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Volkswagen Rabbit



  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    I got my figure from edmunds.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    which is the proper figure, given that its the same number vw gives.

    you can't even compare the lightest civic to a rabbit; yeah it weighs more, but its such a horrible value. it comes with absolutely NOTHING. now lx and ex are a different story, and seeing as how the heaviest civic is the ex auto (with the exception of the hybrid and si, both which are heavier), its safe to say that the difference is not extreme, and STILL translates to better high speed handling and overall solidity on the road regardless of speed.

    the civic i used to have was an 06 ex auto.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    yeah, for the dx, which is the most pointless model in all the civic line.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    ...seeing as how the heaviest civic is the ex auto

    The highest weight that I had listed was for GX, not realizing (until now) that this a natural gas powered version. So the heaviest normal Civic is EX at only 100 pounds less than the Rabbit, per edmunds data.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    its heavier even than the hybrid? wow.
  • If my back of the napkin math is correct that's:

    City = 34 MPG
    Highway = 50 MPG
    Combined = 43 MPG

    Anyone, please correct me if I'm wrong. And if there's new information out there about the Rabbit TDI coming to the US please let me know. Danke.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    the figures for the engine are correct...only you will have to experience them in a jetta or sportwagen tdi.

    the only new motor the rabbit is going to get is a revised 2.5. i don't think we will see a tdi golf/rabbit until the mk6 comes out.
  • The 2.0 would be nice, but Eldaino is right, the more I think about it the more the 2.5 litre 5 cylinder engine makes sense in the States, especially considering this car has virtually always had the same fuel economy for the gas engines. Also if VW is able to maintain the same Fuel Economy as they are now with a 170 HP engine (over our current 150), while maintaining a similar out the door price the new Rabbits will probably be multiplying on local free ways like... well you know.

    What is the Curb Weight of the TDI?
  • Hey,
    '08 Rabbit owners: can someone please post the on-the-sticker fuel economy of the '08 Rabbit? I checked and it's actually marginally better than the '07!!! (New EPA=20-29 but I don't know if it's accurrate) I just want to confirm, since it also has 20 more HP than our '07s. Or maybe the '08 stickers are more accurrate since it's the year they are officially switching to the new estimates. I have a feeling if a car with 170HP and the same price as the 07' along with slightly better fuel economy would be a deadly combination for the '08 Rabbit in America.
  • It seems to me that the 07 Rabbit was better...I'm quite sure it was 22 and 30 mpg on the sticker. The best I've gotten on mine is 29 on the hwy.

    What's the word on the new diesel engine? Is it coming in 08?

    I love my Rabbit...wish I didn't have to fill it up so often. Sometimes I think it would be just nice to have a bigger gas tank so I would have the illusion of getting better mpg! I'm lucky to get 300 on a tank running around the city, including some freeway. But, our gas has 10% Ethanol year round in most places, so that's partially to blame, I'm sure.
  • New EPA estimates were 19-28 on the '07 and 20-29 on the new '08. Old EPA on the '07 rabbit was 22-30. Just want to know what's on the sticker of the '08s.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    probably 23/31

    even though 20/29 is only 1mpg better on both counts. hardly anything to get excited about.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    i would imagine its a quite a bit heavier.

    a further testament to vee dub for the mileage that they acheive.

    a 2.0 diesel would be great...theres an even more powerful variant of it that makes more than 140hp. (i think its like 170.)

    the tsi(turbo and supercharged) would be cool too; it would average about 35mpg and makes about the same power as the revised 2.5 but with more torque. all out of a 1.4 litre engine.

    A N/A 2.0 wouldn't cut it though, the rabbit is a bit to heavy for an engine of that nature to feel peppy.
  • Hi Eldaino! You mean our 07 Rabbit's mileage estimates got downgraded by the EPA? How can they do that?
    How's your bunny doing?
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    hey man! she's doing good, gas mileage holding steady, already got 26k on her!

    as far as the epa goes, all the cars are getting re-vamped, and the 08's will display this.

    the thing is, in 2008, you won't be able to see what a 2007 sticker would have looked like unless you visit the fuel website.

    on that website 06-07 rabbits went from 22/30 to 19-28.

    BUT, on the 08 rabbits with the revised engine, this number is 20/29. So if we could have gotten this engine in our bunnies this year or back in 06, the sticker would have read something like 23/31.
  • It keeps popping up in owners' reviews of the Rabbit that the speedometer reads some 10% fast [77mph indicated is actually 70mph] :( . Now, VW offers wheel sizes of 15", 16" and 17" for the car. Would choosing one particular size over another help bring speedo readings into line :confuse:
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,667
    15", 16", 17" wheels all have the same overall outside diameter, once you add the tires. 17" use lower profile tires than 16", etc...

    So, the wheels would have no effect..


