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Mitsubishi Eclipse - 2006 and Newer



  • I just ran into a similar problem last night, the dealer told me the same thing this morning, but the thing was that my car was at normal operating temp. when it happend. they rested my service engine light, and it's back on again. Took it back again and they can't figure out whats wrong. :confuse:
  • I got the NOAH cover and it fits like a glove. Get the custom fit wit the mirror pockets.
  • Sorry I don't have any advice on a good after market for exhaust for the Eclipse but I've had lots of Mustang exhaust experience. Honestly there is no way to get a v8 sound from an Eclipse no matter what you do. The best way (other than a muffler) to get more engine noise is to change out to high flow catalytic converters. Also I have a new RSX Type S and just added a short ram intake which introduced a deeper tone and loud engine noise above 6000 rpms. I miss my Mustang tho. :(

  • My theory is that one pair of the speakers are actually 2 way speakers. I have seen instances where car makers will count a pair of 2 way speakers as 4 speakers. There is probably a pair with a midrange or tweeter built in adn that is being counted as a speaker. That would add up to nine speakers.

    I think they would have done better to not promote the system as some street thumper with a built in sub. It is much better with adult music genres - classical, real jazz, vocals - than it is with noise like hip hop. They even messed up and added a hip hop setting on the stereo - I thought to myself, what the hell? Where is classical? Where is jazz?
  • dave82dave82 Posts: 43
    Looks like the 2006 Eclipse sales are starting to peter out. Sales decreased 11% compared to October, and October was down 14% from September....
  • well they found the rpoblem with my car. Bad ECU. oh well at least the car is fixed. no problems so far. The dealer did give my a free alloy fuel cover, oil change, and a fulkl tank of gas for taking so long. :)
  • I was looking at the Eclipse webpage and couldn't
    find any information on any "convenience package"
    that would include a garage door opener.
    Any of you have this on your car? Thanks
  • I owned a 1996 Eclipse GST and now own a 2006 GT. Some readers here may find my input of value.

    THE 1996 TURBO 5 SPD:

    The ’96 had 135K miles on it when I traded. I tried to like the 3G Eclipse but just couldn't see replacing the car I loved to drive with a car I couldn't get excited about. The ‘96 had been very well maintained, looked great, and was paid for long ago.

    During the time I owned the 96, other than routine maintenance, I replaced an alternator, a power antenna, a harmonic balancer, and disk brake rotors front and rear (twice I think). I also optionally replaced a power window regulator (it got loose and noisy), and a broken fog light. I had the dealer do tune ups at 15K mile intervals. I found the brake maintenance requirements excessive, but, other than that, I was very satisfied with the reliability of the car. Reliability was a key factor in my decision to buy another Mitsubishi.

    I'm not a hot rod guy but I do drive enthusiastically. Once the turbo spun up a bit (at about 2000 RPM), the front tires would break loose. On the highway at around 70 MPH (just a bit over 3000 RPM in 5th gear) power for passing was instantly available without downshifting or flooring it. Fuel economy overall was in the 26-30 MPG range.

    I had planned to keep the car for another 2-3 years or until something new showed up that really caught my eye. Then, in about May, I saw the 2006 Eclipse GT on a TV commercial. I was hooked, but it took about 5 months for me to convince myself (much less my wife) that I should go get one.

    I should add that I just turned 59 years old. My last three cars were a 1979 Mustang 302 4-spd that I put 150K miles on over 12 years, a 1986 Lincoln Towncar that I put over 100,000 miles on in about 6 years, and the 96 GST. Net: I keep cars a long time, and put a lot of miles on them. I may drive this new car for 10 years and 150k miles or more assuming my knees continue to allow me to operate a clutch!

    Sorry for being so verbose but wanted to say who I am as somewhat of a foundation for what follows.

    THE 2006 GT 6 SPD:


    I didn't do any! I wanted the Eclipse because of its looks, performance, reliability, and because you don't see one every time you drive down the street (i.e., a new Mustang!). I don't need the fastest car on the street or I'd be looking at Corvettes, Vipers, or something else I can't afford. I don't care if a Mustang GT can clean my clock or a 350Z can go from 60 to zero in two fewer feet than I can. I want a car that looks great, is faster than maybe 90% of the other cars on the road, is a lot of fun to drive, and is reliable. I think that's what I got.

