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Mazda MX-5 Miata (2006 and Newer)



  • tishpit1tishpit1 Posts: 24
    Ah-hah... thanks destry... I wasn't sure if it was supposed to or not. Odd that the switches on the doors of my Nissan all lit up at night. Would be nice if they did in the Miata. Oh well, at least all is working as it is supposed to.
  • Can anyone enlighten me as to what engine choices (if any) were available in 2006 and newer Miata's? How would I then identify which is in the Miata I'm looking to buy?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    All have the same tuned DOHC 2.0l engine.

    Automatics make a tad less output, 158hp vs. the 166hp in the manuals.

    2009 models got very, very subtle improvements but it's hardly worth mentioning. I think power went up by 1hp.
  • tgeentgeen Posts: 20
    ateixeira is correct on all points, for the US market at least. I seem to recall there was a change in how the hp was calculated a few years ago, so you may come across older reviews in which a slightly higher number is quoted, like 170hp. It's been the same engine all along, though. I forget what the torque is, but it's certainly adequate for such a light car, especially with a manual transmission.
  • Thanks, I'm slightly embarrased. I should have done more research before I posted this question. I am looking to buy an '06 and appreciate the input of those on this forum.
  • destrydestry Posts: 58
    I have a 2007 and it's the 6 speed auto with paddle shifters. The window sticker says I have 163hp. The 6 speed manual has 166hp. It's the same for the 2006 models. I hope this helps! :shades:
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Correct, it was 170hp before they were forced to state SAE hp (basically the output with all the accessories attached). That's why the rating dropped to 166hp. The actual output was unchanged.
  • tgeentgeen Posts: 20
    Don't be embarrased, it's a fair question. Every question about these cars has probably been asked and answered in the forums. Let me save you some trouble and tell you just to go ahead and buy one of these cars, because you won't regret it. It's the perfect small caliber sports car.
  • I don't know if this falls into the same area, but i was also upset at rattling when my wife was in the car (no puns please) turns out that if the seatback is all the way back i hear rattling. I asked her to position the seatback one click forward and viola, problem solved. (Also '06 GT)
  • I too had been looking for a Miata NC (third/current generation) preferably Grand Touring. and came across an '06 Copper Red, Saddle leather, Bose, sattelite radio, automatic w/paddle shifters with only 5,600 miles. full warranty thru 8/2013,This car is absolutely MINT. Even a local dealer I took it to for an oil change asked if I wanted to look at the undercarraige (rare that they want you in the service area) they and I were amazed to see that this car may not have ever even been in the RAIN. Perfect interior, perfect paint, etc. We could not be happier. Paid $18K
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Automatics are tougher to sell, but you got a STEAL.

    The original owner probably paid, oh, $10 grand to break in that car for you. :shades:
  • i just bought a 2007 grand touring mx-5 with auto trans. with 13,000 miles. The original factory warranty is due to expire 3-8-10 and the dealer is offering a"Total Care" extended warranty through EasyCare for 5 yrs/60k miles for $895. From everything I've read, these cars are so reliable that I am leaning away from buying it. On the other hand, i'd kick myself if i hit a big expense in the next five years. should I or shouldn't I ??
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Is it adding 5 years, or it is extended the 4 year warranty 1 extra year, for 5 total?

    If it's the latter is seems overpriced.
  • tgeentgeen Posts: 20
    What is covered under "Total" care?
  • the warranty extends from now until 60 months or 60,000 miles total (47k plus existing 13k) the Total Care pkg. seems very comprehensive. according to the brochure the only things it does NOT cover are "normal maintenance items,squeaks,rattles, water leaks, windnoise, non-factory installed radios and speakers, exterior metal, upholstery, trim, and convertible tops, glass, plastic or assembly." are there any 3rd gen. owners out there (2006 & newer) who have had any BIG problems ($800.00 or more in total repairs) i keep reading that mx5s are almost bullet-proof.
  • tgeentgeen Posts: 20
    A 6/60 warranty doesn't seem all that long anymore, with today's cars having pretty good reliability right out of the box for the first 4-5 years at least. I bought my 06 at the end of 2008, with 17k miles on it, and it's now at 30k with nothing but fluid changes.

    If it were me, I'd skip the extra warranty and take my chances. The odds are pretty good you won't have any big problems for 60,000 miles if you aren't racing it or anything, but you might want to poke around the forums at miata net and see if there are any problem areas starting to develop on these cars. I could be wrong, but I don't see anything about the MX-5 that seems like especially radical, unproven technology. The engine is shared with the Mazda3. Being made in Japan doesn't hurt either.
  • just bought a 2007 gt and could swear that it revved up as i was braking for a red light. i had to make a flustered panic stop and almost hit the car in front of me. i have the 6 speed auto trans. and i was in the manual shift mode. maybe i've been seeing too much lately about toyota's pedal problem and my foot may have just slipped from the brake to the gas at the wrong moment although this has never happened before. has anyone else had this problem?
  • i've only experienced that ONCE. Then i realized i was stepping on both petals.
    the pedals are very tight down there. (check you floor mats, they can curl too) Other than that, i think your listening to too many TOyota complaints.
    Enjoy you new car and relax. :)
  • tgeentgeen Posts: 20
    I haven't had anything like an unintended acceleration problem yet. I'm not sure if the current generation MX-5 uses a throttle sensor system instead of a cable, but I beleive it does.

