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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Lease Questions



  • Ok guys I just got my X5, 3.0 today at hollman BMW in pembrroke pines florida :) .
    Premium pack, tech pack, 3rd row, ipod, rear climate, power trunk, running boards, 1 year sat radio, bmw assist.
    Black on black, bamboo.
    36 mo, 12k miles, $792 mo, $0 down payment.
    MSRP $56,870 EDMUNDS INVOICE $52,290 "Dealer invoice" $52600 (I know it sounds weird but I saw the screen and that was the ammount it showed)
    money factor .0020 residual 55% extra miles @ .16 during lease over milage @ .20 new BMW customer.
    Got 6000 dolars of MSRP for a final sale price of $50870 ($1420 bellow invoice) tried to get the full $2590 premium pack credit bellow invoice but after dealing with 2 different sales man, a manager and waking out twice in 3 days I decided to take the deal. probably with more time to quote several dealers you might get it, in my case they didn't have to many cars with the features I needed or the color we liked, beware long wait at dealership just to talk to a salesman, dealer were not reponding e-mails.
    Did I mentioned I also got floor mats, trunk linner and 2 nice dealer key chains! :shades:

    Bought the tire protection plan in cash so I did not brake that $800 mo mental barrier if you want to add it to de deal is $21 more a month on 36 months or 649 + tax.

    I saw new lease programs for sept, same residuals, same money factor no more premium pack incentive I think tomorrow is the last day to get it.

    Hope this helps, the car is parked outside, cant wait to take drive it again tomorrow. :D
    Thanks for all the people that posted their experience here, without it I wouldn't be able to get even close to this deal.

  • Here is the best deal I have gotten on the X5 4.8: $5000down and $824 per month for
    3rd Row, Rear Climate, Sirius with 1 year, and the Sport, Tech, Premium, and Cold Weather packages, probably Ipod as a give me.. 3 years/ 10,000 miles. The only way to do better is to take out Sport it seems. Any color I want. FEEDBACK???????
  • Where did you find this? By the time I got my dealer down in price, the dealership ran out of cars...
  • MSRP? INVOICE? MF? RES %? :confuse:
    keep in mind I got a 3.0 not a 4.8
  • My spouse drove both with me today. He liked the 3.0. I still think that you got a good deal if you feel that you have all of the power you want.
  • Hi eaw801. The dealers that you are working with are asking you for way too much money down. Consumers can and should lease any vehicle that they are interested in without making any sort of capitalized cost reduction. Anyone who makes a large capitalized cost reduction on a lease risks losing part or all of it if their vehicle is totaled.

    You will likely have better luck getting feedback on the specific options that you mentioned over in the "BMW X5" or the "BMW X5 - 2008" discussions.

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  • I have significantly reduced the money down. The questions that remains concern the X5 4.8 vs the 3.0. Is the money worth the difference? This IS a 3 year lease, not a lifetime. Next BMW will not have a 3rd row. And does Sport affect th3 X5 3.0 performance. I apologize for mixing forums. There ard many more 3.0's still lft :that does affect negotiating.
  • Just leased 2008 X5 3.0. Numbers below reflect special pricing which expired yesterday. I've heard that BMW loyalty still valid but residuals are going down and you don't get premium package discount. Got a wide range of quotes; there are very few cars that have minimal options. Most dealers in the Southern Cal area were honest and great to deal with. One in particular was awesome; one in particular was the absolute worst dealership and completely dishonest. Amazing the dishonest dealership sells so many cars.

    X5 3.0 - Premium Pkg, Tech Pkg, Auto tailgate, rear climate, ipot, heated seats, running boards.
    3 years 10k miles
    MSRP $55,075
    Selling: just over $49,000
    residual 56%
    MF .0016
    D.O. - around $1850 with zero cap reduct (1st month pmt, bank fees, taxes)
    Monthly $697
  • Cannot put multiple security deposits down in NY.
  • Loyalty helps...I have a quote for Prem,Sport,Tech,3rd Row,Sirius,heated front seats,
    3 years/12,000 miles per year $4800 down/ $764.00 per month or $4600 down and $714 per month without Sport. MSRP on this X5 3.0 is $58,970.00. If I can get this one, I can be loyal in 3 years....
  • what is Sep month MFs anyone
  • Hi pchera01. BMW Financial Services' new September buy rate lease money factors are .00200 for the 2008 X5 3.0 and .00175 for the X5 4.8.

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  • Do you also happen to know what the residuals on a 2008 x5 4.8 for 12k/yr for 3 years? Thanks.

  • X5 3.0 Has Premium,Cold Weather, Tech, Premium Sound,Sport,3rd Row, Rear ClimateControl,Heads Up Nav, Sirius, Ipod,Heated Rear Seats, and Running Boards. Also has app 14,000 miles but is guaranteed for 36,000 miles above whatever I take it at. Was Dealership's X5. MSRP $64,670. I pay $2169 down and 632 per month.
  • My X3 lease is up in Jan 09. I am interested in X5 3.0. Is it usually better to wait for deals till December or should i start looking now. I recently received email from BMW FS that I should start looking for options.

