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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • So Fl. JM Lexus.
  • Thanks Harry. Ya what a smooth ride
  • Is it a good offer?
    FY14 RX AWD MSRP-47450
    Lease 26 payments X $378/mo
    Residual price $33191
    OTD-$4900 in Virginia
    Ready to take it home today.
  • lifulifu Posts: 3
    a great deal! could you share the following info:

    1. MSRP for the car
    2. dealership location

    thanks a lot!
  • pschiffepschiffe Posts: 373
    The December, 2013 issue of Consumer Reports once again rates the RX first in predicted-reliability in the Luxury SUVs classification. Positive (above average) ratings were attained by the following, listed best to worst:
    Lexus RX
    Lexus RX Hybrid
    Audi Q7
    Lexus GS
    Infinity QX56
    Buick Enclave
    Porsche Cayenne
    Negative (below average) ratings for the following, again best to worst:
    Infinity FX (V6)
    Cadillac Escalade
    Mercedes-Benz GL-Class
    Mercedes-Benz M-Class (V6)
    Infinity JX
    Volkswagen Touareg
    Lincoln MKX
    Mercedes Benz M-Class (diesel)
    Lincoln MKT (EcoBoost)
    More info including percentages in the magazine or on-line to paid subscribers.

    Pete Schifferli
  • Anyone heard anything about a newly redesigned 2015 rx 350 to be available in early part of 2014?
  • Hi Ritesh Can you share with me where are you located. I am looking at the same car but even without Navigation my prices is high. I was hoping to see if you are same state as I am .. I am in TX.
  • flagrlflagrl Posts: 13
    Hi Harry,

    I am looking to purchase a base model RX350 within the next week or so. I was wondering the other Lexus Dealers, outside JM, that you negotiated with? I know there are like 6 or so from Miami to Palm Beach. Which were the most interested in dealing?

    Also, on your deal. When you say 15%. Are you saying that you got the sale price of the car knocked down 15% off MSRP of $51,000? to $43,350k? I am confused, because then you mentioned a $7k trade? I just want to be sure I understand how far down they are willing to go, without any trade-in's and discussing taxes.

    I appreciate your help!! Are you loving the car? How is the gas mileage?
  • Msrp 50304
    Before Tax and lic and before :December to remember incentive(2000) rebate for partial financing
    is this good?
    Car include premium package and comfort package..roof bars...tow prep pkg wood steering wheel
    18 in wheels..park assist...
  • Just to bring the msrp up to your figure I had to add Nav,audio upgrade and a few other things. With a msrp in your post the invoice price is around $47k and the fair market value you should expect to pay would be around $45k. I did not see any $2000k incentive. Only an offer to pay 1st installment. Unless your being told something above and beyond the Xmas to remember. So if there is a extra $2000 k--- your deal would not be very good. You should get the vehicle for $45 minus the $2000 k you quote for a price of $43 k.
  • Yes I have those options..i thought they were part of the premium package...
    I did not see the incentive either but the salesman told me that there was 2000 rebate incentive for financing...minimum to finance about 15K..with 4 months of payments required before paying off..
    The msrp is 50304. And his offer to me is 46304. Don,t have any other offers less than that...did get three..Any suggestions how to get the price lower other than walking out.? think i would be happy to get it 10% off which is what you are suggesting. Thanks for your comment..
  • I made a mistake. The msrp is 51304 not 50304. So 46300 is looking better.
  • Got my first quote on an RX350 and was hoping to gauge where I am. Price was for a 2014 FWD with the following: CP EK FT NV PA PD TO WU 3T Z1

    Here is what they told me
    MSRP. 50,299
    Offer. 47,799
    Financing rebate. 2,000
    TTL. Approx 3,200
    Total. 49,014

    Appreciate any help I can get.
  • Go to
    Incentives--- that will tell you about any incentives available.
    Then go to edmunds TMV.---that's true market value. That will tell you what you will pay. They are close to being on the money.
    You will see the incentive for first payment.
    You will see the price others are paying in your area.
    Your going to see the figure of what you should pay.
    Print a copy and take it with you.
    It does work.
    If they say no--- walk out
    Go to another dealer
  • nikhanikha Posts: 5
    Just bought 2014 RX 350 Starfire pearl with parchment interior FWD with following packages in SF Bay Area :