    I've done business with two Mitsubishi dealers in the Dallas, TX area. Don Herring Mitsubishi has three locations in Dallas. I've had service done at the Plano location for several years and have been, in general, satisfied. They charge too much but all car repair shops charge too much. I think a key here is to consistently work with the same service writer so you can build a relationship and he becomes familiar with your car and your expectations. The other dealer, Lewisville Mitsubishi, is only about 4 years old. I had one service item handled there early on and was a bit disappointed but the issue could have been caused by start up problems. I went back there when I started getting interested in a new car and was treated with courtesy and respect by the sales people.


    I was at Don Herring for service on the ‘96 when I had my first discussion with the sales manager. I told him that I thought I could sell the ’96 for $6,000. At the time (a month ago) Kelly Blue Book quoted $3K trade in, $4K buy from a private individual, and $6K buy from a dealer. I told him I knew I wanted too much for my car...but that's what I wanted. Their first offer was $3K trade in. After about three weeks of negotiating we agreed that I would trade in the ‘96 and they would knock $6K off the MSRP of a loaded red GT with 6 spd. They wrote it up as a $500 discount and a $5,500 trade in but the sales Mgr had earlier told me that he could give me $1,000 off MSRP on a cash deal. They actually gave me $5,000 in trade which saved me $350 on sales tax.

    At the time Edmunds was stating that average purchase price was $100 over MSRP. So, I took the $5,350 trade in value as opposed to going through the hassle of selling the ‘96 for MAYBE $6,000. (The dealer sold the ‘96 in two days for $6,500.) They got a good deal, I got a good deal.


    For openers, the low RPM torque is incredible compared to what I had. The car just jumps out from under you, with only moderate throttle. Under full throttle acceleration the car feels fast under 4K RPM, 4K the MIVEC kicks in and the power noticeably increases. The front tires will try to break loose but do a fair job of sticking to the road when the Traction Control is enabled. (The salesman told me that the tires will break loose with the TCL disabled but, what's the point of that?) TCL can be turned off via a switch on the dash but is automatically re-enabled the next time you start the car.

    Torque-Steer is evident with full throttle acceleration, and contrary to some reviewers, I believe it is more noticeable than it was on the '96, undoubtedly due to the extra horsepower! Even when going in a straight line, get a good grip on the wheel before you nail it!

    The car is air tight and feels very solid at speed. I hit 90 every week and feel very secure.

    The power windows lower and raise about a half inch when the doors are opened and closed forming a good seal against the weather stripping...very Mercedes Benz-ish!

    The owners manual states that 3rd gear is good to 80 MPH, 4th is good to 108 MPH and 5th is good to 130 MPH. These speeds are about 6K RPM which should be a conservative shift point as the HP peak is at 5750 and the tach is red lined at 6500. Oddly enough, the car is governor limited to 134 MPH. That number is above any speed I've ever driven but I don't care for Mitsubishi setting a limit. In 6th gear the car runs 30 MPH per 1000 RPM: 2000 RPM=60 MPH, 4000 RPM=120 MPH. The Eclipse should easily do 150+ ungoverned.

    The gears are nicely spaced. At any speed between 10 MPH and over 100, there are at least three gears where the drive train will be happy!

    The GT comes from the factory either as a base model (pretty nicely equipped) or with the "Premium Sport Package" and the "Accessory Package" (loaded). I considered buying the base model but really wanted the larger wheels and tires, the wheel locks and the sunroof, all buried in these two packages. I had to buy the "loaded" version to get the few extras I wanted.

    But after a month of driving the car I'm beginning to appreciate the options I didn't want. The Rockford Fosgate audio sy
  • But after a month of driving the car I'm beginning to appreciate the options I didn't want. The Rockford Fosgate audio system with controls on the steering wheel and center display for time, audio, external temperature and compass is really cool, the bun warmers were put to use today as temperatures in Dallas dipped into the teens, and the power adjustable drivers seat is very comfortable. These options added $3570 to the MSRP but I would have done myself a disservice to have gone cheap.

    The dashboard with its red pointers and blue backlighting is the most attractive dash I've seen. Everything is within easy reach.


