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Ford Explorer Maintenance and Repair



  • alnazzalalnazzal Posts: 1
    Hi ...
    My name is Mohammad ,
    I have ford explorer 1994 , it is shaking when i press on the fuel step , and the accelerator delays at the range of 25 ~ 40 mph gauge ... please help me in this case ... :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  • demusdemus Posts: 6
    hey nomore2!!!! I have a 2000 Explorer LTD with only 90k and the tranny went. 3rd gear and the clutch drum was wearing. But 3rd gear is the common gear problem in this transmission. Since having this issue, I have done some research and it seems there are literrally thousands of Explorer owners with the same tranny issues. I spoke to Frod Executives and they basically "spit in my face".
    They won't eben acknowledge there is a problem. Just so you know the trannies they are building even today have the exact same problem parts as 7, 8 10 years ago...

    I am so livid. But we can do something about this if we can all work together. Strength in numbers. What we can do is collect as many signature as we can about the tranny problems. Ford will listen then. This I believe. If we do this we might be able to get them to create a Recall or even better, some refunds. I have been told by Ford employees this is worth trying.. But I need help
  • ottavottav Posts: 31
    I have a 2005 Mercury Mountaineer Premier w/V8 engine. I purchased the vehicle two weeks ago, and it has been back to the dealer twice (it's there right now). Both times I've filled up the tank, the Service Engine Soon light has come on, and the fuel gauge drops down below E, even below where it stays when the vehicle is off. I always shut it off before filling, and make sure the cap is properly fastened. The first time it happened, they reset the code, and said it was fixed, but it happened again. Anyone seen this problem before, or have any suggestions? I never had a single problem with my 2002 Mounty, so I'm a little disappointed.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    "2000 Explorer LTD with only 90k and the tranny went. 3rd gear and the clutch drum was wearing. But 3rd gear is the common gear problem in this transmission. Since having this issue, I have done some research and it seems there are literrally thousands of Explorer owners with the same tranny issues."

    OK-you have a six year old car with average miles. (15,000/yr.) You have 90,000 miles on it. So-how long do you think a manufacturer should be liable for their products? 90K, 120K, 150K? Did you buy this vehicle new? Did you buy an extended warranty? How do you drive this vehicle? Gentle or Hard? Do you think some people abuse their vehicles? Do you think the manufacturers should be liable for ABUSE? GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • coltpeytcoltpeyt Posts: 11
    Hopefully you won't experience what I have been through, but it sounds like you are started down the same road. If you are interested read my message strings since the beginning: I have a civil court date with Ford December 15th in a Virginia court of law - jury trial. The vehicle transmission still slips - the torque steer (Pulling hard left) still happens - and my memory of the Dealer Service Manager telling me to "just be sure to hold on to the steering wheel when it pulls" is still there too!

    Messages to read: 3072,3075,3080,3082,3083,3087,3255,3257,3268,3269,3276,3439,3430,3448.

    Can anybody say "Class Action"!!!!
  • demusdemus Posts: 6
    Well Chucky,,,,,Let's get some things right before you flap your gums too much..

    It's KMs not miles... Big difference if you understand basic math.
    Second, I bout this truck new and the previous owner was an older gentlemen who did not do any towing, nor and off road driving. I was able to talk to him myself.

    When you purchase a vehicle at this price you would expect some type of respect that parts, especially a transmission, which is the HUB of an auto Chucky.

    Third if you have done any research at all on this issue, with this transmission, your repsonse might be a little more intelligent.

    Here is a quick stat just for you.... A local transmission shop, working for over 30 yrs, in my community of Hamilton Ontario, has had an Explorer in their shop, one-two every week for the past year for the same transmission problems. Some going back to 95 and even 2004 models.

    Then I checked other tranny shops and other auto repair centres and the same thing. Guess what Chucky????? I eventially visited 8 centres and came up with a large number of Explorer tranny issues, same as mine... GEE, go figure.

    So, in conclusion Chucky, I spoke to several of these owners and low and behold Chuckster, none of them tow nor do any off road driving and seem to be respectable enough to understand the issue.

