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Chevrolet Tahoe Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • patinsdpatinsd Posts: 3
    FYI- Mossy Chevrolet in San Diego is selling their lot to the city of Encinitas. I picked up a 4wd LTZ with DVD, Sunroof, and other junk for $8K below sticker $49250-$8K=$41250. I probably wouldn’t have bought it if I knew this at the time but it might explain the deep discount. The dealer claimed it was their “lost leader” and they lost money on the deal. I never believe that but I had been looking for a couple of months and this beat the pants off my supplier discount I was looking at using. I need a new service center in SD if any one has one they recommend. (It had 14miles on it when I picked it up)
  • I need some advice. I traded my beloved 04 Tahoe for a 04 Lexus RX 330. Thinking I would get better gas mileage, and could go with a smaller car.Now, I regret it. My Chevy dealer is willing to work with me. I financed 35,550 for the Lexus. I can get a 2005 Tahoe Lt package, white, sunroof,3rd row seats,pretty decked. The only thing is it would be for 84 mths, at 615,$8%, including extended warrenty up to 75000 miles. The Lexus payments are $577, 75mths,7%.I really want back in a Tahoe bad. I just traded on the 15th of July. I have never done anything like this in my life!! There is so much less room in the Lexus, even tho it is a nice car.The nearest dealer to service it is 2 hrs. away from me, which would be an inconvenience. Any suggestions?Has someone besides me done something like this before? Thankfully, I have a great credit rating.
  • rockman59rockman59 Posts: 250
    The only thing is it would be for 84 mths, at 615,$8%,
    Is that $615 a month at 8% interest? If so that means you will be paying $51,660 for an '05 Tahoe. Not a good deal.
  • Please bear with me since this is my first post and am sorry this is so long but would welcome any feedback. We are in the market for a '07' Tahoe and our heads are ready to explode from talking to salesmen the last few days.

    We need two items on our vehicle that are difficult to find on LT3 models in our area. Most salesmen lost interest in us once they discovered we would not be trading in our old vehicle (will sell it ourselves), we are paying cash for the new vehicle, and that the truck we want will need to be brought in from out of state since there are none within a 300 miles radius with the options we need. One became rude and basically told us to go home and surf the web ourselves if we wanted those options.

    There were two dealers who said they found a truck with the options we needed and turns out they both are talking about the same truck.

    Now here comes my question. We plan to use a suppliers discount, the $2000 GM incentive, and $1500 GM CC points for the sale. Both salesmen gave us a price, starting with the sticker price ($45,900), yet after factoring in the suppliers discount one salesman's figure was higher than the others by $200 (dealer "A" said $41,900, dealer "B" said $42,100). Also one mentioned a delivery charge, which he said "at most" would be $250, the other (who had the higher price after suppliers discount) didn't give us a solid delivery fee but did say the dealer might pay half the cost?

    Also, tonight I started surfing the web for dealers in the city both mentioned and found this very truck in a dealers cyber inventory which lists the MSRP on the page as being $95 less than the amount both salesman gave us.

    Lastly, with suppliers discount, does GM reimburse the dealer or does the dealer "eat" the discount we rec'd? We were given the impression from one of the salesman that it comes out of the dealers funds, not from GM. We realize GM would give the money from the incentive and GM CC points to the dealer after the sale; which makes us wonder if either dealer gave up anything or is this entire deal coming from GM itself? We have heard the dealer who now has the vehicle would keep the holdback?

    We want a fair deal, and don't expect something for nothing, yet also don't want to be taken advantage of either. Right now we are confused, disgusted, and debating if we should buy or just wait a few more months to see if anything would change? thanks!
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    Pretty sure that GM pays for the supplier discount and other rebates. One of the differences between the two dealers could be what's referred to as "doc fees". It's basically a few hundred dollars that some dealers add on after all of the negotiations are done for doing the paperwork. Another is an add-on for advertising. :mad:

    My advice is find a dealer that doesn't charge either of these or any other ADP fees (aka 'additional dealer profit') and order the truck that you want. :)
  • rockman59rockman59 Posts: 250
    I wouldn't let $200 or so kill a deal for the vehicle you want especially if you are looking for optional equipment that is hard to find....more importantly, go with the dealer who offers the best service after the sale. Ask around and find out their reputation if you don't know anything about these dealers.
  • We ended up buying a Tahoe, but not from either dealer.