    Shifting Gears

    I've driven a stick for decades and shouldn't be missing shifts but, with this car, I do every day. The shift lever is nicely spring loaded to the 3-4 gate as you would expect. From 6th gear, if you push straight forward, then pull straight back, you wind up in 4th. If you push straight forward to neutral, then pull slightly left (reaching for 4th), then straight back, you wind up in 2nd.

    I can't say that this is a flaw. I'll say it this way: if I pay attention while shifting I have no problem. If I'm not paying attention I may wind up in the wrong gear. Some would say that this is a simple matter of getting used to the car. I wouldn't disagree.

    No Automatic Door Locks

    Power locks, yes. Locks that automatically engage at 2 MPH, no.

    hatchback lock

    Oddly enough, the hatchback DOES automatically lock at 2 MPH. Entry is gained either by double clicking a button on the key, or by pressing a neatly concealed switch on the outside of the rear deck, the latter works only of the hatch is unlocked. There is no way to release the hatch from the cockpit, and no key lock on the hatch. Today I was at the wheel with the engine running and a friend wanted me to pop the hatch. I had no way to do that without shutting off the engine, removing the key from the ignition and double clicking!

    outside mirrors

    You've heard enough about this I bet. They are placed further rearward than you expect. A quick shift of the eyes doesn't cut it here. A turn of the head does. Not good, and I see no reason for it, but you can get used to it.

    Power in High Gear at highway speed

    At 70 MPH pressing down on the throttle in high gear doesn't produce the response I got with the ’96 turbo. The '96 in high gear at 70 MPH was revving about 3200 RPM and the turbo was ready to go. The '06 in high gear at 70 MPH is turning about 2330, well below the point where the variable timing kicks in (4K RPM). Consider 3rd and 4th gears the passing gears, not fifth.

    Hidden Speedo Numbers

    The way I adjust the driver’s seat and the steering wheel, the numbers on the speedo from 40 to 80 MPH are blocked from view by the top of the wheel. Mitsu offers two speedos. The US gets an analog MPH dial and a small digital KM/H readout. Others get an analog KM/H dial and a MPH digital readout. The KM/H numbers are in plain view but of no value to me. The technology is there to for the digital readout to be switched to MPH but the owner’s manual, and so far the dealer, is no help.

    blind spots

    Getting a good view while backing up or trying to see if traffic is clear to the right rear of the car is difficult at best.

    I didn’t mean for this to be so lengthy. Maybe it can help someone.
  • skyyvskyyv Posts: 13
    I never owned an earlier model Eclipse but I agree with a lot of what you said about the '06.

    I could go either way on the auto locks but considering that my previous car didn't have auto anything, it's no big deal for me to hit the switch. My husband's car (2001 Stratus R/T) has them and while they are handy, they can also be a pain in the butt if you make frequent stops where you have to get out.

    I think the mirror, "hidden speedo", and blindspot issues have at least a little to do with the height of the person driving. For me, everything is perfect and very visible without much effort. For my husband, it was a different story. He commented on many of the same things you did. He's 6' and I'm 5'6" on a good day. :D

    Even though there is some room for improvements, I REALLY like the car and know I'm going to enjoy driving it for a long time.

    Oh...I do have a question for you....How do you think the car performs in winter weather driving? Based on some of the things I had heard, I thought I might be getting a disadvantage when compared to my previous car ('97 Sunfire) because of the bigger tires, etc. but so far I've been well impressed with the handling in the snow and ice.
  • Winter weather driving?? We don't get much of that here in Dallas but I can make a comment or two. We did have some ice on the roads a couple of days ago. When I stepped on the gas to test traction the front wheels broke loose immediately, two lights on the dash came on and went off when I lightened up. I think the TCL and maybe check engine lights but it was very quick.

    With so much torque I'd suggest getting into higher gears quickly...maybe even starting from a dead stop in 2nd. I'd also expect that 62% of the cars weight on the driving wheels would help a bit. Also, don't forget that it's a front wheel drive car. When your car starts to spin on ice or snow the normal reaction is to get off the throttle; a good thing to do with a RWD car. With FWD, stepping on the gas may pull you out of a spin. This isn't what your gut reaction would be.

