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    I will be looking for a new SUV myself in May of 2005. The Durango Hemi is on the top of my list. The only problem I have is the gas milage. Could you tell me please what your milage was on you trip. Thanks,
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    Having same problem....neighbor has same problem....always Durango's at the dealership when I go in with a problem. Numerous other people with same problem. Rented Durango to go on vacation, mine wasn't working, and it had same problem. Hot air blowing intermittently....have now retained a lawyer. Had enough and waited for Chrysler long enough. Just got a call this afternoon that they have a fix for aircondioner but can't test it because its not hot outside so won't really know until next summer. NOT ME another summer with out airconditioning now #$%& way. I want my money back so I can by something else with airconditioning.
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    Having same problem....been in 6 times for a fix and the dealer couldn't do a thing to help me. Went all summer 110 degrees without airconditing what a pain. Finally got tired of the run around and retained a lawyer to get my money back so I can by a car the works. Have a broken bumper, gearshift broke, radio broke and running boards and rear bumper covers all worped along with my dash board.....I am done. Did get a call today and they have the fix for airconditionar but they won't be able to test it until it gets hot again summer of 2005. I am sorry their is noway I am going through the summer without air. Driving with windows down can be a death sentence in some cities. I refused to put my family through it again. Good luck if you need a good lawyer let me know. She helped my friend out and she has air now!!
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    No, nobody has gotten back to me yet. Just took the Durango on a long road trip and the Belkin was virtually useless as too many stations were in the low frequency range it uses. I have an email in to Dodge Customer support presently asking if they have any ideas/feedback. I'll post once I hear back from them.

    The Monster Cable charger and FM transmitter combo may work ok for you. However, all of the radio transmitters will get some radio interference. For reviews of the radio transmitters check out the reviews section of ipod lounge at

    I also know that Alpine is now producing an Ipod adapter for use with their head units. However, I'm not ready to throw away my OEM 6 disk changer just yet. If you choose to go this route check out the specs at

    Let me know if you end up trying any of these.

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    My '03 Durango blows hot air intermittently as well. Dealer checked the system and it was "functioning as designed". The A/C in my truck is moody especially on very hot and humid days. I agree that it is annoying, but from what I have read online it is a common problem among Durango owners. I have basically resigned myself to the fact it will probably always behave that way. It is the only major problem I have with the vehicle. My Durango is the best vehicle I have ever owned (and I have owned a lot of cars from different manufacturers). Based on my experience with the Durango, I would not hesitate to buy another Chrysler product in the future.
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    I have the Belkin TuneCast1 transmitter and it is worthless when I use it in the Durango. I have tried it in other cars and it was crystal clear. I may try to pick up the TuneCast2 transmitter as it allows you to pick stations within the entire FM band, not just the 4 in the lower range that the TuneCast1 has. In fact, the transmitter issue is so frustrating that I have not used my MP3 player in my truck for months.
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    I have a 2002 Durango SXT. Does anyone know if I can add a third seat? Thanks...
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    Seen in Rochester, New York, 23 October 2004, 07:55 AM, a new Dodge Durango with US Border Patrol markings. Could not see if it had the Hemi emblem.
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    I have an itrip fm trasnmitter for my ipod(original), but i really dont like the sound produced.
    I have the rear entertainment system, which has some rca jacks,
    do you think i could find a coonection that would go from the mini headphone jack to rca??
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    Has anyone bought the mopar navigation system??

    There are a couple on ebay for sale priced below mopar, but needs antenea,bezel,dvd, and installation.

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    I have an iTrip and use it at work... As far as my Durango goes I hook it into the RCA jacks on the VES (rear entertainment system) and other than the fact that the wires hang down I have had no problems and enjoy the sound quality... I also have it connected through the center console to a Belkin auto charger so I just plug and go...
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    Some time ago I posted a message about wind noise that was thought to be attributed to the Yakima Roof rack that I had installed.

    Well, I removed the rack this fall and the noise continued. I went back to the dealership. It turns that the Mopar Bug Shied had been improperly installed. There is a rubber seal that holds the shield tightly to hood. This was missing on the original install causing lots of play in the screen and hence the noise. No such problem with the new one.

