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Land Rover Discovery and Discovery II



  • expert1expert1 Posts: 133
    I also had windshield noise with my rig. After researching it and trying to get LR to fix it on warranty I was informed that the windshield had been replaced before I purchased it at 6K. The non-LR dealer used the old rubber, a after-market windshield (LR wanted $914.00), and reused the plastic trim rivets. Luckily I got a ding in it on the freeway before my trip to the dealer so I ended up calling insurance and getting it replaced with all LR equipment for $250.00. Now no noise and all LR.
  • gyaogyao Posts: 3
    I live in the DC area, and the dealer just quoted me 6000 for a bunch of problems. I wanted to see if anyone in the area know of a reputable mechanic for Discovery's that might be able to give me a second opinion on all the issues. I have a 95 and I know the blue book value is only 5000 to 6000. They're telling me I have a leak in my oil pan, manifold, cover seal, coolant leak, transfer box leak, power steering hose leak, need new exhaust system... Any info would be greatly appreciated!
  • expert1expert1 Posts: 133
    That I lived in the DC area gyao, I could use the money. It sounds like all of your problems are minor. Gaskets, hoses and mufflers. Big deal!! Unless something major is wrong (coolant leak is a cracked head or block) I think you can beat this estimate by a ton. Everything I have seen on my rig is pretty standard and any good ASE mechanic should have no problem and at a reasonable repair cost. Parts are a little higher, but standard filters, hoses, brake pads, are priced very fair. If you are not mechaically inclined, facing and $6000 repair bill for a $6000 car, maybe it is time to donate your rig to a good cause in DC. I no longer resale my cars. I get my mileage out of them and take the deduction.
  • gyaogyao Posts: 3
    Thanks expert1. I'm definitely going to see what another mechanic will charge for it all, and will get done the bare minimum. A little muffler noise doesn't bother me (that was $2500 according to the dealer). The thought of resale is too much of a pain to bother with.
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Don't you know that's the factory installed Undercarriage Corrosion Prevention (UCP) system in action? Works great, eh? *grin*

    Not to worry. Just go around with a socket wrench and an assortment of sizes and torque up the cover bolts. Most likely they're a little loose. You may have degrading cork gaskets but probably not. Use wrist torque only to tighten, like around 15-20 ft-lb. Any more might deform the cover being sealed.

    As for the coolant leak... it may be a hose or freeze plug too. Have them point out where the leak originates. Does it make a puddle? You can chase it down yourself.

    Remember this is not a rocket-science engine. Any good mechanic can work on it.

    Good luck! -Bob
  • gyaogyao Posts: 3
    I've just become inspired to buy a book on fixing all this crud, and to at least do what I can myself. Sounds like it could be fun.
  • ywilsonywilson Posts: 135
    I don't have a LR yet but being an ex SAAB driver I know your pain. Look in the yellow pages. There are some good mechanics that specialize in LR's. I think that Virginia may yiels more results but Maryland has a couple I believe. Thier prices will be alot lower and you can get good work at most of these. Good Luck.
  • denver8denver8 Posts: 42
    Has anybody had any experience with replacing shocks. What are some good aftermarket brands?
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Take a look at Lots of good info over there.
  • I am considering leasing a 2002/03 Discovery and am wondering if anyone can tell me a little about their experiences. Also, I'll be moving to Lemoore California and am wondering if anyone knows of any authorized service centers in that area. I'd hate to have warranty work done and have to drive an hour or so to Fresno.
  • Just took delivery of a 2002 Discovery. It is the SE model, Westminster edition with the Harman Kardon audio/navigation system (way cool), added brush bar, Hella 3000 driving lights and rear ladder.
    Did a lot of research and it came down to this. This vehicle has spades! There are SUV's that are more sophisticated, more powerful, better riding (at least on road), better ergonomically, and get better gas mileage. But most of them are extremely booooring with an identity crisis, is it a car, a mini van, or an off road vehicle?
    The Discovery is unique in it's design and character. Yes it's quirky in some ways, but that's part of the charm. It's also solid, fun to drive and knows exactly what it is....a Land Rover.

