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Chevrolet Tahoe Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • I had no idea it existed until I was at the dealership. The salesman didn't even know until he called to confirm my balance of points to use. The way I found out why I got them (the bonus is on specific cars) was to call customer service for my GM Card. I found an example on their website - however it shows it as expired.
    I guess the only way to know for sure is to call.
  • dgarcidgarci Posts: 1
    If the MSRP $40,525 and the total discounts were the following:
    1. $1000 (empl price)
    2. $477 in GMCard points
    3. $1250 because you used the GMCard on a Tahoe
    4. $4727 in rebates were taken off

    Total incentives and rebates: $7,454

    That still leaves a gap of $1147, where did you get the additional incentive or rebate because it should have came out to $33, 071 ;)
  • kscctsksccts Posts: 140
    Looking at pricing on 2005 Tahoe' haggle price is employee pricing minus the rebate? Or are rebates no longer valid with employee pricing program?
  • bolkerbolker Posts: 30
    I'm being told that I can get a 05 LT totally loaded with the suspension package, navigation, DVD, I don't think there's anything left out, for $39,900. It's a demo model with 9500 miles on it. Is this a good price? I should still get some of the rebates won't I? I mean I can't get the employee price because it has miles, right?

    Having 9500 miles on it bothers me somewhat, but it is mint inside and out. It's Certified for what that's worth. Should I up with a few more dollars to get brand new or is this a great deal? He seemed like he could move the price down even lower possibly.

  • I posted in the Tahoe thread, but I'll post here too.

    I just took ownership of an '05 Chevy Tahoe LT. It had all the standard stuff plus:
    Sun and Sound Entertainment Package
    Side air bags
    Skid plates
    Heavyduty locking diff
    Power Pedals

    Sticker price was $49.5 and with all rebates and such, it came to $40.5k. I got the 6yr/90,000 mile GM extended warranty with $100 deductible for $1800, well worth it. They also threw in the 50,000 mile tire guarantee which covers replacement for side-flats and ruined wheels, for free.

    I spent a lot of time on the internet investigating which full size SUV I should buy, and chose the Tahoe based on bang-for-the-buck. I wanted a Toyota for the reliability, but was willing to give that up for clearly a superior price and comparable options. Satelite radio and Onstar held a lot of weight for me, and after working with both, they have both surpassed my expectations. They are both very cool and useful. Obviously the satelite radio can be added to any car, but having it integrated with the rest of the equipment is fantastic. The bottom line was that I would get more of what I want for my money with the Tahoe, and a 6 year/90k mile warranty is good enough from a reliability standpoint.

    The Tahoe itself is fantastic, and the ride and comfort is a 10 out of 10 for a tall guy like me. It's really fun to drive, and satelite radio becomes the icing on the cake. Any music you can imagine is at your fingertips...literally. The important controls are duplicated on the steering wheel.

    I bought the Tahoe from Bredemann Chevrolet (Chicago area), which is a "superstore" dealer, also dealing with Toyota, Lexus, and a few others. They are a class act, and it was simply the best purchase of a car I have ever had. They didn't screw me around, except to low-ball me on my trade in, but I expected that and it wasn't too difficult to get them to up the offer to something I found reasonable. I didn't get a hard sell on any of the additional crap some dealers try to throw at you, and the finance guy was straight up throughout. It became 30 minutes of signing papers, and then me driving out the door with a great vehicle. They showed me all the options, but there are a lot, and it was still fun trying to figure out how to set the automatic EQ settings on the radio and adjusting the pedals to my size. And I could have wandered the satelite channels for hours. My wife couldn't get over the dual zone climate control (three zones if you consider the seperate rear air/heating), and boy it works well. We were both totally happy.
  • If you go to GMBuyPower and configure a 2wd 06 Tahoe LS with every option that comes standard on a 2wd 06 Z71, the LS msrp's for $100 less than the Z71. However, there are things on the Z71 that are not offered on the LS. . . .so for the $100 extra you get a high capacity air cleaner, recovery hooks, and a skid plate pkg. Instead of a single 6way driver's power seat, you get driver and passenger 10way power seats w/ power lumbar and reclining + heated seats. Part of the hundred bucks gets you 17" wheels and tires. Finally, you get power outside mirrors, w/power fold, curb-tilt, integrated signal and driver side auto diming feature and courtesy ground illumination lights. Pretty nice return for the hundred dollars (only $70 with the GM Employee discount).
  • Does anyone have experience on whether dealers will take less than the "employee price"? Thanks.
  • dardson1dardson1 Posts: 696
    I just bought an 06 Tahoe 2wd Z71. . . only option was XM for $325.

