Chevrolet Aveo Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



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    Thanks for Serving
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    the color you are talking about is the icelandic blue (light blue kinda color)and the darker blue is called bright blue.

    i think the icelandic blue is pretty nice, seen one at the dealer and i liked it, but i am a girl maybe that explains it ;)
    the nicest one IMO is the spicy orange.
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    I am the owner of an Icelandic Blue Aveo Hatchback. Like you,I love the Spicy Orange and that was the one I was going to buy. But I ended up at another dealer that had this one with more things on it and for some reason,as horrible as they are as sellers,I bought it. It was the only Aveo on the lot! And it just didnt occur to me to ask for a dealer swap to get the orange one from the other dealer. But it was the same price but had 4 less items built into it. I have heard this blue called 3 different names including Bright Blue! When i tired to get touch up paint they said they go by the VIN number,and it said Bright Blue! But they also called it,Sky Blue and something else. I swear I dont know the color of my own car! The brochure still says Icelandic Blue..and while it is a more 'dull' color. It shows no swirl marks even after waxing 4 times already. And I have had 2 other light blue metallic cars in my life and they were both good long lasting cars. is easy to clean,it doesnt show the dirt and in the Florida sun,it might not fade as much as the orange. So 'girl color' or not. This GUY has one and it's the only one I see on the road around me. All I see is white...and orange!! :mad:
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    you just made think about the fading on the orange one...hummm...> well i guess i could deal with any color but the brigh yellow or the aqua!!!
    the darker gray look real nice on the brochure...

    hey, congrats on your purchase, :shades: hope the ppl will be nice if you got to back for something!! ;)
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    I'd kill to have the yellow or the orange. My truck was bright yellow THAT really stood out! Even on this car it stands out. I should have gotten the orange, the yellows were all gone in the entire state. Thats how popular they are. I just went with the 'practical' side. The light blue dosen't show swirl marks from waxing,in fades less,I hope, and it stays cleaner between washes. Boring I know :( . And it doesnt attract attention from cops. They will chase anything that goes 1 mile per hour over the speed limit! Even an Aveo!
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    I like the yellow also, but will never own a yellow or red car. they draw attention, and when you are in a pack of cars the cops will always zone in on a bright yellow or red car every time. I almost lost my D.L. because of getting 5 mph over one after another from a Red car. Never again. My aveo is the mat. black. grays whites are good also. even the pale blue. but bright colored cars and trucks and prone to get more tickets
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    the reson i said i did not want the yellow is that i had a yellow Geo Metro convertible in 1991 or 92 that was bright yellow. you are also right, they do get attention, sometimes unwanted. :mad: the good side is that they are really easy to find in a Wal Mart parking lot!!! ;)

    are you guys happy with you Aveos so far??

