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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Lease Questions



  • Does anyone have MF and Residual numbers for this month ? I am looking to lease 2014 FWD Tech and trying to get an idea what others are paying for this model.
  • CarMan,

    I am looking for August MDX FWD Tech residuals an m.f. For August. Thanks!
  • ballhoggballhogg Posts: 38
    The current rates are good through 9/4, at least that's what my dealer told me.
  • cable23cable23 Posts: 33
    sridhars: mind confirming where you got your lease from in nj?

    also, been trying to find it in the posts, but can you confirm the invoice cost for a 2014 AWD with Tech?

    thanks for your help!
  • Oops I meant the money factor was .0016 not .0061 !
  • mu8318mu8318 Posts: 20
    Did you buy the car yet? I am in NJ also. If you did already, please share the price and dealer name??

  • Carman, do you think of Acura's $459 lease offer on the base 2014 MDX is a good deal?
  • cable23cable23 Posts: 33
    Not yet mu8318. Planning to do so in the next few weeks.
    I'll definitely keep you posted. This will be my third MDX lease so I have something to go by.
  • cable23cable23 Posts: 33

    Just curious what is the best way to find out the invoice price for an 2014 awd with tech.

    Been trying to look around and couldn't get a consistent $.

  • AWD Tech MSRP $48,565

    Plus Destination Fee $895

    Total $49,460
  • cable23cable23 Posts: 33
  • you wanted invoice price..

    AWD Tech - $44,929
    Regional AD fee - $300
    Destination fee - $895

    Total $46,124
  • I'm still learning, but from what I can figure out about their lease special is its based on a sale price of MSRP and at 3.6%. to roughly comeout with $459.00 per month. I'm thinking if you can get this car for $2000.00 under msrp and put down about $2500.00 you should be at $400.00 a month. (thisincludes the acquisition fee.)

    but lets see if carman chimes in
  • Thanks, still learning too! The $459 offer says MSRP $43,185 with net capitalized cost of $41,406 that includes $595 acquisition fee, so I think that's $1,184 off MSRP. I'm actually worried that dealers aren't selling/leasing below MSRP now despite the Acura offer since the 2014 model is new.
  • ucd1ucd1 Posts: 1
    @sridhars. Which dealer in NJ you got yoru car.
  • This is one case where the Costco Auto Buying program seems to come in handy. Went to the dealer a couple weeks ago, and the Costco discount was $1,000 off MSRP (this was valid for every model). We're specifically looking at the SH-AWD w/Tech, so it would be $48,460 including destination.

    I would typically try to get more off the price, but even if you go to another dealer, they'll probably do something like $1500 off, but tack on BS fees. I'll probably swallow my pride and take the $1000 and call it a day.

    As for lease rates, 36 months had a 65% residual and 48 months was 55%. It doesn't get much better than that!
  • sridharssridhars Posts: 25
  • sridharssridhars Posts: 25
  • If I remember how cap costs work, you need to deduct your down payment. You can probably back into the selling price by taking the cap cost, add the down payment and deduct the acq fee. I remember doing the math a few weeks ago and the lease special does not involve any price reduction other than maybe a few bucks.
  • fab1779fab1779 Posts: 4
    I was at Herb Connolly Acura in Framingham, MA last night. Have purchased several Acura's from them over the years and they have generally been very good to us. Managed to get the SH-AWD w/ Tech Package for $47,000 including acquisition fee. Lease worked out to $3000 down and $489/mo before MASS 6.25% sales tax out the door. Nice upgrade for basically the same money on the advertised special on the base model. They didn't have the color in stock that we wanted so that helped a little with the haggling.
  • Thank you very much for posting this type of detail, it's very helpful for others negotiating deals and congratulations on your new MDX.

    Could you clarify one thing? The $3000 down was all cap cost reduction or $3000 out of pocket meaning some of that $3000 went to lease fee, document fees, first months payment and the remainder was cap cost reduction?

    Thank you again.
  • fab1779fab1779 Posts: 4
    I have to sign the final paperwork tomorrow morning and go over the docs, but the $3000 down definitely took care of the lease fee and doc fees and the balance was cap cost reduction. I'm not sure if the 1st month payment was in that, i will have to check it out tomorrow.
  • fab1779fab1779 Posts: 4
    I should also mention that we don't put many miles on a car, so this is the 10k mile/yr lease; same as the factory offer on the base model.
  • ucducd Posts: 10
    How many miles/year and what is the lease term?
  • fab1779fab1779 Posts: 4
    10k mi/year and 36 mos.
  • bucrx7bucrx7 Posts: 7
    That's a great price, did you deal with Brian? I'm planning on picking up a 2014 soon myself, which color combo did you end up gettting?
  • mu8318mu8318 Posts: 20
    This is the deal I got today for 14 AWD tech mdx lease:

    15k miles per year
    45824 price (invoice price. This is the price I got the deal for)
    5500 equity for trade in (I put this in as a down payment which covered the fees and remaining as cap reduction or down payment whatever you call it as)
    At Preferred credit tier (I was not qualified for premium tier, which would have saved 28 per month) my final payment was at 498 per month including everything.
    Please comment on my deal.
  • ucducd Posts: 10
    How many miles/year did you lease it.
  • 15k per year. I am in nj.
  • ucducd Posts: 10
    Which dealer in NJ
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