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Land Rover Discovery and Discovery II



  • chashoangchashoang Posts: 19
    did the guy tell you when the new 2003 disco would be out and any additional diff. besides the larger engine and lights? my car is up on lease on june 30th and i've been waiting for this car to arrive. i've talked to some dealers here in chicago and they might give me a loaner until it comes. Also, does anyone know how much negotiating power i will have on the new model? i do have a ford x-plan which gives me the car at 4% over dealer invoice but am trying to get the car even better. am i wishing for too much?
  • dan983dan983 Posts: 2
    My wife is demanding a Discovery and I have an auto broker looking for a 2000. I'd appreciate any suggestions with respect to the options to look for. For example, should I get one with ACE? Also, if I find one with 30,000 miles, I've identified an extended warranty, full coverage, for $2,300 (4 years & 100,000). Since any warranty companies won't cover Land Rovers I assume I should jump on the extended coverage?

  • expert1expert1 Posts: 133
    I have a 2000 DII without ACE and the cornering is outstanding compared with other SUVs that I test drove. I opted to not have my rig equipped without all the bells and whistles since the less complicated the less to go wrong.
    Try Hal Moses at 1-800-933-9190 for a extended warranty quote.
  • rapstanrapstan Posts: 1
    Just bought a 2002 Discovery. Love the look but a couple of questions. Is it normal to hear a clicking noise each time the gas pedal is depressed? The service person at the dealership says yes. Is it normal to hear a low whining noise from the engine when the car is running that gets louder as the car goes faster? The service person says its the transfer box and that some are louder than others. He said it can be replaced but it won't necessarily help. Finally, I am hearing a lot of wind noise coming in from the front driver's side near the dashboard. Is this normal? The service person says that they can try and work on this but it might only get worse. I would like to know if others have had these problems. I do not remember experiencing any of these noises during the numerous test drives I took in other Discoveries when making my decision. I am a little disappointed not so much in the problems themselves but in the responses I have gotten from the dealership. Also something that would be funny if not for the these other problems. When my wife picked up the truck, it had bahama beige interior with lightstone headrests which no one at the dealership noticed.
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Sorry for the long pause... I've been out using my Disco like she's meant to be used (looking around and whistling.)

    I drive mine in '3' all the time in town, speeds up to around 50mph. Surprisingly, it doesn't affect the mileage much; these have "learning" computers and they soon adapt to that. You'll have much better power and throttle response.

    If you have the luxury of getting your OBDII reset by the factory laptop, notice how sharp your ignition timing is when you pick her up; she'll be right on the edge of pinging under throttle. If you don't burn top grade fuel you'll soon start pinging and if that happens for long the ECU backs off the timing and the party is over... you're down quite a lot of power. I don't believe the ECU will step the timing forward again once it backs it off. I believe this is the culprit behind many complaints of these engines feeling sluggish. When they're tuned sharp, they just rip and tear to redline.

    I have been told by many a Rover mechanic these engines thrive on frequent hard use. Every time I fill up I drive her HARD up thru the gears, I find opportunities to climb hard, stuff like that. But I make sure my engine is good and hot before I do. No sense running her hard when the oil is sluggish!

    Shifting to produce 1400 rpms at 40mph sounds right... no computer problem there. Remember these are luxury trucks and people want minimal noise, vibration and harshness for something this expensive. It IS a clever transmission though, and that cat will try to make you happy if you squeeze her tail. But sometimes we ask for more than the standard offering, and that's where '3' comes to play.

    Bottom line: buy GOOD fuel, keep your lubes very fresh (all of them from front to back) and drive her hard once a week. She'll adapt to your style in a month or so, and will just get better with time.

