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    I have been considering buying the LX470 for a few months now. I loved the vehicle. It is basically a choice between ML430, BMW X5 and LX470. It looks as though the 2000 LX470 is available for about 55K before options. I never wanted to pay 60K+ for this vehicle. I will not buy Land Cruiser as I hate Toyota dealers (I owned 4 Runner before). I have a few questions:

    1. I hear emergency handling is poor on this SUV. I live in NJ and snow isn't too bad, but I must have nice handling. Is this truly a problem?

    2. Should I wait for the 2001 model? I will not pay MSRP for any SUV. (I am removing X5 from my list). I suppose the 2001s will cost more than the 2000 model. Is there a disadvantage other losing some value of the truck right off the bat because I will buy the 2000 model so late?

    3. Does anyone know if Lexus is offering anything new in the 2001 model?

    4. Does anyone know if Lexus is going to redo this SUV anytime soon?

    Thanks for the help.
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    The LX 470 will get some changes for 2001. Some thing that will change are puddle lights for running boards, and the addition of a compass and a DVD-ROM NAV system. Expect some very minor exterior changes also. However, these options will probably cost you over 60.

    The Toyota Land Cruiser production is set to end after the 2002 model year, which leaves this SUV up in the air after '02. Will they base the new LX off of the Sequoia (Please god no), keep the platform alive only on the Lexus side of things, etc. So expect a major change for 2003, but nothing before then.

    I live in Florida, so snow traction really isn't a problem here.
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    I appreciate your effort in your message, but I am not sure if you answer it because I am not sure what was my question.

    Your beloved theresa-reefer never returned my e-mail other than that infamouns automated response. Exactly 24 hours later, I went to a dealer and picked up a lx470. Well, sometimes internet proves to be useless.

    Now, please kindly advise what the heck of 30 days service to check the nut and bolt? And if the engine was previously break-in in factory, what was the heck for the limitation to drive under 55mph for the first 1000 miles? Why is the manual specifically warning of engine oil consumption and check engine oil on each and every gas refuel? Well, on the upside, the wood steering wheel looks good though I did not want it in the first place, thanks to the Lx470 one trim fits all. Regards,
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    Just drive it like you normally drive and enjoy it.
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    375hp @ 4,200 rpm on a Lx 470 ?
  • mavamava Member Posts: 33
    Hey everyone:

    If any of you are interested in a used LX470, my Black/Tan 470 may be the ticket.

    Shot me off an email with your interest and I'm sure we'll work out a great deal. I'm in the LA area of CA.

    Thanks, MAC
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    I have had my LX 470 about two months. I notice a lot of interior wind noise above 50mph when I have just one window down, or just the two rear windows down. It is very annoying. Also, as my dog likes to ride with the two rear window down, I notice the rear seat belts flap in the wind, even if I have the clip attached to hold them back. Has anyone else noticed this? I am going in for service next week and intend to see what the dealer has to say.

    Otherwise, I love the vehicle. It is incomparable for ride and quality. I drove them all before buying it. It is expensive, but got almost 10% off the sticker, so I was happy.
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    dont know about the rest of you, but i am finding
    that the lx470 is a much better value in my market. toyota dealers want 3k over invoice, or the best price ive found is approx, 52k all with 3rd seat,running boards, roof rack.Gulf states toyota dist...will not sell stripped down. Im buying a loaded lx470 for 2500 more. found the car and bought over the net. good luck to all
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    I got my LX last week at the invoice price; Call Theresa Reefer for a quote. Very large selection and a pleasant experience. Swift
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    can anybody tell me what's the best after-market set-up for the lx470 and what's the best price for the hardware+install. i know the stock stereo system is pioneer (ie could the pioneer gps work better?)-but then i have a nakamichi setup.

    seems a japanese brand is the best (alpine or pioneer) but there's philips too.

    your inputs would be appreciated
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    where did you read that the LC platform is being ended in 2002. Since Toyota makes this vehicle for various world markets and Toyota is big on tradition why would they kill a high profit seller?

    All indicators I have is that they will keep both alive as the TLC/LX are more upscale vs the Sequioa that is aimed at the Expedition & Tahoe markerts.
  • swiftmswiftm Member Posts: 68
    All about Lexus site.
  • md2002md2002 Member Posts: 142
    It would seem that Motor Trend is saying that the
    TLC will end in 2004:

    "2004 Toyota Land Cruiser: Production scheduled to
    end on the Land Cruiser. The success of the
    Tundra-based Sequoia will influence the decisions
    on the next generation Land Cruiser."