    So, if you have the Mopar Bugshield and are getting wind noise at highway speeds, you may want to check and see that the shield was properly installed.
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    I have an 01 Durango SLT 4x4 with about 38K miles. For the past 10K miles I have noticed during the use of the cruise control - and even sometimes without it - on flat roadways, the RPM will jump slightly as if I am about to accelerate and will immediately drop back to its normal rate. The cruise control box was replaced as it had a crack in it and was not keeping a proper vacuum. This has not corrected the problem. Even with cruise off and a steady application of the gas pedal, the RPM might jump enough to hear the increase and feel the slight momentum jump, but just as quickly it is normal again. Any suggestions as to the cause or a remedy?
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    My 1999 Durango SLT (5.2 liter) has been stalling out when I go down a steep hill with it coasting and when comming to a stop. I find myself without steering or brakes. It does not do it all the time but has been occurring more of late. The "check-engine" lite is on and it checked out as a bad speed sensor but changing it didn't get rid of the problem. Also checked the fuel pressure and it seemed to be OK.
     Has anyone had a similar problem?
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    I have the Limited AWD. It is full-time AWD at 48% front and 52% rear. It is in the owner's manual. It states that the AWD will handle up to 90% of your off-road needs. When you put it into pure 4WD, it is 50/50.
         Sorry I took so long to reply. Been really happy with my Durango and just haven't checked.
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    I have been driving a Chevy Caprice Wagon since I bought it new in 1989. Has 162,000 miles on it. Absolutely LOVE it and overall cost to own is CHEAP (despite rebuilding engine, transmission, and AC).

    But -- want a new car! If I could buy a Caprice Wagon or equivalent, would do so in a heartbeat.

    Since that is not possible, am considering subject 3 cars Magnum w 3.5L V-6, Durango w 4.7L V-8). I've given each a short test drive and decided I can fit my arthritic 6'2" frame with 35" inseam in all three as long as they have a tilt wheel. (Toyata Sienna and H. Odessey are out because I can't do that).

    I haul long or big stuff not infrequently and haul a lot of luggage, etc on quarterly trips between Florida, Virginia, and Texas. Have no need for a 3rd seat and like the Stow & Go of the G. Caravan.
    Seldom have 2nd seat passengers, but, of course, need comfort there for when I do. I almost never do off-road driving, do not plan to tow anything, and avoid snow like the plague.

    Have never owned a truck or SUV and do not know if I will like the Durango (although the short test ride was very good). Am now in process of arranging a 1-day rental for each of these (no mean feat, especially for Magnum).

    Will also look at Taurus Wagon as a friend has had excellent experience with a 98 and I like to drive her car.

    Overall cost to own is important to me (but over a 10-year period).

    Would love to hear opinions as to what I should consider and watch out for. (Will also post this on specific car sites).
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    I have a 2004 Durango SLT with the 5.7 liter Hemi engine. The only problem I am noticing is a hissing noise that only comes when the vehicle is accelerating or is traveling above 30 miles per hour. Once the vehicle speed drops below 30 mph, the hissing noise quits. Sounds like it is coming from the left side of the dash. It doesn't matter if the air conditioning and heater are on or off. Has anyone else had this problem? I haven't had it in for the 3,000 mile service yet but sometimes it's nice to know if others have had this problem taken care of before the dealer says its normal. Thanks.
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    Great info here. Planning to pull the trigger late Nov for 2004 SLT Hemi, 4X4, Tow Pack, Sunroof, and a few other options. Looking for any add'l advice. Planning to use on our campground, tow a 7,000 dump trailer (gross), people hauler. Will ask dealer re A/C issues and checking for rocking driver seat. I have 3 dealers w/in 25 miles to work with. Looking for dealer cost +$100. Appears I can get $5,000 rebates plus add'l $500 if joining PA Farm Bureau. Two questions:
    Is traction control worth it with AWD that comes with Hemi? and
    I plan to stick with 3.55 rear end. Any reason to try to get 3.92 rear end?
    Thanks. Dave.
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         I answered this in post #116, replying to lucaja's same question. I have pasted it below. Hope it helps. I ordered mine from the factory with the 3.92, I have it and I am glad I do. The vehicle is quicker off the line and exhibits more torque than the 3.55 I test drove. With me towing a 6,000-lb travel trailer, I am glad I got it. Here it is:

         Did you opt for the 3.92 axle ratio? For others thinking the same thing, some things to keep in the back of your head: (1) these things supposedly have a governed top speed of 112 mph (anybody test it yet?), so the lower gearing won't affect that. (2) Fuel economy, yes the engine will turn a slightly higher RPM, BUT it won't be working as hard, so it is a wash. (3) You never know when the wife (or husband) is going to decide they want a travel trailer, toy hauler, horse trailer, boat, etc!!! Get the lower gears (3.92), it's only $40. That's right, $40! Always better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it!! Good luck to all
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    After doing alot of research, we've discovered that our multiple problems with our 03 Durango may be from the IOD fuse as described here.

