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Land Rover Discovery and Discovery II



  • It only functions in low range. Slow to less than 5 mph, put the tranny in neutral, switch to low range and move back to a gear position (any fwd gear). Press the HDC button and keep both your feet off the pedals - it should do all the work except for the steering, and keep your speed to about 5 mph.

    I don't believe there is a miminum grade for it to work.

    Try this before worrying that it is broken.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    johnedavies1 was on the mark on how to use HDC. We do not have Owner's Manuals available except in hard copy. These are available at your local Land Rover dealership. The part numbers for these are LRN2002DSCW for the SD and SE models and LRN2002DSCWNAV for the HSE models.
  • Hello, Disco People:

    I am a former Wrangler owner. I brought it brand new custom ordered in 1997. It was my first car. I started driving at 31. (Native New Yorker.)The car was great in the summer, but I had so many problems with it I almost gave up on car ownership. It had two catalytic converters go, the muffler, the transmission, the transmission lines, a mysterious check engine light that confounded two dealerships, a fender bender that cost $1200 in damage, it was towed twice and the custom system was stolen out of it. Now I want a Disco. 1999-2002. Base model is fine. I am concerned about reliability. I have no mechanical interest or aptitude, and the farthest off-road I plan to go is to the gravel lot when I park at basketball games. So why do I want it? Remember I drove a Wrangler. The Disco is the nicest truck I can get for the least money without feeling like a soccer mom. I'm single, and current only cart around teenage nieces and nephews, and assorted grown friends. I admit to also loving the steering wheel radio control, I have almost killed myself plenty of times changing CD's and adjusting volume. I was going to get a Maxima for that reason. I was way too cool with the Wrangler dealership repair shop. If I do get a Disco, out of the years indicated, which is the best of the base models? Should I get mileage as low as less than 10,000 or more than 40,000? I get the sense on this board that it takes time to "break in" the Rovers to see if you have a good one or not. I want to buy on the web, and most sellers will let me take the car to the local LR dealership to have it checked out. Is there anything specific I should look for and if I run the VIN, can I be sure that that's an accurate indicator of previous problems? Thank you so much for your time excuse the long post. My friends who own Rovers love them, but I can't live in the shop like I did with the Wrangler! Responses would be can even email me directly at
  • Clearly the Goodyear Wranglers on the Discovery II are defective. All mine were severly cupped within 20K. Then I put on 2 new ones after doing an alignment and now they are severly cupped too. My question is has anyone had any luck getting Land Rover or Goodyear to make good on these problem tires?

    Additionally, what is the best tire to use for replacement (I do 99% highway driving and want quiet tires).
  • nccareer:
    The HP's are just lousy tires.

    Try the Pirelli Scorpion S/T. They['re a direct fit for both the 16" & 18" rims.
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Merry Christmas to All!!!

    I'll be sure to post quickly when I see Santa lifting off. I understand the weather will be clear tonight, so watch for him right at the spot of midnight.

    God Jul og Godt Nytt Ar!
  • I'm going to try this. I realize that the dealer has all the answers, but since i didn't buy the car from them they make me feel like i'm intruding. They said that the manual was ordered, but its been 2 months. Any way, When i put the Disco in low gear, I get a chime. When i go in reverse the chime still stays on, is that normal? The yellow gear is lit on the dash.

    Merry Christmas to All, and a Happy New Year!!!!
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    The HDC works in reverse also.
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765 -3F this morning and the sky is clear. It's spozed to get to -10F tonight. The Disco is running like a pig in an orchard and life is gooooooooooood.

    Was Santa good to everyone? He was pretty doggone generous with me, but he forgot to slip that '63 Hummingbird beneath the tree (rubbing hands together) so it looks like I'll have to jog his memory with the checkbook.
  • Just to let you all know I'm still alive and loving my DII as much as ever. I had the fortune, during our last 8" of snow, of banging my Toyota 4x4 truck into the right rear side of a DII. Well, it did $ 1800 damage to the Toy, but only broke a small sliver of glass from the taillight lense of the Landy - damn they are tough !! Be glad you drive one!! PS: At 33,000 miles on my '00 DII, not a sign of any problems - and no stinking complaints either - I love it as is!!!
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Similar story here, but I was the recipient. My aunt-in-law (grin) was backing out of my driveway, and ran into the aft corner of my Disco. She took out the entire back hatch and bumper on her Chrysler minivan, to the point it won't close or seal correctly. The Disco? Well, it popped one of those cheesy wood screws loose on the underside where the plastic bumper end cap is held in place. Otherwise not a mark.

    Last winter a poor unfortunate soul slid in beneath the aft end of my Disco in her spanking new Camry, and took out the entire front end of her car. Parts all over the intersection. It took one teeny little flake of black paint off the underside of my rear bumper beside the hitch.

