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Lexus LX 470



  • pattid1pattid1 Posts: 2
    I would never buy another Lexus.They say they are good cars and they have great customer service,yeah til you have a big problem then you are on your own.I have over 60,000.00 in one and its sitting in my garage with me afraid to drive it because of safety issues....
  • Totally agree. Taken me the last year to get Lexus to agree to pay 50% of a repaint of my 2000 LX 470, smokey Topaz. then they tell me they want $ 700 more to remove 4 door dings! Absolutely appauling customer service for a 14 year, 5 car customer. Transmission also self destructed at 82,000 miles.

    Never again for me.
  • mercaramercara Posts: 291
    Trade it in for a cadillac. I am sure someone will be happy to buy your lexus.
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576

    Since the new LX debuts next Wednesday, can a specific topic for that suv be started?
    There may be a way to do that but I'm not sure how. I did a search of the forums with no hits.

    Since this seems to be a low volume topic perhaps we can alter this forum to "Lexus LX" so that nobody gets lost?
  • sysweisyswei Posts: 1,804
    Or "Lexus LX470 and LX570"?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    It is confusing; never been real happy with having the LX and GX 470s lumped together, but you owners never seem to complain. We have the Lexus IS 350 and IS 250 grouped together too, and probably others.

    It offends my sense of order, like having HUMMER and MINI listed in CAPS in the lists because the manufacturer does. :P

    We're easy - can we get a show of hands - anyone else feel strongly about separating the new one out vs lumping it in with this group? Maybe let it live in this Group but have separate discussions for general talk, and one for M&R, and the usual Prices Paid/Leasing discussions....
  • Well, here's my vote for creating a new Lexus thread for the LX 570. This one has been going on for years w/too many pages. Noting how long Toyota/Lexus hangs onto a design change, we're probably OK for the next 5-6 years.
  • luckylouluckylou Posts: 308
    Here is another vote.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Ok, let's just move the the Future Vehicle discussion over to this Group:

    2008 Lexus LX 570

    So for now, it'll live in the same Group as the LX 470 and GX 470 since it's the third generation LX. Does anyone around here even have the first gen LX 450?
  • dc661dc661 Posts: 71
    More power, goals of better on- and off-road capabilities and increased interior room highlight the 2008 Lexus LX 570 premiering in New York. Power, from the 5.7-liter, 381-hp V8 developed for parent company Toyota’s full-size Tundra, jumps 113 hp over the outgoing LX 470.

    The Tundra’s six-speed automatic is also part of the new powertrain package. Electrohydraulic suspension and active height control reduce body roll and increase on-road comfort. Off-road abilities should benefit from increased wheel travel, crawl control and multiterrain antilock brakes.

    Visually, the LX 570 taps into the Lexus L-finesse design theme for a more refined look, and the eight-passenger interior is 4 inches longer and nearly an inch wider. The LX 570 goes on sale in early 2008.
  • stevedc34stevedc34 Posts: 25
    Can't find a specific forum on pricing for this auto. I am thinking that Lexus will be dealing a little on the 2007 model. Has anyone received a quote on a 2007 LX? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Here it is: Lexus LX 470: Prices Paid & Buying Experiences

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • sidgriggssidgriggs Posts: 122
    Lexus doesn't make very many of these and since the replacement will not be on sale until Jan, I would think the discount will not be big--But I did get a price for one last week from my salesperson = 63,750
  • stevedc34stevedc34 Posts: 25
    Thank you for the responses...very helpfull.
  • Randomly I get this message when attempting to play a CD. Anybody know what this error message means? If I turn the car off and then turn it back on, the CD player works.
  • louie6louie6 Posts: 1
    I've had my '05 LX 470 for a few months. When driving at high speeds (50+) and especially when it is windy, there is a really loud noise coming from what seems to be the front driver side of the vehicle. It is almost like a howl of sorts and can be really loud and anoying. I didn't know if was normal becuase the vehicle does sit higher up and wind does pass through the vehicle with more ease. Has anyone else encountered this problem?
  • vdragonvdragon Posts: 12
    Just picked up an '05 LX, Blue Vapor, fully-loaded, 19k mi., including Night Vision & rear-DVD, etc.

