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2013 and Earlier - Audi S4 Prices Paid and Buying Experiences

macwebtigermacwebtiger Posts: 1
edited January 2014 in Audi
Went to the local dealer here in CA and test drove an S4 cab quattro - had 6500 miles on it (2004) - seems great, but never owned an audi. dealer is asking $52,000 but probably could get for flat $50,000. It's a lot of money - Interested if anyone has any strong opinions about that price for that car? Or if it doesn't work out - will I lose a ton of money selling it?





  • I loved my a4 3.0 cab until someone rear ended me yesterday and bent the frame. They were going over 40 and i was standing still. the car really did a good job protecting us. i am looking a the s4 cuz it has a stick and at 50K compared to the 3.0 may not be a bad deal.
  • richk1richk1 Posts: 51
    hi all - any chance someone out there can provide a dealer reco and recent pricing info for leasing an S4 (preferably with premium package, but w/out nav) in the NYC/NJ area?

    Not for me, but I'm doing the leg work for a less internet savvy friend.

  • beatty1beatty1 Posts: 1
    Peter, Hey!

    I got a brand new 2004 S4 Cab with everything, except the nav system for $50,900. And that was in New York! You should get that car for under 50 thou.

    PS You'll love it!
  • jonavinjonavin Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2005 S4 at Audi of Alexandria for $47750, not including VA tax and registration/application fees. Options include Premium package, Audio package w/XM radio, Heated front seats, Power Rear windows and manual rear side window sunshades.
    I am sure I could have gotten lower price, but unfortunately I lack the aggressiveness of a good bargainer. It is an early 2005 model and not the re-design one with big grills. I opt for Premier purchase plan, since they offer 3% APR, 10000 miles per year, for 36 months and at the end of the plan I can either trade, turn in the car and walk away, or keep the car and pay $28728. Total monthly payment comes to $560 a month, including GAP insurance. Total of the car price paid with tax and other fees comes to $50304. I hope this help somewhat to those that wishes to buy 2005 S4 that has been discontinued. Oh and down payment was $5000
  • It is silver with premium package no cold or Bose or Nav. It is Tiptronic(auto).

    Put down $3700 and payments of $575 WITH TAX and 12,000 miles per year.
    I dont know how these guys did it but I could find no other dealer in LA area willing to match it on similar cars with different colors.

    I was not loving silver so I called many dealer from San Diego to north of LA.
    They all said if you can get it get two!

    Well I don't hate silver that much...great car put 1,000 miles already and it is great.
    Silver blends in a bit too much for me coming from a red/black MINI Cooper S.

    I wanted the blue, red or yellow S4 but silver looks handsome.
  • kevin88gtkevin88gt Posts: 34
    I'm trying to figure out a lease payment with my calculator... can anyone help me out? Also what money factor should I be using....thank you in advance.
  • drewarddreward Posts: 13
    I just ordered an S4 '06 Cabrio (silver with red seats) agreed price with dealer is $2,200 under MSRP which seems pretty good (unfortunately '06 prices are considerably up on '05)
  • simantinisimantini Posts: 2
    Hi there,

    I am seriously considering ordering a 2006 S4 cabrio. Can you tell me the name of the Audi dealership and the name of the sales agent who is giving you such a good deal? I amy want to talk him into giving me a similar deal. :)
  • jp12jp12 Posts: 1
    Thanks for the info on your S4. I am looking into leasing one myself and was wondering if you could tell me the name of the dealership?

  • simantinisimantini Posts: 2

    I am considering ordering the light metallic silver 06 Audi S4 with red nappa leather seats. Since you have the same specs, how do you like the looks of the car (since I have not seen one in the dealership)? Also, which dealer did you get the car from?

  • drewarddreward Posts: 13
    Not got the car yet (they finished building it but it is on the high sees) I will update when I recieve it :(
  • Does anyone know what the money factor should be for a 2005.5. S4 sedan? I was quoted .002 by the dealer, and wanted to know if I could get this number down.
  • diablo1diablo1 Posts: 55
    Questions for anyone who special ordered their S4 rather than choosing one the dealership already had: When you ordered from the factory, how long did it take between order and delivery? Also, does creating a custom order significantly reduce your bargaining power?