    Best regards, -Bob
  • kkonekkone Posts: 61
    I got a e-mail from Land Rover about the new website supporting the 2003 Disco. They mentioned that there will be a choice of wheels. Is this true? When will the 2003's hit the sales floor and do you expect price increases over the 2002 models?
  • ian15ncian15nc Posts: 1
    I own a 99 S2 Discovery and have had several problems with it. The most recent was corrosion of the radiator which meant it required replacing.
    I am concerned that this may mean there is some corrosion in the block and head, given they are both alloy.
    Has anybody heard of this block having corrosion problems at all? I would be grateful for any feedback.
  • SporinSporin Posts: 1,066
    I received a fabulous gift certificate from my wife for Christmas this year, 3 hours of instruction and trail ride at the Land Rover Off road Driving School in Manchester, VT. :-) I'd been waiting until decent weather to go and this Sunday was it.

    My wife and buddy Jack road along, we were met by my instructor, Greg Nicholas who walked us around the 2002 Discovery that we'd be driving. They keep their trucks stock except for a small winch bumper carrying a Warn9000. Stock suspension, stock tires... I was surprised. They only keep their vehicles for 5k miles, and then they get sold to dealerships as demos. Despite their hard use, they are quite sought after since they are impeccably maintained and all the lovely 4x4 bits get a regular workout.

    We started out with Greg driving through the terrain of the school's private 4x4 playground. He explained about approach, breakover, and departure angles, demonstrated proper left-foot breaking, and showed how the various electronic traction controls and hill decent control works. The motto was "Slow as possible, Fast as necessary."

    I think it is too bad that the Discovery has such a Soccer-mom rep because these trucks are ridiculously capable off road. They have a course set up with huge woopdeedoos, deep holes and off setting hills that put us in teeter-totter positions with the pass-side front and drivers-side rear wheels hanging in mid air with the other wheels on top of hills. :-D There were also off camber side hills that have you staring straight down at the ground. Despite being a tall, narrow vehicle, the Discovery carries 80% of its weight below the midline of the door. This allows for a safe, but panty-twisting 30+ degrees of side-hill travel. Yikes! My wife said that this was the only time she was actually scared.

    Then we went on to some hill-climbs. These really let the traction control shine… staying steady on the throttle and letting the truck just pull you up an over. Amazing!

    Hill decent control is freaky. You put the truck into 4Low, and first gear, push the button, use some left foot breaking to ease over the crest, then take your feet off the pedals…. All you see is sky.. sky.. sky… then finally you are pointed 45° down the hill and weeeeeeeee…. :-D The traction control uses the ABS and gearing to give you a slow, steady decent that is free of skidding and let's you steer the whole way. It's actually a bit faster then you initially feel comfortable with, but once you learn to trust the system, it is amazingly efficient.

    We talked a lot about the advantages of the newer traction controls (99.5+ Discos) over the older Discos with locking center differential. He feels it is 6 of 1, half dozen of the other. Both do their jobs, and both will have scenarios where they will work better or worse then the other. He actually prefers the older, Series 1 Discos(94-98.5) for their mechanical simplicity, tidier dimensions, and larger aftermarket. He said the newer machines are FAT better put together and MUCH better on-road.

    For our trail ride we headed to a local mountain trail to tackle a rockslide. This was a steep trail with many rock ledges along the way. Pinpoint tire placement and steady momentum would be necessary to avoid using the ledges in front as wheel chocks, and stopping our accent. Due to the narrowness of the trail, sidestepping the back end could also get us good and wedged in. Greg spotted me up, but 1 big bump caused me to back off the throttle and we were stuck. Lot's of slight back and forth didn't help and we had to winch over the biggest ledge. I wish I'd made it, but it was cool to learn how to properly use a winch.

    Overall, it was a great afternoon. It showed me what a properly driven vehicle can do, even when stock. It gave me solid knowledge that I can use when I get my own 4x4, whatever it may be, and I gained even more respect for the British marquee that so vexes me. :-D

    I have about 40 minutes of video as a keepsake and a roll of film. I'll post some pictures when I get them developed. I'm off to cruise the eBay Land Rover pages. :-D

    A few other random LR notes from Greg…

    • The Freelander is a hoot to drive ON-road, almost like a rally car, but can't handle the sort of heavy terrain that the Discovery and Range Rover does. He says you'd be surprised by where you CAN get it though.

