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Land Rover Discovery and Discovery II



  • mnrovermnrover Posts: 52
    I have both the K&N Air Filter and Oil Filter. No real impressive gains from the air filter, but slightly noticeable. Love the Oil Filter - wouldn't use anything else..
  • I'm surprised that no one has posted on the LR3. It will be a new departure for LR bringing new people into the fold and, probably making the last of the rigid axle units worth saving. I see that the '04 Disco is now around 32K as a demo unit at most dealers. If you're going to get a live axle Disco and save it, this is the one.
  • jstevensjstevens Posts: 5
    Hi everybody,
    I own a 2000 disc II- Every once in a while the M & S mode lights will start flashing simultaneously.-when that happens the truck becomes very sluggish at takeoffs as if it's stuck in third gear. So far my dealer has misdiagnosed it by replacing the XYZ switch--no cure. I've read a couple of places where someone replaced the transmission control module only to have the flash again after 1000 miles.
      By the way, is the TCU the same as the control module?
      just curious if anyone has experienced this problem--All inputs would be helpful.
  • charlie2k2charlie2k2 Posts: 15
    Hello, I own a 2003 Discovery and had a similar incident with the flashing M and S lights. For me, it was a bad cell in the car battery. According to my local dealership techs, the mechanism for shifting the transmission gears would not receive the power needed to shift through the various gear speeds. It essentially felt as if it was stuck in 3rd, just as you have mentioned. They replaced the battery and the problem was solved. Perhaps you have a loose cable connection, since it only happens every now and then, or your battery may be going bad.

    Just giving you my experience.
  • jstevensjstevens Posts: 5
    thanks Charlie-the dealer did check the battery-It was OK. It's funny my Dealer had to contact LRNA to ask for input--Apparently the Battery is one of several possible issues--Although the Owner's Manual refers to it as an electrical fault.
    Thanks for the input--I'll check for any loose wires.
  • discomandiscoman Posts: 110
    What's so special about the oil filter?
  • mnrovermnrover Posts: 52
    I had the same issue with my Disco II. That means that the transmission is in "limp home" mode. This is a safety mechanism put in place by Land Rover. You can reset the computer and resume normal driving by letting the Rover sit for about 30 minutes. This should reset the computer and provide a short-term fix. I would take it in and have LR look at it. I had a slew of electrical problems. Too many to list. you can email me privately and I can discuss what happened and what the problem was. ( ) I had surges that would blow out relays and fuses and reset the main computer. Whenever I would be sitting idle at a stoplight and hit the gas to take off, the radio would cut out temporarily, reset and come back on and I could hear the motor "Ringing and Buzzing" that would increase in frequency as the RPMS from the motor increase through my stereo system. After over 10 visits, 3 alternators, new steering column, 2 stereo systems, 2 new fuse boxes, new electrical harness for everything in the vehicle, they were able to find where I was having electrical surges coming from. The culprit was the climate control. Finally, LR put a voltage/surge supressor that Audi had on their vehicles.
  • jstevensjstevens Posts: 5
    thanks Josh-I'll e-mail you soon
  • mnrovermnrover Posts: 52
    Did that info help you out at all?
  • jstevensjstevens Posts: 5
    thanks a million for sharing your nightmare with those lights. I'm heading to the Dealer on Friday. I'll keep you all posted.
    Thanks again Josh
  • discomandiscoman Posts: 110
    Have any of you (Especially you Nanuq, since you have a 96 like mine) experienced a rattling sound while idling in your Disco. I don't get it all the time, but sometimes it sounds like there is really something loose rattling around in there. The noise goes away upon acceleration, but whan you stop at a stoplight, or pull into the garage it can be really bad. I don't have any strange feelings in the tranny while driving. Shifting is normal, and acceleration is normal too. I wonder if there is a screw loose or something in there that is causing it. Any ideas?
  • mnrovermnrover Posts: 52
    Anytime! Glad I could help!