    :) Tough trucks.
  • I am trying to decide which roof rack to buy for my 99 DII. I am considering the Hannibal Roof Rack or the Land Rover Adventure Rack. I would love to hear anybody who has an opinion.

    Thank you,
  • pinlinpinlin Posts: 1
    Hi.. New to site.. enjoyed reading..been looking @a 1994 discovery. with 103,000 miles.. anybody have any advice? ( btw in New Jersey) Thanks & Happy New Year to you all !!
  • While I love the Disco brand/heritage. How long should I expect the brake pads to last. I live in Atlanta, and the dealer wants to replace all four pads at only 14K miles? Sounds like scam to someone used to a Wrangler in which pads/shoes lasted 40-50K....what gives, HELP? Also, can I do this myself?
  • odiopusodiopus Posts: 47
    The dealer here in Texas wanted $98 for the headlight. I bought for about $50 from Rover Connection... Install was too easy. I'm not sure if delivers to Alaska, but you might want to give them a call. They have OEM parts far below the dealer cost. I haven't been able to find a reseller with lower prices.

     By the way in response to "Rovers are Tough" post, I just wanted to add that my Disco has survived a lot of fender benders with zero to minimal damage. In one incident a 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe backed up to my rear driver side. Not a single scratch on the Disco, but the Hyundai's bumper was completely smashed in and the tail light was crushed. In another incident a 2002 Honda Accord did the same thing but at a higher speed and the damage was unreal. The Honda's bumper literally almost come off. The Disco suffered a crack on the lens of the tail light. If you really want a reliable vehicle that will perform safely in all types of weather, I would go with the Disco. I saw a Nissan Xterra drive out of control on a rainy day. The guy drove over a puddle of water on the highway and the truck freaked out. I don't think I will ever be able to go back to a 2 wheel drive vehicle.

  • waskowasko Posts: 103

    I'd say you'd want to start inspecting them 'real hard' at around 22-30k on the pads, depending on how you drive. 14k sounds low to me unless you drive it like a drag racer :) They do squeak occasionally due to brake dust buildup.

    I'm at 23k right now and still have 35% left on my original pads. I'll get them changed at my next oil change, just to be safe.

    If yours are squeaking a bit, I suggest (on an empty stretch of road) getting her up to 20-25mph and slamming on the brakes. Do the same in reverse (a little slower of course!) and you should dislodge any built-up dust.

    I did this often on my DI and it worked like a charm.

    Happy new year to all! May 2003 be full of fond Rovering memories and few service visits for everyone!

    Thx, wasko
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    I need some additional explanation, as a friend made an offer that I do not know if it will save me
    money or cost me friend is a Ford retiree, and he offered me use of the “Z” plan,
    which he says will allow me to purchase any vehicle under Ford’s banner at “3% over DEALER
    COST”...( if I am not mistaken, A-plan if for Ford employees/retirees, X-plan if for their
    immediate family members, Z-plan is for non-relations...correct me if I am wrong)’s the
    bottom line questions...1) if “dealer cost” is defined as Edmund’s invoice cost, and if Z-plan is
    3% over that, there are already dealers out there who will sell a car at Edmund’s invoice, and Z-
    plan would cost me money rather than save me money...if “dealer cost” is defined as including all
    other holdbacks, etc., then Z-plan would be a great deal...does anyone familiar with Ford plans
    know how “dealer cost” is defined?...2) Also, my friend said that since he was a salaried
    employee, as opposed to an hourly (unionized) employee, his plan will also allow the discount on
    Jaguar and Land, while I could consider Mountaineer or Aviator under the Ford/LM
    brands, does anyone know the discount on Land Rover Discovery, since Edmunds has no listing
    other than MSRP?...3) do employee discount plans only cover new cars, or does it cover used,
    too, since I would, in the future, consider a 2 or 3 year old Jaguar XJ8L???...thanks for any
    helpful information...

  • The pads on my 00 DII were replaced at 30,000 miles with @ 40% life left. The dealer also replaced all rotors due to a service bulletin - seems that people who complain about "noisy brakes" on DII's, get all new pads and rotors free of charge (a $1200 service according to dealership manager). They asked me at my 30K service if my brakes were noisy, I said NO, but they said "yes they are, you just don't know it".

    Also, since installing my OME heavy duty front, and medium/heavy duty rear springs and long-travel shocks, my Ramp Travel Index (RTI) has dropped from 730 to 590. Wheel articulation on the stock vehicle was much better, but the vehicle had 2.5 inches less ground clearance under the frame. Everything is a trade-off.

