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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Lease Questions



  • alexeykalexeyk Posts: 5
    Thanks ValleyGuy,

    Smythe is giving 11.5K off msrp but raising the moneyfactor, so I'm not too happy with that deal. Will try other dealers in Bay Area.
  • One of Smythe's Sales managers PJ does this quite a bit, going deeper than anyone else into the red and making it up on the financing. I leased an e350 4matic 2013 from Smythe in the end of May for not quite $10K off of $64K MSRP.

    I found out later the MF was pretty close to base MF. I could have gotten a better deal if I went home and came back. Unfortunately they had only 3 gas e350's in stock and 2 got bought while I was standing there and another couple wanted to look at the model I was negotiating on. Needing another car the deal way better than anyone would even think about then for a then just released 2014.

    In the end it was a great deal and the car is a dream to drive.

  • irishladdyirishladdy Posts: 19
    Hi everyone,

    Trying to work a deal on the above car: Steel grey, with P2, Leather interior, wheel package, lane tracking, split-folding rear seats, multi-contour driver seat, accessory styling package and comfort box - dealer refuses to believe or accept any deal other than $3k below dealer invoice. He said the deals I shared don't exist and dealers’ would be losing money "hand over fist" to accept such deals here ranging from $10k- $18K off MSRP.

    Here is his fourth and final offer - he told me he would not even entertain any other conversations about negotiating price as the vehicle is in such high demand everyone wants one.

    It appears this is about $362/month too high, based on what others are saying about deals on remaining E350's but he says I should go buy cars with those dealers' as nobody can sell a car that low without losing money.

    Car: 2013 E350 4-MATIC Sport
    Retail: $66,795
    Sale Price: $59,878
    Residual: 66% (12K miles)
    Money Factor (with auto pay) .00097

    Lease includes, tax and maintenance with 12k miles per year
    27 Month lease:
    $0 down $811.50 a month, no money down BUT 1st payment due at signing

    27 month lease with 15k miles:
    $0 down: $862.64 a month, no money down BUT 1st payment due at signing

    Today is the last day on the month where they close all the books and make the best deals. I offered him $53,478 as a final offer if they did the deal today and they refused.
    He said Mercedes is only giving him a $2,500 certificate on the 2013's and as a USAA member, he said you cannot combine any two offers. He told me that if everything others are saying on these threads is true, they would all be out of business.

    Can anyone shed some light on this? I mean, is it that some dealers who are in the business of selling cars refuse to do their job and sell cars?
    Thanks everyone.



    p.s. - I mentioned others (in the forum) are now getting 12% of the same 2014's so I asked why I would buy a 2013 with less of a discount and they laughed and told me to buy three as they would all be losing money on the vehicles if they did that.
  • socal59socal59 Posts: 65
    Did you email 5 to 10 dealers with your offer? The dealer you are working with does not want your business. Even if you have to travel a bit to get your car, it will be cheaper in the long run, if you save thousands on your car.
  • insidecarbuyinsidecarbuy NYCPosts: 95
    What city/state are you shopping in?

    Yes, some salespeople/dealers will refuse to sell cars below a certain price. But the facts are the facts. On this car you're shopping for the numbers are:

    MSRP - $66,795
    Invoice - $62,882
    Holdback - $3,458 = $59,424
    Customer 1 Certificate - $2,500 = $56,924
    Vehicle Cost - $56,924

    Sometime you have to shop different salespeople at the same dealership until you find the one willing to except a minimum commission. They're out there and every dealership has at least one. One guy who is in really good with the Sales Manager and knows whether he selling the car for $1,000 over invoice or $5,000 behind its going to be the same commission to him. At the end of the day he rather leave with something after working 10-12 hours instead of nothing.

    Anywhere in the USA that you have access to 5-8 dealerships within a 100 miles radius your usually able to add $500 to the true dealer cost and get a deal done, if not less. So if you were to add $500 to this deal it would bring you to $688.41 per month assuming 7.5% taxes and new plates, just first due at signing.

    This are the best numbers for the current programs running. However, I have done these exact cars (similar MSRP) for about $100 cheaper per month when the incentives and residuals were stronger (November-February).

    Don't get discouraged, the deals on the 2014 models with similar MSRP's were only about $35 more per month for July. I'm sure they will come down in August if not September. They have a nice facelift, why not try for one of those…. they are a dime a dozen. I'm sure of this, I do it everyday!

