Toyota Tacoma vs Nissan Frontier



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    When you have #1 product in demand...Otherwise, the trucks were sold long before the delivery truck arrived.

    In the Midwest the demand for Tacoma and Frontier is very different. Dealers say there is minimal interest in the Tacoma and Frontier so they do not stock many of them since they are poor sellers. Rangers and Colorados outsell the Taco and Frontier by a huge margin.
    My opinion is that you can't sell what you don't have!

    When I travel to the West Coast I see Tacoma's and Frontiers all over the place!
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    It is a vicious cycle in the Midwest (I am from ND). The dealers there don't stock alot of variety, so they don't sell much. If they stocked more, they would sell them, but they do not have the 2 million person base within 30 minutes drive to draw customers from,nor do they have a dealer 10 minutes down the road to trade vehicles with, so they can't afford to stock more. I remember when my dad went looking for a 3/4 ton supercab Ford. They had one. No color choice. No option packages to sort through. They had a red one, so he bought a red one. The next closest was 75 miles. The big 3 can provide a decent business because they also have the bigger trucks that Toy and Nissan don't offer. If you can offer everything from a single cab Ranger to a F600 farm truck, you can afford to sell less of each model. Also, out there, it is not unusual to have 5 trucks on the farm, so if they are all Ford, you will get better service from the local dealer. In the cities, most truck owners have 1. If you only need 1, you are more likely to pick the truck you like rather than the brand. It is weird (cool) to be able to drive down the main drag here and see every model made from Hyundai to Caddy within 10 blocks. Back home, you drove 20 miles North for Ford, 30 miles West for Chrysler and 75 miles East for GM. There were VW, Datsun and Toyota in the area too, but I don't remember anyone I knew buying a Toy new, and only one of each of the others.
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    I've got a 2001 Tacoma DC, 4WD (bought it new). I had the upper ball joints replaced at about 65,000 miles. When I went to pick up the truck, I noticed that the wires at the top of each grease boot were just wound around loosely, not snugged and twisted tight like they were at the factory. I told the service manager that there was no way that the boots would hold grease (I even showed him how I could slip my finger up inside the boot). He agreed to keep it another day and do the job right. When I picked it up the next day, it was much tighter, but still didn't look like it was as tight as it was when it came from the factory. It cost me about 600 bucks to get it fixed.
    Anyway, 13 months and 16,000 miles later, it's starting to shimmy again, so I think the joints are starting to wear out again.
    My question is has anyone encountered this before, and if so, did the dealership or any Toyota rep fix the problem properly?
    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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    Something just doesn't add up. First of all, bad ball joints don't cause a shimmy. Due to the design, they will cause noise when you hit bumps and may very well fail if you hit a bump. Additionally, Toy frontend parts just don't fail at 65K. Of course there are exceptions, but it is not normal. Ya, Toy had a recall for ball joints a few years back because they may fail after 20 years. The shimmy is normally caused by a tierod or rack unit (really the only parts that can feasibly shimmy if loose). Finally, $600 for a couple ball joints is just a little steep (unless you go to the Explorer tire maker). I think someone is putting the screws to you. One more thought. I could swear my Tacoma had front struts which would mean no upper ball joints. I may be wrong there though. My mind is gone South.
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    okhunter! maybe Toy bought some parts from Chrysler,the Dakota :confuse: had major front suspension problems some years back it caused a recall if memory serves me. Seriously it could be a design flaw or manfgring defect. Or a dumb service tech! Toy prides it's self on product quality,they will probably make things right. Like any company you may have to be persistant! Good Luck! ;)
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    I was wrong about the ball joints. It does have uppers. Spent close to 20 years working on cars and trucks, but NEVER replaced anything on Toys other than tierods that had seized from lack of use (not unusual for Toy). Did replace my struts just because of mileage, but they were not really bad. Quit working when the Tacoma hit 9 years, so I can't talk long term reliability, although 10 years was plenty to develop opinions about some of the other makes.
  • I am trading in my 2003 Chevy S-10 crew cab for either a Taco or Frontier. Too many reasons why to list here.
    Haven't decided which to buy yet. The Tacoma of the Frontier.
    We tow around 5,000 lbs. once in a blue moon. We use the truck mostly for our "Home Depot" habit as one person put it.
    I like a nice ride and do a lot of mixed driving.
    So, which is better....the Tacoma or the Frontier?
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    Stay away from the NISMO and TRD pkgs. to obtain a better ride.

