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Nissan Quest/Mercury Villager Tires & Wheels



  • joe148joe148 Posts: 1
    I recently researched tires via and comments from this site and decided on the Kuhmo Solus KH-16 in the 235/60 16 size. It's a 60000 or 70000 mile tire. We just came back from vaction and put 2000 mi. on them so far and I'm most pleased with performance/ride and at a great price. HUGE difference over OE. I didn't order from tirerack; I found a local independent dealer who ordered and installed. 4 tires for about $365 out the door.
  • keltobkeltob Posts: 1
    First, thanks to everyone on this forum--I needed new tires for my 04 Quest and this discussion was very helpful. When I finally talked to a dealer, I learned that Yokohama now makes tires in the size recommended for my vehicle (225/65-16). Judging from the comments here, I was lucky that my tires held out to 52,000 miles, but they definitely have to go now!
  • rstiefrstief Posts: 2
    What kind of a price did they quote you?
    I was looking around yesterday and Walmart quoted me for the 225/65/16 eagles $135. plus tax and mounting. And $128 for the Michlen MXV plus everything.

    Another place quoted me Toyo 225/65-16 $130 plus tax but included mounting.
    So I am still looking. I do have 45000 on this 04 Quest and so far haven't had any brake problems.
  • rstiefrstief Posts: 2
    Has anybody ever heard of this brand? I think they are made in Korea. I see they are selling the 225/65-16 for $380 shipped from Florida.
    Was wondering anybody had any experience with them.
  • Got my 235-60-16" Blizzak tires ($82 each from Tire Rack) mounted up on steel wheels today, without the tire pressure sensors. Looking forward to trying them in snow this winter.
  • Installed the snow tires on our '04 Quest yesterday, they ride very nice with no interference issues. Handling in the snow should be interesting. Also, I'm noticing more and more variety of the 225-65-16 tire available on . Putting this odd size on the Chrysler minivan really seems to have inspired the tire makers. :) I'm really looking forward to getting rid of those awful Goodyear LS2's. :mad:
  • carzzzcarzzz Posts: 282
    I am planning to order a set of Winterforce with size 215/70R16, and i am not going to get a TPMS. How do you disable the system?
  • carzzz, what people have been generally using for the '04+ Quest is 235-60-16 for a suitable replacement.

    On our '04, I run no TPMS for the snow tires and the monitor shows nothing but ** for each tire pressure. No need to disable anything.
  • I ran 235-60-16 on a set of alloy chryser wheels I bought for $75 last winter. I think they came off an Avenger. NO TPM's and like exploder said just a bunch of ***. It is really nice not having to swap tires & wheels at $50 a whack.
  • carzzzcarzzz Posts: 282
    Thank you!
    I have heard that narrower tires have better traction during snow, and also see tirerack recommended size 215/70R16. I am going to try narrower tires. It should do a lot better then OEM.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    Be very careful going with that size tire on the Quest. You will change the driving characteristics of the van. If you need better traction in the snow, get dedicated snow tires.
  • Hi,

    I'm looking into new tires to replace my Quest OEM Goodyear Eagle LS2. It looks like the Yokohama Avid TRZ is very popular because it's now backordered everywhere I look. I'm now considering the Michelin HydroEdge. Does anyone on this forum have experience with them? I greatly appreciate any input.
  • I didn't get any reply since my last post. It seems like there is not a lot of activity on this forum. Either that or no Quest owner has put the Michelin HydroEdge on his van. Anyway here's some update. I got 4 HydroEdge (225/60R17) from TireRack and got them the next day. I had them installed at a shop in my area (Rockville, MD) as listed on the TireRack website for ~$200 (mount, balance, alignment, and TPMS swap). Since then I put ~500 miles on these new tires. So far so good and they seem quieter than the OEM although I didn't have any serious complaint with the OEM except for their fast wearing (I had to change them at 24K). I guess I'll know more about the Michelin HydroEdge as more rainy and worse weather days are to come.
  • The original Eagle LS2's wore out in 20k miles. I replaced those with the Goodyear ComforTred. These had an 80k mile warranty, but, now are worn out at 55k miles. I'm hoping for a pro-rated refund from Goodyear since I have all documentation, etc.
    So, now what to buy....there seems to be many more options than a few years ago.
    I'm looking at the Michelin Energy LX4 (always had good luck with Michelin in the past) and the Firestone FR710. I've also got a quote for the Yokohama TRZ. All of the prices are in the ball park of $500-$550.
    Anyone have any experiences with these brands or suggestions?

    2004 Nissan Quest SE
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    heard good thing about the Yokohamas, not much on the other brands
  • Hi,

    Don't know if you made up your mind about which new tires to buy yet. If not, take a look at the Michelin HydroEdge. I replaced the OEM tires at 24K, and have put ~2K on the HydroEdge since then. I went through a few big rains, and 2 snows without any problems. Tires are very quiet, gave excellent grip in wet conditions. I didn't experience the noise problems as reported by some owners on TireRack website. I'll give an update a bit later this winter.