    AP CP EK NV PA PD WU 3T Z1 viz

    1. Sport Appearance Package
    2. Comfort Package
    3. Navigation package
    4. Premium Package with Blind Spot Monitoring
    5. Wood and leather trimmed steering wheel
    6. Cross bars

    MSRP - 49989
    Offer - 42400 which includes Cash Rebate of 2000

    Total OTD - 46800 (California Tax + DMV license fee)
  • Your numbers don't add up. MSRP should be close to $52k with everything you state.
  • nikhanikha Posts: 5
    If that's the case then even better for me isn't it. I saved more and my dealer allowed me to save more.

    I posted this message so that other in a similar situation can benefit from my price figures. It is now up to the potential to treat whichever price s/he feels appropriate.

    For me the source of truth is what the dealer printed out as Vehicle Inquiry Report which contains the VIN for the vehicle which I purchased and has the MSRP which I mentioned in my earlier post.
  • nikha -

    which dealership in the bay area did you visit and were you working with the internet manager? thanks, you got a killer deal on the RX350. still contemplating between 2013 vs 2014.
  • I'm interested in a White 2014 RX350 F Sport. From what I gather, this vehicle is fully loaded, MSRP is $52.7K. My offer is $47,500 before $2K finance rebate. Dealer said okay, but I used the excuse I needed to discuss with spouse. Is this a good deal? Also on the fence whether I should lease. If I proceed down the lease path, am I suppose to negotiate monthly payment or purchase price? I'm a newbie to leases so any help would be appreciated?
  • nikhanikha Posts: 5

    Lexus dealer in Fremont. I worked with Internet sales manager.

    Hope this helps !
  • Thanks Nikah, much appreciated. Will visit the dealership this weekend.
  • hi, derek

    I am also planning to buy a rx350. I thought 13 should be cheaper than 14. Have you compared price from local dealers? I also checked the price on carsdirect, the target price of 2013 base AWD with no package is about 35~36k. how do we consider this price?
  • I was working with some dealerships for the 2013 in Arizona, as thats where the vehicle will primary be. However, the best pricing from their internet managers without negotiation was a tad under 40k with premium, cross bar, audio package, heated seats, leather trim.

    One of the internet managers from Fremont contacted me last night with one of similar specs as the above as the 2014 at 39.2k right off the bat, so go figure. I don't know how they will move any 2013s if the 2014s are priced more aggressively.
  • hi, derek


    I am in arizona, ASU. About to graduate and already find a job in Intel, CA.
    I checked many car buying websites, such as truecar, carsdirect, carwoo and edmunds, they price of rx in AZ is always higher than that in CA, maybe 1k ~2k. Actually i dont understand why you say AZ is where the car will primary be.

    anyway, I will go for a test drive friday. If you think we can get better offers if we buy together, maybe we can give a try. BTW, 2014 has 2k rebate rightnow. why dont you go for 2014? does 2013 also have 2k rebate?

  • nikhanikha Posts: 5
    Hi Derek,

    While working with the same dealer is a good idea, mentioning forum reference of the car and its price to the specific level of trim and option might not be a good idea. I posted the price on public forums so that others can benefit from it and get a sense of what dealers are asking for a specific car.
  • I rest my case on those bogus numbers------
  • flagrlflagrl Posts: 13
    Hello kyfdx,

    Do you have the December residuals and money factors for the following Lexus:

    2014 RX350 (base model)

    15k miles per year; 27 and 36 months please!

    Thank you very much!
  • I really like this blog. But it never ceases to amaze me. The same questions are asked over and over. Everyone want to know the residual and money factor for a lease. Nothing wrong with that. But----with all the factory leases offered--why would anyone think they can get a better lease using those numbers. Quite simply---- you can't. Factory offered"backed" leases are the cheapest and best lease your going to get. Your only fall out will be if you don't have the FICA score for those great lease rates. But then--- you would be worse off trying to get that lease using residual and money factor numbers. Bottom line is---- if you have excellent credit you will get a great factory offered lease on just about any auto. If you don't----- then you can expect to pay the going rate based on poorer numbers. That's the way it is and that is how it all works.
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