    • He just got back from CA and driving the new Range Rover and it is amazing. They are doing a big launch of it at the school and I'm hoping to get invited.

    • His personal vehicles? Two Jeep Wranglers, based on cost and ability, nothing comes close. He's actually looking for a Series 1 Disco now that his newest Jeep is paid off.

    • He started offroading in the Army, and has been doing it ever since. Teaching and guiding at the School is his full-time job. I meant to ask him how to get a gig like that but never did.

    • He said most people are nice, but they get some real stinkers at the school too. He hates it when people don't listen and he even had one guy call him "Khaki-boy" once. He seemed happy to be out with just some "regular" folks.
  • dealmkrjjddealmkrjjd Posts: 32

    If I remember right I think he said the 2003 Disco should come out shortly after the new RR. June/July I guess. He said it was going to be "greatly" improved. Hope this helps.
  • polo2928bpolo2928b Posts: 21
    I will be getting an SUV summer 03 for my wife and we really like the Discovery but sine I am buying and this is no a cheap car, I want it to last and so my question is whether the 03 model will be greatly changing in the next 4 years, meaning since the 03 model is only slightly different from the 02 model (engine and lights) I do no want to have the 03 model and have totally redesigned as the Range is being redesigned for 2003, also what will be the HP on the 4.6 engine? THANK YOU.
  • mrwhipplemrwhipple Posts: 378
    Specs for 4.6 are:

    217 hp @ 4,750 rpm
    300 lb-ft @ 2,600 rpm

    the center diff lock is now back

    I think the Series lll are due for 2005 and it's a complete redesign.
  • Tincup - I read your bio and saw that you are shopping for a 2004 Defender 90. Do you know if LR will release a 110 model or something similar in size in the US?

    BTW - I have a 2001 DII and have enjoyed every moment of ownership (yes she goes offroad all the time)
  • skipmcdskipmcd Posts: 1
    Hi Folks!

    Well, after having gone back and forth for the last six months trying to decide between a Freelander SE and a used (circa 1999/2000) Discovery II, I finally pulled the trigger this morning. I've always lusted for the Disco but just could never justify it. Then I started looking at the Freelander and it seemed perfect but in my heart I still wanted the Discovery.

    I've just returned home from signing the papers for a brand new White Gold/Beige Discovery II SE. They were unloading it off the truck when I left and I can pick it up tonite at 6:00. I never thought I would have been able to get a new one but apparently there are some new incentives that just started in June so I was able to to get a very attractive lease. They were going to let me have the one that the office manager had been driving. It had 1500 miles on it but it was a Silver/Smoke combo. So even though they were giving me $1900 off MSRP for it, I really wanted White Gold/Beige.

    I just wanted to thank the regulars for all the helpful advice/comments you give out, both good and bad. It really helped my decision making process. I'll probably stay in lurk mode most of the time but if I have something to contribute, I'll pipe up. You guys probably never realize how helpful you are for folks like me.

    One last thing, the Disco won't be lonely for long. My wife's new MINI Cooper (Indie Blue/White Top) is due in on the 19th. It's currently on a cruise in the Atlantic somewhere. So our all German garage will become all British. With a bit of German ancestry of course. I'll post a picture of them side by side when it arrives.


  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Congrats on the new ride, and thanks for the post.