    Good luck,
  • tjshantjshan Posts: 28
    OK guys, need some help and direction here , quickly please.

    Here is the story, we have a 2006 quest with 24K miles. We have constantly battled a vibration problem, mostly brakes. We have been through 3 sets of new rotors and two turn downs, as well as countless (5-6?) 4 wheel balances. most recently we brought the car in for brake vibration and steering vibration again last month, the dealer rebalenced again and found no vibration in the brakes, take the car, on the way home I find the vibrations back...keep in mind this is only at highway speed and comes and goes, slight but feelable. OK, bring car back, go for ride with tecky and sure enough he feels it, OK two days later they replace another set of rotors and rebalence...go back to pickup car and as soon as I turn on the highway I feel it...this time not in the wheel or brakes, but a whole car vibration, turn around and bring it was by then 6pm and no techs around but they will get to it...OK here is where I need the help

    the dealer calls today (Fri) and says they rebalenced the wheels and went for another ride and do not find a steering or brake vibration (as expected) the service maneger says he took it out himnself and does not feel an appreciable vibration, but attributes what little one there is to the back wheels being "chopped" on the inside tread. He insist there is no reason to replace the tires, the chopping he says will not get any worse as long as we keep the tires inflated and balenced properly. By the way, the tires have been rotated according to the recommended schedule. here is my question, why did they chop, there is plenty of tread, i would estimate 30-40K miles left on the original tires. Why do i see so many on this list replacing their tires at 20 or 30K miles?

    The manager is not in Sat so i am going to wait untill Monday to pick it up, even though he says there is nothing more they can do!? It means holding on to the loaner for another day but If they balk I will pay the extra days rental if need be...

    Whats the treadwear warrenty on the oem tires (goodyear 16" not sure of size cause I dont have the car) is it viable to expect goodyear to step in here? It seems rediculiouse that tires would go bad at 24K miles, even though there is plenty of tread.

    Please help here, I know there have been brake issues with the quest, but can they be attributed to the tires?

    06 quest SE
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited June 2010
    After dragging my feet for a few months, I finally put new tires on the '99 Quest. I kept holding off because we were tire kicking a new car but nothing has really grabbed us.

    So I got some Yokohama Avid Touring S based on good luck with the Yoko's on my Outback and the TireRack/Discount Tire reviews. A local shop came within $20 of the TireRack shipped and installed price, but I could have held out for the $40 rebate that wasn't offered by the local shop. But I didn't want to wait any longer.

    Too soon to tell about the Avids, but anything was better than the old tires - the wear bars had showed up and we didn't take the van on our last road trip because of that. No one was commuting in the van so I felt ok with toddling around town on the tires but I stayed on the surface streets.

    A week after getting the new tires, we drove the van for 17 hours straight. :-)

    Just rolled over 140,000 miles btw.

    Steve, visiting host
  • rockmobilerockmobile Posts: 115
    I also had tires replaced on my 99 Quest just before the winter. A good move because of all the snow we had.
    My van is rolling on her second set of Michelin X from BJ's Wholesale. I got around 90k miles on the first set, so I guess this ones will be there for life of the van - odometer reads 182k miles.
    I have also been looking around for a new vehicle but this van has proven too difficult to be replaced.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited June 2010
    Seems like I had a set of X clones from Costco years ago. X Radial Plus iirc. They did fine but I didn't get 90k out of them. :)

    The last set (Toyos) were high tread wear tires and I didn't much like them. Lousy grip in the rain and snow. I've about decided to go with lesser tread wear ratings and just replace tires a bit more often.

    Maybe I'll get to 182k on the van, but I doubt it. Between the two cars, we just don't drive that much - maybe 18 to 20k a year combined.

    We may have hit the sweet spot on these vans. Got the double sliders that the first generation didn't have and missed all the teething pains of the Canton built vans. Been real happy with mine.
  • rockmobilerockmobile Posts: 115
    I'll admit, I think I pushed the Michelins to the limit with the wear bands out in the open but I think they can be safely driven to around 80 to 85k miles if they are taken care off.

    Right after that first set I decided to go with GoodYear Assurance for a little comfort as the Michelins are a little stiff. It was a real fiasco because they required constant balance and never rode right. I threw them away after around 35k miles. A waste of money.
    The installers at BJ's thought I was crazy when they saw all the rubber left on them, but I know I would had gone crazy had I kept them.

    You mentioned the Outback and a friend just got one of them and says he loves it. Besides, it seems that once you get one you stay with them forever.
    Right now I am trying to cross that psychological barrier towards Subaru and the Forester looks attractive. I am sure my Quest will give me plenty of time to look around.
  • My 2001 Quest SE hit 175,000 miles and needed a new set of tires. The van was riding on Bridgestone SE200 in front and Goodyear Triple Treds in the rear. Both tires were excellent but had seen better days. The Bridgestones lost their tred depth and the Goodyears had been on for so long that they were starting to crack from exposure.