    $42,735 MSRP ($200 less than Edmund's number?)
    -1,000 2006MY Premium Select Discount (see nothing about this
    on Edmunds on LT's and Z71's and may be regional)
    -3,500 rebate
    $38,235 MSRP with rebate and discount
    4,735 dealer discount (about $250 above invoice)
    $33,500 with dealer discount
    -500 free gasoline (issued on a gasoline gift card from GM)
    $33,000 total

    I have religiously used my GMCard over the last few years and accumulated $3140 in money. The 06 Tahoe redemption allowance is $3500 so I was out the door for $29,860 + TT&L. I was happy, the dealer seemed happy, but I wonder how long GM can give their cars away?
  • Hi --

    Here's the deal I just got on my 05 Tahoe 4WD Z71:

    Car is Sport Red Metallic with:
    Sun & Sound Entertainment Pkg, 2nd row bucket seats, side impact airbags, 3rd row bench and off road preferred equipt.

    $49,090.00 MSRP
    $43,652.73 Actual Dealer Invoice
    $39,000.00 Out the Door including all tax/title/etc.(about $41,375 before the
    6000 rebate, which is actually BELOW their invoice)
    PLUS $500 Gas Card

    I'm *thrilled* :)
  • dardson1dardson1 Posts: 696
    It's mighty satisfying to buy these great trucks, all loaded up, at a price you'd expect for high dollar Camry. love these trucks
  • Ain't it just :-) I pick my truck up tomorrow and can't wait!

    This is actually the 1st time hubby and I have bought a NEW vehicle and I'm not normally a great negotiator (I was the one who did all the leg work), but having done the research on Edmunds I felt like I had an ace in the hole LOL it was just gravy when I got the truck for less than the Edmunds TMV price :-)

    YAY -- I'm soooo excited!
  • Im looking to buy a Tahoe or Yukon and my company offers the GM Supplier discount which amounts to approx $5000 off the MSRP. Combining that with the $6000 rebate on 2005 Models, do the math and thats a nice $11000 of MSRP.

    Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with the Suppliers discount and if you could really work a better deal on a Tahoe/Yukon or otherwise? Seems like the $6000 is such a great rebate already, I just have a hard time believing that the dealership will honor that (especially after discounting themselves, which we all know they will do).