    So before you give meaningless comments, do some work ahead of time especially if addressing me directly..
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    ... all tone it down a bit. Thanks.

    tidester, host
  • demusdemus Posts: 6
    My apologies tidester
  • jrc346jrc346 Posts: 337
    I sympathize with your transmission failure, but I have owned three Explorers, and many Fords. Only one has needed a transmission overhaul, and that was because it was 25 years old and fluid would pour out of every seal after driven over 5 miles. Also, I believe that your occurrence is more rare than not. If people driving the 4 million plus Explorer's on the road (In the U.S.: no idea about Canada) all had transmission problems, there would proportionately be a lot more flaming than is actually going on. My wife currently drives a 2000 Limited with the 5R55E, and it now has 80,000miles on it. I change the transmission fluid on it every 30,000 miles on the dot, and it shifts good as new. We bought her truck used, so there was some "risk" involved. I am curious about how you bought the truck new, if you said the person you purchased it from was an older gentleman. Did he change out the transmission fluid when the time came?
    Another question that I have. Why in the world would anyone take their 2004 Explorer in to a transmission shop for a transmission repair if the car is still under warranty? Now, there are I'm sure a few individuals that drive a great deal and surpass the allotted mileage, but that is bit rare. You also may have visited the dealership, and that is what you are talking about. If it is, then so be it, I am just trying to get clear picture.
    Moving on
    I don't know a manufacturer out there that guarantees that their components wont fail at some point. You have about 56,000 MILES on your Explorer now? Say Ford extended their warranty a year and another 12,000 miles. So 4/48,000. You would still be out of luck. You would still be mad, and I doubt that a Ford Executive would spit on your face. They care about the customer, they just have to draw the line somewhere. They can't dish out dough to every person that has an issue after their mileage and years or warranty expire. It is extreamly costly. My point, is that there is probably more to this than meets the eye. If you liked your Explorer before, then get it fixed and enjoy it again. If you don't like it, explore (no pun intended) your options. Look for something that will make you happy, because that, at the bottom line is what is most important. :shades:
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    You message is a little confusing. Did you buy your truck new or used? Also, I will restate my question again - How long do you think a manufacturer should be liable for their product? 90,000 miles, 120,000 miles, 150,000 miles or forever? If you purchased you vehicle USED-was the transmission fliud chaged? Also, on your visits to transmission shop, you didn't mention the failed number of trannys, however, as another poster mentioned-there are over 4 million Explorers on the road! If your tranny shop had a '95 Explorer in for repair-at average miles (15,000/yr.) that Explorer would have 150,000 miles on it. It goes back to my original inquiry about how long things should last and how long should Ford (or any manufacturer) be responsible. Good luck with your vehicle.
  • demusdemus Posts: 6
    My 2000, I purchased was used. I purchased it 1.5 yrs ago and had the tranny serviced as part of the purchase. As for the 95 Explorer, my point is this: When it was worked on, it had the same parts as there is in my 2000 and newer Explorers which are considered faulty. This particular garage even contacted Ford Canada several times to point this out. He is not worried about losing business, he actually feels for the customer on this one. I now have the correct and modified parts in my tranny with a transmission cooler, which should be on all trucks, especially 4x4s, but you probably know this since you have had 3 Explorers already. I had this done on my 4 runner when I had it and it made a world of a difference to the life and performance on the 4 runner. problems was, it rusted out eventually but never had a mechanical problem with it other than normal wear and tear.

    Just to clear something else up, when I did my research on the defective parts at other service centres, the problems in many case were the same as mine.. This was my point to Ford. And yes, some of these trucks were 2004s having their tranny rebuilt (under warrenty of course). And no there was no extended warranty on mine and Ford denied me purchasing one through them because of it's age. I had a standard 1 year warranty from where I purchased the truck.

    If you look at other car manufacturers, like Kia, Honda, they are offering 5-6 yr bumper to bumper warranties. A friend of mine purchased a Kia 4x4 and had a transmission issue after 4 yrs. Replaced immediately and only paid $300.00 deductable.