    i am still debating which one to choose , the aveo, the scion xA,the yaris, the versa,the rio or the reno or wait for the new suzuki sx4 that will be all I want but starting at 15K...and it will be 1st yr on the market and i dont think i can get below the sticker by much...(same with versa and yaris)
    on the other hand, the aveo i could probably get around 10-11k and same with the reno. a dealer 50 miles from here has 66 reno 2006 in STOCK right now!!! :surprise:
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    I don't spend much time on forums, but I was compelled to mention my experience because I was so unusually satisfied. The first thing I did was to do a lot of research on the internet into all of the 2006 model year subcompact cars in order to get the invoice price and dealer holdbacks. My goal was to buy 2 brand new 2006 model subcompacts with A/C and automatic transmission. Those were my only requirements, color, options, make, model, manufacturer, etc did not matter. I was looking for the cheapest 2 cars that I could buy new that had A/C and automatic. This research quickly narrowed the field to Chevy Aveo, Kia Rio, Suzuki Reno, Hyundai Accent, and Ford Focus. Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Volkswagon, and Diamler Chrysler were too high. I had been seeing comercials for Kia Rios, Hyundai Accents, and Chevy Aveos for under $8,000 but when I called, that was with manual transmission, no A/C (Who in Texas is going to buy a car without A/C? Temperatures around Fort Worth are routinely above 100 F), military discount, manufacturer cash back, and customer loyalty discount. Being that I don't qualify for military or customer loyalty discount, and that I want both A/C and automatic, that $8000 sale price jumped to over $12,000 when I called the dealers. So based on the dealer invoice for the above cars in my selection, with A/C and automatic, the Chevy Aveo LS with automatic option had the lowest invoice price of $12108, and with $1000 manufacturer cash back which I would be entitled to because I was planning on paying cash, brought the price down to $11108. So I emailed all of the internet managers at all of the Chevy, Ford, Kia, Hyundai and Suzuki dealers within 50 miles of my address my request to purchase 2 new 2006 models with A/C and automatic for $22,000 before TTL. All but one responded with a no sale, indicating that my price was at least $2000 too low, and that they would never sell to me at my asking price. Finally the last one responded, that was Jerry's Chevrolet in Weatherford, Texas. The internet manager said I will sell you two new 2006 Aveos with A/C and automatic for $22,000. I did not believe it so, emailed back, to send me the specs and VIN numbers of the two cars he had in mind. He responded with two new 2006 Aveo LS hatchbacks with A/C, automatic, in Victory Red and Bright Blue. I responded, to email me the complete breakdown on the TT&L costs, and if aggreable, I would see him the coming Saturday and write him a check. I told him that I was not paying for any dealer prep or other B.S., just the $22,000 plus the actual TT&L. He sent back the correct figures, I emailed him that his figures were agreeable, and showed up the following Saturday, and picked up two new Aveos just like he said and was on my way home in less than 30 minutes. He had actually had these two cars hauled in from another dealership East of Dallas. One car had 11 miles on it, and the other had 13 miles on it. Both were Aveo LS with A/C and automatic, one in Bright Blue and the other in Victory Red. I love both cars and so far am very pleasantly surprised at how well the car is put together, the interier space, and the ride quality of a bottom feeder Korean Subcompact. I am very happy with what I got for what I paid. I also am very happy with the dealership and the way that I was treated.
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    great post!!!
    initially, me and my husband both wanted to get a new little cars (like you, 2 cheap cars with auto and a/c..we didn't care that much about the rest at that price)and we were going to get 2 aveos for 22.000$, again just like you ;) they were SVM with dealer installed a/c, this was cheaper than to go with 2 LS trim
    along the way my husband decided to keep his older car till it dies :surprise: and get another pick up truck to replace the one we have.
    the more i do my reseach and read posts, the more i think i will stick with my 1st pick which was the aveo...
    other are pretty tempting (xa, rio, yaris and versa) but overall, i think the aveo is a good buy.
    i drove the aveo and loved it and i was pleasantly surprised of the quality of the ride.

    i was talking to my friend back in canada, that owns an aveo sedan for a bit more than a yr and she is very happy with it, more so than she was with her cavalier.

    i was considering the suzuki reno, but i saw so many complains about it not starting even when the car was new that i am not willing to take a chance on this particular car.
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    You definately need to have a truck in the family. That is why I am keeping my old truck. It is ugly, and gets 12 mpg but runs great and will still haul a lot of trash, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. However, I have sold my 88 Jeep Grand Wag and am in the process of selling my 96 Bronco.
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    I love that icelandic blue too, but when I bought my new Aveo in August of 05 (hatchback) I bought a key lime green one right off the lot brand new.... haven't seen 1 like it since although my daughter thought she did about 30 miles away. It is not a "stock" color that you can chose so who knows. Maybe I got lucky and get to be the ODD ball as soo many people seem to think that color is..........I love it and it looks awesome with tinted windows(hubby did that for me)!!!!!!!!
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    i hear you!! we sold the 1998 Ford 150 V8 triton last fall and and the 1987 blazer. i also sold my cherokee in the spring! we kept the "ol chevy 1990 s-10 to go fishing and haul our fire wood. as you said, not the best looking car around,not the best gas mileage but it still purrs ( under 70 mph!) after i get my new car, we will look into getting a newer one.
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    i was looking up some aveos on AUTOTRADER earlier and there is one 2005 used that seems to be the same green as yours! i never seen this color before, not even as available in an aveo brochure. i think it looks fabulous!!! lucky you!
    that green does look like the new green/gray metallic they have for the ford mustang, very nice color!
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    Did you see that Edmunds ranked the Aveo the car with the lowest overall TCO? Who would have thought!
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    really? last time i check ed it was the scion xA that had the "title" ;) hummm....gotta go check again i guess :)
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    I qualify for a GM supplier discount.
    I found an Aveo LT (Automatic transmission) that costs me $14,211 with the GM supplier pricing.
    The dealer tells me that the GM supplier pricing is his final price... he cannot reduce any further.
    Has anybody had any experience with a GM supplier pricing deal? How can I get my dealer to reduce further. I guess my entire GM supplier discount would be passed on to the dealer, so if I bought at the supplier price, it seems to me to be equivalent to buying at MSRP with the dealer making a lot of money.