    Thoughts on that?? Thanks
  • I'm in the same position, looking for a 2005 Tahoe with the combined GM Supplier discount and $6,000 rebate. I'm eager to hear how you make out. I just started looking and any and all info you can share is appreciated! Thanks
  • p356ap356a Posts: 3
    I'm in the process of negotiating a deal on a 2006 Z71 4WD with an MSRP of 44560.00. The best price I am able to get is 37800.00, which includes a GM discount of 3500 plus an additional 3260 dealer discount. This price is on an ordered car. Any feelings about whether I can do better in this market. The car will be ordered at a dealer in Long Island NY.
    what is considered a good price for a 6yr 100, 000 mile service contract with a 100 deductible?
    Thanks in advance for any help
  • Just bought a 2005 LS. Do you think I should get an extended service contract? Any thoughts or comments will be appreciated. Thanks.
  • ed108ed108 Posts: 39
    I priced an '05 Tahoe and the TMV includes $13,000 of incentives and rebates!!The TMV for a base with sunroof and package 1SK comes to just under $25,000, that can't be right can it? If it is, point me to the nearest Chevy dealer.
  • Went to dealer today and gave him the information from Edmunds. Sales manager could only comfirm and offer $10,500 in rebates/incentives. They are going to call regional sales rep to see if they can get me the other $2,500 so we can close the deal. Should know more by tomorrow afternoon.
  • Edmunds had a bug; the number now is $7,000 in incentives. I wonder where the dealer found the other $3,500?
  • I just bought a '05 Z71 Demo with 5,000 miles on it for $36,500 out the door. It has everything but the navigation (which sucks anyway in my opinion). I got the $7,000 rebate on the purchase. They have a deal right now where you either get a $7,000 rebate, a $6,000 rebate and some 20" wheels and billet grill, or instead of the rebate you get 3.9% financing through GMAC (w. good credit of course). I talked with a few dealerships that had around the same kind of Tahoe for sale (with about double the milage of mine), but they just wouldn't go as low as the dealership that I bought mine from. Sometimes it just comes down to how bad they want to sell it. When considering a new vs. a demo I realized that if the demo was never registered then the factory warranty didn't start until I bought it. However, the mileage started when it was driven. So I ended up with a 3yr 31,000mi warranty. Also, some finance companies give you an apr break if you buy "new", and some accept demo vehicles as "new" so you might also win there too. As far as the negotiating, I would tell him that you want it for no more than $33,000 plus fees. That was my price.
  • Hope some one knows the answer to this one. I have read a few of the other posts regarding GMS pricing, however, I have yet to read any comments as to how the GMS prcing least from the dealer's standpoint. How much margin remains for the dealers on GMS deals (Employee Pricing) and how much can you negotiate beyond the GMS + Cash Back Incentives...I actually got one dealer to come off over $600 beyond GMS & Cash Back incentives on an 06' Silverado...but I just I have to say I think there is more blood in that turnip. Anyone have some insight lend?
  • Congratulations. I could only get $500 off the "employee price" on an 05 in September. I, too, feel like I left money on the table.
  • brycarbrycar Posts: 10
    yes that would be a very good buy. here in lubbock the z71 tahoes are $53,000
  • ersmersm Posts: 1
    We just got a 2006 Tahoe MSRP $46,766 for $33,040 including fees and taxes. Includes all but navigation. 10 miles on vehicle at Delivery. Atlanta Georgia.

    How do you think we did???
  • What "fees" did you pay? What is the model you bought, and what options does it have?
  • dardson1dardson1 Posts: 696
    the best deal I've seen unless you had some GMCard money. In October I bought an 06 2wd Z71 ($41775 with only option XM)and got almost 13k off but that included $3100+ in GMCard money and counted the $500 in free gas. Best I could tell (since I had a trade) I paid invoice for the car + 3500 rebate + +. If you didn't give them 10k in your trade, you win.
  • dardson1dardson1 Posts: 696
    I happen to live in Lubbock, too. I bought my 06 Z71 in October at All American in Slaton. The Lubbock dealers load them up. All American was the only place I found two 06 LT's and a Z71 with almost no adds. They are good people to do business with. They gave me a thousand more for my 04 Tahoe than anyone else offered.
  • LAM is Local Area Marketing Contribution. It is how dealers offer additional incentives through out the year. That money goes in a pool between dealers normally and is distributed during promotions to help sell cars.
  • We are looking at a 2005 Chevy Tahoe Z71 4X4 with the sun and sound package. The sticker price is around $48000. The dealer drove the car (7000 miles) but it has never been titled. They are asking $35500. I know that there is an $8000 incentive. What is a good deal? Do I take the $8000 off the $35500? Any help would be appreciated.
  • You should be able to do better. I just purchased an 05 base model with 18 miles on it. White in color for $13,000 off sticker. Got the dealership to tint front windows and upgrade stock wheels to the 17". $36,765 truck out the door for $23,765. No trade was involved. That truck you are talking about should be atleast 15k or so off. The $35500 would include the 8k. You can get more as the 05's are cancer on the lots for the dealerships.
  • I have a base 05 tahoe with the non-digital climate controls. Does anyone know if I can upgrade to the digital without major modification if I can get my hands on a digital unit.
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