    The first salesman never bothered calling us back. The second salesman, well lets just say the numbers were changing so fast it was hard keeping track of what the truck would cost and how we arrived at that figure.

    Originally this salesman told us we could use the GM cc points along with the supplier discount, only to say today we couldn't. The delivery charge he told us we MAY have to pay PART OF turned into us paying the ENTIRE thing. He couldn't even tell us how much it would be, adding he'd give us the cost once the vehicle was here.

    The $200 price difference turned out to be a doc fee. Had we not gotten figures from the other salesman we wouldn't have noticed the amount since it was lumped in with the cost of the truck itself Since we were paying cash (no financing paperwork), live in a state were no temp tags are given (cars are allowed 30 days without tags), and we have to run our title ourselves for transfer at the DMV(the dealership isn't involved), all we needed was a bill of sale and the title. When I asked this salesman today what the doc fee would cover he couldn't tell me! He only said, "well when I bought my car I had to pay a document fee too".

    If this wasn't enough, today GM increased the cash incentive by another $1000, something this dealer didn't acknowledge until I mentioned it first. Bottom line, we felt that before we'd ever get the key into the ignition it would cost us a lot more than originally told.

    I got on the web, found a vehicle that fit our needs this morning in a neighboring state, called the dealership, agreed on a price, will fax the necessary information to them tomorrow morning, and the truck will be shipped via flatbed. All taken care of with a few calls, a couple clicks of a mouse, in a couple hours and didn't even have to leave my house. His doc fee is $50, which I can live with. Again, they will flatbed the truck to us for a few bucks more than the other dealer would have charged us to have somebody drive it here. We feel very comfortable with this deal!

    Guess the bottom line, when your gut tells you something doesn't right then it usually isn't. Anyway, thanks for all the good (and calming) advice, you are lifesavers!
  • awf_axisawf_axis Posts: 136
    Love that GmBuyPower thing. I've made all my GM deals (4 vehicles) via web and fax since 96. Never had to endure the "sales pitch", and the intoxication of have the vehicle in my hands, only to have the sales-guy work me over while glassy eyed.

    I believe that since they can't "hook" you in person, they must put out the best price. My last two deals, I was fedexed the contracts so they couldn't get me on some of the usual dealer extras, like warranties, dent protection, blah-blah-blah.

  • Looking for anyone who got a fair deal in MA on a 07 Tahoe Lease LT-2 or LT-3.
  • I recently sat down on a used 07 Chevy Thaoe LTZ (black on Black, 3 rows of buckets, nav, rear entertainment etc....) about 3800 mi on it. Advsertised at 45,999. after several back and forths with their used car manager the offer was this: 20,100 for my trade (05 dodge ram 1500 quadcab slt silver on black with leather, sunroof, auto start and fiberglass lid , chrome 20's w/ 9500 mi) I owe 21,884 on it. and 44,800 for theirs... I left because I wanted my pay off and they weren't budging on theirs. Did I miss out on a deal or make the right choice.
  • dubbsy01 said: Did I miss out on a deal or make the right choice.
    ____________________________________________________________ So you are saying that you would have to pay $44,800 for a used '07 and another $1784 to pay off your Dodge after the dealer trade-in price? Do you really think a used '07 Tahoe is worth $46,584? Keep the has just 9500 miles and is hardly broken in....only 5700 more miles on it that the used '07. If you want or need a new vehicle in three or four years then make the move. You were right to walk on the deal even if they would have completely paid off your Dodge.
  • Thanks rockman59,
    I felt I was right, but just needed some confirmation. The original sticker on the Tahoe was 52,980..... I think they were trying to throw that number at me to make me think I was getting a deal or something. I would stay in my Dodge but I have a third child on the way and the truck just won't work 4 us..... I refuse to get into a mini-van...
    Thanks again!
  • Car_Man,