    BTW, I forgot to close my original note by stating how happy I am with the Eclipse! In my case, the same car with an automatic would have been transportation. With the 6-spd, it's a driving experience!
  • I guess everyone has their own opinion. I've owned several Mitsubishi's and have never had a problem with service or parts. I'll admit that there are some crooked, greedy dealerships out there and that reflects bad on Mitsbusihi as a company. I hear so many people say "i'll buy a Honda". Been there, done that. I will never buy another Honda in my lifetime. I owned an Accord and my service engine light kept coming on and I was told over and over that I wasn't shutting my gas cap properly. Well turns out it was actually a recall on my EGR valve. So of course I had a warranty but a gas cap wasn't covered so I had to pay diagnostics every time. Well the mistake was on the dealerships part but they never gave me back the hundreds of dollars I paid in diagnostics. I can go on and on about my problems with Honda but I won't. I currently own an 06 Eclipse, 05 Galant, 06 Endeavor. I've had a Ralliart in the past as well as the 2nd generation Eclipse and a 00 Galant. I have nothing to complain about when it comes to Mitsubishi.
  • I have doing some research on getting a sports car and have finally got to 2 finalists...Eclipse '06 GT and Acura RSX Type-S. I will be mostly going for the Eclipse becos:

    1. The head room is comparitively less in RSX at the rear(I am a average 5'10" and I can't sit I know these cars are not meant for 3/4 people, but sometimes u need them).
    2. GT is a V6 and is 263hp compared to 201hp of RSX-S.
    3. The RSX-S has 2 common problems (front struts and the gear synchros) and I haven't read about any common problem in Eclipse.

    I have one question about the transmission. Is the Sportronic Transmission comparable to the manual? Do you get the same experience? Having the Sportronic Transmission gives me both auto and manual.
  • The dealer encouraged me to drive a Sportronic equipped Eclipse. I did...for less than 2 miles, and took it back. In my case, the Eclipse with an auto is just transportation. With the 6 speed, it's a driving experience. That's my take. But in your case, it sounds like there are times when you want the auto. I'd suggest you drive both the Sportronic and the 6 spd.
  • The mitsubishi website says it is, but when I went to the dealer, they showed me a car with had the Sports package but it didnt have leather seats. I asked them and they said sometimes mitsubishi website makes mistakes and such mistakes have happened earlier.

    Can someone update me on this? Thank you
  • What made the 1st and 2nd generation Eclipses and Talons special was their combination of AWD, a highly-tunable turbo I4 engine, and relatively light weight and low cost. They still make that engine, and they put it into the Evo.

    All Mitsu needs to do is put the drivetrain from the Evo in a good-looking two-door coupe body with a decent interior -- then call it an Eclipse and price it competitively with the 350Z and RX-8.

    Then they would have a winner...
  • onyx73onyx73 Posts: 1
    the sun and soundpackage does include 9 speakers but this option is only for lancer es, oz-rally and rallyart but doesn't apply to the eclipse 2006
  • skyyvskyyv Posts: 13
    These two cars were my finalists too but in the end the Eclipse won out because it was more car for less money, had a better warranty, and provided more comfort (The moment I got in, I knew it was "my car"). I also preferred the ride the Eclipse offered along with the acoustics and gear box. On a Type-S reverse is located by the 6th gear and can be a little hard to find; on the Eclipse reverse is by 1st.