  • mnrovermnrover Posts: 52
    Could it be a heat shield or the Cats? I read about the cats getting hot and something inside them becoming loose and rattling around?? Anyone else hear about that? I think I read that in an Atlantic British catalog. (
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    I just had this happen on the Wifemobile, and it was indeed the cat converter. There are plates in there that can break and fall to pieces, then they rattle. It sounds BAD idling inside a garage or puttering along a side street, eh? Get beneath your truck and give the suspect cat a whack with your hand (when it's cold) and you'll likely hear stuff rattling around in there.

    When you have it replaced they'll likely tell you to replace the aft muffler too, since "it's all full of broken plates". Tell them to just cut that piece out and use a straight section of tubing. It'll sound nice when they're done.
  • jstevensjstevens Posts: 5
    Just wanted to update disco II owners on the flashing mode lights problem I had been having. My dealer was clueless about it as they wanted anywhere fron 1 to 15 hours to diagnose the electrical fault--SO I took my truck home and did the following(I've not seen the damn lights for 200 miles now-Knock on..) to clear the lights.
     #1-Disconnect battery-clean heads- compter was reset.

     #2-clean fuse box and replace one blown fuse(rear defroster).

    Not only are the lights gone but the truck's acceleration is no longer sluggish--
      By the way I did get a $400 refund from the Dealer and thank them for nothing.
      Thanks again Josh and charlie2k2 for your inputs.
  • There is a rave review of the LR3 in the new issue of Top Gear, the very British car magazine. They think that it will be better than the Rover off road and the best thing since sliced bread on the road.

    Incidentally, for the first time in the Sunday Boston Globe, new 2004 Disco's are now under 30K. Unless you are one of those who likes to buy high and sell low, this might be a good time to get a Disco II and let the LR3 sort out any launch problems.
  • mnrovermnrover Posts: 52
    No problem. Hope that does the trick! Good luck.
  • newb911newb911 Posts: 3
    I am in the market for a used Discovery. I have located a couple of them here in Houston.

    I ran the VIN's through Carfax and they both come back very clean!

    Being a long time lurker here in the Forum, I know the some of you have access to more of their history. I sure would appreciate any further info that you guys can give me on these two Discos! Thank you!!!

    VIN SALTY12471A705118
    VIN SALTY12401A293432

    Look forward to hearing from you!

    Thanks again!
  • rovernutrovernut Posts: 2
    On Tuesday, I drove the 500 mile round trip to my CLOSEST LR dealer. I enquired about the LR3, and found out only what we can find on the net. Nobody has seen the actual vehicle, only pics. Like you blockislandguy, I think the live axle '04 will be a keeper, in fact while at the dealership, I traded my '01 disco for a '04 Mya Gold one in SE trim. I told them to take their useless '18" tires and rims off, and put my 16" GoodYear MTRs on it. I really like the 4.6 engine, but miss little stuff like a weatherband, tilting passanger seat, and brake peddel throb at start up, but overall think this will be a keeper. From all reports the LR3 is going to be just too smooth and fancy to herd all over the Rocky Mountains, as I do my last two Discos. It probably will be a technological wonder, but computers and electronics have a history of going out when you need 'em. The present Disco has too many, and to add twice as many??? I think not! If the LR3 does bring move Rover Heads to the fold, I say bring 'em on!!
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    There are currently only 4 LR3's in the US. which are pre-production units brought in for the NY auto show. Retailers will not be getting their first vehicles until Sept. with the official sales date being November 1st. I have seen the actual vehicle and am extremely impressed with what I have seen. Fit and finish are excellent, especially for a pre-prod. Hopefully I'll be able to drive one in the next couple of months.
  • alattalatt Posts: 11

    Has anyone installed GPS and/or DVD player (non-factory) on Disco/Disco II? If so, which ones are good?
  • miked03miked03 Posts: 21
    I am posting this b/c I was surprised to see a recall on a ten year old car? I'll need to watch the movie Fight Club again to understand the formula manufacturers use in determining when to post a recall.