    You either "get" them or you don't!
  • kbowenkbowen Posts: 58
    2001 SE7 w/ACE, 10K. I've seen a lot other posts further up about the noise and thumping experienced when panic stopping on a rough surface. I, at first, thought it was abnormal, but was assured it was not. It is something I got used to. However, after bringing the truck in for the ABS ECU recall, I notice that it is much "tamer" when stopping on rough surfaces. It seems quicker and is certainly smoother and less noisy. Has anyone else noticed this?

    Still having problems with that pesky ACE light. Intermittently, a steady yellow comes on. Three trips to the dealer and it is still coming on now and then. When it comes on, I stop and restart and it may not come on for another 500 miles or so. The dealer says it can find no problems and is going to have a factory rep look at it when in town later this month. The system seem to work fine even when the light is on. I personally think it's old Lord Lucas just letting me know he is still around; it's like a ghost thing.
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Apparently you haven't perfected your LLD (Lord Lucas Disclaimer) yet. Once that's accomplished, many of your electrical weirdnesses will vanish.

    On a lighter note, there may be a simple solution to your ECU light weirdness. Granted I have a SI Disco and it's doubtless laid out differently than the SII... but under the bonnet (quaint, eh wot?) on the SI there's a fuse box. It's on the passenger ("off", starboard) side, about midpoint of the engine, level with the intake manifold, it's perhaps 6" by 2" black plastic. Coming in the underside are myriad large electrical cables. This is where the BIG voltage/currents come into the electrical system. From here they distribute to the ECUs etc.

    Being under the bonnet it's exposed to frequent large temperature swings, dust, moisture, muck, you name it. Expanding/contracting with temperature allows nastiness to get into the connections inside that box, which produces poor "noisy" electrical supply to the ECUs, which makes the ECUs very unhappy. Ever see a home PC without a filter in its power supply? Of course not. They RELY on clean power to operate correctly.

    The solution is shade-tree-mechanic simple: pull the cover of the box, remove/clean/replace each fusible link (I use a pencil eraser to clean down in the holes) and all electrical connections. Reconnect everything, button her up, drive away happily with a cheery wave.

    It took me THREE YEARS to find this trick, and it fixed all my electrical problems.

    Good luck, -Bob
  • kbowenkbowen Posts: 58
    I'm "up" for cleaning the connections, but first want to make sure we are talking about the same problem. It has been the ACE light (not ecu) that has been coming on and I'm not sure the routing would be the same as you note. Advise.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    The ACE light is triggered by an ECU also. The Discovery series II has ECU's for the ABS/SLS system, ACE system, Engine Management System, Transmission, SRS system, and Body Control ECU.
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Tincup is, of course, right. That's what I was thinking when I wrote... there are a bazillion computers and they each want nice clean power. What's the single point of failure for all these seemingly disparate systems? The fuse block.

    It may be that they moved it somewhere else on the DII, but that could still be the culprit. You might have to hunt for it... but if it's under the hood, you might do well to clean it just for grins. It only takes about 15 minutes on my DI.

    On a seemingly separate issue, the rear windows on my DI refuse to go up and down until they get happy (after driving a ways). Someone sent me photos showing where the circuit board is that controls them; it's behind the glovebox. They sent photos showing where there were cold solder connections on their board, and a touch with the solder iron sorted it. Perhaps... the same could be true of your ACE circuit board?? Just a thought.

    It seems these are still simple problems and easy to fix. It just takes electrical skill now, not only a screwdriver and dwell meter.

    Best regards, -Bob
  • expert1expert1 Posts: 133
    That our forum has dried up with any reports of failures, quality issues, dealer complaints etc. Is there anyone out there that has any problems with their LR that this forum needs to be aware of? I sure don't. Mine looks, feels and runs like a top. Good mileage, awesone road feel, presence, safety and dependibility. Ok, you say it is the new DII, low miles (16K), driven to the store and back by 50+ drivers. Hey, we have had fun in it this winter. Up the slopes, through the mud and in many a viscious storm. All I can say, stealing this from Chevy, built "Like a Rock."
  • kkonekkone Posts: 61
    Does anyone know if there is going to be a price increase for the 2003 Disco? I would like to buy one as soon as they get here which I believe is July 02.
  • mrwhipplemrwhipple Posts: 378
    Does anyone know what the weight increase may be with the 4.6 engine, in the '03 disco? What will be the mileage specs? Just curious.
  • mrwhipplemrwhipple Posts: 378
    saw a 2003 Discovery ll & Range Rover on the road today. I thought both weren't being released until July. One was in front of the other. Both looked nice.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    You saw some early production vehicles that are here for testing and evaluation.
  • kbonnelkbonnel Posts: 7
    I am just eager (or not) to see what a 2003 DSII is going to set me back :(

  • mrwhipplemrwhipple Posts: 378
    tincup, is there any kind of kit to reactivate the "center diff lock" within the cab, for a '00 or '01 disco? Would it have any effect on the ECU?