    Good Luck - ;)
  • Hi,

    Thank you for your reply - I really appreciate it. Normally I would, but I did not in this case only because I did a search myself for this vehicle and there is only one 13' with P2 left in New England. In fact, I would have to drive eight hours to get to the dealership. otherwise, I would definitely have sent a RFP to multiple dealers.

    In this case with such limited (almost no) inventory, my options were very limited.
  • Hi Insidecarbuy,

    Thank you for your kind message and for taking so much time to offer a very insightful perspective - I really appreciate it!

    I am in Boston, MA. I approached a couple of local dealers and they almost threw me out of the dealership when I spoke about discounts and pricing shared by others in the forum. They told me to just go to those dealers ("if they exist.") So, I went as far as ME to find the one E350 P2 in the area.

    Your advice is interesting when you suggest I speak with different salespeople within the same dealership. My past experiences with purchases when not dealing with the internet sales manager has been that the salespeople seem to be very "territorial" and once you are "paired" with one salesperson, your are stuck with he or she. When deals "fall through" they always blame the sales manager who they say is not willing to budge. In this case, my salesperson told me the "dealership" and the "sales manager" were not willing to do a deal.

    I can easily take your advice and shop multiple dealers within a 100 mile radius due to the fact I live in a major hub - Boston. I appreciate you breaking down the numbers and getting to $688.41 (in MA our tax rate is 6.25%.) I am curious, however, when others in the forum say they are getting this similar priced/spec'd vehicle with similar lease terms for $500 per less. In those cases, are the dealers really just unloading the vehicles at a loss?

    One member 'SM1982' posted on Jan. 31st that he/she purchased a E350 with a MSRP of $59,905. The final monthly payment was $356.48 per month including everything and only $356.48 total due at signing. Apparently in the above case, there was an extra $6k on loaners, but even six months later in July, others are saying don't pay over $500/month with no $ down on a deal with similar terms.

    I appreciate your words of encouragement. With almost no inventory of 2013's I definitely plan to take your advice and try to get into a 14' model and hopefully can find someone to do business with within the next week.

    Thank you again! Great job!

  • Hi Carman,
    I'm slated to take delivery of the new 2014 E250 Bluetec at the end of this month. Can you please provide the following info below?

    - base rate MF and RV for a 24/12K and 24/10K lease
    - Individual MF deductions and max no. of deductions for MSD
    - incentives (e.g., loyalty cash as I'm returning an E350 Bluetec) - I do qualify for a fleet certificate

  • Have you dealt with Flagship Motorcars of Lynnfield?

    I just leased a 2013 GLK250 from them and all the negotiations were done via emails. They've responded to all my questions in a timely fashion and were very pleasant to deal with.

    So even though I think I could've gotten a slightly lower price if I haggled for a little longer, the overall experience made up for it. My leasing details can be found on the GLK thread.

    Good luck!
  • Please be sure to post your final leasing details after you take delivery of the car. That's the car I'd be really interested in after my current GLK250 lease is up, in another 22 months (yes, I tend to do my homework early.....). Appreciate it!
  • valleyguy408valleyguy408 Posts: 70
    edited August 2013
    Hi irishladdy,

    I don't believe anyone other than the odd deal or two got a $60K plus e350 for $500 per month including tax and nothing down.

    You are going about it right. Focus on the MF, RV, purchase price, drive-off fees and you will get a deal you like.

    Having worked in the car biz; rule #1 always walk from a deal, have them want your money more than you want the car.

    Like Insidecarbuy said, MB is starting to provide lease support for 2014's and the deals will only get better in August and into Sept.

    Once the popularity starts to wain, so does MB and the dealers resistance levels. Next month MB will also start lease supporting the new GL's.

    The big corporate chains like AutoNation also seem to hold the line on pricing more firmly than others. This is just my experience.

    Rule #2, get a price you're happy with and not the best price you've heard about on the forum. I paid about $25 a month more than I perhaps could have on my e350 4Matic. Guess what? I'm thrilled with the car and payments. There were tons of people who paid $100 per month more than I did. It's all relative and local and personal conditions are factors.

  • Hi Glayfan40,

    Thank you for taking the time to reply - appreciate it!

    I have not reached out to Flagship but absolutely will do so now that I am switching gears and looking for a 14' model as opposed to a 13'.