    I'm looking for a 2005.5 or 2006 (not sure when they'll be available though) S4, probably light silver color, auto trans with nav. Thanks for your help!
  • fmpfmp Posts: 9
    Hi, wanted to get some input on the following deal I just got offered in northern NJ:

    2005.5 S4, model option 8EC549
    -dolphin gray metallic
    -silver interior

    Notable optional equipment:
    -heated front and rear seats
    -carbon fiber belt line trim
    -front license plate holder
    -gas guzzler tax
    -silk nappa leather
    -Audio package
    -Premium package

    MSRP quoted was $54,795. The invoice price quoted was $50, 823. They said they would sell it to me for invoice

    Is this a good deal?
  • Never just accept an offer that they give you. They expect you to give a counter-offer, and negotiate from there. How low you want to go is up to you, but pick your price and then make that the midpoint of your negotiations (for example, if they offer $50k and you want to pay $48k, offer $46k). The worst they can do is say no...
  • fmpfmp Posts: 9
    Sound negotiation advice of course. I just wanted to hear if anyone has had recent buying experience with the 2005.5 S4 and if so, what the prices paid looked like so I can have an idea of how these cars are selling. Would appreciate any values if someone has them. Thanks.
  • There is $2500 cash back to dealers on 05.5 S4's So I'd shoot for $2000 under invoice. They definitely have room to move. I was quoted $48800 for an Silver, Tip 05.5 over the internet. MSRP is $55170. It was a demo with 4300 miles so I think it could be had for $47000 or maybe less. Good luck!
  • rex32rex32 Posts: 4
    Anyone know any of the lease figures for the 2005.5 S4s?

  • I'm looking at a new S4 with a sticker ~55K. My understanding is that there is currently $4500 in dealer incentives available through 11/30/05. Can anyone confirm this? Also, does anyone have the current buy rate and residuals for Audi FS for a 36 month 10K and 12K lease? If you have the 2-year lease figures, I would appreciate that as well.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    The 2005 A6 had $4500 dealer cash, but not the S4 to my knowledge. I thought the A4/S4 were 2000-2500 depending on the model.
  • _matty_matty Posts: 28
    Good deals can be found these days on new cars with bad gas mileage like the S4. You should be able to find a 2005.5 for $2,000 below invoice if you're a little aggressive. You may even be able to do better considering how poorly big engine vehicles are selling as of late. I'm about to buy a new one at the end of the year and I'll be posting after Xmas once I start to pursue offers. 12-26 through
    12-31 is usually the best time of the year to buy a new car and I have a feeling the dealers will be quite eager to get rid of the '05 models by then.

    By the way, there is $3500 cash to dealer on 2005.5 S4's through the month of November. They will probably continue this incentive later in the year and may even increase it. Given this fact I'd shoot for at least $3,000 below invoice.
  • An area high line dealer (MB, BMW, Porsche, and several others)had a used 2006 S4 for sale. Asking is just about $56,000. Seems more than a tad high to me. This dealer is not an Audi dealer. I've done business with them in the past (new Porsches) and they are a good group. Have not gone and looked at or driven the car yet as it is about 40 miles away. Has 3500 miles on the odometer. Lots of questions to ask them, most importantly how did they get it and what is its history.

    Anyone had a remote idea of what a fair price might be on the beast?
  • _matty_matty Posts: 28
    It depends on what kind of 2006 S4 you're talking about.

    Is it a Cabriolet? If so, 56K is a fair starting point because those retail for about 62K new. Like I said though, 56K is a starting point and if that's what they're asking you can bet they will take several thousand less than that, especially since it's used.

    If it's a sedan or a wagon I would ask the dealer why they think that a used S4 with 3500 miles should sell for more than a new one. The MSRP on a 2006 S4 sedan is around 53-56K depending on how many options you want. They all come with the premium package, but the DVD Nav system is an extra $1,500 or so. A hard top S4 that retails for 56K has all the options including the DVD Nav system. This # also includes the destination charge and the $1,700 gas guzzler tax which you shouldn't have to pay for if it's used.