    SUVs, Vans and Aftermarket & Accessories Message Boards
  • smokymansmokyman Posts: 12
    What's the deal with gettin a wiring harness for my 95 disco? I wanna haul a U haul don't have the wiring harness. Dealer in Tampa says," indefinitely on back order". "Or you can order one part then go and get another box to convert a4 lead to a 3 then go to the U-haul dealer to get the rest of the rig. " Anyone having the same problem or know where I can get the simple little $80 wire?
    Also for future reference, how big a camper would you pull with a discovery?
  • kkonekkone Posts: 61

    Would you be willing to tell me what kind of lease structure you were able to get? I am waiting for the 2003 and just was curious of your lease structure. AT $1900 off MSRP, thats a great deal. You can e-mail me at ATK952@HOTMAIL.COM if you would like to talk offline. Thanks

  • angiee1angiee1 Posts: 1
    We purchased a landrover in Feb. and thought that we were making an investment on a good, tuff, trustworthy vehicle. However, I feel as if we got duped. It has been in the shop quite a bit for stupid things as well as a coolant leak. I have had it towed back to the dealer twice within 10 days. One of the tow guys commented on how he takes quite a few of these in because they get stuck in "park"- he claims this will happen to me as well. This concerns me greatly. Has anyone had problems with this supposed outstanding vehicle? Does BMW know what they inherited? Since they offer a comparable loaner and the problems haven't neccessarily been safety hazards, the Texas lemon law doesn't apply.....
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    There has been an issue with supply of the trailer wiring kits, hopefully it will clear up in a soon. Towing capacities are as follows:
    without trailer brakes 1650lbs on road and off road
    with trailer brakes High Range 5500lbs on road and 2200lbs off road
    with trailer brakes Low Range 7700lbs on road and 2200lbs off road
    max tongue weight 350lbs
    hope this info helps
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    Sorry to hear about your problems. Haven't heard of Discoverys having problems with the trans getting stuck in park, so I wouldn't take the tow truck drivers word. BMW sold Land Rover to Ford in July of 2000, we are now part of Ford's PAG.
  • jainpajainpa Posts: 1
    Hi all. I'm hoping for some input re: Land Rover Discovery. I'm considering purchasing a 1999 Land Rover Discovery (not a Series II) from my local dealer. Has anyone heard about any reliability issues or any other things to look out for? I'm in love with the Disco, but don't want to make a rash buying choice.

  • mrwhipplemrwhipple Posts: 378
    Does anyone know if there will be any new exterior colors for 2003? It's too bad they still don't offer the Coniston green & Willow green.
  • kemokemo Posts: 7
    Seems my local autobroker was correct in saying that many of the initial Disco SEII sold are now coming off lease and there are many out there. Anyway I have been looking for a used SUV for a couple of months now, I am ready to purchase and I am pretty much sold on the Discovery SE II, my other choice is a Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9 Ltd. OK here's the deal, although I a completely in love with the disco, I am not sure about its reliability. From all the stories I have read, the problems associated with the LR seem to be mostly annoyances: dash rattles, switches breaking, etc. and really hasn't deterred from the vehicle. I am starting dental school in the fall and will be keeping the vehicle I purchase for at least five years, and I was really looking for opinions concerning high mileage reliability of the disco.
  • I have scrolled numerous pages of the message board, and could not find the answer. Does anyone have an idea when the 2003 will be released, and if there will be an increase in the MSRP.

