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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Lease Questions



  • bsedrishbsedrish Posts: 26
    this is not a good deal.

    i just leased a e350 with prem package, wood steering wheel and sat radio for $595 per month (including tax) with $1750 drive off.
  • kea7721kea7721 Posts: 3

    Would you please tell the price you negotiated on the car. Also what state you live in.

    THANKS!! :)
  • dct71dct71 Posts: 1
    Any thoughts on this are appreciated. I'm in So Cal:

    '06 E350
    27 mo lse, 15k mi, sunroof pkg
    3200 total drive off and mo pymts of 500 even (including tax and license)

    MSRP was 52,325
    Price is 44,767
  • wlknmanwlknman Posts: 1
    It may be a little high. Don't put money down if you can except the traditional issue of license, taxes, and registration. If the car is stolen you are out of the cash.

    I recently had a great deal with MBZ on an E350
    '06 E350
    27 month Lease
    premium package
    sport package w/18 inch 10 spoke wheels
    pass through seat
    wood steering wheel

    I only paid for 1st month, taxes, license and registration, roughly $1k in CA.
    $600/mth plus tax

    They are staying tough on the money factor and residual, but are willing to help out to get these out the door. If you don't care to much on the color, this weekend may be the best opportunity.

    Nice car with solid feel especially in sport mode vs standard e350 with 17 wheels and a softer ride. Plus with the new e63 and Porsche 4 door sedan coming, why buy now when you can lease so cheap? Navigation is weak considering that Honda and Toyota cars have great and intuitive NAV systems. 2007 is supposed to be better. But, hey that is what TomTom is for....

    Now let's take it for a spin.
  • blueyfishblueyfish Posts: 29
    I got a quote from Valley Motors in the Baltimore area yesterday. The quote was as follows:
    2006 E320 CDI Net Price: 51200
    Buy Rate .0023
    Residual 62%
    Term 39 months
    Taxes & Tags included
    MSRP $55465.00
    Payment $725.94

    This seems a little high. What do you think? By the way there was no down payment. Just the first months payment.

  • lanewbielanewbie Posts: 25
    What was the capitalized cost kabcpab? I think I did considerably better than that but don't have the numbers handy. Your money factor is high. I'll post when I can find my info but if you can put your capitalized cost in the meantime I can put it in my model and see.
  • aeggroupaeggroup Posts: 131
    Are you sure this is 2007 ? Looks like 2006 model deal.
    BTW, friend of mine just leased E500 4matic at NJ dealer for $575 a month including tax - $1,800 out of pocket due at signing for 27 months 10,000 miles a year. I was shocked with his deal. He did it muuuuch better than me. Mine is E350 4matic, the same out of pocket, with premium and pano roof for 656 per month including NY tax. I thought I got bargain, but he did something veeery special. Good luck to you all.
  • Is anyone aware of the new lease programs for August? When I was at the dealership Saturday, they were insistant that the new program would not be as good.
  • kabcpabkabcpab Posts: 6
    Don't know the Cap Cost - but the rate was actually .000230 or the same rate offered on the 06' model - i bought an 07' again i got 15,000 miles per year which is on average what most people drive. if you factor that in over 27 mos. on the difference of a 10,000 per year - that's close to 3000.00 in additional mileage charges at 25cents a mile, BTW Mercedes says they no longer do 20 per mile for the first 10,000 over than to 25 cents a mile after that. That program thru Mercedes lease stopped in January. AGAIN - no out of pocket at all a big ZERO which means i can invest that 2000.00 grand everyone is putting down when you don't need to.
  • lanewbielanewbie Posts: 25
    I think you mean .0023, not .000230. That's a lot better than the .0028 you originally posted, and it lines up with what most people here say they get. I did a little better.

    If you don't know your cap cost you probably paid too much, in my opinion. It's written right at the top of the set of numbers that lead to your lease payment, on the lease. You should check, so we can figure out how good a deal you got. (By the way, I'm not saying it was bad, at all - I think you did pretty good, but not the best as you initially said.)

    The difference between 10K and 15K miles is 2 points on your residual. With a lease model (such as the one at you can figure out how much that is worth. I can figure it out for you if you like. You shouldn't compare it to the 25 cents per mile, that charge is more than what a mile is really worth (you're right that it's what you have to pay for extra miles, but it's not what you have to pay in the initial lease if you handle it right.)

    Let me know!
  • carnaughtcarnaught 'zonaPosts: 2,405
    '07 E350 with msrp of $56835
    Based on lease a price of $55235 and a PREPAID lease for 24 mos. and 10000 mi. per year is a total price of $21028.57.

    This includes all fees except the second year license plate renewal.
  • aeggroupaeggroup Posts: 131 looks like $876 a month.'s a big step up from 2006 model prices. People lease 2006 lately at 550 - 650 range prepaid.
  • carnaughtcarnaught 'zonaPosts: 2,405 looks like $876 a month.'s a big step up from 2006 model prices. People lease 2006 lately at 550 - 650 range prepaid.