    Happy Rovers to all!!
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    A-plan is for active employees and their immediate families, X-plan is for friends and families, and Z-plan is for retirees only. X-plan on ford branded products is 4% over the A/Z-plan price which is printed on the invoice. On Ford branded products the A/Z-plan price is generally under invoice, on Land Rovers A/Z-plan is invoice plus destination and regional advertising charges, X-plan is 4% over that. I just checked and Edmunds does list invoice on all of the Discovery (for 2003 they are no longer called Discovery II) models (S,SE,HSE). There are no other fees allowed to be charged like doc fees. It is a good deal on most vehicles, more so on A/Z plan. It is a no haggle way to get a good deal on the vehicles. In most markets Land Rover products are going at or close to MSRP as most dealers in an area are owned by the same company. This is reflected in Edmunds TMV, which is MSRP for these vehicles.These plans (A/Z/X)are for new untitled cars only.
  • My wife and I are considering buying a 2001 Discovery II. The vehicle has 10,000 miles on it and seems to be in excellent condition with the price being very agreeable. Our concern is with the cost of maintenance and are the brakes very troublesome. What is the expected gas mileage of this vehicle? Can an owner of a Discovery II please give me a brief account of their ownership experience? We want to be able to utilize this vehicle for a good ten years or so.
    I can say for what I have seen and felt while test driving this seems to be the vehicle for us. It's like we have test driven every SUV out there and we always come back to the Land Rover Discovery II. I guess bottom line I want to feel good about what we are doing. THANK YOU OUT THERE....
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Have someone pull up the vehicle's history by VIN. At 10k miles it either has a chronic irritation and someone got rid of it or they were in over their head and had to get out of the purchase. The good news is, once the irritation is fixed (if indeed that is the case) it will stay fixed.

    Rovers are MUCH more reliable than they used to be. With Bosch electronics and simpler / tougher drive components than the earlier Discos, you have a truck that can easily go ten years. Mine is six years old now and still literally drives and works like a new truck, with 77k miles. Everything is tight, there are no clunks or rattles or loose parts anywhere. She always starts and runs like a scalded cat. I never try to maintain good mileage, and never really pay attention to how I'm driving, and I get around 11mpg in town and perhaps 15mpg on the highway.

    I prefer the DI (Disco Series I) over the DII because it has shorter overhangs and the greenhouse feels much more spacious and "open". It has no feeling of claustrophobia, which I often feel in the DII. It has plenty of power, feeling just like the DII (to me). It also has a manual lock for the center diff. On the other hand, the DII has electronic traction control and that is perfectly adequate for 95% of owners. If you're going offroad, avoid the 18" wheels and ACE option.

    You'll find the Disco is really not that much more expensive to maintain than other SUVs, except parts can be VERY expensive, and hard to find aftermarket. It used to be the quality control for parts was sketchy, but it's improving too. Service is pricey, but some things (like the auto trans service) is done once and then never again. It is extremely easy to change fluids on the Disco, and gratifying to do yourself. The hardest part will be finding a good place to recycle the used lubes.

    As for brakes, most people go about 40k miles before needing new pads. I go about 17k miles. It is a VERY simple job to change them, and actually quite fun to do... and it gives you the chance to bleed and replenish your brake fluid frequently. Aftermarket pads are readily available and inexpensive. I've used Wagner and Lockheed and I prefer the Wagners. If you have the truck elevated on one side with wheels off, you could probably change the pads on a wheel in 15 minutes, including bleeding them. And then you rotate your tires and you're done!

    It used to be a love/hate thing with Rovers, with aggravations that you accepted or dealt with... which were more than offset by the way the truck treated you the rest of the time. Now, the quality control has improved to where they are truly competitive for reliability standards, and in my opinion far more durable than anything else you'll find out there for comparable price. The MB Gelandewagen compares for durability but it's twice the money. For a visible demonstration, crawl beneath another SUV and look at its fasteners and the size of its components... then crawl beneath the Rover and compare. You'll be amazed.

    Okay, enough blather. I hope this helps. Best regards, -Bob
  • I purchased a 2002 Discovery II SE which had about 13k miles on it. At first I was not sure if I wanted to buy new, but after inspecting the vehicle, and getting a good price, I decided it was the way to go. Believe me, I still look forward to going/leaving work so I can look at my truck, and then drive it :). For gas mileage, I get roughly 12 - 14.5 in the city (the 12mpg is when I have my Thule ski rack on). On the highway I get around 15 - 17mpg (again, the 15 is with the Thule ski rack). I just took it in for the 15k service, and the dealership experience was the best I ever had. They were fast, didn't charge me for services they didn't think I needed (like tire rotation/balance), and even dropped the car of at my house, and picked up the loaner. They also fixed a lot of little annoying issues that I found, such as a squeaking rear door/driver door, rocking drivers seat, etc. None of these were big, but the dealership treated them as such. If you are worried about the warranty, purchase an extended one with LandRover. I purchased a 6year/100k mile warranty, and it cost me roughly $1700. I do know that the warranty does go up when the vehicle hits 15k miles, so you might have some time to think about it. All in all, I think it was a good purchase, and I plan on keeping it for a long time (unless I just have to get a 2004 :)....)
  • I just wanted to pass along a couple of experiences I have had with my 01 Disco II that are not so positive.