  • mrwhipplemrwhipple Posts: 378
    The release is expected in July. I don't know when exactly. Maybe tincup has more info on the date.
  • Thanks, I appreciate the info.
  • smokymansmokyman Posts: 12
    Got a clicking in my catalytic converter. It speeds up when the engine does - scared me cause the first time I got under there it sounded like it was comming from the area of the transfer case (EEEEKKK!!$$$$$$$$$$$$)
    Any Idea what could be clicking in the converter and am I gonna end up replacing it?
    P.S. Thanks Tin Cup. Very helpful
  • kbowenkbowen Posts: 58
    This is one question I will never get sick of answering. I leased a Jeep Grand Ltd for five years; it was an absolute nightmare and not petty stuff. The tow wagon variety. I have a lengthy post above about the experience, but the most serious was two blown front drive shaft CV joints that happened on successive summer vacations in Utah, one of which left me virtually stranded fifty miles out in the desert. That was no picnic getting back. My unit was pure garbage (how about three sunroof replacements). Anyway, I've been in an 02 SE7 for about a year with 13K mostly highway miles now. She will be going off road in a couple more weeks in CO, NM and UT for a couple of weeks. SO FAR--knock on wood and three hail Lucases--the vehicle has been exemplary with the only problem being a pesky ACE light coming on for apparently no reason (at least the dealership can't find one), but which seems to have resolved on it's own of late. The ride, handling and build, particularly the build, are far superior to anything Chrysler puts together, as long as you understand this is a truck, not a glorified soccer mom station wagon. I am anxious to see how she holds up offroad, but from my experience thus far, it would appear that a lot of the quality problems of the past have been remedied. When it comes to Jeep, or at least the Grand, not necessarily the Wrangler, I would take Nancy Regan's advise and just say no.
  • mrwhipplemrwhipple Posts: 378
    Nice info on the new disco. Waiting for the 4-Wheel review. What rpm does your disco hover at on the highway doing 70 or 75 mph? Is there an overdrive gear or just a tall 4th gear?

  • Greetings to one and all as I have not posted anything in a while. To all of you who have the "Pre-purchase" Land Rover jitters, I can relate to your fears, having had them myself prior to my purchase of a 2002 Discovery SE. We read some terrible things about these trucks and in an effort to avoid similar heartache, dissapointment and trauma, we want to turn and run as far away as possible, in some other automotive direction. Yes, I did consider my purchase of a Land Rover to be an act of blind faith at the very least. I read a post where some poor fellow had every warning light lit upon his arriving home, after having taken delivery of a brand new truck from the dealership! Needless to say that this frightened me very much, not excluding any of the other horror stories I had come across in this forum. Well, I did throw caution to the wind and purchased a Land Rover for myself and to date she has performed flawlessly. Some may scoff at the fact that I am referring to a vehicle with only 1811 miles on it but others might consider my circumstances quite fortunate. Other than that annoying "cabin light timer" bit, there have been only a few minor cosmetic issues. (I have learned to live with the cabin light) I find my Discovery to be most dependable and a complete joy to own and operate. In my experience with my dealership, Land Rover Woodbridge, they are always ready to stand on their heads to see that I am satisfied! I am sold on these products and will more than likley purchase Land Rover products from here on. My thought on the pre-purchase jitters is to overcome them, find yourself a good Land Rover dealership, (very important) and go for it! There is nothing like owning one of the truly unique trucks! Heck, I even had the misfortune of getting a "Monday" truck and "she aint failed me" yet!
    As some of you may know, fishing season has just started here in the Northeast, (Bass can legally ride home with you in your Land Rover) and it is now that I will really start racking up the miles on this truck! Vehicles reliability and any problems will be reported here as the milage increases! A great summer to all!
    Best Regards,
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Ohhhhh that does it. My lousy stinking miserable no-good Discovery let me down! That's right, she FAILED me. She, um, she... well when I least expected it, she... er, ummmmmmmmmmmmm...

    Dangit. I was going to post tongue-in-cheek about some silly little complaint and call it a **COMPLAINT** and raise a little hysteria. But try as I may, I can't think of anything my truck does wrong! Sitting here grinning, I mean literally I can't think of ANYTHING wrong! She is flawless. And this is with 71k HARD miles on her... being used as she's meant to be used.

    I did stop for a cup of coffee on the way to work this AM (not riding the bike this week) and the lady at the coffee stand has another new Dodge pickup. I asked her about it, her last one barfed its transmission (again) so she traded in... on another one. Her boyfriend just had his replaced, for the 2nd time in 12 months. She asked me how the engine and transmission are on Rovers and I told her the truth: bulletproof.

    Now then. Give me some time, there has GOT to be something I can complain about with Anuqa. Hmmmmmmm. Okay, I got it! There are BRUSH SCRATCHES ALONG HER SIDES!!!! The HORROR!!!

    :) Bob
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