  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    activating diff lock in 00 and 01 Discovereys will cause all sorts of problems with the ABS and traction control. They have changed the ECU and traction control strategy in the 03 model to enable diff lock. There won't be a kit that I know of to change this.
  • mrwhipplemrwhipple Posts: 378
    Could you switch out the ECU, or would that be a huge money factor? How would a kit differ from activating it manually underneath for an emergency? Just curious?
  • expert1expert1 Posts: 133
    Has anyone had their new DIIs' smogged lately under California new rules? I hate to sound dumb, but with permanent 4X4 do I need to find a shop that all four wheels are put on the dyno or will the viscious clutch just slip and not apply any drive to the front?
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    The Discovery does not have a viscous clutch, it utilizes the Traction control to control wheelspin. The center diff is an open design. You will have to take it to a testing facility that has provisions for AWD vehicles, as damage will occur if you do not.
  • denver8denver8 Posts: 42
    Here in Colorado the testing facilities have a designated lane for AWD vehicles. They get all four wheels on the rollers and run the speed up to about 80 mph. The first time I took my Defender in they didn't get it tied down very good and the truck started moving around on the rollers, fortunately the guy shut her down before anything crazy happened. Scared me half to death.
  • expert1expert1 Posts: 133
    All of my other cars have been taken to the regular $19.95, with a coupon, smog shop. In all the smog shops that I have gone to none have had dual dynos. Oh, well I guess I have found one thing that costs more with a DII.
  • I just recently had my 2001 BMW 330ci with a premium and Luxury package stolen (11 days ago) and not recovered as of yet. Looks like I need to replace. I fell in love with the Disco II after I bought mine two years ago, so here I am again. I have a few questions and a few responses.

    Q1: What is the reliability factor with this vehicle? I have read a lot of stuff here about ACE and the brakes – both a repetitive problems in the comments above. What is the deal? I need a 5-year+ owner to start talking or someone that beats their DII to spill it. I don’t want to here about “I love it its great at 700 miles”, “I just picked mine up and won’t drive anything else”. I need long hall drives to come forward.

    Answers to above:

    What is the price of the 2003? – I have two requests that are out now and have not gotten them back yet but will pass them on when I do. I heard from one dealer that the new engine will have better mileage then the Range (due to less weight in the DII) and the price will be about $1000 more.

    In addition to the above mentioned, I have been heavily researching the Discovery II and found a lot to share with other Disco II owners and future 03 owners. Land Rover will be making a big debut with the Rover and the Disco for 2003 this summer. The new Range Rover series III is due out in about 2 weeks. The dealers are currently being trained and testing the new model, which was a joint effort between BMW and Land Rover. The new RRIII is really nice, almost too nice to off road. The colors the options are all reconfigured and redesigned with the best of results. This technology is being passed onto the 2003 Discovery II with new options, brakes, suspension, engine, headlights, etc. If anyone has seen pictures of the new Rover, will love the 2003 Disco. They look the same from the front. LR changed the headlights and the taillights for 2003. The engine is what I am really waiting for. Once I get the prices back I will order one for the July launch.

    Also if you have been poking around this web site you will find that Land Rover is number 5 for stereo's in cars over $30K...

    5. 2002 Land Rover Range Rover (Alpine/Harman-Kardon)
    An SUV in the top five? Pass the tea and crumpets and crank up the volume — this is one great-sounding audio system. With 460 watts of unadulterated Alpine juice powering 12 Harman-Kardon speakers throughout the cabin, you'll think you're at the Royal Albert Hall when this thing kicks in. The system includes an in-dash six-disc CD changer, a 10-inch subwoofer in back and — something we rarely see — a separate volume control for the sub. Pass the Grey Poupon and the opera glasses, bloke. Now if they could just fix the funky cosmetics and ergonomics. Oh, wait. They did that (with BMW's help) for 2003.

    Feed back?
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