    Which is better? Too close to call. ;) They are so close to each other that the best way to make a decision is to test drive and compare price and features on both of them and buy the one that most appeals to you!
  • What the hell is wrong w/ my transmission? It constantly upshifts & downshift on freeway climbs, well I've learned to live w/ that. But 2 weeks ago, I felt truly unsafe. I almost collided w/ a vehicle in front of me. I think we just passed Camarillo,Ca and the vehicle in front of us started to climb when my Tacoma decided to downshift and power up. The effect was it practically was a slingshot effect. I had to swerve to the left lane to avoid a collision and disengage the auto cruise. :lemon: :sick: :P

    Well, at least it was an interesting ride.
  • Well, anyone who wants to know...I chose the Nissan over the Toyota. As guys say all of the mechanicals were neck and neck. As for myself - a woman driving a truck - it came down to this....
    What could I get on the Nissan that I could not get on the Toyota? Leather seats, rack and pinion steering, all around disc brakes, more comfortable ride, more room (when your tall the inch matters!) better stereo system and a sunroof.
    To get all of that on a Toyota I would have had to go up to the Tacoma and I did not want a truck that large.
    The Nissan dealer wanted to get the 2006 off his lot so he was more than willing to give us a good deal on our trade and the new truck. So, if anyone ever asks again...tell them to ask a chick!
  • I equate the Nissan Frontier to Rodney Dangerfield.....dosen't get any respect. I have own 2 Nissan Frontiers,a 87 1/2 Hardbody and now a '06 Frontier NISMO. The 87 was bullet proof. I sold it to a friend of mine with 70k miles and he sold it with close to close to 200k. He did the basics but the truck held up it's own. My other friends who own Nissan Frontiers are quite happy.
    I sold my '95 GMC Sonoma 4x4 with 114k miles to somebody, I know so I'll be able to find out how long he keeps it.
    That '95 was one of the most reliable vehicles I've owned despite what Consumers Report and or JD Powers said in their reports.
    I kept my '95 for 11 years and plan on keep my '06 Frontier for 15 years unless it turns out to be a POS. With less than 2k miles all is well but the Honeymoon is not over yet....
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    MarketWatch briefly reviews the two best non-fullsize trucks.
    Frontier and Tacoma
  • They favored Tacoma by just a pinch> Real world you can't get Toy dealers to deal,like Nissan will so the $$$$ difference will make many jump on the Frontier! This was my experince back in April buying truck,Toy dealers :) may have changed but I doubt it!
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    I almost collided w/ a vehicle in front of me. I think we just passed Camarillo,Ca and the vehicle in front of us started to climb when my Tacoma decided to downshift and power up. The effect was it practically was a slingshot effect. I had to swerve to the left lane to avoid a collision and disengage the auto cruise.

    Sounds like your truck began to slow down when encountering the hill, so the tranny downshifted to return to the speed you had set on the cruise. Problem is, the car in front of you probably didn't punch it to maintain speed like your truck did... Maybe you shouldn't use cruise if you are going to be following that close to a vehicle at a high speed. That's true of any car.
  • if its an auto, just put it in 3 or 2 (whichever is available) if you start to lose speed. manual, same thing, you really want your car to be driving you, or would you rather in control and driving it? oh and also my owners manual says that i should never put it in cruise on any climb, which might only be because my truck is the 6spd manual, but it makes sense to me for both transmissions.
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    When I start my '06 NISMO (cold engine) it takes a second (or less) for the oil to reach all the internal parts...I hear tapping!I have owned an '05 taco and an '05 Tundra but never had this problem.Am I being paranoid? Do any other NISMO's do this? Your' input please.
  • It's called piston slap. Google it and you'll find a ton of resoures on it. Good luck!