    Regardless, if they're asking 56K I wouldn't give them a penny more than 50K if you're in love with the car. If you're aggressive you may even want to shoot for 48K. The worst they can do is say no. I'm assuming you're looking at a rag top as well because if they're asking 56K for a used hard top I would laugh my [non-permissible content removed] off and offer them much less. Do some research, you'll see what's out there. I'm looking to buy a new 2006 S4 or maybe a used demo at the end of this year and I've been looking pretty hard as of late to see what they're going for. I'm going to the dealership this weekend to ask some questions and I'll post with any info that I get.
  • It is the sedan, not the cabrio. Not in love with the car--wrong color and then there becomes the issue of getting an Audi dealer to service it. Local dealer is a waste of time, bad service reputation. Would be driving about 50 miles to a decent (not outstanding) dealer for service.

    Going to try and get up there and drive it and a used '05 Benz C55 AMG. Was actually of offering 45k for the Audi if I liked it. As you say, worst thing they can do is to say no.

  • I am looking to lease a 2006 S4 and was wondering what the current AF money factors and residuals were for a 3yr. 15K mile/year senario?

  • _matty_matty Posts: 28
    I just bought a brand new 2006 S4 Sedan yesterday from a dealership in Sacramento, CA. I'll give a quick rundown on what I paid starting with the specifics on the car.

    Color: Black

    Tranny: Manual

    Options: Premium package, DVD Nav system, Cold Weater Package, Premium Sound System w/XM, Power Sunshades, Carbon Fiber Trim

    Dealer asking price: $57,200. Yeah, right.

    MSRP: $55,770.

    What I paid out of pocket: $52,800

    After taxes and 2 other options I wanted which included Lo-Jack and the CALTEX paint and interior protectant, I paid about $58,200 for the car.

    I feel that I could have done slightly better, but they had pretty much exactly the car I wanted and I would rather pay 1K more and get what I want as opposed to having to compromise or travel out of the area to another dealer. A manual tranny was a must and there don't seem to be nearly as many of those out there as opposed to the Tiptronics. The dealer seemed to be straight up when he said that sticks are harder to get. They had a bunch of Tiptronics on the lot and I grabbed the only stick they had. I had considered getting a 2005.5, but the manual '06's offer the 40/60 front/rear differential (which is really nice) as well as a few other things. The '06 is also a 4th generation model which means the reliability is probably as good as it's going to get. It's always better to buy a model that's been around for a little while since the manufacturer has had some time to work out the kinks.

    The sales person seemed to be pretty honest. I don't feel that I got ripped off, but I would like to hear any comments on this issue, especially if someone out there did better. Overall, I spent about 4 hours at the dealership with the test driving, haggling and paperwork. Like I said, I feel that I may have been able to do slightly better on the price, but it is a 2006 model and they are less willing to bend with those. Their fiscal year also ends on 12-15 and the sales person said that's when he gets his last check, so I guess now would be the best time to buy as opposed to after X-mas.

    I love this car!!!
  • First off, It's good to hear about someone from Sacramento. I grew up in Stockton and moved to Houston about 9 years ago. Secondly, it's good to hear that someone else has my dream car. I think you probably got a good deal. I heard something about dealer cash but I think that's on the 05.5's. I agree that the manual is the way to go on this bad [non-permissible content removed] beast.
    I've been shopping this car for about 6 months now and am convinced it's the one for me. The M3 is great but a little rough for everyday. I'd love to drive a STI but they treat them like Ferraris and don't let them out until purchased. Congratulations on a fine car.
  • _matty_matty Posts: 28
    Thanks. I'm absolutely thrilled with this car. I checked out the M3 as well, but the S4 has more of what I want in a car. V8, less interior noise, 4 doors, as well as the 60/40 AWD to name a few. It's also a few thousand dollars cheaper. I know someone who has a STI and I rode in it once. If you want a fast car in the 30K range it's a great choice, but the S4 is a much nicer car to drive and it's much more comfortable. The STI is really noisy and the ride is a little harsh which would make long trips a somewhat painful experience.

