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Lexus LX 470

meredithmeredith Posts: 578
This topic is a continuation of Topic 795....

Lexus LX470. Please continue these discussions
here. Thanks!

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  • egtegt Posts: 1

    What are the details on this offer on '00 models?


    Could you offer such a deal on a '01 model for pickup at your dealership in October?
  • rewyllysrewyllys Posts: 24

    I'd like to repeat egt's questions and add one of my own: Do you expect to be able to offer such a deal on a 2001 LX470 in January 2001?

    Ron Wyllys
  • xplicittxplicitt Posts: 1
    Whats new in the 2001 LX470?
  • rewyllysrewyllys Posts: 24

    Shane indicated that conditions (e.g., cars on hand) fluctuate from day to day but that he is always interested in aggressively selling as many cars as possible. His response seemed both reasonable and encouraging to me: reasonable, because he obviously can't predict today what things will be like in January 2001; and encouraging, because he _is_ willing to negotiate (unlike some the situation at some dealers).

    The question from xplicitt has been partly answered in the previous LX470 topic. There someone said, "My dealer (who's a friend) swears there will be no substantive changes on the 2001, with the possible exception of side-impact airbags. I grilled him about more HP for 50-80 passing; nav system; etc., to no avail." Another correspondent reported, "The 2001 LX470 will receive a DVD-based GPS navigation system option." Feel free to make your own interpretation of these conflicting reports.

    Ron Wyllys
  • Hello All,
    Yes I know where in the hell have I been! Paying for my 470... Ha! Really I have been quite busy lately in fact after visiting Florida for the first time ever to get my 470 from Connie...Plug Plug Plug... I've been back twice for other business. Oh well enough babble! I here to say that a reader put a flame under my but because I promised a very very very small website regarding my trip to Fort Myers. Well it is d--- well not done but a work in progress forever. You may not scoff or ridicule because last time I checked I don't get payed to make nice pretty web sites! :) Please visit and let me know what you want to know or see on the site I'll do my best to accomodate you if possible. Gotta run for now... Oh yeah the site is

    I'll try to add better picutres soon!
    See Ya,
  • scott902scott902 Posts: 46
    I understand that previous lexus owners get $1,000 rebate from Toyota. Now that is good customer service.
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 2,006
    I'm going to be getting a 2001 vehicle when I trade my '99 Jeep GCL in. I'm considering an RX and LX. I want the next vehicle to have a navigational system. I'm also considering the Mercedes E wagon for better gas mileage which offers the Nav system. Any feedback on the '01 Lexus vehicles having the Nav system would be appreciated.

    2010 Land Rover LR4, 2013 Honda CR-V, 2009 Bentley GTC, 1990 MB 500SL, 2001 MB S500, 2007 Lincoln TC, 1964 RR Silver Cloud III, 1995 MB E320 Cab., 2015 Prevost Liberty Coach
  • gbhoppergbhopper Posts: 9
    The 01 470 will have a nav system. I am driving a 00 470 now and the ride is as good as the e wagon that I had. I drove the RX when I had the LX in for the 15,000. It is OK but a long way from a LX or the E wag.
  • melvinshmelvinsh Posts: 19
    Are you sure about RX is a long way from LX or E-class wagon? From one day driving?
    We own both RX and LX. Extensive drive on both two years ownership on RX, and one year and 4 month on LX. 6 hr. driving to Lake Tahoe, and 6 hr. driving to Santa Barbara. I perfer RX most of the time. I don't mean LX is bad, but here is couple things that is lacking in LX.

    1. LX remote features aren't as good. In here CA, sometimes temp. goes up to 100 degree. RX remote allows you to lower all windows, but not LX. Also allow your to close up windows. RX's remote has at least 3 times the range compare to LX.

    2. With increasing gas price. I prefer RX's fuel economy.

    3. Parking space too small for LX around here. Mine has two dents on the door and the rear fender already.

    Regarding the ride, I feel both LX and RX are both good, but with different charastistics. LX's suspension is adjustable rides a bit firmer than RX. With the hardest setting it coners as well as RX. However, I wouldn't recommand anyone in the third role seats. You hurt your back after 30 minutes of ride. With soft setting, third role seats feel as comfortable as second role seats, but you suffer the cornering ability. I often keep the adjustment "bold dot" setting.
    My uncle owns a E320 4-matic 4 door sedan. I have to say RX300 really rides better than E320. And a bit quieter. Less pumpy on the road especially on uneven roads. My uncle was surprised on RX300's ride. He told me that he thought all SUVs ride like truck. Apparantly, both RX and LX shows him that SUV does not have to ride like a truck.
  • Does anyone know when the 2001 LX470 will be out?
  • Sounds more like you guys are doing the limbo!

