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2013 and earlier Lexus IS 250 / IS 350 Lease Questions



  • kmurkmur Posts: 36
    CarMan: What is the current money factor and residual for the IS 350, 12K miles per year, 36 months.

    What are the numbers at 27 months? Thank you.
  • Here is a lease quote I got . . .is it decent (2014 IS 350 AWD)

    MSRP: $47,067
    Discount: $750
    Sale Price: $46,317

    Term Money Factor residual $1999 down $2999 down $3999 down $4999 down
    27 .00130 73% $517 $478 $438 $398
    36 .00130 65% $514 $484 $454 $424

    These figures are based on 10,000 miles per year
    and do not include license, title, and doc fees. All
    payments are on approved credit.
  • mrtrancemrtrance Posts: 143

    Do you have the latest numbers for leasing a 2014 RWD IS250 with for 3/30K or 3/36K?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,503
    I'm sorry, but it doesn't look like we'll have any Lexus numbers for August.



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  • mbz123mbz123 Posts: 4
    edited August 2013
    Just got a quote for the 2014 IS350 F Sport fully loaded

    $0 Down
    $592 a month
    27 month lease
    15k a year

    MSRP: 48k

    Is this a good deal?
  • wussywussy Posts: 2
    edited August 2013
    Hi there,

    Did they ask you to pay a fee due to signing?

  • wussywussy Posts: 2
    ohh because I keep seeing $3789 due at signing that's why I asked, but I think its pretty good deal fully loaded if im not mistaken.
  • abc1237abc1237 Posts: 3
    Its an awesome deal without having to put anything down. Which dealer are you getting this quote from?
  • mbz123mbz123 Posts: 4
    Lexus of Mission Viejo. I might waited out till September. Going to a Ride & Drive event, and hopefully will get a $1000.00 certificate towards a new Lexus lease - dropping the payment even further. It's a good deal but after my previous post "is this a good deal?" I still think I can do better.
  • c3po33c3po33 Posts: 67
    If you have the money put it down as a Security Deposit, MSD (Multiple Security Deposits) so you can get it back at the end of the lease. The MSDs lower your Money factor .0001 for each MSD you do. I did the maximum of 9 MDS.

    I got a fully loaded IS 350 F-Sport Nebula Gray Pearl with Rioja Red interior with Navigation, Mark Levinson & blind spot monitor system for $483.85 a month with 12,000 miles.

    I put down $5,382.88 but if I deduct the $4,500 I'm getting back after 36 months (my MSDs) and my first payment that's included in the figure, I only put down $399.03

    I'm sure it’s not the best deal around but I think I did OK.
    My $4,000 deposit, minus the disposition lease fee, is coming back to me from Infiniti for the G37 I just turned in.

    I cannot believe Lexus does not equip the F-Sport with memory seats though, that makes no sense at all.
  • what dealer gave you that lease?
  • c3po33c3po33 Posts: 67
    Lexus of Pembroke Pines in South Florida.
  • What was your money factor and residual?
  • c3po33c3po33 Posts: 67
    Residual was 65% it would have been 73% for 27 months instead of 36 months.

    Did not get the money factor but he said it was less than 2% interest so I'm guessing about .0008 after MSDs.

    Car also has VGRS just saw it on window sticker.
  • Hi everyone!

    I recently got a quote for a 2014 IS 250 AWD:

    $3,000 down
    36 mos

    The financing quote given was MSRP $40,597, purchase price $37,412

    Are these deals good? Thanks in advance!
  • What is the least factor under the current Lexus program that expires on September 3rd?
  • I just got quoted $437 all in for is350. no money down. Out pocket are tags fees taxes FIRST payment. They factored in 9 msd. I am in Florida. that was on a walk in with some negotiations. 36 months 12k miles. Should I be able to get my all in under $400 for this is350? Or should that be the price for is350 f?
  • supa2001supa2001 Posts: 8
    edited September 2013
    Was offered the following in SoCal for IS 350 with blind spot monitor, F sport package with summer tires, navigation system with back up camera, and accy package. No idea what accy pkg is.

    Vehicle Price: $47,008.00
    Market Savings: - $3,758.00
    Vehicle Selling Price: $43,250.00

    Sales Tax (estimate): + $3,902.32
    Tag/Registration Fees (estimate): + $351.00
    Other: + $29.00
    Flat Add/County Fee: + $10.00
    Electronic Filing: + $29.00
    Smog Abatement Fee: + $20.00
    Documentation Fee: + $80.00
    Balance Due (estimate): $47,671.32
    No Trade-In
    Cash Due | 24 months 12,000 Miles | 27 months 12,000 Miles| 36 months 12,000 Miles
    $1,000 | $613 | $601 | $602

    Tax rate is 9%

    I think his calculation is wrong? Cap cost of 43250+fees should come out around $470-$500 a month?

    The special money factor is .00120, and the residuals are as follows:
    24 months is 34,785
    27 months is 33,845
    36 months is 30,085
  • you mind sharing the dealer who quoted this. Thanks.
  • It was from Cerritos.

    Car_man, can you let us know the money factor for IS350? Thanks!
  • Dealer told me MSD only lowers 0.00008, is that right? I'm in California.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,503
    2014? .00130 for either IS250 or IS 350..

    62% residual on the IS350 for 36mo. 15K mi/yr..


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  • I got quoted $409/month with $1100 initial payment out the door for a 2014 IS 250 Base..36 month lease. This is for a 15,000 miles lease. 10,000 miles @ $369. Is this a good deal?
  • Purchase price: $34,700
    Residual - 24172.70
    MF ==> .00130
  • Where was this deal, apatel790 ?

  • I am in SoCal and looking to lease a 2014 Lexus IS 250 (F Sport) w/navigation, which is normally close to MSRP 43K. I am looking if someone can share how much they paid for a similar vehicle and give me prices in details?

    Vehicle Price/Sale Price?
    Lease term/Months?
    Residual Value?
    Down Payment?

    What would be a good deal?
  • Enetnut,

    It's in Florida --> For 3 years, 15k miles lease. With $1186 initial payment (acquisition fee / title, etc) and from my calculation I am looking at about $369 in monthly payments.
  • Got my white IS350 F-Sport from Jim Falk Lexus.
    $453 a month, $500 down, 9 security deposits, 12000 miles, 24 months.
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