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Toyota Camry Real World MPG



  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,680
    edited March 2013
    You say it displays 11 mpg. It could have been idling for a while, during which time it get 0 mpg. Reset the mpg, then go for a drive on the highway at a steady 65mpg - it will be way above 11 mpg, unless you are stopped a lot.

    It's fine, no issues, and it will be able to get EPA rated mpg, if you drive it like they rate them.
  • If the MPG indicator is not screwed up there are only two ways I can visualize it indicating 11 MPG and being correct. That is that as mcdawgg said, but only if the tank was just filled, what does the gas gauge say? Or there is something seriously wrong with the engine management system. We just returned from a 4,000 mile trip with a 2011 Camry 4cl and got 31.5 MPG, that was a bit less than usual due our bad luck bucking headwinds.
  • cabbit75cabbit75 Posts: 3
    edited April 2013
    Ok just bought this car on 02/20/2013 coming from 18 year old 1995 Camry LE 4 Cylinder and getting 20.5 mpg driving last 5 years working within 3 miles from work. It had 25,584 odometer miles and is a certified pre-own 160 point inspected car.
    Carfax Report
    01/10/2013 25,581 Liberty Toyota Scion
    Burlington, NJ
    Pre-delivery inspection completed
    Maintenance inspection completed
    Brakes checked
    Front wiper blades/refills replaced
    Alignment performed
    Air filter replaced
    Two tires mounted and balanced
    Cabin air filter replaced
    Rear brake rotor(s) resurfaced
    Carpet protection installed

    Problem-My first tank of 18.5L got me 12 MPG from 231 miles trip computer. I get the engine light and battery on first push of start button and then it clears after pressing the gas pedal and pushing the start button again. Had it take to Liberty Toyota dealership came back no CEL or issues on full diagnostic's check. This was after calling Toyota customer care to get them to look at it after telling me 12-14 mpg is normal. Here is the run down after over 2 months of driving using tier 1 gas "Shell 87 REG 89 PLUS, Exxon 87 REG 89 PLUS 93 SUPER, and Sunoco 87 REG 89 PLUS" I get an average of 12-15 mpg. It starts out the same first I get 20-23 mpg then before I hit a mile going home it drops down to either 18-19 mpg then if I traveled more between 2-20 miles it will drop to 16-17 mpg. By the 2nd or 3rd day the MPG drop to 13-14 mpg city driving/hwy. I live near I-95 and on the Roosevelt Blvd in Philadelphia. My city speed is 30-35 mph and when I jump on the BLVD its 40-45 mph and 55-65 mph for I-95. My average I-95 hwy miles is 16-18 mpg and only 1 time I got 20-21 mpg on I-95. Given I drive an average of 10-12 miles a day city and on my days off I can drive from 20-50 miles per day I've yet to see good MPG.

    Private Mechanic-My personal Mechanic from muffler place put the car on the lift rotated my tires with his hands found no resistance and no heat coming off the tires. We examined the entire bottom and air filter was bleach white and valves were clean with no signs of leaks ever from gas tank to the front of the car. Checked the throttle body which was fine and fuel injectors are factory and spark plugs were fine too. MAF sensor was fine and oil amount checked out ok along with brake, transmission, and coolant etc fluilds. The only thing was pretty thick smoke did come out of a 26.666 mile car at the time which was 3 times thicker than the 100k mile sports utility Ford explorer after the fuel injection cleaning. Now I got for 3 days 18-20 mpg after that but even the 2nd fuel injection cleaning it still has not seen the light of day past 16 mpg and 13 mpg driving at 1500-2000 rpm tops. I have to baby it to get 15 mpg and if drove the car without worrying it would drop to 12.XX-13 mpg in a heartbeat.