  • Its not piston slap. Nissan has hydrolic lifters for its valves. They tap the top of the valves until the oil reaches them. This is perfectly normal. Nissan has done it for years. Nothing to worry about.
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    Consumer Reports rated both the Toyota Tacoma and Nissan Frontier as above average in the latest CR report.

    Tundra V6 and Subaru Baja were the only trucks with much better than average reliability.

    Tacoma and Frontier competitor (sort of) Honda Ridgeline had only average reliability.
  • Need help to make a decision (I am not sure if this is the right place, but this forum seems to be pretty activ). Looking to purchase a XE 4dr King Cab SB (2.5L 4cyl 5A). MSRP is $20,050 (with preffered and power package included as well as destination). I am elegible for some kind of VPP price of $17,248 plus 6% tax in KY ($1,034) plus $37 for registration and license plate adds up to be $18,318.41 OTD (they do not charge any fees with the VPP program). Now, they had the same vehicle advertised for $16,888 which makes me think that there is unadvertised dealer cash/hold back that they are not passing along (discounts are applied to the VPP price).

    SHOULD I GO FOR $18,318.41 FOR 2006 XE 4dr King Cab SB (2.5L 4cyl 5A) with preffered and power package. IS THIS A GOOD PRICE AND CAN I DO BETTER (they still have quite a few 06 out there)? Note: with the VPP program, I should do better than most, but according to what I have read out there, most did better than this with out VPP status.

    Now, if I go for similar configuration of Toyota Tacoma, where am I going to be price wise?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated here...
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    $3000 to $3600 off MSRP for an 06 Frontier would be the range that would be a good deal for Frontier.
    $16,888 is reasonable, if they advertised it at $16,888, offer them $16,500 and work up to about $16,700.

    $1500 to $2500 off a 2006 Tacoma is the the range of discounts I would be seeking for the Tacoma.

    Fitzmall and Carmax are usally good price references to start off with, they just do not have many 06's available now.

    If I were buying right now I would either make sure I obtained a screaming good deal on an 06 or wait until January and by then there should be rebates on the 07's.
  • :lemon: This is not the answer,you dont know how and when to properly use the cruise control with an automatic tranny on hilly or mountainous roads. Dummy :confuse:
  • What were the main reasons cited against the Tacoma's reliability? Most Tacoma owners will tell you the reliability is great (but then again, they would be bias :blush: ).

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    What were the main reasons cited against the Tacoma's reliability?

    Your question is not clear to me as "Consumer Reports rated both the Toyota Tacoma and Nissan Frontier as above average in the latest CR report" is not an "against" statement.

    Above average is very good, and both the Frontier and Tacoma were rated above average for reliability.
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    My 2006 CR rates the Frontier and Tacoma both average for new car and 05 used car prdictabity
    but when you look all of the way down the col-
    ums on both vehicles almost all better or much better than average. Not sure what happened for them to be rated average.

    The Frontier did have one average and one much worse than average out of 15 catagories. The
    Tacoma had two averages out of the 15 catagor-

    I would say that the Tacoma would be a little better than the Frontier, but not by very much.
    I own a Frontier.

  • If you were to compare the resale value lets say after 5 years of ownership of a Taco vs Frontier(equal level of equipment) the Taco will have a higher resale value. But more than likely you will have payed more for the Taco than the Frontier when you bought it. So it all comes down to $ and taste.
    Living in a neighborhood of all GMC & Ford trucks(full size)the guys called my truck a 'grocery getter'. But their voices because very silent when the price of gas was at $3 bucks a gallon. I told them when they needed to go for groceries I could take them if they could not afford to put gas in their truck that week........ :)
    It's only a matter of time before we see another spike in gas prices. This time think about $4 gallon :sick:
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    I had to replace the driver's side sunvisor on my wife's Toyota Solara this week. I took a ticket from my Nissan dealership showing they were giving me a 20% discount.

    I told the parts guy to try to match it as parts pricing would be one of the factors as to whether I got a Nissan or Toyota for my wife
    in the next few years when we replace her car.

    He gave me a 32% discount on the visor which by
    the way is a very pricey item.

    Something else to consider when making a decision between the two.