    Does someone know where the IOD fuse is located? There is nothing to indicate where that is on either panel cover, or in the manual.

    Thank you so much.
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    Thanks cwoferg - re differential. Did the deal tonight. Pick it up tomorrow. 2004 Red SLT, Hemi (yea baby!), tow package, leather, split rear, reclining 2nd row, running boards, 28G package, no sunroof (oh well). Not sure if it is appropriate to give pricing info, but I think it was very good deal (10% off sticker and all rebates). Wanted 0% financing, but appears that is alternative to rebates, not in addition to.
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    FYI -- Ended up taking it to the dealer. He found a whole new problem we weren't aware of. Our original problem started when I found the electric door locks and remotes quit working, then later discovered that the headlights and other lights weren't working either. But overall, the rest of the vehicle seemed to be alright. They found that one of the CTMs, Central Timer Module, had malfunctioned. It was a warranty item and they replaced it, but also had to reprogram our door remotes.

    I still don't know which socket the IOD fuse is in, in case I ever need to pull it, as manual says "cavity 12" but doesn't indicate which panel. The inside fuse panel says that is for the starter only, and the under hood panel doesn't have numbers on the sockets. Oh well.
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    This is the quietest forum - must mean that everyone's happy with their Durangoes.

    I just have one problem - there never seems to be a good/safe place to quickly store the headphones.

    Also, what's with having to go back to the dealer everytime you want to configure simple pleasures; like having the rearview mirrors automatically dip down when in reverse or the seats automatically move back when you enter and exit?

    I'd also like to be able to decide for myself whether I want my horn to sound when I remote lock the doors. These seem to be adjustments that the owner's manual states must be configured by the dealer. Bummer.

    Here in Toronto the Belkin does a good job with my iPod but I hear the iTrip is better, though I've never tried it.

    Otherwise, my new Durango Limited with the amazing HEMI is a pleasure. I've almost stopped missing my Jeep Grand Cherokee that I traded in. I see a multitude of them on the road and a scant amount of Durangoes.

    They must not be a hot seller.
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    Check the "net" about Dodge Durango. They have steering problems, ball joint problems and engine failures,(sludge), and you think that this vehicle is the "best vehicle" that you have ever owned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Your AC problem is only the tip of the issue! Do some research!
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    Has anyone seen the news about the huge recall on 1999-2003 Durangos? The wheels on the SUV may FALL OFF !!!!I watched 20/20 last night and got the SAD news.

     I own a 2001 Dodge Durango. About 6 months ago my check engine lit went on and I was stuck with a bill for $1426.00 because of transmission issues. The dealership was awful to deal with and so was Dodge. I have owed many cars and never had a car with 50,000 miles on it , have transmission problems. I should have gotten rid of it then. Now we find out that about this huge recall. I won't be able to give it away. I wonder how long it will take to get the recall letter and then try to get into the dealership for service. GOOD LUCK. I live on Long Island in New York and my dealership was more than happy to sell me a car, but thats about it.I was through with Dodge 6 months ago, now I am really done with them.

    I can't wait to get rid of the SUV and go back to NISSAN.
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    Durango Recall


    tidester, host
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    The gas tank dropped in my 2003 Durango while I was driving on the Interstate. I'm glad to have not blown up, but miffed at the dealerships claim that it's not covered under the warranty. Anyone else experience this problem?
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    does that include the 04 model years, just wondering if the same defect is in the 04's
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    I believe that covers 2000-2003 models. I wondered the same about whether the problems have been fixed for '04 & '05.


    tidester, host
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    I have a 1999 Durango, had to have upper and lower ball joints replaced for inspection on 11/29/04. Does the recall just cover 2000 thru 2003? Any way I can get reimbursed for this cost from Dodge?


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    All the reports I've read indicate only '00 to '03 models are covered with no mention of '99s. If anyone has additional information please share! Thanks!


    tidester, host
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    Just bot 04, slt, 28G, leather, hemi, boards, dvd, sirius, recline 2nd row, 50/50 3rd row, tow, traction for $10k off sticker (including rebates). Took it on 2000 trip over Thanksgiving and got just over 20 per gal on the highway. Looks like I am getting 14-15 in the city. Has been wonderful ownership experience so far except for:


    The rotors are already warped at 4k miles?? Moderately severe shaking when stopping. I am taking in for warranty. Also the rear bumper (just below the rear hatch) is discolored (many white splotches and should be black). Dealer says this is a warranty item and happens on many Durango's. Just was wondering if anyone else has experienced this??
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    Do a search on the "net" dealing with this vehicle. You will find a lot of information dealing with this vehicle and other Chrysler products.
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    The upper ball joint recall on the Durango isn't really that big of a deal. Out of the 600K or so Durangos and Dakotas being recalled, the number of failures is a relatively small sample. Every manufacturer is forced to recall vehicles at one point or another. Besides, the wheels will not just fall off one would start hearing weird noises and feel looseness in the front end well ahead of any total failures.