    Given that I only plan on driving the van for another 25,000 miles I cheaped out and bought a set of Firestone FR380s. The tires are smooth, quiet and have a lower lowing resistance than the previous set if my fuel economy computer is to be believed, but the handling is pretty awful. I have yet to try them in the snow. If they are competent in the white stuff I will be able to declare them a good buy.
  • tjshantjshan Posts: 28
    We have an 06 with 70K mi...OEM tires were comped after 20K for vibration issues...tried the Yokos...I agree they are Yo-so-so...not great but better then the goodyears. Except the inside sidewalls are all cracked the tire dealer is recommending kellys ...Any opinions. I can get the 4 kellys mounted out the door for $450.00
  • We have a 2005 Mazda 6 V-6 5 speed, 117,000 miles. I have a second set of wheels and use Blizzaks for the winter, and General Exclaim UHP's for the summer. I am very happy with the Exclaim UHP's. Quiet, great handling dry and wet. (not snow tires, however). Got them from the Tire Rack originally, but a local store can match their price (had to replace two of them because of damage). I did a track day at Road America and an autocross with these tires.
    You can explore the great handling of the first gen 6 with these tires.
  • Most of the tire with an off center belt will lead to one side because the location of the belt shifts more weight to one side of the tread than the other.
  • After slipping and sliding around in any amount of snow this winter, I am probably going to either replace the original Toyo A22 tires, or purhcase snow tires and just run them in the summer.

    I'd like to just get a good all-season tire rather than having to switch out and store 4 wheels/snow tires.

    Anybody have recommendations on an all-season tire that will fit the 235/55-18 size, and is at least DECENT in winter weather? These Toyo's are awful.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited February 2013
    I'm on my second winter with some Nokian WRG2s on my old Outback. My '99 Quest has Yokohoma Avid Touring S and they were okay in Boise but here in the UP of Michigan the last three years, they've been awful in the rain, and forget driving it in the snow. They are getting pretty miled up too though.

    If I drive the van next winter, I'm going to put some Nokians on it. Been happy with the WRG2s so far, and they aren't so aggressive that they make a lot of noise on the Subaru on dry pavement. The previous tires on the Subaru were Yokohama Avid T4s, and I wasn't too impressed with them.

    Nokians aren't real common. Check the Tire Rack site or Discount Tire for reviews of other brands.
  • thanks for that suggestion - looks like a lot of people have been very happy with the Nokians when you look around the web a bit. Very strong ratings from Consumer Reports on the WR G2s also.

    Question for you - have you used them in the vehicle's OEM tire size, or have you bought smaller snow tires (minus 1 or minus 2 sizing) as recommended by tire dealers with winter tires.

    Thanks for the info!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited March 2013
    For the Outback I got the OEM size. The previous owner had a set of steel winter rims but I sold them and don't recall if they were a different size.

    I have toyed with the idea of selling the Outback and putting those WRG2s on the Quest. It sounds like it would work and skinnier tires should dig through the snow better.

    In my case I'd be going from, iirc, 215 section width to 205.

    That's a different story from going to a Minus One. Funny that I don't remember anyone doing that when we lived in Anchorage years ago - we all put studs on winter rims and I think I always ran the same size. Minus sizing would make more sense. D'oh.

    I've never run anything bigger than 15" tires either, and that's probably why Minus sizing didn't enter the picture way back then.
  • sjk70sjk70 Posts: 3

    This is a formal complaint to the tires/wheels that Nissan has selected for placement on the 2012 Nissan Quest.The Toyo A22 235/55/18 tires are completely worn at 26,000 miles.We did not discover the issue with the tires until a third party inspected the vehicle.The vehicle will not pass inspection.All service has occurred at a Nissan authorized dealer at the recommended intervals.The service groups at Sheehy Nissan and Grapevine Nissan did not alert us to the dangers.I have spoken with Nissan Regional Consumer Affairs and alerted them to the concern and issues surrounding the rapid wear.It is our belief that the Nissan Quest is to heavy for the tires that were selected on the vehicle, and/or the tire is defective. Nissan Regional Consumer Affairs has decided not to intervene, or assist on our behalf.According to Nissan Employee Leslee #457231,Nissan does not have information on the Toyo A22 tire,or knowledge of weight characteristics&what constitutes abnormal wear. According to Toyo the A22 235/55/18 tire is a custom part manufactured to Nissan specs.After conducting an internet search there are many mentions of Nissan Quest tires wearing early.My belief is that the TOYO tire does not match the vehicle weight, or the tire is defective. The rapid wear experienced with these tires can jeopardize the safety of the passengers&motorists. An additional complaint to Nissan is being filed stating that the tire is not robust enough for the vehicle weight it is handling. My wife has experienced difficulty in wet conditions when handling the vehicle, I believe this is due to the abnormal tread wear (not her driving, which I originally believed). Toyo has offered a 35% wear warranty on the tires. Nissan has denied any warranty claim or assistance for the installation of the tires. This situation reminds me of the tire recalls surrounding the Ford Explorer in 2000. It is my (speculative) belief that TOYO or Nissan have not notified the NHTSA of these consumer complaints. The tires must be replaced.

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