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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Lease Questions



  • If it were targeted to me, it is 700. It is in the lease document that I posted.
  • grigolgrigol Posts: 17
    to prithvisri -
    But it still unclear for me – did you pay acquisitions or a dealer let you go with no acquisition?

    Thank you..
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 72,943
    Okay.. I see it now.. Section 13 is cutoff when I view the .pdf, but I see that section 9a has two different numbers.. with +$700 higher on the one on the right...


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • pazzo1pazzo1 Posts: 17
    Hope someone could help with these numbers? This NJ.

    12k/48mth lease : $475/mth

    Msrp $43,914.00
    Invoice $42,000.00
    money factor .00072
    residual 48%
    incentive 1000
    Waiting on sales price

    Also offered for 12k/36 $499.00/mth.

    All the above includes taxes and only 1st month payment due at signing.
    They are taking back 2010 Es 350 early due back

    Any feedback appreciated!
  • I did pay a $700 for acquisition fee.
  • grigolgrigol Posts: 17
    Tried to copy your deal in NJ.
    Was not able even to approach so far.

    The best I got is $470 with the chance to get $450
  • That's a screaming deal with decent options on the ES350. Congrats on your new Lexus.
  • snowman22snowman22 Posts: 109
    I stand pat. Don't believe the man behind the curtain. He is not even close to a palatable lie. His numbers are nothing short of fantasy. You see this type of bull all the time on these blogs. I truly believe these people are trying to perceive themselves as something other than what they really are. They probably are in the purchasing power range of a used Yugo.
  • gmanusmcgmanusmc SoCalPosts: 675
    edited October 2013
    You should probably chill a little snowman - the guy posted a copy of his paperwork - if you don't believe it, that's fine - I do know that recently dealers here in CA have had some kind of $1800 dealer cash to work with - that equates to over $50 off the lease payment, so the $400 payment is feasible. Anyway, I think the OP has gotten into his new Lexus and happily rode off into the sunset around 3 weeks ago.

    Take care,

    Bill G
    2016 ES350 Lux/Atomic Silver
    2017 Accord Sport CVT Mod Steel Metallic
  • snowman22snowman22 Posts: 109
    Seriously----and president Obama has how many birth certificates?
    How about buying that bridge I have for sale in Brooklyn.
    I'm sure I can put some paperwork together for you.
    Get real--- those numbers are bogus.
  • gmanusmcgmanusmc SoCalPosts: 675
    Wow - how the heck did politics get into this? You can't let this go for some reason. I'm not sure if you own or lease an ES - I do. And I am a member and browse the Club Lexus site regularly. Some members there have recently posted deals similar to the person you seem to want to continually chastise. Now the OP and these other folks I speak of might be posting bogus numbers - I don't know because just like you, I was not in the finance office when the papers were finalized and signed. Like I stated in my previous post to you, if you don't believe the OP's claim, that's fine - but you have stated your case (several times) so I recommend you let the readers of this thread absorb the OP's info and your info so they can arrive at their own conclusions.

    Bill G
    2016 ES350 Lux/Atomic Silver
    2017 Accord Sport CVT Mod Steel Metallic
  • snowman22snowman22 Posts: 109
    No politics-- just one example. Only replying to your posts---or is this blog a one way street.
    PS--- I don't believe the person was even in a dealers cube.
    No ES for me. 2013 Rx all wheel drive. Took delivery in June. Love it.
  • gmanusmcgmanusmc SoCalPosts: 675
    Congrats on the RX snowman. Great vehicle - the ES is my wife's daily driver - she loves it. We are located in SoCal with a lot of Lexus dealers nearby and the competition is keen. We got a great deal on the ES in May so my thought is that the Sep/Oct deals some of these folks are claiming on 2013s are possible - especially if, as 2014s are rolling in, Lexus is greasing the dealers' palms with 1800 dealer cash (that's the number several posters cited in their deals). Anyway, I don't want to beat this any more than we have already but in the deal you have been skeptical of, he got about a 13% discount from msrp, which is achieveable around here for those skilled shoppers who do their homework. Again, without being physically present in the finance office it is difficult to verify what people say but sometimes you just gotta believe there's some honest folks still around - but who knows?

    Bill G
    2016 ES350 Lux/Atomic Silver
    2017 Accord Sport CVT Mod Steel Metallic
  • snowman22snowman22 Posts: 109
    No problem. But--I do know of what I speak.
    But yeaaaaa miracles do happen and there are many honest folks. But when I see something that I know is not possible---well-- you know. I'll leave the dead horse dead. Plus a blog is fun and something to do on a cold wet day. I'm from Buffalo-- now you know why the all wheel drive.
  • gmanusmcgmanusmc SoCalPosts: 675
    Ha ha - We are from Erie and have been to Buffalo many times. Many moons ago, I managed a Goodyear store in East Aurora - so yep - I completely understand the AWD.
    2016 ES350 Lux/Atomic Silver
    2017 Accord Sport CVT Mod Steel Metallic
  • snowman22snowman22 Posts: 109
    Small world. We live between Buffalo and Niagara Falls. A small town. Tonawanda. I use to travel to Erie a few times a year. My employer was National Fuel Gas.
  • Not sure why this isnt believeable. The new December to Remember Event kicked off and the ad for Lexus of Pembroke Pines has an ES350 at $199/month for 24 months (+2995 and TTL). The $2995 is about $125/month, for an all in at $325 before TTL. THis is for a 2014, lease before 1/02/14. I would bet other dealers have equivalent deals in this promotion
  • Not believeable would be correct.
    Your South Florida dealers would be offering---2014 ES350 MSRP $40975.
    $329.00. 27 months with----$3479 down. Excludes all fee's,taxes and dealer charges.10,000 miles per year.
    Sorry my man ----- this is direct from that dealer.
    If you did not add tax and fee's by accident and listed 24 months instead of 27 in error and about $500 bucks more down than what you thought---- bingo---- you would be on the money.
  • I Stand partially corrected. I don't agree with the monthly.
    I do agree that is a great deal. Lexus must really want to move the ES 350.
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