    I am sorry for your transmission issues, but again, things happen. Our neighbor also has a Durango and he had to have his rear end replaced relatively early in his ownership of the truck. He still has his and now has over 120K miles on it. It remains his daily driver.


    My 2003 Durango has this recall as well as a recall for the winshield wiper module. I will get them taken care of at some point but I am not too concerned about the recalls. The recalls have little, if any, direct effect on resale. I still enjoy my truck and would not hesitate to look at another Chrysler vehicle in the future.
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    QUESTIONS: ---- Do you work for Chrysler or a Dodge dealer?-------- The Durango has major problems. Do some research on the "net". There are many people who have problems with this vehicle. Read their stories. I would love to own a Dodge Intrepid, but after researching this vehicle on the "net" I would not take the chance. It also has some major issues. People want "Value" for their hard earned dollars. In 1995 I leased a Jeep GC ,(a Chrysler product). It was the vehicle from "HELL". It lacked quality! (Electrical, Drive Train, and Suspension problems). Thank God it was only a 30 month lease! Chrysler designs some GREAT vehicles, but needs to improve the component parts. The Dodge Durango is an outstanding design. I would love to own one of these vehicles, but under the skin, the vehicle needs to be improved.
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    No, I have no affiliation with Chrysler. I am just a happy owner of a 2003 Durango. You can search any car online and read horror stories. No manufacturer is immune from having vehicle issues. We owned an '88 Toyota Camry that went through rear bushings constantly. In '92 we traded it for a new '92 Camry. The '92 Camry also ate rear bushings and had other little issues here and there. The dealer was no help at all and basically gave up on us after the 3rd set.


    We also leased a '95 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x4 back in July of '95. 24-month lease. Only 2 problems (coolant hose came loose and needed to be reattached and rear suspension squeaked). Other than that the truck was great and we missed it when the lease was up (leased a '97 Explorer after the Jeep and it was a good truck...the Jeep was more fun overall). We also owned a 2000 Dodge Stratus. Put 60,000 miles on it in 3 years and had no problems with it (traded it last year for a 2003 Saturn VUE). The only time the Stratus went back to the dealer was for routine maintenance. The Saturn, on the other hand, had some "teething" issues but it is now fine and is a great vehicle.


    If I recall, Edmunds long term Intrepid a few years ago was one of their more reliable vehicles. It had a couple of little problems, but Edmunds came away favorably impressed with the car.


    I have owned 2 Pontiacs that were nightmares, a VW that was terrible, a couple of really bad Fords, a Chevy that was no problem, a Plymouth that was okay, and another Chevy that was pretty bad.
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    I'm new to this forum but I need some advice. I am going to look at a 99 Durango SLT on Monday that my father has already put a deposit on for me. I have always liked Durangos and so has my husband, but it's hard to find positive reviews on them. Right now I drive a Jeep Cherokee but I'd like something a little bigger; we load it down when we go camping. We also plan to move from the beach to the mountains and I am wondering how the Durango is in ice, snow, and steep grades (i am looking at a 4x4). I'm going 200 miles to look at this vehicle and would be buying without my husband even seeing it (he is in Iraq) so I would appreciate some positive advice!
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    I dont own a durango, but they are sweet looking, why cant GM or Ford do something like it? At least daimler chrys can push the envelope and make some sweet cars into production, unlike lame Duck GM and Ford. IMHO sean,,,good choice on the durango folks>
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    where are you getting your info on Chrysler/dodge products? alot of people intentionally bash anything from chrysler division, Heck i just recently got ris of my 1990 Chrysler Lebaron with over 210K on the clock and i treated that car like a rag and it alwways came back for more, during the same time i had experience with a ford and gm and the chrysler was way more trustworthy, Have you tried MSN cars website they seem a good source on past reliability and specific problems on every make/model, along with owner comments and surveys, People never trusted my old Lebaron but it never failed me, but back then they were considered junk but not mine. do carefull research good luck sean
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    I have an 03 durango which has a couple issues and I do not know if they are related. 1) Occasionally when in reverse a loud clicking noise occurs and sounds like it comes from under the hood. I does not happen all the time which makes trying to pinpoint the problem difficult. 2) When idling the car just recently began smelling hot, but temp gauge is ok. Just had anti-freeze flushed and I do not know if that could be a cause. Does anyone have similar problems or know of solutions?
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    Anybody having trouble with their front rotors warping? I think this is heat build up after long trips. Here is the letter I sent to Dodge:


