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Chevrolet Tahoe Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • metro123metro123 Posts: 100
    I have the Tahoe on my list of vehicles when I replace my Expedition later this summer. I have visited two local dealers to get an idea of prices and it seems invoice minus rebates is fairly easy to achieve. My concern is this... I recently rented a car at DFW airport and the rental lot had dozens of Tahoes of all trim levels available to rent. My guess is that the rental companies will dump these trucks at auction this fall and drive the values way down. That and the possibility of $4.00 a gallon gas could really affect the used prices. The deals are decent right now, but not great. I'm thinking of waiting to see if the new incentives get better or the used prices drop into the abyss. Any thoughts or opinions???
  • oscarb1oscarb1 Posts: 9
    a salesman is offering any tahoe at invoice price. Does that sound pretty good or do you guys think i can get a better price? - southern california
  • ctdwctdw Posts: 13
    I purchased a new loaded Tahoe LTZ this week and was able to get it for Invoice - $200 - $3000 in rebates. In addition to the normal $2000 incentive, there is an additional $1000 incentive (Memorial Day sale) that started this past Thursday and is good until the end of the month. This was on a cash deal, not sure if the incentives apply if you finance or lease.
  • rockman59rockman59 Posts: 250
    Metro123 said: My guess is that the rental companies will dump these trucks at auction this fall and drive the values way down.
    Count on it. You will be able to buy some good used vehicled and a decent price. For the most part the rental companies take good care of their fleet and most of these Tahoes come nicely equipped. The used units lower prices will also put some pressure on the brand new vehicle prices.
  • Lookin to lease and found a 07 white ls with black cloth interior. $5300 down on a 24 month lease with 10K a year.
    Monthly payment in $250???
  • rockman59rockman59 Posts: 250
    baddcamaro said: $5300 down on a 24 month lease with 10K a year.
    Not a good deal. Way to much down payment. And even if you just drive the "normal" 12K miles a year you will be into the mileage penalty at the end of the lease.
  • i ended up putting zero down and getting the 39 month lease for $430 a month. Is that better?
  • rockman59rockman59 Posts: 250
    i ended up putting zero down and getting the 39 month lease for $430 a month. Is that better?
    Anytime you don't put down $5300 on a lease you are doing better. Just watch out that they don't get in your wallet again with excess mileage charges since you said you are only allowed 12K miles per year.
  • zoesamzoesam Posts: 33
    Been test driving all large 07 SUV's for weeks. Decided on Tahoe/Yukon w/the LT1/SLE-2 pkg. But I want "ultrasonic parking assist" option & don't see many LT1s offerred w/that option & don't want to hassle w/a factory order. Also don't wanna go to LT2 b/c of seating config & leather seats. Anyone know if the "ultrasonic parking assist" can be added after-market? Also, why is that feature dependent on "power adjustable pedals" & vice versa? Surely those 2 things are not dependent on one another from a engineering standpoint?

    Additionally, anyone know if the 08 Tahoes & Yukons will offer the 6.2L engine w/the 6 speed transmission that's in the Yukon Denali? I liked that transmission, much smoother ride, but don't want the leather seats & 2nd row captains chairs that are std in the Denali.

  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    Started looking for a Tahoe LT3 Z71 nav - was having a hard time finding one that was NOT black with the options we want.

    Wife & I decided to go test drive a black one just to make sure it is the vehicle what we want - then if a color we liked up we could jump on it.

    As we are walking the lot we find a White Tahoe - with the exact options we want - way in the back of the lot - the inspection sticker expires November 08 -which means it was put on in November of 06 - At first I though it was used - but it still has the MSRP sticker sheet on the window.

    I ask a sales guy about it and he checked inventory - and said that I must be mistaken - they do not show any such vehicle.

    We drove a black Tahoe - loved the vehicle but wanted the white - so we walked back with the sales guy and he wrote down some info - then did some checking -

    It was a dealer trade from 240 miles away - the odometer has 242 miles - it has been sitting in the back of the lot since NOVEMBER 2006. The battery was dead.

    MRSP $47,890 - I am thinking of offering $38,500 - maybe go up to $39K if I need to.