    Audi was offering dealer cash on the 2005.5's through November. I bet they will make a similar offer in early '06 if a 2005.5 is what you want. If you're going to get a Tiptronic anyway there is very little difference between the 2006 and the 2005.5. The major improvement in the 2006 model is the 60/40 differential, but like I said above, it's only offered in the manual trannys. The BBS wheels are also standard on the 2006, but I think they can be purchased as an option on the previous model. The 2006 also has daytime running lights and optional parking assist, but those features are not what I would consider essential.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    What's sales tax in Cali? Your deal sounds really agressive on a brand new 06. But your OTD price after tax, lo jack & paint potector is almost $6000 more than the discounted sale price.
  • Hello all,

    I'm new to this site and would like to get some ideas of what people are paying for the 06 S4. Went to a local dealer this weekend and after a search for the specifics I wanted realized I would have to put in an order for what I wanted.

    Manual/premium package/dvd nav/ carbon fiber/color silver.

    I offered them 53250 which is about $1300 above invoice plus tax/dealer fee/ and tags. They countered with $54000 and after reading a few articles on this site, I took that advice of walking out if you don't get what you want. My thought is this, they are basically putting in an order for me and I'm offering them about 2.5% over invoice plus they're ridiculous dealer fee which makes it about 3% over invoice. All this is assuming they are paying invoice which I'm not entirely sure they pay that price. Additionally, I'm not getting to drive the car off the lot and instead having to wait the 90 days for delievery.

    Bottom line is that I think my offer was reasonable for both parties but of course the dealer has to have the last price. I'm interested in hearing any thoughts or other buying price experiences.

    Looking forward to driving my price S4....!!!!
  • Recently came to terms on a new S4 to be delivered next week:

    Black/Black/6MT/Nav/Premium/Sirius/Tire pressure monitoring/premium audio

    Sale price $52,400 (incl gas guzzler)

    they are also eating about 1200 on my trade-in and they waived the aquisition fee and security deposit

    Hope this helps....
  • cosmo3cosmo3 Posts: 2

    Thanks for the response...what an excellent deal. if you don't mind me asking, what state did you get this deal. Was it a battle to make this happen?

  • Thanks, Cos.

    I purchased the car in Kansas. The info on Edmunds really helped make this a pretty smooth deal and my dealer was also very laid back and easy to deal with when compared to some others that I've run into. Good luck with your purchase.

    Hit 'em straight...
  • _matty_matty Posts: 28
    What's sales tax in Cali?

    It depends on the city. 7.25% is the state sales tax, but some cities like LA and SF have it hiked to 8% or 8.25%. Kind of steep, I know, but anyone who tells you that CA is the most expensive state in the lower 48 is not kidding. The sales tax was 7.75% where I bought my S4.

    But your OTD price after tax, lo jack & paint potector is almost $6000 more than the discounted sale price.

    Discounted sale price? Maybe on the 2005.5's right now, but they are not giving big breaks on the 06's this early in the year. The numbers that I have seen posted on this page all seem fairly reasonable at this time when compared with what I paid. If you can be aggressive enough to get a 2006 S4 for $1,000-1,500 over invoice you're doing okay. Later in the year that will certainly change, but if you wait you may run the risk of not getting exactly what you want, especially if you want a stick. Then again, you may get lucky and find exactly what you want, but you never know.
  • salrafsalraf Posts: 17
    hey matty..good to see another northern ca in here..i am in tracy..
    i have been thinking of getting the new s4. due to the wife factor it looks like it will be auto...
    any smg equivalent for the s4?
  • dhamiltondhamilton Posts: 878
    Man you nor-cal guys are making me homesick. No DSG for S4 yet that I'm aware of.
    Did y'all hear that bonehead ref from the Steelers game lives in Stockton? {where I grew up}
  • eric34eric34 Posts: 1
    I'm going for a test drive tomorrow on the 2005.5 S4. What did they change mid year? Has anyone had any problems with the 05.5? Also, the dealer said it's going for 47000 before taxes and fees. Sound like a good deal, or anyone think this should go lower?
  • I was about to make an offer on an '04 S4 when I noticed that Consumer Reports gave this particular model and year the worst rating regarding trasmission problems. I'm just looking for input from those of you who may have owned one for a year or more. Any transmission problems?
  • _matty_matty Posts: 28
    They seem to have worked that problem out. The 2006 S4 is a 4th generation model and is probably as reliable as it's going to get. I don't even know if Audi has any new plans for the S4 in 2007. It looks like the RS4 is the next step that Audi is taking with their 4-series.
  • dal2dal2 Posts: 2
    I recently began to search out a replacement for my volvo s60r (end of lease) and liked the ride/horsepower of the audi s4 sedan. I was quoted a sales price (loaded) of 56000 (no negotiations yet) and a lease at 36 months 0 down of just under 1000/mo. I was also checking out the BMW awd 5 series and a (57000 car) lease was quoted as 0 down 36 months and 740/month. The residual on the BMW lease was 72% and I am assuming the big difference with the audi must be the residual numbers. Are BMW residuals that much superior or can I realisticly hope to find a much better lease number, similar to the bimmer's on the S4 if I keep looking.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 130,514
    I don't have the S4 residual percentages, but I am familiar with the lease program on the 5-series, which is really good this month..