    Land Rover Models:
    Land Rover Discovery I Years:1994-1997
    Range Rover Classic Years:1993-1995
    Number Potentially Involved: 45,267
    Dates of Manufacture: December 1993–November 1996
    Defect: On certain sport utility vehicles, the plastic fuel tanks can develop stress cracks. Fuel tank cracks can result in fuel leakage from the underside of the vehicle when filling the tank, particularly if overfilling is attempted. Fuel leakage in the presence of an ignition source could result in a fire.
    Remedy: Dealers will replace the fuel tank. The manufacturer has reported that owner notification is expected to begin during October 2004. Owners may contact Land Rover at 1-866-352-4827.
  • jefftabarjefftabar Posts: 4
    We are having trouble with our ABS modulator as well. The ABS TC and Decent lights have come on. We have a 2000 Discovery with 33K. We took it into the dealer for a 30K service, and after starting it the 2nd time these warning lights came on. Upon our return to the dealer, they are indicating this has nothing to do with our service work just performed?

    I have called several dealers and mechanics regarding this issue, and ALL say do not authorize any work until this is worked out.

    Any adivse you can give would be greatly appreiciated!


    Jeff Tabar
  • phill27phill27 Posts: 31
    All I can advise is to clean the fuse block thoroughly. I have had similar lights flash. After cleaning the fuses, they haven't returned. This was well over 1500 miles ago. At the least bit, you've ruled out a possible problem. My fuse block was absolutely filthy; it needed a good cleansing! I used electronic contact cleaner for great results.(I had it in hand) Others have simply used a pencil eraser for the same results.
    Bottom line: clean the fuse block.
  • jefftabarjefftabar Posts: 4
    Much thanks Phil for the advise. The dealer is now telling us it will need a new modulator for $2,400. Need-less-to-say, we ARE NOT HAPPY, and have contacted the manufacture for some needed assistance.

    I will mention to the dealer or try myself the fuse box cleaning. Big picture: this seems to be a more commmon problem then I thought, our research on sites let this has revealed many vehicle owner with a similar problem, but no clear solution. Boy, the story contimues......any other stories/advise from others would be greatly appreciated!

  • jefftabarjefftabar Posts: 4
    Oh, I even found that there is a recall on my ABS, not sure if it related, BUT I did ask the dealer if there were any recalls on my vehicle, AND THEY INDICATED NO! Well, not the case.....???? see below.

    Land Rover
    Models: Land Rover Discovery II Years: 1999-2004
    Number Potentially Involved: 99,657
    Dates of Manufacture: May 1998 – December 2003
    Defect: On certain sport utility vehicles, the anti-lock braking system (ABS) modulator valve cover retaining bolts can crack due to stresses transmitted by the flexing valve covers. This can produce an unexpected increase in stopping distance, with the potential for total loss of service braking function, which could result in a crash.
    Remedy: Dealers will strengthen the ABS modulator assembly valve covers and replace the retaining bolts. The manufacturer has not yet provided NHTSA with an owner notification schedule for this campaign. Owners may contact Land Rover at 1-800-637-6837.

    [NHTSA Recall No. 04V005/Land Rover Recall No. B148]
  • I'm third owner of a 98 Disco LE and recently had the fuel pump and filter replaced. Now my radio won't work. I've acquired the code from LR, but still not working. What's the procedure in getting it to re-activate? I've punched it in with the key on and now the word CODE flashes... Any help would be appreciated. I've got the owner's manual, but am wondering if I've missed something. Thanks!
  • newb911 I'm also in Houston. After years of searching for a used Rover actually found an immaculate one in the Chicago area and drove it down last November. There's also a super clean looking one (dark blue) on a lot on 1960 between Mills and Perry roads. It's been there for the past couple of months so they want to talk seriously about it. Good Luck.
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    I wonder if you got the wrong code? On my truck I just key it in and it beeps and comes alive. Nothing mysterious about it, and mine is a '96.

    Give 'em another try... ask a different person to look it up for you?

    Just my $.02
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