  • I'm considering a 07 Frontier 4X2 king cab LE with hard tonneau, side & curtain airbag pkg.,and active brake limited slip. Has anyone had any experience with the tonneau? Would an aftermarket to be better? Or maybe a roll-up? Also, most of the messaages I see are for the SE or Xe. I feel the LE gives me everything without having to buy any extra pkgs.
    Any thoughts?
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    I have am '05 LE KC with a Fold-A-Cover tonneau
    on it. I have been very happy with it so far.
    The LE 4X2's get pretty nice fuel mileage more
    so than the Nismo's and other 4X4's.

    You can see the Fold-A-Cover tonneau at their website or you can see my
    truck at:

  • Hi OkieScot,
    Thanks for the come back. I noticed you have an LE. Any problems since you purchased? Everytime I bring up a Nissan Frontier I'm told the Toyota W/Sport package is a better truck. Any feelings? I know the price is higher but if the quality is there it would be worth it but, the Nissan gives you more without adding all the packages.
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    I have an intermittent vibration that I have not been able to identify. It does it after it has run for a while and is sitting at a traffic control.

    It will never reproduce the sound when I take it into the dealership. Other than that I have had no problems that the dealership was not able to correct.

    I actually looked at a Tacoma when I bought my Frontier, but it was not worth the extra $5000 they wanted for it over the Frontier.

    I like the looks of the Frontier better anyway.
    They are both good trucks and I could enjoy either one. My wife drives a 2000 Toyota Sol-
    ara and it is one of the nicest cars I have ever owned.

    The Solara has also had a few problems, but nothing that would keep me from buying another one.

  • Thanks, appreciate your comments.
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    I am purchasing a LE King Cab, I feel like it is a good way to go
  • Did you shop Toyota first? What are you getting on the truck? For some reason the Nissan dealers in my area aren't stocking LE models at least not the 2wd. They have a few of the crew cabs with 4x4 and SEs'4x4, and 2wd. but no LE. I also noticed on Nissans's web site it won't let you build the LE without the hard tonneau and if you select the air bag option it steps you down to the XE. The dealers tell me they can order whatever I want, HaHaHa. ;)
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    what kind of shock could I put on Nissan LE 4*4CC,I don't have a lift in it,and its all stock,thoe Have the fold a cover it looks great,I didn't save any gas as everyone says you do,except how it looks one it.Have noticed and gas saving?

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    I have put a true dual exhaust on my truck, a Volant CAI, and the Fold-A-Cover bed cover and as near as I can tell I am getting about the same mileage as before all of these additions.

    I read where others have gained better mileage with each of these modifications, but I am not seeing it on my truck.

    On the other hand I am enjoying my truck more and that is enough for me.

    I cannot help you with shocks as I have the stock shocks on my truck and have no plans of upgrading them until I have a problem with them.

    Over on Club Frontier there have been a few threads on this topic, but it is mostly in the 4X4 section and since I have a 4X2 I don't spend much time there. It might be worth a look see though.