    Does this mean the LX470 is scheduled to move over to a new platform (Sequoia) or somethings eles? Any thoughts?
  • jasmine10jasmine10 Member Posts: 4
    Does anybody know when the new 2001 LX470 is coming out?
  • gbhoppergbhopper Member Posts: 9
    Oct or Nov. I'm have a deposit on one and that is what they are telling me.
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    I am in the process of negotiating for a 2000 LX 470. What do you all consider a "good price". I have been told by dealers that..."noone in the country will sell this car for $56,000 or less." Has that been the experience of those out there on the world wide web. I'd love to hear from all of you who have recently purchased an LX 470 and what you had to pay.
  • swiftmswiftm Member Posts: 68
    goulash: see my post #66. I paid $37 over invoice for 2000 with good selection at Riverside, CA. I am told it will have a price increase with only few changes from a late 2k production LX. Swift
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    Thanks, Swift. I just purchased a LX470 from Theresa Reefer of Riverside after reading your message #66. I was in a business trip to Orange County last Thursday and I happened to be online to check this board. Your message caught my attention and I called her the very next day. Well, she gave me a good price over the phone and I didn't even want to negotiate the price down even though I know I could squeeze a few hundred dollars out of it. I felt that the price was very reasonable and was way less than I could get from anywhere else. The car was being delivered to my home right at this moment on a flatbed and we were very excited. This is my second Lexus and the last LS400 is still like new after four years. I believe it is worth the extra money to get a LX470 than a Land Cruiser. You can't beat the Lexus' services. Speaking about to wait for the 2001 model with the navigation system, who needs it. When was the last time you put your LX470 in the mud? If you must have one, you can get a portable one with a lot less money and you can carry it with you. Ha.
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    Hi, All

    Over forty LX's on the ground and I must make room for all of the 01' GS's that are landing here on what seems like a daily basis.

    Less than 1k over on your choice of in-stock LX's.

    Shane Palmer

    [email protected]

    "Striving to be the Premier On-Line retailer of the finest automobiles on the PLANET!!!
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    To gbhopper - Do you know how much would a fully loaded 2001 LX470 (with Navigation and Nakamichi) go for? Does it make sense to wait for the new model or go for 2000 one. Ofcourse there would be a price difference but don't know how much.
  • gbhoppergbhopper Member Posts: 9
    They have no prices yet. The 2001 will have GPS nav, running board puddle lights and a compass. I think the nav might be a option.
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    rhm2000: Congratulation for the new LX, I am enjoying mine here in Anaheim for one month before driven across the country next month, I have to transport my dog and stuffs. I am hoping T. Reefer will ship me a LS 430 later, tell me about shipping yours in a flat bed? Swift
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    It arrived on Tuesday, 8/15, 2 days after the purchase. Cory Williams, Internet sales manager of Riverside Lexus, called me on Monday morning for the shipping schedule. It came within the four hour window period he told me, no damage and no mileage logged. It was an excellent experience and the shipping cost was just a little bit more than if I were to drive it home myself (430 miles). I believe they deliver cars door to door to anywhere in the country.
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    Stopped by the local dealer to look at LX 470's. When I asked about the 2001 model, the salesman told me it's due in November and will have the following changes:

    1. Wood steering wheel and shifter will be standard.
    2. Lighted running boards.
    3. DVD Navigation system.
    4. Graphite polished wheels.
    5. Damped glove box. Salesman didn't know what this meant, either.
    6. Compass on rear-view mirror.
    7. Child-seat anchors.

    OPTIONS: Mark Levinson audio system (a la LS430). Chrome wheels.

    I think he said pricing will be about $1600 or so more. There was no mention of more hp's/torque nor the addition of any side airbags.
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    Does anyone know for sure what the changes are for the 2001 LX470? I need to pull the trigger on either a 2000 this week or wait for a 2001. I had heard virtually the same as #86 with the only difference being that the Mark Levinson system was to be standard and the nav system was optional. Any idea on the pricing for the nav system, if optional? Any idea how to get an early peek at the wheels? Does the 430 have polished graphite wheels?
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    Have been trying, without success, to find an aftermarket cargo privacy shade (3rd row seats out) and a rear air deflector (like the Landcruiser's) for my 2000 LX. Lexus quit offering the deflector toward the end of this model year. Local Toyota dealership will sell a TLC shade for $700. Will that fit? If so there must be a less expensive after-market option. Anyone have a line on these? Perhaps someone knows who manufacturers the ones found on the US SUV's? Tried emailing that Japanese company mentioned on this board a few weeks ago. Was obvious by their answer that no one speaks english over there. Amazing that Lexus doesn't offer these. PS - Almost a month and not a single regret...