    I don't worry about this issue at all because all my cars have manual transmissions, including my Toyota Celica. A good thing about having a clutch is that you can always disconnect the engine from the rest of the car almost immediately by pushing in the clutch pedal.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    The footwell is so tight that I never drive my Miata with large shoes or boots.

    I tend to prefer driving mocs, nice and small.
  • :shades: In my younger days, trying my best to be practical, I bought a new 1982 Honda Civic GL Sport, a zippy little hatchback with lots of umph from the 1.5 litre 4 cyl and 5 spd manual. Great little car.

    Always, what I really wanted was a roadster. I ogled every MGB and Triumph TR6 that drove past me but heard they were finicky to maintain.

    No MGB's or Triumph's have made it to my garage but we are on Miata / MX5 number 5!

    1990 Classic Red 5 speed
    1996 British Racing Green 5 speed
    2004 GS 6 spd
    2006 GT 6 spd
    and now we have a 2007 GS 6spd.

    No problems........ buy one, you'll love it!

    If its a used model, its still wise to have a mechanic check it for you though.

    You will always have a smile on your face driving to work. If you are anything like me, arriving at work happens far to soon.
  • tgeentgeen Posts: 20
    Deja vu! My first car, when I was young and practical, was a 1984 Civic S (in 1984). I learned to love shifting gears on that car, and I never bought anything with an automatic since. I remember getting 40 mpg pretty easily on the Civic, which weighed a bit under 2000 lbs as I recall (and 76 hp).

    The current MX-5/Miata is vastly superior in every way, except for price and fuel economy. I think of that 84 Civic whenever I see a first generation (NA) Miata. If I had a bigger garage, I'd get one to park next to my 06. It's hard to beat the road feel from manual steering.
  • fhs64fhs64 Posts: 4
    Have an 09 Scion Xb whose engine is shared with Camrys. This engine is rated at 158 HP. It runs very well on 87 octane gas ( 4 warnings, 1 ticket). So what is so different with the Miata engine that it requires premium gas? Please don't tell me about "race car performance" as I've beat several Miatas off the line and over distance with a box shaped vehicle that weights 300-400 lbs. more than the Miata. I'm looking to buy a Miata even though my "Toaster", "Refrigerator", "Box", "Ugly POS" has "won" more than once. By the way, I'm 63 yrs old so perhaps the combination of car and my appearance gave me the edge of surprise...but I kinda doubt it. Any replies will be appreciated...especially if they address the octance issue.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Well, that engine is making 158hp from 2.4 liters of displacement.

    The 2.0l is making 166hp from 2.0 liters of displacement. It does that using higher compression, basically. The same engine, without this tuning, is sold in the Mazda3i models and makes only 148hp.

    So basically we have to look at the compression ratio and octane. Octane is a measure of a fuel's resistance to pre-ignition, which occurs at (you guessed it) high compression.

    Modern engines can compensate for the knocking by retarding the spark timing, basically. Doing so may reduce output slightly, but it will protect the engine.

    Mazda recommends premium on the Miata for best performance, but it is not required. It may dial back the timing a bit and not produce the full 166hp, but it will preserve the engine and prevent pre-ignition, or knock.

    I run 87 octane in my Miata and it performs just fine.

    Miata was never about going fast in a straight line, anyway.
  • rudy2koolrudy2kool Posts: 5
    Will a 1993 hard top fit my 2007 MX5?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587

    The clamps on the windshield changed when the 1999 model came out, one in the middle instead of two on the sides.
  • rudy2koolrudy2kool Posts: 5
    thanks for the advice. can you tell me which years' hardtops will fit my 2007? maybe 2006 & up?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I'm think that's right. The new model came out in 2006.

    The 2009 got a face-lift but it didn't affect the top.
  • BirminghamBirmingham Posts: 12
    I added a new Kenwood in-dash stereo to my 2007 Touring, along with new 5X7 Boston Acoustic speakers in the doors and a SWI-Jack steering wheel control interface. It was a great upgrade! :shades:

    But I would also like to replace the two small rear speakers that are right above the storage compartment between the seats. Does anyone know how to get to them? I don't want to start pulling off plastic parts not knowing if they should really be disassembled; I don't want any rattles, :) Thanks for the info!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I hear there is a sub kit that fits in that storage bin between the seats.
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