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Audi A8 and S8 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Just got a 2007 Audi S8 in silver. Pearl paint is nice but a pain to match as I learned with my escalade. pearl is a 3 stage paint. plain metallic is much easier for detailer to patch up any nasty dings that jerks in the parking lots are know to make.
  • I am unhappy with my 8L primarily because I find service to be terrible. My experience is the service departments (I use one in FL and NC in the summer) simply stonewall any problem with the car. The latest, I had new tires put on by a local tire dealer and I had the local Audi dealer align the front end. The car now pulls badly. I took it back and the tech told me everything was normal. I insisted the tech, service manager and I take a ride together. They conceded the car pulled badly and suggested it was radial pull and they switched the two front tires and told me everything was ok. The problem is the car still pulls in the same direction as it did before and they don't want to hear it. They for some reason won't acknowledge there is a problem and I don't want to make my point by ruining a new set of tires at a cost of $1,000. Does it make sense to go to a non Audi shop and have them align it or am I just looking for trouble.

    I just don't want to deal with it any more and I decided to trade the 8L in on a new Lexus. When I check the various web sites as to the value of my car the estimates come in between $40,000 and $42,000. When checking with dealers I find they will only give $32,000 to $33,000 which are auction prices. They say they can't sell the car and they just sell it at auction. What a disappointment, I guess I own the car a while longer and accept the fact that Audi has a low resale unless maybe on another Audi and another Audi is not for me..
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    Sorry about your problem....Maybe if you went to a Lexus dealer and traded, the deal could be more to your liking.....I would warn you that maybe with the new Lexus pricing you may find big depreciation right around the corner again....I have an audi, and it is fine, therefory yours could be fine also....Take it somewhere that is good, have the problem corrected---pay the money---drive for a couple of more years and do as me and not get another high priced car....The depreciaton is rediculous...I am very pleased with my audi a 8 but as you the depreciation is right up there, and I do not know what the next car will be--so I am enjoying it while it lasts....Tony
  • This forum was helpful in my recent purchase of an Audi A8L.

    The car currently has 45,500 miles on it. I purchased it for $32,000.

    The dealer wants to sell me an extended warranty for $4988\ 4 yrs or 50K additional miles.

    does it make any sense to buy the warranty or should I just invest the money and pay for the repairs myself.

    Any horror stories about repairs and those that did or didn't buy an extended warranty on a used Audi.
  • technartechnar Posts: 10
    Hi all,

    I am a few weeks away from turning my A8L in and finally getting the S8. Stopped by my dealership yesterday and the fleet mgr showed me the residuals chart for various models. My '06 A8L had a 69% residual (12k/year). The chart shows 53% for S8 and even lower for A8. The mgr said that the residual went down for every Audi model.

    Is this true? Because this makes a huge difference in what the monthly lease payment will be - about $500/month more for the same car (and same price).

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
  • clemboclembo Posts: 253
    I have a 2006 A8 as well coming off lease next month, same story applies here. As much as I love my A8, I am reconsidering my options.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    5 grand is a lot of money, but not out of line for a high end car like the A8.

    Getting in certified at an Audi dealer is usually less money, but I guess the overall deal and purchase price come into play.

    I'd personally never own an A8 out of warranty. 5k may be peanuts if you ever have an engine or transmission problem. You could be looking @ 10,000-15,000 easily on a German V8 engine or tranny if something went bad. Also, the air suspension can be very expensive to fix should it every break.

    The 04 model A8 was the 1st year re-design, and they had a lot more problems than the newer ones.
  • a8fana8fan Posts: 17
    I'm about to order a new A8 because I could not get an S5... they are simply not taking any more orders for those because they are in such high demand. I would have loved the standard trans once more, but oh well...

    My question is, they will give me a fabulous price to order one, orone off the lot (from another dealer since they have none) but on a car that is ordered, is there even any holdback amount at all to bargain with?

    The price above invoice they were willing to give me is pretty dang good but my dad still insists I'm getting screwed if I don't get more off because of that holdback which is to cover the finance charges for a car held longer than 90 days

    Also, I have had Audis that were bright red, black, dark gray, and silver (two).
    My current A8 was silver metallic and that paint never showed the scratches.

    What color do you all like?
  • The silver will definately not show the scratches nearly as much as the other colors, and will be easier, in the long run, to keep clean. Go with whatever color suits your fancy. I, regardless of my own advice, love the A8 in Phantom Black Pearl Effect.
  • DOesnt seem like you got that good of a discount. Did you try other dealerships?
  • wesoweso Posts: 6
    Can folks who have purchased recently post purchase deals they've been able to get?

  • a8fana8fan Posts: 17
    I decided not to replace my 1999 A8 which is still going strong.

    I bought a Toyota Tundra instead.

    Also, when my S5 came through, I did not take it, because I could not justify spending that kind of money in this economy.

    So someone got a nice standard trans, black on black, S5 sports coupe with everything on it.. Wahhhhh.
  • ahsan1ahsan1 Posts: 3
    Got the dealership to $42k for a 07 Certified A8 (48k miles, luxury package, backup camera, winter package, steering wood kit, alcantera trim). Is that a good price (was listed for $45.5k).

    In Atlanta, the 2007 Certified A8s are ~3.5K more than a comparable BMW 750Li. The Audi dealerships are not able to match the BMW prices. Any idea what's going on?

    I like the A8s, but can't justify spending the additional money when they are less popular than the BMWs. Thought Audi would be trying to win over the BMW drivers.
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    It`s worth more..A great car Tony
  • Sticker MRSP was $90,155, got the care for $78,000, brand new, good deal or not?
  • That's a good deal, no doubt...Congrats on buying a great car!
  • so you got 12k of MSRP?
  • how much can i expect of MSRP for a car that they have?
  • I got $14k off MSRP. 2012 car in stock. Jack Daniels Audi in Paramus. I believe there is one more in stock at that price. It is navy with black interior. Beautiful car.
  • capdadcapdad Posts: 2
    I am looking for lease rates for a 2013 Audi S8. I would like it for 12k and 15k miles. Thanks
  • mafitchmafitch Posts: 15
    Car_man, I'm hoping you can help. I've worked out a lease deal on a 2013 A8L 3.0T with an MSRP of 87,445. The car is being discounted 11,500 dollars and Audi Care is included in the deal. The money factor I am being quoted is .00046, which according to them is "40 basis points above the buy rate". With 2400 down, 3% tax, fees and everything, my payment would be 1075 per month for a 36 month lease, 15K miles a year. Does this sound right? Thanks in advance for any help.
  • Could you help me with the Money Factor and residual on a 2015 A8L 3.0 on a 36 month/8000mile/yr lease? Thank you
  • MichaellMichaell ColoradoPosts: 65,301
    myhal1582 said:

    Could you help me with the Money Factor and residual on a 2015 A8L 3.0 on a 36 month/8000mile/yr lease? Thank you

    .00038 and 51% for 36 mo 7500 miles per year.


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