    Anyone have a concern about buying a new vehicle that has been sitting for 8 months?
  • rockman59rockman59 Posts: 250
    Anyone have a concern about buying a new vehicle that has been sitting for 8 months?
    Shouldn't be a problem. Just make sure your dealer checks out the entire vehicle just as if it was a used trade-in and they were going to qualify it for their "certified" program. Since you will be the first registered owner GM considers the vehicle to be "new" and the full warranty will apply.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    No 6-speed or 6.2L currently scheduled for the 08 Tahoe. You can get the 6-speed in the Sub however. I would bet Chevy will add both to the Tahoe once capacity ramps up (and they get tired of hearing about all the minivans passing it on the highway).
  • zoesamzoesam Posts: 33
    Thank you. I wish the Suburban fit in my garage.
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    2007 4x4 Tahoe
    LT3, Z71, Nav, 2 passenger 3rd row, rear camera & rack cross beams

    MSRP $47,870

    Purchase price $37,190.63
    Taxes $2,456.07
    Title license & state inspection $115.55
    Doc fee $50

    Total out the door $39,812.25 - I am happy

    This truck was a trade from a dealership in Dallas to Houston - it was put on a back lot at the Houston dealership - they did not even know it was there for the last 7 months (I discovered it!) - not on their computer inventory was the excuse - the battery was 3/4 dead - had to jump start it.

    This was not an easy deal - My first offer was $39,500 out the door - dealer wanted $43,870 plus TT&L (about $46,600).

    Even though it is still considered new - for warranty - I felt a deep discount was in order - because its really a 9 month old vehicle (built 11/06). Still a little concerned about it sitting around so long - I hope the price I got makes up for this.

    The best part - wife and I went to Edmunds and picked the options we wanted - then decided on the color - white with ebony & titanium - this truck was EXACTLY what we had picked - that is a first.

    BTW - sold my trade (2001 Tahoe 2wd) to CarMax - they paid me $12K - Toyota figured my trade was worth $7,500 - Chevy dealer $8,000 - this was even after I showed them the CarMax quote - I would give CarMax an A+ - very easy to deal with.
  • skazskaz Posts: 7
    I am looking for an 07 tahoe LTZ fully loaded nav/dvd etc. Looking for black on black. I need to lease it for 24 months but i need built into the lease 25-30k of miles a year. Can anybody help me figure out how much i should be paying a month etc??? Thank you so much in advance. I live in queens ny and travel update once a week
  • surfsupsurfsup Posts: 12
    Does anyone know if GM will be offering any additional incentives for Labor Day or after the current incentives expire on Sept 4th?
  • ^^ Chevy/GM will never announce incentives before they are offered, but considering that post Labor Day they've offered steep rebates and/or 0% financing just about every year for the past 4-5 years, I think we can safely assume they will do so this year as well. I'm ready to buy an 07, but I'm biding my time until new incentives are announced.

    08 Tahoes are already starting to appear on the lots, and they've got to start clearing out the 07s.
  • surfsupsurfsup Posts: 12
    Thanks for the feedback acowboyfan. I know I saved about $12K on my last Tahoe by waiting, so I'm hoping to get lucky again.
  • No prob. In fact, I have an update - I got a call today from a family friend who knows the sales manager at one of the local Chevy dealers (probably the guy I'll get my Tahoe through), and he said to definitely wait until after Labor Day, as the incentives will go way up.
  • patengpateng Posts: 1
    Do you think that the incentives will go up after labor day for the chevy Equinox also?
  • zoesamzoesam Posts: 33
    May be a dumb question but I haven't bought a new vehicle since the 90's. When the 08 Tahoes come out, will what is in each packages (LT1, LT2, LTZ etc) stay the same? Or is it possible that they will change what features are in an LT1 for example?

  • rockman59rockman59 Posts: 250
    Anything is possible by GM when new models are coming out. They will take a look at what options people were buying in '07 and then try to figure how to sell even more goodies on the '08. The trend every year seems to make more and more of the traditional "options" standard equipment as more and more hi-tech items (ie: Navigation, etc) come online. That way the company can justify a price increase for the base model...then sell you the extra goodies too.
  • Is NOW the best time to get an 07 Tahoe due to the 08's coming out or would I be better off waiting til the end of the year. Most people seem to think that end of year is the best time to buy. I was never sure if that was true or just a myth. I much more are dealers willing to "accomodate" at the end of year vs end of month. Don't they get paid based on monthly sales and not yearly?
  • Pateng -

    I can't say for sure, but I imagince once Chevy broadens their incentives they will apply to more vehicles. For instance, right now (pre Labor Day) Chevy is only offering 0%/5 years on Silverados. Hopefully they will widen those incentives to other models soon. I saw that Ford is now offering 0%/6 years on just about everything, including Expeditions, so I figure Chevy will follow suit with across-the-board incentives soon. We should know more 9/5 or shortly thereafter, because all current incentives expire 9/4.
  • Edward23 said: Is NOW the best time to get an 07 Tahoe due to the 08's coming out or would I be better off waiting til the end of the year.
    The longer you wait the better deal you will get.....but don't wait until all the '07s are sold. Find a dealer you want to work with and find out how many new 07's they have in stock. That should give you some idea of when you should get serious about buying.
  • Any word on what the new incentives are for the Suburban or Tahoe? :surprise:
  • The latest incentives are no better than the previous ones - $2K rebate or not-very-attractive financing. According to Edmunds this will last through 10/1, so I may be waiting another 4 weeks or so to buy.
  • what is the best deal anyone has received on a new 2007 Tahoe (4x4, LT)?