    What are the current lease numbers for 12K miles, for 2 year/3 year....leases.

  • So my 05 X5 lease will be up in Dec 08. According to my calculations, are these numbers correct for a new lease:
    08 X5 3.0
    only option, heated seats
    msrp $47525
    Net Cap Cost: $44500
    MF: .0016 (returning loyalty rate)
    Residual: .53
    Monthly payment W/Ca 8.25% sales tax: $701.36
    I used an Excel spreadsheet to run the numbers, does the monthly payment seem too high?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Try this: Calculate Your Own Lease Payment

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • found the answer:

    article from wsj

    Sales Slump in Luxury-Car Segment
    And Auto Makers Offer Deals
    Luxury Brands Shun 'Cash Back' Rebates,
    Offer Cut-Rate Financing to Draw Buyers
    September 8, 2008; Page D8

    Here's something you don't see every day: Factory sponsored low interest rate financing deals on new BMWs. But they're out there now, because even luxury brands are getting bounced around by a choppy economy.

    Several major luxury brands, including BMW, Tata Motors Ltd.'s Land Rover, Daimler AG's Mercedes-Benz, Toyota Motor Corp's Lexus, Nissan Motor Co.'s Infiniti are promoting discounted leases or other price cutting deals to spur sales. These brands tend to shy away from crude, mass-market come-ons such as direct cash rebates or "employee pricing" offers. But the deals are there waiting for customers who start bargaining. In August, 63% of luxury vehicle sales involved some kind of cut-rate financing, compared to 43% a year earlier, according to data from the Power Information Network (PIN), which harvests transaction data from dealerships.

    The average cash rebate offered by luxury brands in August was $3,240, up from $2,624 a year ago, PIN's surveys found. But a few brands went above and beyond. Land Rover's British-made SUVs went off lots in August with an average $7,016 cash rebate tucked into the glove box, according to PIN data. Land Rover's deals outdid Cadillac and Lincoln – which have tended to discount more heavily than European and Japanese brands. General Motors Corp.'s Cadillac brand offered cash rebates averaging $4,105 dollars a vehicle last month, up from $2,758 a vehicle the year before, according to PIN.

    Readers, over to you: Do you think more deals will boost sales of luxury vehicles?Join a discussion1.

    Discounts in the luxury vehicle segment are seasonal and cyclical. They tend to be richest in the fall, when car makers launch their new models, and in the dead of winter -- December and January, according to data from Edmunds.com2, which tracks the ebb and flow of incentives. The cyclical part has to do with the auto makers' product timing. When important model lines get old, the discounts rise.

    Minor ups and downs in the economy tend to have less impact on luxury car demand, because affluent consumers usually ride out those dips without much real damage to their financial profiles. But if the storm gets violent enough, even well-to-do people will rethink whether it's absolutely essential to trade in a perfectly good car.

    That's happening now. The coinciding crunches in the real-estate market and in the finance industry apparently have prompted difficult discussions around kitchen tables even in homes with granite countertops.

    Sales in the "lower luxury" car segment, which includes the BMW 3-Series, Acura TL, Infiniti G35 and Lexus ES and IS models, are down 10.3% for the year through Aug. 31, according to Autodata figures. That's almost five times worse than the 2.1% decline for passenger car sales overall. Total luxury car sales are down 14.2% for the first eight months of 2008. Luxury sport-utility vehicle sales are down nearly 18% for the year so far -- a decline that understates the accompanying impact on car makers' profits.

    At BMW, the company's U.S. marketing arm has extended its low interest rate financing offers on 2008 models to the end of October, though the deals on certain models aren't as generous as in August. Still, if you qualify, you can get a 0.9% loan on a 335i sedan, or a free automatic transmission.

    One of BMW's goals in promoting low-rate financing deals is to encourage more customers to buy, rather than lease, says BMW spokesman Jan Ehlen. BMW has tended to lease about 60% of its cars. Now, the company wants closer to a 50-50 ratio, Mr. Ehlen says.

    Leasing has been causing heartburn across the car industry. Too many vehicles -- particularly leased sport-utility vehicles -- leased three years ago when gas was still relatively cheap and the economy was relatively strong are coming back to dealerships worth thousands less than the finance companies had bet when the deals were written. That's translated into huge losses for car makers' lending arms and for the banks and independent finance companies that underwrote leases in the past. Many financial institutions are pulling back from auto leasing, as part of a broader credit retrenchment.