    Let me preface my message with this: I have dreamed of owning a Disco since college when I had seen a Land Rover Safari program with Discos trekking through the Amazon. I was totally pumped when I was in a position where I could actually own one. I test drove a bunch of other SUVs to be certain that it was as good as I thought it was and found that I truly liked the Land Rover better.

    Four months into owning the car I had a fender bender that was my fault. I had applied light, quick pressure to the breaks and the anti-locks kicked on and I rolled, very slowly, into another car. I felt like the accident shouldn't have happened - I had never had anti-locks switch on so quickly - but I figured I had screwed up somehow. I asked the dealer about it in passing on my next service, and they assured me it was just me getting used to the car. Two months later I received the recall notification on the ABS. Who knows.... What I do know is I didn't have my truck for over 3 weeks because the body shop could not get the parts.

    Most recently, my wife was driving the truck when the engine made a horrible noise. She pulled over, turned the car off and called me. I told her to start it so I could hear the noise. When she restarted the car there was no noise, but the service engine light was on. She drove it a short distance home while I called the dealership.

    The first sign of trouble was the feedback that I couldn't get my car in for 6 business days because the were backed up - even if it was warranty work and even though they said don't drive it anywhere.

    After some discussion about that response, they had me tow it in and they would get to it when they could. 3 business days later they were able to look at it. That is when I was informed that the 7th piston had seized. I would probably need a new engine, but the service manager would have to approve the order and he was on vacation till after Christmas. Oh, and by the way, we just had another Disco in here with the exact same problem and the car was in for over a month because the engine was back ordered.

    At that point I had to ask for a loaner, which drew a deep sigh and a "let me check what's available". I am now driving a freelander, which is a fine car, but I still don't like it.

    As the saga drew out over the holidays there has been a lot of finger pointing between the Land Rover dealer, which is a "Land Rover Center", and Land Rover Corporate.

    Bottom line:
    - My truck won't be available until February.
    - They are not fixing what my service manager said they were going to do at first.
    - He mentioned that they will be remanufacturing parts - not a big confidence builder.
    - Owner care at corporate has not called me back when they said they would.

    I had always wanted this truck. I have had some awesome driving experiences on and off road with it. I recommended this truck to a friend who has had two and swears by them.

    If I could get a out of owning this truck without loosing money I would. Just thought I should pass it along.
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    That absolutely sucks. It sounds like the dealership has been the source of most of the trouble... for what it's worth, my dealership here has been gracious every step of the way. I wish you well.

    Tincup, can you give us some indication of frequency of occurrence of this seized piston problem? I've never heard of it on any Rover. I wonder if that dealership is using poor filters, or poor oil? Do the trucks come from the factory "dry"? Is the oil replaced before the truck goes out the door?
  • utvol1utvol1 Posts: 6
    Does Land Rover ever plan on putting a diesel engine in the Discovery for the USA market? I checked the Land Rover website and this is an option in UK and gets great MPG compared to the gas engines.
  • go back and read the postings - you'll find more info than you care to ingest.

    My 00 DII is the absolute best, most reliable, and trouble free vehicle I've ever owned ((out of 28 or so (some I only kept for 1 to 2 days, and that includes a number of Mercedes', BMW's, Toyotas' etc.)). And best of all - I still look foreward to driving it every day. I'm in LOVE !!!

    My gas mileage has varied from 12 mpg offroad in Colorado to 24 mpg (believe it or not) on the flats of Kansas, with an average of 16 in everyday driving. Maintenance is no more than for my Toy 4x4 truck (and is free during the warranty period for my vehicle). My brakes are good with @ 40% life left at 30,000 miles. Dealership experience has been superb with a loaner Disco always at hand when needed.

    Go for it !! Happy Rovering.
  • All the three LR dealers in WA are owned by the same person, so I don't exactly have a way to "go to the other guy" to get a good deal on a new Disco. Any comments, good or bad, about LR Seattle, Bellevue or Spokane?

    How about the Portlad OR or Boise ID dealers?

    Any luck at buying a new LR at less than MSRP from any of them?

    BTW, is there a search mode for this forum? I can't find it if it exists. Thanks.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I'm in Boise, but I don't know anything good or bad about the local Land Rover dealer (

    There's a keyword search and an Advanced Search tool on the left sidebar.

    Steve, Host
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    My best advice, talk to Gord'n Perrot. He was in several forums many many moons ago, and nothing but good was ever said about him. He's at G&S Service, I believe in Bellevue or Kirkland.

    Gord'n Perrot G&S Service SEA
    (206) 361-7002
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