    The big difference between BMW and Audi is most likely, the residual..60% on a 36mo/45K lease (72% is for 24 months) But, the 5-series also has a low money factor (.0014) that keeps the monthly payment down.

    Another factor.. selling price.. That dealer may be quoting you a price close to MSRP.. they could also be marking up the money factor for extra profit..

    You could buy the S4 for under $1100/mo.. I sure wouldn't pay $1000/mo. to lease it..

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  • salrafsalraf Posts: 17
    hey ky...
    Can you find out what the residual value is for a 2005/2006 s4 for us? And money factor..

    I cant seem to find these figures anywhere but there is plenty of lease info on BMW's... :surprise:
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 130,514
    Post your question over here:

    Audi A4: Lease Questions

    Just be sure to note that it is for the S4.. and Car_man can give you those numbers..

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  • I know that momentum in Houston is willing to deal under invoice on the remaining 2005.5 S4's. Problem is that all they have left are automatics.
  • I've read through this thread about prices paid and buying experiences. It's very helpful information. Obviously a lot of the info. posted is in reference to the 2005.5 model B7 S4.

    Can anyone make an educated guess on what I can expect to find come May/June of this year? I'm looking to get perhaps an '06 model just before it turns into an '07 in order to maximize my investment so to speak. I haven't heard of any expected changes for the '07 model so it may not really make much sense to get one and pay more of a premium.

    Any feedback on this is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. By the way, I'm in Orange County so I would think there will be plenty of competitively priced models available. :)
  • helpfull ifo here, I am looking for a new lease on the S4 06. Can anyone tell about an exprience.
  • denaliinpadenaliinpa Posts: 169
    hi tcinoc,

    i've been pondering for months now the idea of picking up an 05.5 or 06 or even an 07 S4. the S4 is a blast to drive. my guess is that the 06's will be discounted heavily after May of this year. Audi will start shipping 07's in a few months so the 06's will have to go. the 07's should see a tiny bump in HP with the new FSI engine. also keep in mind that the RS4 will be on sale shortly. that will most likely take some demand away from the S4.
  • _matty_matty Posts: 28
    If you're looking for an '06 S4 in May/June you should have no problem getting exactly what you want. I wouldn't expect them to start marking down the '06's until much later. My local dealer where I bought my '06 S4 in December didn't even have their 05.5's on closeout yet. I probably could have saved 4K on an 05.5 at the time, but I would have had to settle for a tiptronic and I wanted none of it.

    Be careful about one thing though and this touches on another post from above. If you wait for the dealer markdowns you're running the risk of not getting exactly what you want. Do you want a stick? Most people do when it comes to this car and those models will become very hard to find as the end of the year approaches. When I bought my '06 S4 they had the exact model that I wanted on the lot (I got lucky). They had 11 S4's and it was the only one with a manual tranny and it was the exact color and trim that I wanted. I drove it home the same day instead of having to wait 3 months for one to be shipped from Germany.

    My S4 is by far the best car I have ever owned. It's so much fun to drive I have put almost 7K miles on it in 3 months. I'm sort of kicking around the idea of trading it in for an RS4 in a few months, but I may just hold onto it for another 2 years and step up to the 2008 RS6. It hasn't been approved for production yet, but the engine specs are already known- 550bhp V10. Audi made a wise move buying Lamborghini so they could tap their V10's. I couldn't be happier.
  • tagstags Posts: 3
    Just bought 05.5 s4 tiptronic yellow with 1300 miles on it, with audio package, about 3k below invoice(so around ~41k).

    Test drove it last month, just loved it.
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