headphones available).
    - An uplevel system U42 comes with a remote control kit and a headphone kit (fig. 3).

    TIP: Headphone kit TX3 can be added to either system.

    TIP: Batteries are not included.

    15136091 (Hosiden) Headphones Only Package (DVD RSE)
    part number quantity item
    15185391 2 Headphone Assembly
    (Dual Channel Wireless)

    15136092 (Hosiden) Headphones Only Package (DVD RSE)
    part number quantity item
    15190411 1 Control Assembly - Video Player Remote

    TIP: If a kit is misplaced or was not shipped with the vehicle, follow established procedures for misplaced/missing components. The service part numbers for the kits are the same as the OEM part numbers.
  • greg33greg33 Posts: 6
    For anybody that has bought a new 2007 Tahoe, based on your experience, have you found the dealers firm on the Advertising Fee and Dealer Prep? I'm looking at invoice price for ordering a new 2007 Tahoe with the LT3 package and around another 2K in other options, but the 2 dealers I worked on a deal with so far wouldn't budge on the $813 Ad Fee and the $499 dealer prep.

    That adds $1312.00 to the invoice! This doesn't even account for the factory holdback I'm sure the dealer is getting on this vehicle!

    As I said, I've only delt with 2 dealers so far, but have been a little surprised by how adamant they were about refusing to negotiate these fees!

    I'm going to be faxing offers to another 2 or 3 dealers tomorrow and hope the response is better.

    Anybody else had the same or similar issues trying to work a deal?
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 9,455
    '07 Tahoes have just hit the dealerships. I would imagine that for a little while, at least, these are going to be "hot" vehicles for those shopping in that market segment, since it's a total redesign (and from most reports, a very good redesign).

    I suppose the dealership can call the fees anything they want. The Ad fee is legit, although their's sounds a bit high. $499 prep fee is pure profit. GM already compensates the dealerships to prep new vehicles.

    So, I think you're into a bit of semantics with the dealership. Your hot button seems to be "buy at invoice". Dealership knows these are relatively hot vehicles and will sell for more than that. Plus, there are no rebates from GM on these. Sounds like they are willing to sell you the Tahoe at $13K+ over invoice, no matter what they call it. You certainly aren't going to get into any of the holdback since they are a new design with no factory money as incentives.

    I'd go in offering an "out the door" price (that is, purchase price + taxes + fees + title & license). I'd shoot for $500-$1,000 over invoice + TTL and see who bites.
    2016 Cadillac CTS-1998 Mustang Cobra Convertible
  • jjmjgnxjjmjgnx Posts: 34
    I just ordered a new Tahoe LT3 with options adding another 1,200. My MSRP was 43,390. MY invoice was 39,364. Their invoice was 40,114. Which included the advertising and stuff. I got it for 38,872. Add tax, fees and registration and my trade, I got it for 39,800 out the door.
  • brandie7brandie7 Posts: 8
    The tahoe I am interested in purchasing has an MSRP of 43,450. What would be an appropriate first offer price , and what would be a reasonable target price. The edmunds invoice price is 39,235. both of those prices include an 875 destination charge.
  • jjmjgnxjjmjgnx Posts: 34
    His first offer to me was 40,900 and I said that was a little higher than I wanted. My bottom line price, which I didn't think I was going to get, was 40,000. He came back after and offered me 39,800. He came back fast so I think I probably could've done even better. I would definitely not pay more than the invoice you have listed. 39,000 would be good, but you may be able to get 38,000 even. You could start at 38,000 or even 37,500 and work up from there. Once he crosses 39,000, say thanks and go to another dealer.
  • shm64shm64 Posts: 4
    Getting ready to make an offer on a brand new loaded 2006 Tahoe. MSRP is $50,080. Dealer is at $38,900 before any discussion/haggling. Would 36k out the door be a fair offer? I am trading in a 2000 Windstar. I thought about saying $30-$31 k with the Windstar? Another dealer offered me $5600 for the Windstar. How do the offers sound? Should I negotiate car price first, then trade separately? Or bottom line price?
    Any advice is appreciated.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,070
    A reporter seeks to interview recent buyers of the Chevy Tahoe and Hummer H1. Please respond to before Wednesday, April 26, 2006 with your daytime contact info and a few words about your decision to buy the vehicle.