    So my question, why does Ford not offer something better than their standard 2 yr warranty? That is a little pathetic given the investment in such a high priced vehicle. Not sure what you pay for an Explorer in the US but here it is quite pricy.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    "If you look at other car manufacturers, like Kia, Honda, they are offering 5-6 yr bumper to bumper warranties. A friend of mine purchased a Kia 4x4 and had a transmission issue after 4 yrs."

    You bring up a good point.
    Kia and Hyundai offer longer warrantys because they have had quality issues in the past. As far as Honda is concerned, I am not sure, other than the fact that their cars don't generally break down. Therefore, to offer a longer warranty is of little consequence. As far as Ford is concerned, they sell plenty of Explorers (#1 SUV sold in the world!) so I guess they figure they dont have to offer a longer warranty to sell these vehicles.
  • jrc346jrc346 Posts: 337
    First, I'll say this. Please be careful in how you state things, they come across as being somewhat insulting ( I am speaking only towards comments made towards me ).
    Like these...
    "you probably know this since you have had 3 Explorers already."
    I am not implying that I "know" anything because I have had owned 3 Explorers. I am merely stating that I have experience with them because I have owned more than one.

    Now for my rebuttals:
    Ford's warranty is 3 years/36,000 miles or whichever comes first. My 1979 F-150 however, only came with a 1 year/12,000 mile factory warranty. I am sure there is a proportionate measure in kilometers for Canadians. Like I mentioned in my previous post to you, you wouldn't have benefited from Ford having a longer warranty anyway, your mileage (kilometerage?) is to high.

    I don't know who services your transmission or who is rebuilding it now, but the 95 ALD4 a 4-speed auto, is not the same transmission used in 2000 Explorers. In 1997, Ford switched over to the 4R70W for the V8 and the 5R55E (5-speed auto) for the 4.0L SOHC V6. Since 2002, all Explorers have the 5R55E. The only problem that I have seen with them is failure of a clutch solenoid. This is being replaced by Ford, at their cost, in most cases.
    Another note. Your 2000 Explorer already has a transmission cooler from the factory.

    As far as warranties go
    Honda offers 3years/36,000 miles bumper-to-bumper, same as Ford
    Kia/Hundai offers 5years/60,000 miles bumper-to-bumper

    If you were happy with the 4-Runner, maybe you should cut your losses with the Explorer and get another one of those?
  • greapergreaper Posts: 6
    Talked to a friend of mine who said he had the same problem after changing his rotors. said it the ABS speed sensors on the backof new the rotor was not pressed in correctly by the rotor manufacturer. I disconected the ABS sensors and test drove it. No ABS but the problem was gone and of course the ABS light stayed lit. Not looking foreward to changing out the rotors again.
  • biomanbioman Posts: 172
    But you are going to remove the defective rotors and return them to the place of purchase?? If you are sure it is the rotor and not the installation that is what I would do. Just M2C.
  • greapergreaper Posts: 6
    yes, just hate having to do a job twice for no good reason. still troubled about my other problem, the hesitation when putting a light load on the car. seems to be getting worse. checked my plugs and wires, no problem there. still think it is a trans/converter problem.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    Dayton Timberline HT. Put them on my Explorer at 125k miles. I had the same cupping problem with my Wrangler RT/S. They always cupped in pairs forcing me to buy 2 at a time and too cheap to replace all 2 perfectly good tires.

    You should be able to get them for about $70 - $75 per tire installed. I got mine for cheaper than that. Good overall tire with a 50k warranty.
  • rr122rr122 Posts: 1
    I have exactly the same problem. Did you ever find out what caused it? My mechanic has suggested that the brake booster check valve may be at fault. The acceleration problem does not happen all of the time.
  • krmitch1krmitch1 Posts: 1
    My 94 Ford Explorer 4x4 started having transmission problems in that it wouldn't shift when first started, usually forward. Adding transmission fluid fixes the problem for a while but there is no visible leak. Now the engine is idling very rough and I get a Check Engine Light with a code 332 "insufficient EGR flow". Upon pulling the throttle body and checking inside the intake manifold I found a pool of transmission fluid, which I assume is causing the rough idle and probably has carboned up the EGR system. It appears the fluid is possibly getting there through the vacuum system somehow. What would be causing this? Can a dirty and stopped up Transmission filter cause fluid to vacuum up into the intake? Not sure the transmission has been serviced in the last 50K. Also could a bad vacuum modulator be the culprit?
  • biomanbioman Posts: 172
    ddtownfb- thanks for the info on the Dayton Timberline HT. I'll put them on my short list when I'm ready to replace my 4 Wrangler RT/S.