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    Thanks man.
  • I've had mix results with my CAI, cover and synthetic oil.
  • I have a 2006 Toyota Tacoma Dbl Cab 4x2 Long bed, TRD Sport with a 4.0 liter V6 and Auto trans. I've read a few comparisons posted by Frontier owners, and although I can't dispute how well the Fronties are built, I went with the Tacoma for various reasons. First of all I used to own a 1998 Frontier King Cab with auto trans and 4 cyl. 98 was the first year Nissan built the Frontier, and being a die hard Nissan fan I bought one. The Frontier was a great truck, however I always felt like I was being cheated when I would line up next to a Tacoma at a red light. Somehow, the Nissan always looked cheaper in build quality to me. Maybe that explains why you can get more bells and whistles to come with a Frontier, because Nissan dealers are always willing to give more incentives than a Toyota dealer. When I began shopping for a new truck, I noticed that The Frontier did'nt come with a composite bed, or a long bed for that matter. These features were important to me because I own a pool service business. When chlorine gets on spray on bed liners, it fades and leaves white spots on the bed which eventually cracks. I also heard that spray on bed liners bubble up when exposed to extreme heat. I coul'nt handle this cause I live in Las Vegas. My composite bed does'nt have this problem, and the extra bed length allows me to carry more epuipment when I have to. The Frontier interior left alot to be desired when compared to the tacoma. The dash looked dated and cheaper, with much more plastic utilized than Toyota. The seats in the Tacoma are more like sports car seats which is great for comfort during cross country trips. The rear seatbacks in my double cab felt more relaxed and angled than the upright seatbacks in the Frontier. (Although the Frontier I believe has about an inch more leg room). Finally, I don't like driving a vehicle that shares the same platform as other models in their lineup. For example, the Frontier uses a shortened version of the Titan chasis. The front end of the Frontier is also identical to that of the Pathfinder. When Toyota designed the Tacoma, they redesigned the truck from groud up with no substituion except for the 4.0 liter engine shared with the Fj Cruiser. By the way, that Toyota 4.0 liter engine with 236 hp also holds a faster track time than the Frontier with 245 hp. The only grief I have with my Tacoma is the fact that Toyota went with rear drum setup over discs. When it all comes to the bottom line, I guess you have to ask yourself if paying more for a Tacoma makes more sense than paying less for a Frontier and getting more bells and whistles. I know one thing, you know that sunroof you got on your Frontier that is'nt offered on the Tacoma? It will eventually haunt you with all that extra wind noise and leaks after a couple of years. Don't say I did'nt warn ya. :)
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    Well, for one thing, paying more for a Tacoma that comes less equipped makes little sense. Besides, the Frontier is more fun to drive and has the looks to boot ( interior included). I think the Frontier was better thought out, to tell you the truth, and those track times are open to interpretation. I've seen track times posted that favoured the Nissan, and I for one thought the Frontier felt quicker.
    By the way, the V-6 pumps out 261 ponies, and I'll still take the sun roof.
  • OK, I just did'nt wanta be too blunt. What I meant was, I'd rather pay more for a superior truck than pay less for an inferior truck that uses extra gadgets as an incentive to buy. Nissan has always used cheap little incentives to get customers to buy. I know, cause our family has owned Datsuns and Nissans all our lives. My first Datsun was a 1600 Roadster. We've owned B210s, 310s, 510s, Maximas, Altimas, Sentra, you name it. Again, I think the Frontier is a pretty good little truck, but just not as refined as the Tacoma. Maybe when they add the long bed to there lineup next year, they'll update the interior a little more. As for this discussion, it just comes down to a pissing contest between age old rivals, Nissan and Toyota.
  • Each to their own.
    I have a 2k6 Frontier NISMO 4X4 6sp and I'll take a full box frame with v6 that is build around a world class v6 any day.
    I looked at the Tacom before I bought my Frontier and I can not understand why Toyota would cheapen a truck by not going with full box frame.
    The composite bed is nice but the rear end of a pickup is light enough without making it lighter by using a composite bed.
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    Risking the chance of a so called pissing contest, I'd say the Nissan is actually a "superior" truck. And I certainly don't believe that the Taco is one of Toyota's better vehicles, by any stretch of the imagination. I also think the Tacoma is a pretty good little truck, but could delete the "camry" interior, add a real front bumper, beef up the frame, improve driving dynamics, and drop a little of that baby fat,and I'd seriously consider it next time. I think at this point, Toyota could build a cardboard box with 4 wheels and people would be lining up to purchase. I just never fell for it. I'll take my well equipped Frontier with all its little useful gadgets and enjoy them every single minute of every single day I'm in it.

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    When it all comes to the bottom line, I guess you have to ask yourself if paying more for a Tacoma makes more sense than paying less for a Frontier and getting more bells and whistles. I know one thing, you know that sunroof you got on your Frontier that is'nt offered on the Tacoma? It will eventually haunt you with all that extra wind noise and leaks after a couple of years. Don't say I did'nt warn ya

    Well, I have not had a leak or wind noise problem with a sunroof since my 1979 Mercury Capri RS (and reliablity has improved since then, thankfully!) and I've owned plenty of vehicles with sunroofs. Then again, I have not kept one of them past 10 year and 250,000 miles, so maybe they only break if you keep them longer.
    Maybe Toyota does not offer a sunroof on the Tacoma since they do not offer sunroofs on trucks? Nope, Toyota used to offer a sunroof on the Tacoma and they still offer one on the Tundra. So I do not know why they do not offer a sunroof.