    What would be a reasonable offer for the vehicle mentioned in this message above? I Really like it but don't want to get burned on the deal?
    Dubbsy01 :confuse:
  • I am considering a 3/yr 15k/yr lease on a 2007 Chevy Tahoe Z71 with a MSRP of around $41,500 and a selling price of $36,580. The salesman has informed me that the monthly payment would be around $630 per month. However, based on a 60% residual and a 6.9% rate, it doesn't compute. My credit score is 630, so am I to assume that my score is too low to qualify for GMAC's base rate, or is the dealer trying to make some extra profit on the financing?

    Also, I am about $2k upside down on my trade (which is also financed with GMAC) so I asked the dealer to add this to the sale price of the new Tahoe, and increase the sale price to $38,580, but he says he can't do that. I am confused. Can you tell me the formula for figuring a lease rate? I am currently leasing my wife's BMW 325, which sold for around $36k on a similar lease, and the payment is only $525.00.
  • gf2020gf2020 North of BostonPosts: 47
    Pretty quiet in here!

    Has anyone purchased a 2007 Tahoe or Yukon recently? Is invoice minus the $2000 rebate pretty much the going rate?

  • I am locted in Boston, Ma an was recently qouted via internet a price of $45,899 for an 07 Tahoe LTZ that msrp'd at $52,580. I'm not sure if it is a good sale price or if I could do better?
  • Here in Texas, the high-end Tahoe (like you're showing) gets 10K off the MSRP, at least during the holidays. Can't speak for Boston area, though.
  • Thanks jlharris01,
    That helps, because they should be comparable in price! I should be looking at something like 42,500 then. I have been checking all of the 07 tahoe forums and have been seeing alot of new ones popping up regarding problems people are having.... don't want to buy a 40k+ headache... I might wait to see if something is seriously wrong with the transmision in this model year before I purchase....!
    Thanks again!
  • Does anyone know how I can find a used car value for an 07 Tahoe? I'm looking at one at a local dealer, but their asking price is the same as I have been qouted for a new one w/ the same equipment. :mad: :confuse:
  • dubbsy01 said: Does anyone know how I can find a used car value for an 07 Tahoe? I'm looking at one at a local dealer, but their asking price is the same as I have been quoted for a new one w/ the same equipment.
    Tell the dealer that you can buy a new '07 for the same price as they are asking for the used one. Offer them between $4K and $8K less (depending on mileage) than what they want. If they are serious about selling the vehicle they will start dealing. If they don't want to deal then you can buy the new one or try to find another used '07...however used Tahoes will be pretty scarce for at least another 6 months.
  • Anybody hear recently buy an 07 Tahoe with rebates and discounts from any southern california dealers?? Im in the market for a new 07 Tahoe. I am planning on buying the most basic one out there since Im going to customize it from inside and out. And do those "1 at this price" trucks really exist?? Or are they ads to get people in to buy more expensive trucks?
  • I emailed the dealer and offered him 8k less and he just got back to me saying he wishes he could make 8k on this car but he does have an 05 lt on the lot that he could sell me for that price......... Is it just me or do dealers treat everyone like donkeys?
    Thanks again rockman59
    totally :mad: frustrating!
  • dubbsy01 said: Is it just me or do dealers treat everyone like donkeys?
    All dealers are different...some treat people great, some don't. Why buy from a dealer who treats you poorly or is trying to make too much profit on your deal? They do have the right to sell the vehicle at any price they can get and you have the right to buy elsewhere. Shop around, check newspaper and online adds, Ebay, etc. and you can probably find a used '07 at a fair price. Ebay will give you an idea of what a used '07 should sell for.
  • Wanted to let everyone know about our buying experience. First a little history. We wanted a Black Tahoe LT3 with black leather and rear entertainment. There was not one within 350 miles of dallas. We worked through Autoflex leasing and finally found a vehicle that came close. We leased a 2007 Tahoe LT, with the LT3 package, rear bench (for the huge baby seat), it did not have navigation or rear entertainment. All due at signing was 1000 (first months and security deposit), we did a 63 month lease, with 15000 miles. Final payment is 599 a month. MSRP on the car was just over 46000. We feel we got a great deal on this car , because we looked at an identical vehicle in November that was 879 a month through gmac.
  • Hi All,