    Discounts for several major luxury brands may have peaked in July, when gas prices hit new highs and overall new vehicle demand plunged, says Jesse Toprak, executive director for industry analysis at Edmunds. Now, some of the deals are less generous, he says. But pressure will likely continue for the luxury makes, particularly when it comes to the lower ends of their model ranges. A lot of upper middle-class families stretched to buy $35,000 or $40,000 BMWs and Mercedes-Benz C-Class models when times were good.

    Now, says Mr. Toprak, "they're thinking twice."

    The current crop of luxury car promotions will dwindle as new models arrive this fall, many equipped with higher sticker prices. BMW has already signaled prices for its vehicles will rise an average of 2.1%. Most of the top-selling luxury brands aren't saddled with huge inventory overhangs. At the end of August, BMW had 30 days worth of unsold vehicles on dealer lots, Mercedes had 62 days' worth of unsold vehicles and Lexus 41 days' worth.

    Audi has already largely sold off leftover 2008 A4 models, and dealers have only about a month's worth left, as they await delivery of redesigned A4s from Germany.

    Luxury brand shoppers – particularly fans of European brands -- who are considering buying a new car in the next few months should probably book time to discuss options with dealers this month. Otherwise, it may be best to wait to see how the December year-end deals look.
  • Was getting ready to turn in my 06 x5 4.4 18k miles. Residual was 43k, BMW offered a 13,700 discount letting me buy it at 29300. Plus 3.9% financing if I wanted it.
  • billmvbillmv Posts: 148
    I have an '05 X5 4.4 that is a few weeks from lease end, and they offered to sell it to me for $4,000 less than the approx $38,000 contracted residual, with cheap 100% financing. I forget the rate. Just FYI.
  • Here you go, drewmisha. BMW Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2008 X5 4.8 with 12,000 miles per year are .00175 and 57%, respectively. This money factor is reduced by .00080 on models that are not equipped with the free Premium Package.

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  • mehra1mehra1 Posts: 3
    Considering a 2008 X5 with the following, is this a good deal?
    Premium package, cold weather package, rear climate package, and iPod adapter…. msrp $52,075

    With a CAP cost of $48,575 the lease would be $651.96** plus $32,59 tax… $684.56 per month.

    Residual $29,162.00 money factor is .00145

    Up front costs:…………..1st month $ 684.56

    Refundable sec deposit…….700.00** **Requires BMWFS approval to waive**

    Bank acquisition fee…..……925.00


    Registration/doc fee/plates..379.00

    TOTAL UP FRONT……….. $2,734.81
  • byumbyum Posts: 13
    I think you can do better as I was offered this lease yesterday.

    2008 X5 3.0, Premium, Navigation, Ipod

    MSRP $51350
    Selling Price. $45695

    $2500-Total Drive Off
    36 months
    $564 + tax (8.25%) = $610.53
  • thx byum. couple of questions - what state do you live in, and can you break down the $2500 drive off? i am considering an X5 vs a Q7 and this seems considerably cheaper than the Q7 w/Premium Plus package. At least before negotiating.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    BMW is advertising a lease for an 08 X3 with an msrp of 50375. The deal is 4k down and 559 for 36 months. If you negotiate 4k off msrp and come in at a purchase price of 46000 then what happens to the 4000 down and the 2990 due in Illinois sales tax? If you want a zero down lease does BMW pay those for you or do you fold the 7000 back into the lease and figure your payments on a $53000 car? Thanks
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    That was the X5 3.0 not the X3.
  • Thoughts on this deal would be appreciated.

    2008 x5 3.0, premium, cold weather, iPod, Pan Sunroof... MSRP 53,000.00ish.

    36 months, 15000 miles

    This vehicle was also a service loaner, has 8300 miles on it.

    1300.00 drive off

    $675.00 per month and they are picking up the last payment of 629.00 on my old Acura MDX lease.
  • I've been going back and forth with a dealer in LA. Seems the residual is low on the 2008 X5 3.0 and the money factor is so so right now. I have some time but would prefer not to wait. Was hoping you would rub your magic ball and give a prediction on what you expect MF and residual to be for November and December. Really wanted to wait and buy the diesel x5 but I'm being quoted MSRP, low residual and high MF so its coming in over $1100 a month for a 36 month lease so if its going to be a "popular" item, can't see how its going to make sense for a lease until the novelty wears off. You future predictions on those all important variables please!
  • nyinla... tell us what dealer gave you a 56% residual please! great.
    rules in orange say you can tell us the dealership names good and bad but no salespeople. please post. lets get business to the good ones and away from the bad ones. thanks. your rates are pretty good, did you get a returning customer discount?
  • Hi kinjachris. As you may already be aware, BMW made a significant enhancement, probably the biggest one that I have ever seen it make, to its lease program for 2008 models on October 9th. This enhanced lease program is currently only scheduled to run through the end of the month. It is difficult to say whether BMW will extend it into November, let alone December. If I was in the market for an '08 X5, I would pull the trigger right now. If you would rather go with an '09 model you probably won't lose much by waiting.

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