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    Doesn't sound like much of a deal at all. What was the original window sticker (with destination) and how much is the supplier discount?

    A guy on another forum just got a 2007 with 3K knocked off the price. It seems that a lot that can be saved on this model if you're willing to bargain HARD!
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    It's a 5spd and has just over 20k miles, and has every option but ABS, and a sunroof. I paid just over $7500 for it from a local dealer who I think was glad to have it gone it had been their for just over 60 days and I was the first person to make an offer on it. I have ordered a Razzi body kit and some H&R lowering spings and a buddy has some nice 17" wheels that are going on also. Well I will let you know how it all goes. I will load some pictures when I'm done. Which should be just after the first of the year. Thanks :D
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    Positivity to you for your dedication in being a soldier but baby you must know everytime you buy gas you are not supporting America. Where do you think the oil/gas comes from?
    Best you waste your valuable energy fretting about things you can control as oopposed to things you and well, the US government cannot.
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    On 10/31/2007 I bought a 2007 Aveo5 SVM hatchback for $10,570 total with alarm, full tank of gas, inspection sticker, registration, 5% sales tax, etc. from Durand Chevrolet in Hudson, MA and am really pleased with it. The dealer was courteous and knowledgeable - I highly recommend them. :)
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    10050 mi,sport red,auto,a/c,mp3,never know it was used.$10,000.High/low $ dont know,but looking at Rio,Accent,had to buy this.Unbelievable storage space with rear seat folded up.Very satisfied. :)
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    I paid $8400.00 with my GM discount / gave me the 2007 $1500.00 rebate on a left over 2006 sedan LS :)
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    Congratulations! What was the MSRP of your Aveo?
  • wifes07aveowifes07aveo Member Posts: 31
    The sticker price was 13425, I think I did good.
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    Cobalt has an additional thousand rebate through july 4th or 6th

    If you can get the dealer to combine this with
    4 instant value certificates (worth $1000 total)
    you will be doing great
    That would be $3000 in total rebates
    $1000 manuf rebate
    $1000 july 4th bonus cash
    $1000 in instant value certificates

    Considering the aveo has only a $500 rebate
    a comparably
    equiped cobalt may actually be cheaper
    and is without a doubt a much more substantial car

    A cobalt LS has all the basics including air, gets pretty
    good mileage (especially with the 5-spd) and offers the MP3 radio for only $150 extra

    If you are shopping the aveo do yourself a favor and at least check out the cobalt
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    No offense meant,but a Cobalt is just a replacement for the horrible Cavalier.Right? Doesnt it have most of the same parts and body frame??? I had heard that the mileage for that tiny engine is as horrible as what most of US Aveo owners get. High teens in the city! And yet it is just a 2.2L 4 cyl. But our 1.6L gets horrible mileage to. Although some of you say you get high 30's-low 40's mpg on the highway. In the city...I never get above 18mpg. With the exception of 2 times, I got a whopping 20mpg! Driving like an old lady and carry nothing and make it a long trip in the city, to get that 20mpg.I'd actually buy the last year of the Cavalier before buying the Cobalt. My $.02
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    The Cavaliar wasn't a horrible car by any means. I have never owned one but have known several people who have and they are just a reliable and long lasting as anything else if maintained. If I had a need for a used car for commuting that was cheap on the pocket that is what id get.