    So far, it's great. Drives great. Can't believe all the electronic stuff. Voice-activation for everything is very cool. Will take a while to learn everything though.
  • tim724tim724 Posts: 4
    Ebay for half this price.
  • houdini1houdini1 Kansas City areaPosts: 7,646
    About a year ago I had some issues with the front crossbar of the luggage rack (peeling paint). It was replaced and as I drove away from the dealership I noticed this howling, wind buffeting noise that had never been there before.

    I figured it was something to do with the replaced crossbar and sure enough the crossbar had been put in with the wrong side facing forward. It is shaped sort of like an airplane wing and the tapering side should face the rear. The bar was reversed, problem solved.

    2013 LX 570 2016 LS 460

  • luckylouluckylou Posts: 308
    Hi louie6

    I had two similar problems the first one seems to be like whistle and the other like a herd of Water Buffalo, a rattling sound.
    Not on the same time period . The whistle appear after a full detail done at the dealers.
    While cleaning the dashboard accidentally a small button was press and slightly opened the right rear window. Once properly closed the sound disappeared.
    The WB sound was little hard to figure out but to make it short it was roof rack , the little wheels that tightens the roof rack was loose ( 2 wheels or knobs )

  • In January, 2006 I replaced the entire nav system at a cost of almost $2K -- it was completely dead. In October, 2006 the dealer checked the system out because it would periodically blank out or freeze up. Naturally they found no problems. In the last couple days it has turned off or frozen up several times. Needless to say I am extremely unhappy. Any help out there?
  • dudeduhdudeduh Posts: 1
    Recently, my 2005 Lexus LX470 was parked on a slightly sloped parking spot. My gear was in "P" position when I exited the car, but I did not engage my side-brake and I left my engine on to keep the AC running (I was just picking up something quick). I walked away few yards when I needed to return to my car to get something. When I opened the door and with my body quarter of way in the car, the car started to roll backward down the slope (my foot got caught under the tire and I fell to the ground). It rolled until it hit another parked car. Has anybody heard anything similar to this? Does Lexus LX470 have problem with gear shifter?
  • I own a 2006 LX470 , regardless where I park I always engage the parking brake . Even inside the garage.
    I have never heard anyone having your problem.
    Perhaps you should check the
    Hope this can be helpful
  • mercaramercara Posts: 291
    Dude, I have been this and other LX/LC boards for years and never came across something like this. Either your transmissions lock (P position is not working) or you selected either R or N which cause your truck to move back.

    That or ......
  • Looking to replace OC Dunlops after less than 24,000 mls.
    Any recommendations ? Any experience with NITTO 404?
  • Michalin MTX? I'm at 144,000 and still have a lot (20,000+ miles) left on my third set. 55-60k out of each set.
  • luckylouluckylou Posts: 308
    I am on the same boat , just went past 22000 miles and these Dunlops are ready to bite the dust.
    Michelin is my only choice , but my only question would be which one ?

  • hhi28hhi28 Posts: 1
    I got my 2000 LX470 and was told by dealer that there is issue with the CAT.
    It makes rattling sound around 2000 RPM or so and disappear beyond that.
    LEXUS service thinks it's the honeycomb in the CAT getting loose and floating around that makes the sound.
    The estimate to replace is about $ 2000 at LEXUS.
    He suggested to go to Midas for around $ 180-200 ??
    Does this sound about right?
    Why so much different in price? Is there different quality in the product?
    I know nothing about car except that I am not ready to chill out $2000 for this problem.

    What other alternative things I can do to fix the problem? I am not even sure if it is really the CAT? Suggestions? Thoughts?
  • I have had noise in the front drivers seat of my 2007 LX470. Like a rumbling annoying wind noise. I have taken it to the dealership. They tried to fix it, but because the noise is "normal". They are saying they have done all they can. They tell me all LX470s have this annoying noise. My noise is inconsistent so it is difficult to pinpoint. The noise can happen at 50 to 60 miles in cruise mode.
  • houdini1houdini1 Kansas City areaPosts: 7,646
    I think they are feeding you a line of bull. Ask to drive other 2007s to see if they have the same noise, etc. then see what they come up with. Good luck.

    2013 LX 570 2016 LS 460

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