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2013 and earlier Volkswagen Jetta Lease Questions



  • Hey breach. Let's double check the payments that you were quoted and see what we come up with. According to my calculations, if you were to lease a 2008 Volkswagen Jetta 2.5L SE that has an MSRP of $22,139 and a selling price of $20,730 through Volkswagen Credit right now for 36 months with 12,000 miles per year, your zero down, pre-tax monthly payment should be around $265. Using the same parameters for a car that has an MSRP of $21,475 and a selling price of $20,775 I come up with a payment of $276. Lastly, using an MSRP of $21,660 and a selling price of $21,250, I come up with a payment of $287. As you can see, offer number one is the best, assuming that the dealer uses VW Credit's actual lease program and calculates your monthly payment properly.

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  • Here's the information that you're looking for, jaxs1. Volkswagen Credit's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2008 Jetta 2.5L SE with 15,000 miles per year are .00153 and 57%, respectively. The numbers are exactly the same for a Jetta 2.5L SEL. The last time that I checked, VW Credit charged a $575 acquisition fee on every vehicle that it leased and a $350 disposition fee at lease end to consumers who don't buy their leased vehicles or lease another one. It charges a security deposit equivalent to your monthly payment rounded up to the nearest $25 increment, but it is currently waiving its security deposit requirement on leases as part of its funny "Sign Then Drive" sales event.

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  • Hi adschai. If I was in the market for any Volkswagen Jetta right now, I personally would shoot for a selling price of a couple hundred dollars over dealer invoice. You can look up this car's exact invoice price by visiting the New Vehicle Pricing section of You also should stop by the "Volkswagen Jetta Prices Paid and Buying Experience" discussion to see how much other community members have paid for similar vehicles lately. I am not 100% positive, but I believe that VW Credit automatically includes gap insurance on its leases at no additional charge.

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  • Hi sandpaper. Unless you believe that you will be living in a city and will not need a car where you live three years from now really doesn't matter. You can return your leased vehicle to any Volkswagen dealership, not just the one that you originally took delivery of it at.

    As far as this offer goes, you never mentioned the selling price or MSRP of the car that you are interested in leasing. These are important numbers for you as a consumer to know for two reasons. First, the selling prices of leased vehicles can be negotiated, just as if you were paying cash for them. Without knowing what this vehicle's selling price is in relation to its MSRP you don't know how much of a discount you are getting on it. The second reason is that one needs the selling price and MSRP, including the destination charge, of a vehicle to calculate its lease payment. I would be more than happy to give you my opinion of his deal if you let me know what these numbers are.

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  • Quick answer, No :P . Volkswagen Credit's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2008 VW Jetta 2.5L SE is .00153.

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  • ulasozcelikulasozcelik Charlotte, NCPosts: 22
    Are there any cash incentive promotions for December month?
  • Hi Car_man (and anyone else wanting to pitch in),

    The internet dealer just emailed me back with these figures based on zero money down. Based on these figures, I computed the total monthly cost (incl. 6 1/2 % Florida sales tax) to be 313.51 and NOT anywhere close to her figure of 366.87. Did she just try to rip me off? How can I best handle this situation? Thanks!!!

    msrp $21,475

    invoice price: $20,583

    .00153 Money Factor

    69% Residual

    $366.87 including tax

    My Calculation:

    Depreciation= (20,583- 14,817.75) / 24 mo = 240.22

    Finance=(20, 583 + 14,817.75) x .00153 = 54.16

    Total: 294.38 with 6 1/2 %: 313.51
  • ulasozcelikulasozcelik Charlotte, NCPosts: 22
    Are you sure about the money factor being .00153 for a 24-month lease? It seems like it should be higher.
  • I double checked. I thought it might be slightly higher myself but the dealer emailed me a money-factor of .00153. I've emailed the dealer - I'll see what she says tomorrow.
  • Car_Man:

    I have a question for you regarding some lease offers I received from my dlr.

    2008 Jetta Sedan S Manual
    39 month lease term (12k a yr)
    0 down, 0 due at signing
    218 a month + tax.

    Can you tell me if this is a good deal?