    The Cobalt is a totally different car than the Cavaliar other than sharing that arguably best in class EcoTech engine. If you look at the top of the forum you can see the consumer rating section where people post commments about their cars and mileage. Around town most get mid-20's and up to 40 on the highway. In a Car & Driver evaluation in July 2005, the Cobalt had the best mileage for its class barely edging the Corolla with over-all mileage at 28.3 vs 28.1 for the Corolla. That was both city and highway averaged out. The HHR shares the same chassis and engine as the Cobalt and weighs a couple hundred more and some people get upper 20's city in that vehicle as well.

    The Aveo may not be the best in class mileage for its size, but Motorweek TV did find it better than the Nissan Versa in their evalution. Mid to upper 20's is not bad for a city car.
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    Wanted to find out if anyone tried to buy the "value" version of the car and had a dealer install the a/c on it. What was the cost and was it really worth it against buying an LS version ?
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    Just wondering if current discount of 1K in rebates is good deal (seems like getting LS around 11k should be easy) or would it likely to get better as we go into November ?
  • poncho167poncho167 Member Posts: 1,178
    I have seen people write about buying the value version but I can't say much more. I believe there was someone who had the AC installed on that model. It should be under $1000.
  • poncho167poncho167 Member Posts: 1,178
    You didn't mention specifics, but your best bargaining for 2007 is at the end of the year, and especially toward the end of the month where salesman are trying to make as many sales as possible for different commision bonus catagories. Never pay list on any car and use the rebate after finishing negotiation.
  • grovercgroverc Member Posts: 34
    I just bought a value version of the Aveo5. The dealer wanted $1,660 just for ac. I did not have it installed.
  • jfritschjfritsch Member Posts: 958
    Hit the parts or service departments of 10-20 dealers via phone or email towards the end of month for install of an ac on your model. See if you can work a 900-1000 deal.

    Good luck

    I just bought a value version of the Aveo5. The dealer wanted $1,660 just for ac. I did not have it installed.
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    I knew I wanted this car. It still took me four hours to get it and the dealership was rude to me.
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    The Value Editions and other non-AC basic model cars (Kia Rio, Ford Focus, etc) are produced in small numbers and when a dealer gets one they want to get rid of it quickly and cheaply. So they'll advertise a ridiculous low number and a hundred people will come to get the car but there will be only one to sell and it will be most likely sold for closer to sticker price and well before the ad is placed in the paper.

    A Kia dealer here in DFW used to advertise their Kia Rios for $5888. Each dealer (they have 3 stores in town) would get one per month and they would run the TV spots all the time. At the time I was living in a hotel behind one of these dealers and I noticed a car with no hubcaps coming off the truck one morning. I checked it out, it had no AC, no radio, no power steering, no nothing. I knew it was the $5888 car and it was even in black. I went inside and tried to buy it for TWO HOURS. Finally they told me they couldn't finance it to me because their minimum financing amount was $5000 and I would have to put a third down, which would mean financing about $4400 and they simply wouldn't do it. I tried to have them add an extended warranty on the car (powertrain was covered 10yr/100K), window tint, floor mats, a radio, etc...I even offered to let them add the $2100 AC package which would have made the car at this point about $10K and even with half down it would be above their minimum and they flat out refused. Then the manager came out and said cash only. I had $3200 to my name at the time and couldn't do it.

    The car was sold to the next person who walked in the door after me that morning, who also lived in the same hotel and was waiting JUST LIKE ME.

    So if you want the stripper model, rent a hotel room by the dealership and wait it out!
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    That was pretty good but that dealer is crooked. I don't believe they can legally to you that it has to be financed or cash only or whatever they said. I have read about these dealers hiding these cars in the back and trying to get more money, etc. I wouldn't even pay $1,000 for their accessory A/C. $2,100 is a total rip-off for A/C especially when its 1/3 of the cars price to have it added. Generally most people don't want the A/C on this value leader type car thats how the customer saves money, but $2,100, thats ridiculous.
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    I paid 8990 for a 2008 SVM with nothing in it. the absolute least i could get . just a reference point if you needed. This was in MAss jan 08
  • jb_turnerjb_turner Member Posts: 702
    What are you talking about?
  • buscemibuscemi Member Posts: 9
    I payed for a GM AVEO IN MASSACHUSETTS AT THE commonwealth Motors in Lawrence. Jan 2008.
  • jb_turnerjb_turner Member Posts: 702
    Why did you pay that much?
  • buscemibuscemi Member Posts: 9
    well that was the lowest i could get them. Almost all the dealers would nt talk to me beyond that price. they would tell me to go else where. I would walk out and they would not call or ask me to come back
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    I have heard of people getting it for less than that but you aren't going to get much more off of that unless there is a rebate or GM card points involved. It depends on the area. Some Toyota dealers will wheel and deal and others won't budge much. It is still a good price for a new car.