    I have never bought my own car I have been driving a Blazer since '99, so I am a little out of touch with the ins and outs of not getting taken to the cleaners by dealers.

    Any info/tips would be greatly appreciated.

  • Thought I'd share our purchase of a used '07 Tahoe LT3 4x4 a few weeks ago.

    GM certified (increases bumper-bumper warranty to 39k)

    24,000 miles

    Interior is spotless.

    Local trade to the dealer.

    Some of our goodies...
    black leather
    bench 2nd row (didn't want the 2nd row captains, my son sits in middle)
    heated seats both rows
    bose/ 6 disc changer
    power pedals
    rear park assist
    power liftgate/ glass
    remote start
    dual climate
    side air bags, all rows

    Dealer was asking $31,900 and we paid $30,000. We thought this was a great deal for the exact truck we were looking for. (The truck had been on the lot only 2 weeks)

    We were very specific when looking for this vehicle, with what we wanted (black leather, bench seat) and what we didn't (3rd row, would end up in garage).

    Truck rides like a dream and is averaging 18 mpg with stop-and-go and interstate travel.

    Only additions we may make are a dvd player (I'm having trouble with this due to the sunroof) and maybe 20's.

    Took us all summer, but very happy we found it, the extra goodies were just a bonus to us, and have been fun to use :)

    Love this truck! ;)
  • I've got quotes for a 2007 and a 2008. Trying to figure out which is a better deal. Any thoughts? Should I be trying to get much lower? I'm also having a hard time deciphering what package I'm being offered on the 2008. It does not seem to fit in the usual categories. They may just be adding leather to a lower package, if that can be done. My only necessity is black leather and a bench second row, but I don't mind paying more for bells if I get a fair deal.

    The 2007: $35,491 plus TTL

    Color1: 41U Black Exterior Color
    Color2: N/A
    Trim: 193 Ebony Leather Interior Trim
    Package: 2LT LT2 Option Package
    Engine: LMG Engine: 5.3L, V-8, Flex Fuel, SFI, V-8
    Trans: M30 Transmission: 4-Speed Automatic
    Other: 1SZ Option Package Discount
    A95 Seat: High Back Bucket Driver and Passenger
    AG1 Seat Adjuster, 6-Way Power (Driver\'s Side)
    AJ1 Glass: Deep Tinted
    AM8 Bench Seat: 2nd Row
    AP3 Remote Start
    AS3 Rear Seat, 3rd Row, Three Passenger
    AU3 Power Door Locks
    B30 Floor Covering: Color Keyed Carpet with Floor Mats
    B58 Floor Mats Frt & Rr, Carpeted Insert
    B85 Moldings, Body Side, Black or Bright, Package Dependent
    BVE Assist Steps
    C36 Heater, Auxillary
    C49 Defogger, Rear Window, Electric
    C5Y GVW Rating 7100 Lbs
    CJ2 Climate Control, Electronic - Multi-zone
    DF5 Mirror I/S R/V-Lt Sens-Compass/Temp
    DK8 Deluxe Roof Console
    DL8 Mirrors, O/S, Power, Heated
    E52 Liftgate with Wiper/Washer
    FE9 Federal Emissions
    GU6 Rear Axle, 3.42 Ratio
    JF4 Pedals Adjustable, Power
    K34 Cruise Control
    NP5 Steering Wheel: Leather Wrapped
    P46 Wheels: 17x7.5 Aluminum Bright
    QAN Tires: P265/70R17 BW All-Season
    SAF Spare Tire Lock
    T96 Fog Lamps, Front
    U2K Satellite, XM Radio Digital Sound System (subscription)
    UD7 Rear Parking Assist
    UE1 OnStar Communication System
    UG1 Universal Home Remote
    UK3 Radio Controls: Steering Wheel
    UQA Speakers: Bose Premium System
    US9 Radio, AM/FM Stereo, Auto Tone, Multiple CD
    V1K Luggage Rack, Carrier Center Cross
    V54 Luggage Rack, Roof Mounted, Black
    VGD Fascia, Front, Body Color
    VGE Fascia, Rear, Body Color
    VK3 License Plate Front Mounting Pkg
    ZRS Tire, Spare P265/70R17
    ZW7 Suspension Package: Smooth Ride
    ZY1 Solid Paint Application

    The 2008: $33550.00 (+TT&L)

    CC10706 TAHOE 2WD
    C5Y GVW RATING-7100 LB
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