    The Sportronic Transmission is crap. When I took a test drive, I had to take one of these because the dealer I went to didn't have any manuals (seems many people in my area don't like them). Although you can "shift" it (meaning you tap the gear shift up or down when you want to change gear), if you don't do so when the engine thinks you should, it will override you which to me seams pointless to even have the feature in the first place. I also thought that the acceleration on the automatic paled in comparison to the manual because of the override feature. About the only advantage you might get is better gas mileage but if you know how to drive a manual correctly, that really isn't an issue.
  • skyyvskyyv Posts: 13
    It wasn't maybe a GS that they showed you was it? You can get a sun & sound package on those but it doesn't have leather as an option. The GTs on the other hand have a premium sports package and that is the one with the leather seating.
  • Alright I'm pretty excited about this one. I've owned a 1992 GS and a 1998 GS Spyder (which was totaled thanks to a damn mini van 4 years ago). After I lost that car I wanted something bigger so I went american with a Pontiac Grand Prix GT. Big mistake...I mean its an okay car, its just not "fun to drive". More like a point a to point b type of ride. Over the last few years I thought about getting another spyder but the 01-05 spyders were pretty tame at best. Then the 06 eclipse came out and I started to think about what the spyder will look like. I'm stoked! I won't get one right away, but perhaps a year after they are released.
  • I have had 3 Misubishi's. All have a very good dependability record. However, my wife's 2001 Spyder is one of the most difficult cars to work on I've ever experienced (excluding vans). Why in the world did they design the intake over the spark plugs? It also seems to go through headlights rather quickly. The local mechanic said that was a common issue with the Eclipse. The last is the heater issue. Goes cold when you stop. Apparently the core gets air bound. Maybe they have resolved some of those issues on the 2006.
  • xannxann Posts: 1
    I lost the original keys to my car and the locksmith took off the door console on the passenger side to make another key. The problem is after that, the power locks only work when they feel like, hence I lock up at night and some mornings the doors are unlocked. Since then if I park for more than 9 hours, my battery goes dead. I had someone disconnect the alarm, but the problem is still occurring. Could it be the power locks draining the battery that fast? I've had the car checked out and no one can tell me why it's happening, they only tell me to change the battery... which i've done - twice.
  • Hello, I am new to this but I do have a reply.. My 06 have everything you can get, and yes my sport package does have leather seats with heaters in them and my wife thinks thats the best thing about the car.. But what does she know !!! :D
  • nabornabor Posts: 6
    Just bought an 06 Eclipse GS, ultra pearl red. After driving several mini-suv's, the wife fell in love with the Eclipse. I was skeptical about the car until I got behind the wheel, it was fantastic. I haven't driven a car this much fun to drive in years. Very solid ride, no rattles or squeaks. Can't find but 7 speakers, but who cares. The sound system still sounds great. As for the Sportronic transmission, it's okay. It's definitely more fun than just the auto mode. I would probably go with the manual, but either tranny would not disappoint. First Mitsubishi we have owned, great buying experience. Having leather seats installed this week. So far, would recommend this car to anyone that can climb in and out of it.
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    I'm excited about it too. Saw one at the DC auto show and it is very sleek. Looked great!! I had a 2001 spyder gt and I'll agree that they were rather tame. However, it was fun to drive, a real eyecatcher, had good room without being a boat (can't do a 2-seater) and my Mitsu dealer was great. I did trade it for an RX8 (same dealer) simply because I got a whale of a deal on a leftover 04 in early 05. I like my 8 but I also liked my Spyder. But, they are 2 completely different animals.

    Gotta ditto you on your grand prix comment as well. Had one of those for a while and although it was OK, nothing to get the heart racing. I refer to all GM vehicles as "General Merchandise." Yeah, they're ok cars, but nothing special in the line-up.
  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 858

    I did...for less than 2 miles, and took it back. In my case, the Eclipse with an auto is just transportation. With the 6 speed, it's a
    driving experience....

    ....well, it IS refreshing to hear from those who test positive for the manual transmission.........

    best, ez
  • webhead1webhead1 Posts: 1
    Its one fine ride just try it you will like it.
  • duke15duke15 Posts: 161
    We are considering a spyder for my wife's next car. She fell in love with the 96-97 MY (was that 2nd gen?) but it wasn't in our price range then, and the new one looks even better to her. I am worried about the company, and would be interested in what anyone knows or could forcast on what happens to the waranty if the company goes under. I am guessing someone would buy it, any rumors on who has the cash? My other question is with the incentive possibilities. Is this really possible for a new convert. in the summer? It doesn't seem likely, but I really haven't been paying much attention to mitsubishi the last few years...
  • handyrlphandyrlp Posts: 1
    Does your state have a lemon law? The state I live in give the dealer there shots at repairing the problem and then the problem can be turned over to the state. It may be difficult, but if it can take it back three times (for the same problem without resolution), then the manufacture must remedy the situation. The lemon law works, I have used it (now with my Eclipse). The manufacture (Toyota in this case) refunded the purchase price.
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