    Well, I enjoy the sunroof on my Frontier and I have no problems and no worries about it.
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    OK, I just did'nt wanta be too blunt. What I meant was, I'd rather pay more for a superior truck than pay less for an inferior truck that uses extra gadgets as an incentive to buy. :confuse:

    I'm not sure I follow your "extra gadgets" theory.

    Nissan offers more choices in options than Toyota does, however, there really is not much that I would call a gadget in either truck.
    Be specific instead of vague. If you are implying that Nissan offer gadgets such as sunroof or stereo as gadgets as an incentive to buy then let me explain that the options are not exactly cheap and they are certainly not standard.
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    OK, I just did'nt wanta be too blunt. What I meant was, I'd rather pay more for a superior truck than pay less for an inferior truck that uses extra gadgets as an incentive to buy.

    Ken, I've owned a 1998 Frontier and it was no match for the Toyota in the power department and I would have to say that the Frontier was overall not as good as a Toyota.
    Up until the 2005 Frontier and Tacoma I'll concede that I would give Toyota the nod for best compact truck.
    With the 2005's I feel that Nissan made the better truck.
    I owned a 2003 Tacoma V6 4WD SR5 XCab that I really enjoyed except for the lousy seats. It was a great truck and even had a factory sunroof. I planned to keep if forever until some idiot collided with it.
    I had a great deal of skepticism when I checked out the Frontier and I was amazed at how Nissan improved the Frontier in all areas. The VQ series engine is amazing. The seats (at least the ones in the NISMO) are best in class. I really appreciate the durable cloth material of the seats. The mouse fur material of the seats in my 03 Taco and the lack of comfort of the 03 Taco were the major complaint I had with it. The Frontier interior is a truck interior and I prefer it to the Camry-like interior in the Tacoma. Maybe I'm just used the plastics and don't mind them in the Frontier since my 03 Taco used similar amount of plastics.

    I'm happy with my Frontier. Tacoma obtains a bit more mileage and the switchgear has a bit higher quality feel IMO, other than that, the Frontier is great.
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    It never ceases to amaze me how this bashing goes on and on between two fine trucks. The Toyota costs more, but the resale is higher so that is really a wash.

    Some people don't like the Tacoma light bed and tailgate, I would love to have that light weight tailgate. I am going on 70 years old and weigh a little over 120 pounds. Light sounds good to me and yes I haul a lot of things in my truck.

    To me it really comes down to which truck appeals to you more and which one best fits your needs.

    I think if everyone on here would be honest with themselves they could be happy driving either truck.

    I ended up buying an '05 Frontier because of the price up front, may not live to see the resale recoup of the cost.

    I drove both trucks and I could be happy with either one. There are some things I like better about the Frontier and some things I like better about the Tacoma.

    There is not one person on this thread that is going to have their mind changed by someone bashing the truck they purchased and love. So why don't we acceept the fact that people's tastes differ and that does not make them wrong and you right.

    My wife drives a Toyota Solara and it is one of the nicest cars I have ever owned. When we replace it in a few years I will definitely consider another one. I shall also consider Nissan, Acura, and Avalon. What I shall end up with will be the one that best fits my needs at that time.

    I have owned 3 Toyotas and 8 Datsun/Nissans in the past. Both are good products and do not deserve all of this bashing that is going on here.


    Live and let live
  • I agree. One of the reasons for having so many different models is to satisfy everyone. Some people like a stick others can't deal with shifting. Does that make one of them wrong? No way. Just a different style. Just like driving a truck, car, convertible or a sports car. If each one serves the persons need what's the big deal. Do you go around bashing another man's wife just 'cause she's not your type??
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    Now don't give them any ideas about wife bashing, that could really cause problems.

  • Yeah, I guess you're right. In my innocence I didn't think some people may have too open a mind. :):D:)
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