  • md2002md2002 Member Posts: 142
    If you want a great site to visit for Toyota Parts at a realistic price visit: or goto these two sites sell the real deal. For what its worth the TLC rear air deflector lists @ 225.79 and it is sold at $170.18 @ toyota-parts site.

    It is just sick that they figure they could sell you on the higher price. If you are looking for something really NICE for your LX470 goto the following site: and goto the Euro Style Rear Spoiler - this is the 3rd brake light one.

    Good Luck.
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    I love the Black 470 with grey leather interior, however, I'd rather have black plastic or a BLACK WOOD interior trim to match the other two colors. The brown with black and grey in my opinion looks out of place. Does anyone know if that is an upcoming option or can I get it after market somewhere? Will this possibly be an option in 2001? Help me please.
  • twinsdad99twinsdad99 Member Posts: 9
    for future reference, just wanted to get a price check on what the lowest price people are being quoted since we are near the month-end and since they are probably about to intro the 2001 buy mid sept.

    i got my 2000 at slightly below invoice last 8/11.i used to own an 98 ml 320 (of which i cleaned up all the bugs/kinks and put michelin ltx's, and was very happy with ) but eventually went for size and extra luxury. i do miss the handling though.looking back, price-value wise, the 2000 ml 430 takes the cake and is top dog.
  • f888l888f888l888 Member Posts: 45
    I was looking at ml430 but was vetoed by my wife. Well, ml430 is top value because MB is smart enough to produce it in alabama to avoid hefty import tariff levied on "trucks".
    On the other hand, ML class is abundant and is quite easy to see. (I swear my neighbors in my community have at least 30 MLs, several lc470, but I have not yet spotted another lx470.)
  • md2002md2002 Member Posts: 142
    I would stop at your local Toyota dealer and have them show you one or have the parts department order a shade in for you to look at.

    The TLC & LX470 are the same dimensions and such so they should fit the same. I can't believe they actually thought you would pay $700 or even consider it just because you can afford a Lexus doesn't mean your IQ dropped off the charts. It just means you enjoy the best of luxury and (sport) utility at the same time.

    Good luck and report back if you find a shade for the back.
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    i need advise on whether to purchase a 2000 or wait for a 2001 LX470. the navigation system in the 2001 is attractive option. But is it worth the wait and cost? Does anyone know about non-factory installed nav system by Alpine? Any thoughts out there?
  • thor3thor3 Member Posts: 120
    I think the real cost of waiting for the 2001's is that they won't initially discount as much as currently on the 2000's. So the ultimate difference will be many of $$$$ vs. just a few. Once the excitement of the new features subsides and Winter (4x4 season) is over the prices on 2001's should come down.

    It would be nice if some of the INTERNET SALES REPS. trying to get our business would comment on this. Perhaps they can infer that they could sell the 2001's for "X" over invoice to give us a better idea of the difference.
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  • swiftmswiftm Member Posts: 68
    Hi Theresa and Cory: I bought my 00 LX from you, excellent service; what about the LS 430 deal as discussed? I am ready for another toy. Please email direct [email protected] swift
  • jasmine10jasmine10 Member Posts: 4
    Would it be possible for you to give us a number as to where to reach you. Also when are they gonna introduce the new 2001 LX470? I am looking forward to buying one.
  • w8n41w8n41 Member Posts: 1
    Anyone have any experience in delivery of the LX from dealers - looks like CA and FL are pricing more competitively than here locally and it may be worth it to have one shipped in.
  • f888l888f888l888 Member Posts: 45
    The recommended tire pressure (front 29 rear 32) is quite conservative. I think Toyota recommended it because ride might be better given lower tire pressure. If you check the tire manufacture (mitchilin), the tire pressure can be raised higher (say, front 32, rear 35) and still within safety.