    Are the $550-650 per mo. rates you mention for 2006 cars stickering at $58000+?
  • aeggroupaeggroup Posts: 131
    Here is my lease.
    I got my car on June 1, 2006.
    2006 E350 4MATIC, Premium package with pano roof.
    MSRP with destination was - $57,800 ( don't have my lease papers infront of me, but I'm sure it was this number )
    Selling price - $50,200
    Lease $656 a month with tax, out of pocket $1800 ( first payment, bank fee, licence and MV fees )
    My friend just got in NJ E500 4MATIC, I don't know his selling price, but I'm sure MSRP is more than $58K for $575 including NY tax and around the same out of packet due at signing. AS far as I saw the differance between 2006 and 2007 model is minimal and not everybody will notice it. If you still can find 2006 - it will be for sure much less priced.
    Good luck to you.
  • shawn757shawn757 Posts: 166
    Hello everyone.

    I was wondering if there was any dealer cash on the 2007 E350? dOES ANYONE KNOW? If so how much?

  • nadinadi Posts: 2
    I was glad to see last night 08-7-06 on MBZ main web site "Summer Sale Event" untill August 31st 06.
  • nadinadi Posts: 2
    I have been already approved by MBZ as tier 1 credit. I want to lease new 2006 E350 with $ 2000 down for monthly payment less than $ 700 incl taxes 833.33 miles per month for 27 months . Dealer told me it cant be less than $850 because summer event ended July 31st 06. Can someone help me telling what should be reasonable monthly payment. Also what is money factor and how its is calculated? Thanks in advance for who ever replies as earliest.
  • jma4jma4 Posts: 1

    I am curious to see what numbers people have been getting on 2007 E350 leases. I am interested in getting the car most likely in the Houston area in the next 2 months. Probably P2 package, but at least P1. thanks
  • shawn757shawn757 Posts: 166
    I have been offered the 07 E350 by a local dealership for $540.00 including tax. Drive off is $2000. miles 15k for 27 months. This car has the p1 package with navi. Is this a good deal? or is it not possible?
  • Shawn,

    Did you get this car? Great deal... Can u share the dealership and location?

  • bgk99bgk99 Posts: 24
    This seems virtually impossible. You're talking about 80% residual and a 2.9% finance rate to get THIS price on a 50,000+ car.

    Now the 2006 has 5000.00 cash back incentive, so some deals ARE being made, but for the 2007?

    Something doesn't smell right here. Sorry.
  • shawn757shawn757 Posts: 166
    Sorry for not replying sooner I didn't get it yet. I live in claremont so didn't have time to go to buy the car after work. And this dealership is in South Bay. They have promised to give it at that price. So you think this price is not possible? Should I go and try my luck anyway?
  • Are you saying that there is $5000 incentive? Does this include the CDI? Also, does anyone have the current money factors for leases?
  • bgk99bgk99 Posts: 24
    This was e-mailed to me and I confirmed them when I went in to the dealership in Santa Monica, CA this evening.

    Also, I must take back what I wrote earlier. The dealer "claims" that the 5,000 dealer incentive is only for the R-350/500 (but a quick check on Edmunds shows 5K for the 2006 E-350) 3,000 applies to the ML -

    no dealer incentive on the 2007 or on any E-series. Hmmm.

    Residuals for the 2007 E-350

    24-27 months

    7,500 = 75%
    10k = 74%
    12k = 73%
    15k = 71%
    20k = 60%

    36-39 months

    7,500 = 63%
    10k = 61%
    12k = 60%
    15k = 58%
    20k = 53%

    Money Factors

    24-27 = .00245 (5.88)
    36-39 = .00210 (5.04)
  • bgk99bgk99 Posts: 24
    Okay, I've done the numbers a FEW times and there is no possible way this comes out to 699.00

    This is what YOU say:

    38,318 to buy the car at the end of the lease (71%)
    MF is 5.52%
    Tax (in California) is 8.25%

    If you SOMEHOW got the car for $50,000 then my calculation is $758.90

    Even at 49,000, which is is almost an unheard of 5,000 off of the sticker price, you STILL would be at 716.13

    Please tell us HOW you got this deal, because simple math just doesn't add up. I'll go lease one tomorrow.
  • mbbrooksmbbrooks Posts: 16
    I just got a 07 E350 with Sport and both Premium Packages for $632.00 a month with 15,000 miles a year for 39 months. I put down a total of $6,800 out which includes $1,800 in inception fees and the first month and $5,000 down.

    I'm told that this is a good deal but I only had quotes on BMW 530i's for comparison. Of course there really is no comparison which is why I went with the Merc. :)
  • lanewbielanewbie Posts: 25
    It's hard to say without some more detail. Two questions, and I can figure it out - one, did you get anything else besides the P2 package (which includes P1), such as metallic paint, leather seats, etc. In other words, what other options did you get if any? and two, does the $632 include tax, or no? Let me know and I'll tell you how good it was in my opinion.
  • this is the lease I got:

    07, E350 with Leather, matalic, Primium package 1 + sport package (free) for $54,155 (55,950 msrp)

    i put down $4500, about half goes to fees/1st month

    15k miles/yr, 27 months lease for $668+ tax.

    this is not a bad deal, what do you think?
  • aeggroupaeggroup Posts: 131
    Probably this is a good deal for 2007, but I'm very happy with mine 2006 4Matic With no money down for 656 a month including tax.

    Good luck.
  • lanewbielanewbie Posts: 25
    Looks like you got a fair lease price using the current MB top tier credit residual and money factor. Based on the info you gave, I figured it should be around $654, and you got $668, that's pretty darn close. However, you did not get a huge discount from the sticker price, and you probably could have gotten more in my opinion.
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