    Just picked up a 07 LT3 (Bay Area, CA). Wife's grandmother worked for GM - if you've had ANY relative work for GM you should use the GMS pricing. You get your SSN to that relative who submits it and gets you a GMS code, you use this at the dealer to get your pricing.

    At first I visited to a couple of dealers and felt like I was getting jerked around (read the exellent article on this site about the undecover writer working as a car salesmen - helped me out a lot). Went home frustrated and after some searching found this site:

    You can use the drop down menu at the top (next to the 'other discounts' tab) to either build your vehicle. check lease specials or search by local dealer inventory, showing MSRP and the GMS pricing. Be sure to also enter your geographic region, as this will include any local incentives applicable for your area.

    Using this, I was able to see that I WAS getting jerked around by the other dealers, who weren't giving me full GMS pricing, and weren't including the Red Tag + add'l $500 rebates.

    The LT3 I settled on was normally $47.2K, but after all was said and done the GMS pricing + rebates got me down to $37.8. Found 5 similar vehicles at 5 dealers and emailed their Internet Managers. 7-8 emails/phone calls later I had the deal done.

    Wound up leasing it (it's for my business), and got out the door with $0 drive off fee, $585/mo for 36mo, 15K/year with a $26K residual.

    Traded in a 03 Passat GLS Wagon, that I was initially offered $6700 for at the dealers who were playing with me - at the dealer I bought from I had a printout of my vehicle for trade-in values and got $8500 for it. Was upside down 700, but was able to use my GM MasterCard points to cover that.

    Hope this helps. Use the GMS if you can!

    - MRM
  • Yes, I got a 2007 Tahoe for $27900 new. GM rebate was $2000 and the dealer had a $4600 discount. It was one of those you see "1 at this price". It has the 5.3 Liter motor and an LS model.

    At first when I asked about it, the salesman was acting confused about it, and try to sell me a more expensive car. We looked for that one on sale, but he couldn't find it--he claimed.

    2 hours later as I was leaving, he said "wait a minute". Then came back, and said he found that Tahoe at the low price.

    it was hidden around the side of the dealership by the garbage dumpsters. He it was back there, because "it was being preped"--ya, sure.

    Just note, that he never positivly said the car was sold, just that he wasn't sure of it's status for sale.

    Anyways my 07 Tahoe was $30,800 out the door---so just keep looking.

    The finance guy told me that the dealer has to pay about 1% a month on a vehicle sitting on the lot --so they got to keep moving those cars.
  • I've been shoping around for an 07 Tahoe since October and the best quote I've gotten is $6,681 of the MSRP. I'm located in Boston,Ma. Is anybody doing better than this?
  • rpsbrpsb Posts: 3
    Dealers in the DC area are advertising $7K off MSRP in the newspaper. I plan on going in this weekend and see what more they will take off.
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    Just saw an ad today (KC, MO) for $10K off MSRP ($67K) on an Escalade. Not the same animal but almost.
  • My company has supplier pricing that I can use. Can you get a better price by not mentioning it and just negotiate? I get the feeling that anytime you mention supplier pricing, the salesman says "Oh thats the absolute best way to buy because you show us the number and the price on the computer screen is what you haggling." I get the feeling that supplier pricing gives them an artifical floor and they say they cant come off anymore. Problem is if you dont mention it, you never know what your GMS number is really worth. Any thoughts? Looking at a 2LT, leather with bucket seats and 3rd row are the only features I am really concerned with and were the only ones on the vehicle I was looking at. Drive out would be slightly under 37k.
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