    MSRP on this car is: 16,990
    Invoice is 16,190.... The dealer did not disclose what is the selling price, only gave me the lease quote. But based on the MSRP and the actual invoice price, there is only a 700-800 $ difference.

    Also, he quoted me the same leasing terms but for $231 plus tax for the automatic transmission model

    2008 Jetta Sedan S Automatic
    39 month lease term (12k a yr)
    0 down, 0 due at signing
    231 a month + tax.

    The automatic S goes for 18,065 MSRP
    Invoice: 17265

  • Hi car man, here's my numbers again:

    Jetta SE Automatic - Selling price is $20,275 plus tax & license.
    39 months, 39k miles
    Monthly payment: 307.47 (including tax)
    187.25 due at lease signing (license, title fees, etc)

    I am wondering out stringent VW's credit requirements for this Sign Then Drive deal is. I realize you can negotiate the selling price - but how much wiggle room do I have in terms of negotiating the monthly payment for this Sign Then Drive event?
  • Ok for the info I posted above, I got the actual residual and money factor.. i dont know what the cap cost is, but maybe someone can narrow it down for me.

    Jetta 08 Sedan S
    money factor is 0.00185 and the residual at 12k per year is 59% for a 39 month term
    18,065 MSRP
  • The dealer added the acquisition cost of 575 and an "other" cost of 379 into the monthly payment thus bringing the total to that amount. I'm going to inquire later about what this "other" charge of 379 is for. Another way to make a buck, I'm sure but they'll come up with some fancy name.
  • fyi for those interested, i got the actual selling price of the vehicle from my dealer... The numbers match theirs when I calculate the lease payments... not a bad deal after all.

    Jetta 08 Sedan S Automatic
    Lease Term 39 months 39K miles (12k annual)
    money factor is 0.00185 and the residual at 12k per year is 59% for a 39 month term
    18,065 MSRP
    Selling Price: $17,638.62
    Dealer is quoting me: 231.40 a month + tax
    I came up with 231.34 a month
  • Does VW Credit automatically include gap insurance on its leases at no additional charge??

    Please reply!! Thanks.
  • doug_tdoug_t Posts: 22
    Hi. Thanks so much for posting all your information. What $$ do you have to pay up front, or was it all included in the monthly payments? Bank fee? First month? The usual registration and doc fees?

  • The dealer included the acquisition fee, dealer fee and initial license and tag fees in estimating my total monthly cost hence the 366.87 (tax included). The residual stayed at 69% and the money factor too at .00153

    I closed the deal at $347 a month INCLUDING tax. Zero Money Down, waived security deposit and waived disposition fee. No additional fees, period. Just $347 at signing.

    I'm picking up my white Jetta SE December 28th!
  • ulasozcelikulasozcelik Charlotte, NCPosts: 22
    Congrats! You've worked a great deal for yourself. I guess with the money saved, you maybe able to afford this now:
  • I haven't gone through with it yet, because i need to get rid of my passat first and they were only willing to give me real crappy wholesale price, but to answer your question, No acquisition fee, inception fee, , etc, etc.
    The dealer ate the fees and its really 0 sign & drive for 231 + tax... I got it in writing. Only one other dealer in the area is willing to give me the same deal, he's adding on free car washes for the life of lease term...but not able to do any better. All other dealers I checked with were not able to match it and agreed its an exceptional deal for a Jetta automatic. If I want the manual, he can let it go for 218+ tax per month

    FYI..maybe part of the reason why the dealer is contributing so much is because when I went to take it for a test drive I noticed they have many of them in the lot ( in comparison to a couple other dealers i visited) . So im guessing they want to make certain numbers by the end of the year.
  • FYI: The best lease quote for a Jetta S Manual Trans (w/ ipod and mats) I could come up with in West Texas: 0 Down, No Upfront Sales Tax (sales tax on total sales price of vehicle is due upfront in Texas normally), Sales Price of $17400, 39 mos at 12K per year for $260/mos. True sign and drive.
  • doug_tdoug_t Posts: 22
    Just signed for an SE Auto with lip spoiler and mats for $1000 OOP and $250/month for 39 months, 10k miles/year. This was in Northern NJ.

    To be honest, was not my first choice of car, but I thought this was a fantastic deal. And the car is quite nice.