    I am glad to hear you had a pleasant experience working over email. Was there someone in particular you worked with you could recommend? Otherwise, I will just email the internet sales manager.

    Thanks again!

  • Hi Valleyguy408,

    I really appreciate your time in responding to my post - thanks!

    Great advice with rule #1 - and I could not agree anymore as its just a car and there are always plenty more out there just like the one you are looking at.

    I also appreciate you reinforcing the approach I am taking is the right one - thank you.

    It's good to hear that you believe some of the one off deals some other forum members are not the "norm." I totally agree you have to be happy with the price you get and the vehicle. I think for me seeing some of these very low prices others are paying on lease's made me feel that unless you get one of those rock bottom prices, you are doing something wrong. So, again I really appreciate the feedback.

    I plan to search the posts for my next question but since you are so knowledgeable I thought I would ask in case you heard or have read about numbers on the new 2014's. Now that is August, do you happen to know what lease support is available (assuming there is any at all) on the new 2104 E350's?


    - Irishladdy
  • I actually used Edmunds initially to send out my quote requests to multiple (4-5) dealers in the area. Most of them replied within a day or two but none had the exact color/option combo I was looking for. Flagship was the first to locate my preferred vehicle from an out-of-state (CT) dealer and advised they could swap it in for me if I decided to close the deal.

    I was working with Michael Andrews (Business Development Manager) and Craig Bovio (Sales Rep) via emails. And after all the negotiations were done, Mike Frazier (Sales Rep) worked on following up on making sure the vehicle gets delivered on time as well as handled all of the related paperwork (contracts, registration, insurance info, etc). I was in and out of the dealership in less than 2 hours. Mike was a very down-to-earth kid (mid-20's maybe). You can almost tell he's new to the car sales business but to me he was very professional and pleasant to deal with. I've yet to meet Michael or Craig in person though.
  • valleyguy408valleyguy408 Posts: 70
    edited August 2013
    Hi Irishladdy,

    The current MF for an e350 sedan for August is .00148. The equivalent interest rate is .00148 * 2400 = 3.552%

    It's becoming routine to see $1000 below invoice as the dealer's grip on 2014's relaxing as inventories are increasing.

    Real breakthrough is emerging on price and the larger markets like LA, 10% off MSRP is developing.

    It's possible September might be even better as I believe the e250 Diesel will start to arrive. This is strictly a guess on my part. The e250 will present a big improvement in highway mileage with a slight decrease in acceleration from a stop performance.

  • Hi Insidecar buy,

    You were kind enough to reply to my post about a 2013 Mercedes E350 4Matic last week and the information you provided me is invaluable to structuring a deal, as you suggested, for $500 over "true cost."

    I am now seeking to buy a 2014 model and wanted to ask you if you would be kind enough to share the same information for me but on the below 2014 vehicle so I am armed to negotiate and get the best price.

    I am seeking the following on the below build:

    MSRP - $67,615
    Invoice - ?
    Holdback -?
    Customer 1 Certificate - $2,500 =
    Vehicle Cost - ?

    MSRP $51,900*(base)

    Exterior Color: Diamond Silver Metallic - $720

    Wheels: 18-inch twin 5-spoke alloy wheels - $0


    Sport Styling Package - $0

    Lighting Package - $1500

    Interior Color: Black Leather - $1,620

    Trim: Burl Walnut Wood - $0

    OPTIONS: Sport wood/leather steering wheel - $590


    Illuminated Door Sill Panels - $800


    Premium 1 Package - $3,870

    KEY-LESS GO- $650

    Split-folding rear seats - $440

    Heated and Active Ventilated front seats - $450

    Active multi-contour driver seat - $660

    115-volt household-type AC power outlet - $115


    4MATIC Package
    4MATIC all-wheel drive
    4-wheel Electronic Traction System (4-ETS) - $2,500

    Lane Tracking Package/Blind Spot Assist/Lane Keeping Assist - $875

    Transportation Charge - $925

    Total MSRP - $67,615

    I really appreciate your help and I promise to let you know how it worked out!


  • Get the Keyless-Go package for $950 rather than just Keyless-Go, to receive the trunk opener/closer.

    Read my prior response, if you sum it all up and the best discount right now is about 10-11% percent off MSRP, that's all in for everyone but for those with special fleet discounts.