    With higher tire pressure (of course, not for off-road, but do you know anyone using lx off-road), the ride quality may be affected. But since lx comes with variable damping suspension, the ride quality can be compensated through variable suspension even if tire pressure is higher. Toyota recommended #2 setting for Normal city driving. I don't know what will happen if one chooses #1 setting and using higher tire pressure (front 32 rear 35). The pro and con may be
    1. reduced engine burden and save a drop or two gas
    2. Brake distance will lengthen a bit(so don't race)
    3. The ride quality? ( will variable damping suspension compensate it)
    TIA. comments appreciated.
  • gbhoppergbhopper Member Posts: 9
    I run 32 front and 32 rear. There is more wt. on the front tires than the rear so I could see no reason to carry less air in the fronts than the rear unless you have a load in the rear. I have run 35 front and rear and #1 setting and can't tell much difference between 32 and #2 setting.
    Try it and let me know what you think.
  • edwardt1edwardt1 Member Posts: 20
    I noticed today that Edmunds has pricing for the 2001 LX 470. The price for the nav. system is a little pricey but they did bundle it with the Mark Levinson audio system. I would be interested to know how the intial LX's will be equipped. I am undecided on whether to purchase a 2000 in hopes of getting a better deal or purchase the 2001. I would like to see a 2001 with nav. before I decide. My local dealer has 4 LX's in stock. They have only one in my color prefence which is Golden Pearl. If I wait then I may be forced to purchase from someone else. I have talked with Connie Johnson an internet sales person in Florida who was very courteous and professinal. Her pricing was very good. You can find her phone number in earlier post's as she has posted on this site.
  • tskyplayertskyplayer Member Posts: 3
    I'd like to know if there are any noticible exterior differences in the '98 LX470 and the 2000? I was thinking about purchasing a 98 but I don't want to drive something that is visually dated. Any help would be appreciated.
  • md2002md2002 Member Posts: 142
    1998 was the new year for the new body style. As for any noticeable changes I would have to say no. I found a picture of the '98 on the web and it looks pretty much the same as the '00. Major changes are taking place for '01 with the new stereo and nav system & color changes, but other than that the exterior is just about the same.

    Good luck.
  • internetlexusinternetlexus Member Posts: 1
    Hello everyone, this is Theresa at Lexus of Riverside.First off I wanted to thank everyone again for the kind words. Its been my pleasure to earn your business.
    As far as the 2001 LX470's are concerned, We will be starting to receive our first batch tomorrow. They are going very quickly, out of the seven we have on our inventory, six are sold. If you are interested, the best thing to do now is put a deposit down for one and wait for our next allocation of cars. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me at [email protected].
  • nofeernofeer Member Posts: 381
    WHat is the main difference in the LC vs Lx? Is there a difference in the ride, quiet, lux features? Toyo has 3 large suv', now what do we do. Do you think the LC and LX470 will be phased out to be replaced with a Lexus version of the Sequoia?
    This year will be confusing to a lot with all the new vehicles..Many are saying the lx470 isn't worth the price difference compared to the LC? So what happens when the Limited Sequoia comes out. I plan on getting a luxury Suv in the spring, so i can wait for the dust to settle--any thoughts
  • ixixviixixvi Member Posts: 24
    I am about to purchase a SUV. My first. I would actually like to take the vehicle off road. The book "California Coastal Byways" has some suggested trips. The two SUVs I am considering 2001 Land Cruiser or 2001 Lexus LX470. Of these two vehicles which do you think is better off road.Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  • dugdugdugdug Member Posts: 2
    They are the same vehicle except for more luxury for LX. Maybe LX will be slightly better off road because it has adjustable height control.
  • jmallenjmallen Member Posts: 2
    One distinct advantage of the LX470 over any new chassis that Lexus may employ in addition to or in replacement of the LX470, is that it is Land Cruiser based and has worldwide parts and servicability. I've put well over 200K miles on a GMC truck in the middle of Baja and along the west coast of Mexico and felt assured that if I broke down it could be serviced.

    Another advantage is that if a new Lexus product is announced it may make a used LX470 a bit less expensive because of consumers vying for the appeal of a newer model, as is often the case.

    In all I hope that a new model is announced soon, so that I can swoop up a used LX470 bargain, or maybe even a new incentive laden LX470.
  • tismfu2tismfu2 Member Posts: 1
    Are there any photos of the 2001 LX 470 yet? Thanks.
  • ixixviixixvi Member Posts: 24
    I am about to purchase a 2001 LX470. I am aware that a thief can steal one's auto if they really want to.

    However, in trying to make the LX more theft resistant,is some good steering wheel locking device and the factory alarm system sufficient? Or should I add an Alpine or other quality alarm system to the factory alarm system. Any advice along these lines would be appreciated.
  • md2002md2002 Member Posts: 142
    The problem with ANY alarm system or anti-theft device is none are really full proof. A Club or other steering device is okay for the casual looker, but an experienced thief will get by it.

    Factory alarm is usually integrated into the keyless remote system and usually includes an imobilizer to cut the ignition. I would go factory.

    Some other options would be Lojack or a fuel system cut off as well. Lojack is ideal for theft recovery the fuel system cut off allows you to prevent your vehicle from getting very far. You will put a kill switch somewhere a thief wouldn't readily find it (but you can reach it).

    Remember that your LX can be loaded onto a flatbed truck and hauled away just as easily. So I would go for a good alarm and lojack for recovery.
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