    Driving habits- I drive super conservative. My first car a 1995 Camry LE V4 had 156,189 miles (18 years of amazing longevity) before it got totaled by a crazy old lady in a CRV 2011 Honda hitting me on her passenger side front corner bumper and digging into me from my driver side back wheel near the gas cap to the front of my driver side front wheel almost pushing me into oncoming traffic (I was in the center lane "She was too busy worrying behind her while merging too far ahead invading my lane"). Anyhow I feather the gas pedal tapping it 1 inch to 2 inches tops when needed keeping it at an average of slow pushing 1500-2000 rpms peak. I coast on downward hills gracefully and slow gradually at stop lights. I played piano for 13 years since I was 5 years old I know how to decrescendo my foot pedal. I have taken long drives to KoP to Bristol PA and still haven't seen the light of day above 20 mpg average on the I-95 73 or 76. My commute around my apartment is right on the Roosevelt Blvd which is mostly down hill going northbound.

    Question-So my question is without any check engine lights and don't warm up the car beyond 30 seconds and the engine temp on ultra gauge is coming up 195F on my commutes to work how is it I'm only getting 12-15 mpg?

    Please Help!- I've yet to see anyone with low gas mileage have an answer posted beyond selling the car off. I love this car, haven't liked a Camry design since the 1995 and love the options and safety features I got (I finally have ABS breaks!) and price on the car not to mention finally got a silver car like I always wanted. But this one important thing of not getting decent gas mileage is making me lose sleep and talking about it like a complete nut case for months now. Please anyone on this site if you had bas gas mileage on a Camry 2007-2011 please send me your solutions or advice . I really need your support and want to figure this out before I blow gasket myself. I drove a Camry for 18 years and looking to drive this one for 20 more years.

    I really need to fix this car up because everything else about it is unique as a used car and I know most of its flaws beside the MPG problem. I really want a resolve. Thanks!
  • tro1tro1 Posts: 1
    2012 camry LE (NOT hybrid): just drove170 miles (WI to MN), x2 in a week, set cruise control for about 68mph. 41mpg each way. Now driving moderate hills, country highway, again, above 40mpg, with cruise at 60mph. No tricks, no driver's skill, just a cruise control. The only potential problem are turkeys and deer at night. Hypermiled once 30 miles at around 50-55mph and still have 48.5mpg as the best result on the car computer. Go figure.
  • cabbit75cabbit75 Posts: 3
    Ok only doing Full Tank Fill ups from this point on. Last tank during my vacation got me 333.2 Trip Miles of 18.036 Gallons of Sunoco 93 Super. That gave me 18.5 MPG doing I-95, I-73,I-76 Roosevelt Blvd driving. 200 miles of that was HWY driving and the highest I saw during those travels was 22.5 MPG for a brief 1 time drive to average of 20 mpg and then dropped to 19 mpg on my Ultra Gauge/Dashboard Tank Average Meter. I'm on my second full tank of now REG87 Sunoco from the same pump and gas station and it looks so far I'm doing 17-18.5 mpg averages. I have used Cheveran Techron Concentrated Fuel Injection Cleaner and 2 professional front/back Fuel Injection Cleanings and still no progress on MPG since march 2013 purchase with 25,584 OM and 1 year 2 month of usage. I have no leaks or smells of gas coming from the tank or engine front compartment areas had my tires rotated manually for resistance and Synthetic Oil Change and air filter is still bleach white cleaned. No CEL lights either and Tire is at 35 PSI.

    Anyone have suggestions what could be wrong? No gas leaking from fuel injectors fuel filter is fine spark plugs are denso originals and O2 Sensors front and back are working fine with proper voltage readings. Its been an obsession since march 2013 trying out Tier 1 Gas stations "Shell and Exxon" on regular, Plus, Super 93 and still no progress on MPG. I had 12-15 average during the first 3 months and between 14-16 mpg up until now standard 18 gallon fill ups only. I run the gas below empty with my spare gas can to aid me and Ultra Gauge spotting my actual gas levels tracking down to fumes practically. Where is this 28-30+ mpg people keep posting on fuel sites? is 95% of the country just driving on flat 55mph-60mph hwy driving all the time to get these MPG averages? Because I've yet to see anything close to EPA MPG. Had it taken to dealership full CEL diagnostics and nothing came back. Went to new owners event and all I get is 12-15 mpg is normal on a V6 on short trips. My 1995 LE 4 cylinder gave me 20-25 mpg on this commute for the past 5 years doing 1-3 miles one way trip to work. Please someone give me some shouts on possible fixes that helped them get 30-35% better fuel economy? Because that's what the loses I'm looking at right now.
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