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    Does the A/C work well enough especially when driving in slow city traffic?
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    always did for me, even if it wasn't exaclty 110, and more like 108. ;)
  • hpmctorquehpmctorque Posts: 4,600
    According to an article regarding VW's product plans, in the December issue of one of the popular auto magazines (sorry, can't recall if it was Automobile or Car & Driver), VW will not introduce the next generation Golf/Rabbit in the U.S. market. In other words, there will be no successor to the current Rabbit. If there's a Golf dirivative, it will be in be only in the form of a high performance V6, or maybe a turbo 4, but it'll be a performance car, and priced accordingly, and not a successor to the current Rabbit. That's disappointing, but let's see what else will be in the VW lineup.

    The same aticle said the next Jetta will be larger and feature better styling than the current one. The article ahd comments on other VW models, smaller and larger than the current Rabbit.
  • The 2008 Rabbit looks like a nice car, but I practically injured myself getting out of the backseat of the two-door. (Maybe it's my age and not the car design.) No one over 50 should ever have to ride back there.l
  • Did you try other 2-door cars from other manufacturers? Is the Rabbit that much different from others? And how was the roominess of the back seat?

    Would you be the person riding in the back, most of the time?
  • I have the 4-door version and my 66 year old father really liked the back seat of the Rabbit. Maybe a 4-door would be better for you?
  • Hey Jaxs1,
    I've had my 4-dr '07 Rabbit since July. I live and work around Southern California and a good number of days got above 100 degrees in the summer, and my Rabbit did just fine. With the seats originally adjusted to a pretty low height, the vents are awkwardly high, and it's kind of hard to get air going where you want it. If you're on your own in the car It's probably a good idea to close unused vents to get better air flow. Adjusting my seat height helped the slightly awkward placement of the vents a little bit, and overall I was never burning up when driving around in the heat.
  • I was looking at the 2008 Rabbit yesterday, at the LA Auto Show.

    The 2009 models will probably cost a lot more, because of exchange rate fluctuations. And not many 2007 models were sold.

    So in a year or two, I would not be surprised if used Mk5 Rabbits are selling for close to what they cost when new. The demand for used Rabbits is likely to be greater than the supply.
  • I just moved to Switzerland from the East Coast of the US and have been car shopping for some time now. Most recently I've tried several Golf Vs with different engines. The 1.4L TSI is a gem and I'm sure the 170 HP version is even better. I also tried a Golf+ which is based on the Golf V with a slightly roomier MPV style interior. This one had the 2.0L TDI w/140 HP. It was manual 6 speed and that engine scoots! There is a slight bit of hesitation in the beginning but once the turbo kicks in look out! It is also much easier to drive fast and nimble as a diesel than the 2006 Toyota 2.2 D4 diesel I had before. That one had 150 HP but the combination of throttle response, clutch and gearbox made it behave like a tractor. You can hardly tell the difference between the VW diesel or gas the way they drive. Except that the TDI will get the same low mpg in the Swiss Alps as on the flats.

    I'd love to get that engine in the US. Before leaving I drove the 2005 Jetta diesel and it was a dog... I also drove the GTI DSG which I should've bought instead of bringing my 2006 V6 Grand Vitara. Talk about a gas guzzler!!! :cry: The GTI costs $15000 more here!!!! :sick:
  • I did not try any other 2-door. I tried the Rabbit 2-door because it was the only Rabbit on the floor. While I wouldn't ride in the back seat very often, I did want to experience what passengers would have to experience back there. You're right, Shirotoi, the 4-door would be much more appropriate for me.
  • I like many of you have been looking for a good economical car that won't break the bank. The VW Jetta TDI has been appealing to me because of its high MPG, 45/55 according to the newest models and yet below the hybrid prices. Well, today I went to the Portland Auto Show and saw the 2008 Golf TDI. Estimated MPG is mid 60's!! Thats about 15mpg better than Prius! The price......$14,995. Where do sign up!! Heres the big downer.......its only available in Europe. One thing I found out at the Auto show is that the economical cars are out there but the US won't allow them in because of emmisions, safety, and whatever other lame excuse they can think of. The Golf TDI headed for Europe is the same as the one currently in the US but with an 80hp TDI "Clean Diesel" engine, which actually emmits less carbon than the Prius. I don't know about you but I'm getting sick of the politics. We could have had an all electric car from GM, but they chose to be greedy and look where they are now. Toyota will pass them up this year. I guess we'll have to settle for the Jetta TDI for now.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    VW probably is not bringing those here becasue they feel they will not sell at a profitable price. IOW, it is mostly likely your fellow Americans that prevent you from being able to buy that 80 HP Rabbit TDI. Americans don't buy many hatchbacks to begin with and would likely consider that car to be underpowered.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    is the current Rabbit built? How about the previous generation Golf?
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