  • Hi Valleyguy,

    Thanks again for all your help - really appreciate it! So, I just got a very good price on a new 14' BUT was told the MF was .00214 (equates to a 5.136% rate.) I let my representative know I am aware the current MF rate for a E250 sedan for August is .00148 or 3.552% - significantly less than what I am being quoted.

    I have not received a reply to my message but that would mean they marked up the "buy rate" by 1.608% which is a very big mark-up. I was wondering if you have any advice here other than letting them know you will not accept anything more than the current buy rate for the month of August. Is this difficult to get the dealer to move on?

    Again - as always, I appreciate all your help.

  • Great advice! I did not see the package in some online configuration models but now that you pointed it out, I see it. Definitely will do that - thank you!

  • Irishladdy,

    I have not seen the e250 yet, but I did hear a rumor that the MF could be lower for the e250 over the e350 to promote a vehicle with greater fuel economy rating as a method to improve MB's overall CAFE fuel ratings.

    Please do let us know where you ended up in terms of deal. It would appear you are strongly negotiating.

    Yes, you can negotiate the MF. It's an easy place for the dealer to give to make it happen.

  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    what is the money factor for a 2014 e550 (assuming excellent credit). What's the maximum number of multiple security deposits MB will accept these days?

    I was told the 36 mo residual for 10K miles on an e550 is .63, but not sure I have any trust in the dealer that gave me that number.
  • dfdubdfdub Posts: 1
    edited August 2013
    Just got a call from a dealer here in texas. Here are their numbers:

    E350, RWD
    36 months / 15k miles
    MSRP- 61,919
    Sale Price- 59,719
    Money Factor- .00171
    RV- 67%

    Down Payment- $1200
    Monthly Payment- $951

    Also, they gave me a residual value of $36,551. This doesn't seem to add up either.

    This seems... reeaaallly high. Of course, I dont have an itemized report yet. So there must be some serious fees mixed in here. I plugged these numbers into ridewithg's calculator and I get a payment much lower- closer to the $700's. I told them that everything was much higher than expected. He asked me for my 'target' so I told him 600ish with some money down. After he spoke with the manager and got back to me, he seemed like he didnt want to deal with me anymore.

    Move on?
  • nye350nye350 Posts: 3
    Here a deal I got for a 2014 E350

    MSRP $61,990
    27 month lease
    7,500 miles
    P1,sports package,

    $580/ month or $500/month as a one pay
    10,000 miles a year add around $20

    Sounds like a good deal? NYC leasing agents not dealership.
  • ariazariaz Posts: 73
    Does this price include Tax. Keep in mind that in State of Texas, the tax is charged on the selling price of car, not on the lease payment.
  • drbnx5drbnx5 Posts: 7
    14 e350 p1 sports pack, keyless go, trunk close button, amg rims

    Msrp 58900
    Adjusted cap cost 51,000 (included 1500 neg equity from trade in)
    MF .00161
    Pmt 579 (includes taxes and 2 yr maintenance)
    10000 miles
    27 mo lease (can be extended to 33 mo)
  • drbnx5drbnx5 Posts: 7
    Forgot to mention - residual was 70%
  • Just did a lease last night in Chicago. Got what I think is a great deal and worked with a no-BS salesman.

    Msrp 60,890

    27 months 10k mi/yr

    $569 mo with a total of $1500 out of pocket including first payment.

    My parents are going back tonight to get one for themselves.

  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    edited August 2013
    hopefully, you bought the mercedes maintenance package as part of the lease. The full price is considered an option on the car so you actually only pay a small amount for all of the services which, on a mercedes lease, are required to be done.

    Sounds like a good deal....

    My local dealer is playing games....who is your dealer...I might just do an internet buy of an e550.
  • Contact Frank at MB Chicago. He highly recommended the maint. Pkg, which we did get. He was super helpful and made it easy for us.
  • Wow, I'm really glad I live in California then.... these are the quotes I got from my dealer at Rusnak Arcadia

    2014 E350 RWD
    - Lighting Package
    - Sports Styling Package
    - Rear Spoiler
    - Sport Wood/ Leather Steering Wheel
    - Illuminated Door Sill
    - Premium 1
    - Elec Trunk Closer
    - Split Folding Rear Seat
    - Pano Roof
    - Active Multicontour Driver Seat
    - Driver Assistance Package
    - Parking Assist

    MSRP $ 68,845
    DOWN: 0$
    Monthly Payment on a 36 month lease: $520
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