    On another issue, what is the appropriate amount of time that is allotted for the replacement of lower ball joints on a 99 Explorer 4X4? When I had mine replaces I was charged 2.5 hours for labor for each side. New Ball joints were added to the old lower control arms.

    RE: Transmission Fluid in Intake manifold. Many years ago I had a 62 Comet that had a bad vacuum modulator valve. The symptoms were very similar to what you are describing. When the diaphragm in the valve breaks, transmission fluid is sucked into the intake manifold. If your transmission has one I would check out the vacuum line going from the valve to the intake manifold. If it has transmission fluid in it, Bingo!
  • wijocowijoco Posts: 462
    Yes, it's the vac modulator. Go ahead and replace the vacuum line, too as the fluid will soften and collapse it.
  • idntnvuidntnvu Pulaski, VirginiaPosts: 254
    I have a '99 Explorer XLS and I had both upper and lower ball joints replaced at 50k miles. How much did you pay for your ball joint work? Did you replace both upper and lower or just one of them?
  • biomanbioman Posts: 172
    Only the lower ball joints were replaced. I had checked out the truck before I brought in in for another problem and did see play in the lower ball joints. Since I will be getting new tires in a short wile I decided to have the ball joints replaced and a wheel alignment done. Cost a little over $500 for the job. I can't say anything about the price, but the shop has a reputation for doing excellent work.
  • mrzoommrzoom Posts: 1
    Please let me know if you find out the solution for this as the exact situation is happening to my Explorer as well...

  • demusdemus Posts: 6
    The 2000 did not come with a transmission cooler. Why would you suggest this? Maybe it does in the US but not here. This is an external cooler that sits right in front the rad and simply supplies a much higher level of cooling to the transmission. Not sure what you are referring to. Ford inidicated to me that they do not install these as factory items.

    If you know Explorers that well, then you should not look at the model of transmission but the PARTS that are internal. With the garage where my truck was done, we compared transmission parts from a 1998 Explorer, 6 banger auto to mine and the parts are the same. We then compared to a newer 2004 and the same. This also came from a top manufacturer of the Explorer trannies. Do you know who I am referring to? It is a US company...Now that is research when you can actually compare like we did. I have a transmission now with the modified parts suggested by this manufacturer to Ford several years ago. Plus it comes with a 2 year warranty. Not bad for a rebuild huh!!!!
  • coderedcodered Posts: 43
    i am looking a an 04' XLT with a 4.0, i was wanting to know what gas mileage might be and if there was any problems with it?
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    "If you know Explorers that well, then you should not look at the model of transmission but the PARTS that are internal. With the garage where my truck was done, we compared transmission parts from a 1998 Explorer, 6 banger auto to mine and the parts are the same. We then compared to a newer 2004 and the same."

    Somethings not right here. In 2002's and up the trannys are 5 speed autos. Are they not 4 speed trannys in previous years? If so, how can the parts be the same?
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    The 4.0 will get between 14-15 city and near 20 on the highway providing you don't go much past 75mph. The mpg seems to really drop after that. The only problems that seem to be out there are the transmission solenoid and the rear-end. My advice is if you are worried about the mpg you should stay away from any SUV. Also, do not buy an Ford Explorer WITHOUT A FORD EXTENDED WARRANTY. This warranty can be purchased over the internet at a reasonable cost. Shop the internet for your warranty and then ask your local Ford dealer to match the price. I purchased mine at I purchased the "basecare" which is a "powertrain warranty" that will cover the transmission, rear-end and other misc. components.
  • demusdemus Posts: 6
    You bet I will
  • Maybe Ford is too busy paying for their lawsuit to put too much attention into the warranty. Speaking of which, has anyone actually checked out that "esuvee" website? I think it's There's a game on there that's supposed to teach you to drive an SUV. It's worth a laugh.
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