    - Doug
  • bachatubachatu Posts: 13
    Signed deal for 08 Jetta S Automatic 39month 12k miles per yr @ 209+ tax per month.
    The price didnt include mats which is ok cause I Got VW Jetta rubber mats from the dealer at cost for $70 (they wanted to charge 189 for the carpet Mat package). At signing, inceptions due were $720, this included 1st mo payment, tag & registration, dealer fee, misc fees, local sales tax... I put an additional 2k down towards cap cost which brought my payment to 156 plus tax which = 165 dollar payment. Also, VW credit matched my first payment (included in inception fees) so they paid an additional 165 up front.

    In all, it was a deal I couldn't refuse. I'm in Broward County FL by the way.
  • So I'm looking around at 08' Jettas either the S or preferably the SE. I found a place in S. CA that was 2000 OOP and 249/mo for a basic Jetta S. My credit score is nothing amazing so...I was wondering if this would be considered a good deal? I found a Passat deal on the internet for 259/mo with 2000 down! Wondering if I could negotiate the Jetta S down because of the cheaper Passat special.

    I'm a first time leaser/buyer and am completely new to all of this. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks. Looking for an automatic
  • Has anyone leased a Jetta with Nav? I am looking to lease with auto trans, NAVI w/ IPOD?

    Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  • I'm in O.C, California researching lease of Jetta S auto transmission, no other options(currently have Jetta lease). Local dealer showed me Jetta S auto trans. $18,890 MSRP. Asked for invoice price and was shown invoice $18,465. Yet when numbers were discussed, start price was $18,720. Added to that was acq fee $575, $195 in other fees, then deduction of $267 first mos. payment. Eventually, ended with $19,025 adjusted cap cost. 48mos/.00158, 15K miles/yr., residual at 49%. $0 driveoff cost. Mo. Pymt $267. Open-end lease. Been online getting prices and most start approx. $17265. invoice (not including dealer costs). Also, most sites say don't sign open-end lease. Can you review this info and give me feedback? Thanks.
  • warhubwarhub Posts: 13
    I want to lease a Black 2008 Jetta GLI with a 6-speed manual and the autobahn package. My local dealer did not have this vehicle in stock and did a search and told me that there was not a single one of these vehicles on the entire eastern seaboard from Boston to Virginia! He said that although VW indicates that 2008 GLI's are still in production there is no way to know if this car will be available. He indicated that I could special order the car from VW and that it would take 14 weeks to arrive. Although I've owned several VW's, I've never ordered a car and I know VW can be a bit quirky. Does anybody have any experience special ordering cars and if so how does it affect negotiating on price? Thanks.
  • This sounds like a great offer and yet no mention of it here!!! i have til may 1st on my 05 honda accord lx, on which i only have 26K miles - i asked a vw dealer if he might consider helping me on the last 3 payments. (about $200 each) - (and i'm considering purchasing it and reselling it but only if i get a decent offer . . . and soon!!!)

    any thoughts, suggestions?


  • cbmcpacbmcpa Posts: 1
    who was your dealer in Broward?
  • warhubwarhub Posts: 13
    Help! The car I want to lease is in North Carolina, but I live in New York State. I usually buy cars in the state where I live and simply roll the sales tax into the payment but the dealer in NC isn't sure he can do that because I live in NY. If he leaves the sales tax out of the payment, how would I go about paying the tax to New York? Also, should I be paying sales tax on the entire price of the car or just the part I leased (the non-residual part)?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,555
    If the car is being leased through VW Finance, then all he has to do is tell them where you live, and they will do the paperwork on figuring the taxes..

    In NY, the taxes are paid upfront, but can be rolled into the CAP cost of the lease.. The dealer just needs to get with the bank, and find out the specifics..

    I don't think you can pay the taxes at registration, since the car will be owned by the bank.. They have to do it.. So, either way, the dealer will have to find out the amount of tax. Whether you pay upfront, or roll it in, he'll have to have that number, because if it isn't rolled in, he has to collect it and send it to the bank.

    VW Finance probably leases cars in every state.. It won't be an issue for them. Your dealer will just have to do a little leg work, and make some phone calls.


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