    Dear Dodge Representative,


    In November I purchased a 2004 Dodge Durango from Lawrence Marshall Dodge in Hempstead, TX. This was a demonstrator with approximately 6000 miles. Over the Thanksgiving holiday we drove 2500 miles to visit relatives. After that trip I noticed severe shaking when stopping the vehicle due to the rotors being warped. I checked the pads and they showed normal wear. Since I am an engineer the only other reason for warped rotors is excessive heat build up. I do not do a lot of stop and go driving, and I am certain the heat build up occurred during the trip (1000 miles one way and 17 hours) and caused the rotors to warp. This is due to either a rotor design problem (too small), rotors having inferior metal content to withstand the heat and/or the ABS system causing too much drag on the rotors and the heat building up over the long drive.


    I recently took the vehicle in for a warranty claim and told the dealer about the brake problem. When I returned, the service department had only replaced the pads and turned the rotors. I explained this is only a temporary fix until we go on another extended trip. They said that there are no upgraded rotors at this time and they could only replace the pad and turn the rotors within the warranty. They further stated that brakes are only warranted for the first 12,000 miles.


    Please advise if there is an upgrade to the rotors being addressed. I believe the dealer did what they could at this time, but I am certain this problem will happen again once we go on another extended trip (which we do twice per year). If this does occur again I would expect Dodge to repair/replace the rotors as a warranty item.


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    I'm confused - if you don't own a Durango and haven't bought a Chrysler/Dodge product in 10 years, why the frequent posting on this thread? Surely it's not just a community service to warn folks off of Chrysler products? :-)
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    In rgds to the white splotches on the rear bumber, I too have the same problem on my 04. I was told that it was the wax from repeated car washes. The dealer never mentioned anything about being covered under warranty, just advd me to get a black plastic restorer which would bring it back to life. Haven't tried it yet though.
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    Members are free to participate in discussions even when they don't own that vehicle. Many members have an active interest in vehicle lines that they have previously owned, consider owning or would like to own again. We do discourage "squatting" or sitting in a discussion for the mere purpose of being disruptive. That won't be tolerated. But if someone provides a solution/answer based on a previous experience, that can't be a bad thing even if their experience wasn't the best.


    Steve, Host
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    Does any know for sure if ESP (Elec. Stability Control) is even available on the '05 Durango??


    In looking at the Dodge site, it does not appear to be an option. I don't understand why is not a least an option, really it should be Standard.
  • carguy1234carguy1234 Member Posts: 233
    No, stability control is not available (traction control is though). My guess is that will get added for '06, since they already have a system is use on other Dodge vehicles (like Magnum).
  • gregoryc1gregoryc1 Member Posts: 766
    You might want to try a set of aftermarket "cross drilled rotors" and the brake pads to go with these rotors. Do a search on the "net" and you should be able to find a vendor for these parts. Naturally, you will have to absorbe the cost of these products, and the labor cost to install them on the vehicle. The advantage of "cross drilled rotors" is that they can dissipate heat better than the stock rotors.
  • jgriffjgriff Member Posts: 362
    Hopefully along with MDS on the Hemi.


    I'm not sure if that not having ESC and MDS would keep me from trying to cut a great deal on an 05 or not.
  • carguy1234carguy1234 Member Posts: 233
    Yes, the deals are great - but I bet they just get better as the year goes on? Current deals expire at the end of Feb, but I bet March has the same or better ones available.


    Mega rebates and financing deals make the Durango look like quite a bargain at the moment. Plus some people are getting the friends/family discounts too if they ask.


    My wish list for '06 is the cylinder deactiviation & stability control. Ok, a rear view camera would be nice too (like in the 4Runner, or MDX, or FX, or Sienna, etc), but I think that can be added aftermarket if you get the NAV system?


    I definitely want the UConnect. They have great examples of how it works over at Dodgeboy.
  • jgriffjgriff Member Posts: 362
    I was thinking more in terms of year-end deals come Aug. / Sept. Would it be worth getting 8-10k off an '05, or waiting for the new features on an '06.


    Tonight I test drove a '05 Limited w/ Hemi, dang I was impressed. For some reason last Aug. I was not impress that much. Maybe it was the SLT vs. the Limited or 04 vs 05 with some minor tweakes.
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