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  • jvettejvette Posts: 70
    Here is the break down on my deal on a 2006 Tahoe. This was a demo with 5600 miles on it.

    $49120.00 sticker price.
    $ 6776.00 discount
    $ 5500.00 Rebate
    $ 2000.00 special Dealer rebate cash
    $ 2119.00 GM card (gave me $1500 extra to make over $2000)
    $ 1956.44 6% sales tax
    $ 32.00 license and transfer fee
    $34713.44 total out the door price

    So you should be able to get about a $14,500 discount off the sticker price. This was purchased on 02/28/06. They should be ready to move them if they are still on the lots. I really like mine. I didn't figure the trade in on this but they gave me $15,300 on a 04 Trailblazer with 20k. That was more than it was worth. Going price on the Trailblazer was about $13,500 at the time. They really wanted to move this Tahoe.
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    I ordered one on Feb 17, 06 from Broome Chev in KC, MO and they do not charge ad fees, dealer prep, or document fees.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,070
    A national newspaper is looking to interview consumers who just purchased or are looking to purchase a large SUV. Please send an e-mail to no later than Wednesday May 10, 2006 by 5:00 PM PST/8:00 PM EST containing your daytime contact information and the vehicle you are interested in purchasing or just purchased (please provide approx. date of purchase).

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  • cyndezucyndezu Posts: 1
    So i'm looking at an msrp of 52 k and the dealer offers us this great deal of 1 k off ..what gives? anybody selling cars or just collecting them.image
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 9,455
    The Yukon/Tahoe twins just came out. I'm kind of surprised they already started discounting them. At $52K, it must be all loaded up.

    Best thing to do is to shop a couple of other dealers and see what they're offering as far as discounts.

    Around the midwest, the dealers have ads in the local papers stating MSRP as sales price of the '07 models, so far.
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  • five0_4tluvfive0_4tluv Posts: 41
    Is it really true that you cannot get NAV without Rear Entertainment, that really stinks. the GM Rear seat option is not a great system. I'd like to buy one and transfer my current Rosen G10 to the new truck
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    There are two Nav radios available. One with rear entertainment (UVB) and one without (U3U). Both $2,145 list.
  • etstetst Posts: 1
    Hi there,
    Did you find a solution to upgrade from a non-digital climate control to the digital. I bought a digital one from ebay and installed in my car, there are two plugs on the back, one of them fit exactly but the other one wont. When I checked it, everything works good except the fan. I can not get the fan going. Do you have any solution?
  • thegreatozthegreatoz Posts: 39
    Look for deeper discounts this Fall if the sales trend continues through the Summer. Tahoe sales for May: DOWN 5.5%.
    (Escalade: UP 50% in May) :surprise:
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,000
    Hi highsheriff,
    Since this is the pricing discussion, you'll have better luck getting feedback in our regular Chevy Tahoe discussion.

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  • awf_axisawf_axis Posts: 136
    HID kits in themselves are not legal, and a dealer will not (I mean "should not") install this. However, these kits are still available, just like any other marketable item.

    Most all are designed for "user" installation.

    Why illegal? The reasoning is that the lens and optics on halogen designed headlights are not suited for the different light source. HID is an arc of light, versus a filament. There is also an insulated electrode that runs the length of the bulb, and puts out a shadow in some cases. What typically happens is the the beam pattern is different, sometimes blinding to oncoming traffic, etc., etc.

    That being said, I put one in my previous vehicle, an '05 Denali. I had to shove the ballast inside a spot inside the engine compartment, and it bounced around a little. The HID bulbs base was made to fit a 9005 base, and plugged right in.

    When I sold the vehicle, I took these back out.

  • tony97gttony97gt Posts: 20
    I purchased my '07 Tahoe about a month ago. The price I financed when all is said and done is just under 41k. That is for the LT3 with DVD and 17" wheels. That was with the dealer paying off my old vehicle. I'm sure I could have bargained them down a little bit more, but you just get to the point where your ready to drive that beast outta there. I'm going to another site now to purchase the HID kit and I will probably get the grille next month. Keep an eye out for the pics.
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