    Bill Mullen
    JM Lexus
  • mavamava Posts: 32
    Hey everyone:

    I currently own a 2000 LX470 with 14000 miles on the odmoeter.

    Am looking into possibly selling it to purchase another vehicle due to family changes.

    The problem is I don't know how to price it! According to KBB and Edmunds, they only have pricing info on the 1999 model year.

    It is fully loaded from the manufacturer. Black with Ivory interior.

    Any suggestions? I purchased it new including CA tax / license for $62,000.

    Any suggestions? Should I go to the dealer and try to "negotiate?"

    Anyone interested??



  • 694694 Posts: 4
    I'm making the final decision whether I'm going to own a Land Cruiser or a LX 470. If anyone could tell me how much I should pay over the invoice for a brand new 2000 Land Cruiser and LX 470, equipped with all the factory options, I'll be really appreciate it.

  • 694694 Posts: 4
    Hi! everybody,

    Is $58,400 a good deal for a brand new 2000 LX470 , which is $4,377 over the $54,023 at INVOICE, and $4,932 below the $63,332 at MSRP?

  • davidcookdavidcook Posts: 6
    Yes. I paid just under 58.2K last November, and from what I've seen this price is in line with what others have paid that venture over state lines for a LX.
  • dugdugdugdug Posts: 2
    It depends on where you are. CA has the best price. I also heard plenty of good deal from FL dealers. You should be able to get better deal in CA or FL.
  • scongroscongro Posts: 80
    Take it, without a doubt!


    I'd say about 54K, 55K. Remember, it has to beat the new sale prices, which as you see, was around 58K
  • mavamava Posts: 32

    Thanks for the feedback. For those of you who may be interested, please feel free to email me. I'm willing to do better than $54k.


  • Just added a picture of my new toy being pulled along behind my 470... Take a look at...

  • rewyllysrewyllys Posts: 24

    Glad to see that you found a boat that suited you.

    The two white "vehicles" look good together in the photograph. (Just bear in mind that the front one has only very limited buoyancy!)

    Have fun!

  • ichiban470ichiban470 Posts: 45
    Hello Everyone,
    Just a note for all of you LX owners on what Japan's LX has and what our LX's do not. There are not that many differences except headlamp washers, a left front quarter panel side mirror, and cooler inside the center consul (that is why we have a power outlet there!). I do wish they would have offered them here as a option but to late now!
    Japan also offers a aftermarket aero-body kit for the LX but my opinion is that it makes the LX look like the "HULK" and not the upper class vehicle that it is. Saw the "Navigation" for the 2001 and it look good for those who would need navigation. No "Xenion" lights on the 2001's and I could not find any kits offered yet. I go back every other year so I'll keep checking with my contacts and post if I locate some.
    For those interested in purchasing the Edmunds #1 rated SUV, contact Brad Salyers @ Longo Lexus (El Monte, California) (800)92-LONGO. Bought my LX470 from this man with every option listed! Check my old posts and see how much I saved !
  • circacscircacs Posts: 1
    You asked to e-mail you....let's see what you got.
    I'm ready for under $54K. Let me know ASAP...I'm ready to rock & roll!
  • gluonggluong Posts: 1
    I am looking for lx470. please let me know and my email address is [email protected]
  • rewyllysrewyllys Posts: 24
    I'm wondering whether anyone here has had experience with installing a radar detector in an LX470. I'd like to know where you placed it--on the dash, on the windshield, behind the grill--and how it has worked.

    Thanks in advance for your information.
  • I highly recommend the K-40 radar for the LX470. I've seen it installed in many customers vehicles here and it works GREAT! Uses a license plate frame device in front and rear detectors as well, it's pricey, but my customers say definitely worth every penny! It's a complete custom installation with LED's placed into the dash!

    You must check it out!
    Bill Mullen

    If you want advice regarding pricing information please call or e-mail. Availability at the end of year is your only obstacle.
  • gbhoppergbhopper Posts: 9
    Bill do you have any inside info or thoughts on what we will see on the 2001 LX470. Price and options ??
  • hayabusahayabusa Posts: 26
    Got these pics from the Japanese Toyota website. I think these are 2000's and not 2001 models.
    These are from the Aristo(GS):


    This is from the Windom(ES):

    And these are from the Land Cruiser Cygnus(LX):


  • gbhoppergbhopper Posts: 9
    Thanks for the pictures.I see lots of changes if you study them.
  • ichiban470ichiban470 Posts: 45
    2001 will get this but I don't know if the Nav screen will look the same? Diff. programming.
  • DVD based Nav...? Wheels? We will not have any pricing info till x3wks before LX's arrive...

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