    Have fun with the car.
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    Agreed. A large, volume Chevy dealer in the SF Bay Area is advertising 10 units at a sales price of $8988. I recently got a letter from my GMCard saying they would increase my GM bucks to $3K (I am currently at just under $2K). So, in theory, I could get a brand new Aveo for $5988. If I had a 1999 or newer GM vehicle, then I could knock another $1K off of that price. Hmmm...maybe I should check out Craigslist for a cheapo 1999 geo/chevy...mwuhahahhahahahah :shades:
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    I just bought a 2007 Aveo and drove it off the lot for $7000. Great deal!

    Sticker: $9950
    Minus: -$300 Dealer discount
    Minus: -$1250 Chevy rebate
    Minus: -$2000 GM Card rebate
    Plus: +$600 Aprox. in Tax, title, license.

    Equals: Out the door for $7000

    That's an awfully good price for a brand new car with a 3yr/36,0000 bumper-to-bumper, 5yr/100,000 powertrain warranty.

    Key to all this: Make sure your GM Card doesn't have a redemption allowance. Newer card accounts limit the most you can rebate on an Aveo to $1000, even if you have a rebate for a higher amount. Older accounts shouldn't have such a limit. I got it in writing from GM Card last summer that my card didn't have a redemption allowance.

    Price was good, the sales rep was a good guy, but they tried to tack on an extra $500 when I went to sign the paperwork. Luckily, I had already gotten an "out the door price" in writing (email) and they honored that.

    Car was purchased in the Dallas Metroplex on Jan. 24.

    Tip: Use the "search inventory" feature on the website to track down 2007 Aveos.
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    I'm in the SF Bay Area, can you tell me what dealer was advertising that price? Mom needs to replace her car.
  • bayoubilly74bayoubilly74 Member Posts: 10
    Yeah---I know the color you are talking about. When it first came out I actually called up Chevy corporate and even the customer service rep didn't have a clue about it. Seems like Chevy puts out some limited edition stuff every so often just to keep things interesting, but the problem is, you can't get any tangible info on these things. Anyway, I finally saw a good pic of one of these aveos from a dealer's website, and it was really ugly. Looked like a crayola color or something. It was pimped out though, with some fancy wheels and upgraded audio system. It was called "Maui Blue Spring Edition". This car was priced in the cobalt range, so I bet they had some trouble selling 'em.
  • occupant1occupant1 Member Posts: 412
    The Cobalt currently has a $2000 rebate. Puts it square in line with equivalent Aveo pricing. A 4-door, 5-speed, AC/CD/MP3 Aveo costs around $12,500. After rebate, the Cobalt is about a hundred more. Aveo may also have a rebate but it isn't nearly $2000.
  • poncho167poncho167 Member Posts: 1,178
    The Cobalts is a pretty descent car and mileage is reported to be good as well. The model you are describing is a base model which I believe comes with air conditioning, but none the less not a bad buy.
  • busirisbusiris Member Posts: 3,490
    Personally, and I say this after having owned an Aveo hatchback, I would take the Cobalt (all things/options being equal). In the long run, I think you will be happier with the larger vehicle.
  • gene_fitzgene_fitz Member Posts: 9
    Apparently it was a Demo model, or maybe a very quick repo. I got it used with only 6,000 miles yes, six thousand mile.
    Chevy Aveo LT, with all the added stuff.
    ABS, Leather interior, Auto, and steering wheel controls.

    Checked it up on the Chevy site, though costco, and in Kelly Blue Book.

    Chevy MSRP was $16380
    Costco Invoice price $15464
    KBB Used retail was $15100 (before TT&L)

    I picked it up at Good Chevrolet in Seattle for $15,000 out the door.
    Needless to say I am quite pleased with the sale..
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