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Lexus LX 470



  • netmiaminetmiami Posts: 13

    Looks like we will see you later on this Sat. to finalize the paper work and pick up the 2000 LX 470. So make it buying an LX 470 online PAINLESS......I look forward to have the same PAINLESS process when we show up at your dealership Sat. to complete the process.

    See ya,


    p.s. By the way Bill had the LOWEST price of all and the FASTEST RESPONSE (just in time for my wife's birthday present)......even the other internet buying services and ALL OTHER LEXUS dealers in FL and elsewhere.
  • vbentleyvbentley Posts: 21
    Thanks to all of you for providing some great information!

    Until seeing pictures of the Sequoia, we had decided on the LX470 over the Landcruiser for its ride and more refined feel. With the Sequoia, it would appear that Toyota is creating a real product positioning and relative value dilemma. Upon seeing pictures and specs of Toyota’s new Sequoia, I was wondering if others who might be considering the LX470/LC are having similar thoughts:

    Specs of Sequoia vs. LX470/LC:

    * Length: 203.9 vs. 192.5 (Sequoia by 11.4 – The LX/LC really could use a few more inches of middle/rear seat room)
    * Width: 78.0 vs. 76.4 (Sequoia by 1.6)
    Height: 74.0 vs. 72.8 (Sequoia by 1.2)
    * Wheelbase: 118.1 vs. 112.2 (Sequoia by 5.9)
    Ground Clearance: 11.0 vs. 9.8 (Sequoia by 1.2)
    * Horsepower: 240 vs. 230 (Sequoia by 10 with identical engines)
    * Torque: 315# vs. 320# (LX470 by 5#)
    * Appearance: I give this to the LX470 but is it enough to justify such the huge price difference? There are several sites on Edmunds, which have Sequoia pictures/specs.
    * Price: Approx. $35K vs $60K (Sequoia by $25K!)
    * Ride: No doubt the LX470 will be smoother and quieter but is it worth $25,000? I can buy a lot of after market sound deadenng material for this much money!
    * Safety: Sequoia will have side airbags and 2000 LX/LC does not. 2001's should correct this oversight.
    * Availability: November or December for the Sequoia at MSRP vs. now for the LX470 (as a 2000 with some discounts or in a couple months as a 2001 with side airbags, GPS and who knows what else - to differentiate it from it’s less expensive cousins).
    * First year problems: Sequoia could experience these as it is built in USA. LX470 is built in Japan and has the bugs worked out.
    * Dealer network, service and customer care: Advantage Lexus here, no question.

    Thoughts of those who own or are also considering a LX470/LC purchase or are on a Sequoia "wait list" would be very much appreciated!
  • edwardt1edwardt1 Posts: 20
    I too am debating the same question. Is the LX really worth the additional twenty to twenty five thousand dollar difference. I especially like the fact that the Sequoia will be a little larger. I use to own a Expedition Eddie Bauer and liked the larger size. I personally think that the question for me will be iss the legendary Lexus service worth the premium price. I have never purchased a Lexus, but my friends who have love the service. Most of them have been repeat buyers. I test drove a Tundra several months ago when I was in the market for a full size pickup. The truck drove very well. I'm sure that the Sequioa will drive and ride very well.
  • netmiaminetmiami Posts: 13
    I guess it depends on what you are comfortable with and need (want????).
  • mghmgh Posts: 43
    Take a note on this, the Sequoia is going to be 2WD @ this price (35k) A good reliable source says that 4X4 is not going to be available right away. And the price is going to be different.
    Remember that the Sequoia is nothing more than a Glorified TUNDRA. I hope this helps vbentley and edwardt1.
  • edwardt1edwardt1 Posts: 20
    I know what I most likely will do and that is purchase a 2001 LX 470. My wife will probably settle for nothing less. She currently drives a 98 Eddie Bauer Explorer. It does not even begin to compare to the 470. She loved the 470 with the exception of the price. It is quite expensive when compared to the competition but in truth there is very little comparison with the exception of the Land Cruiser and the Range Rover. I have not considered the Range Rover because of it's lack of reliability. As for the Land Cruiser I will gladly pay the difference to get the Lexus service. That is the same reason I probably want purchase the Sequoia.

  • gbhoppergbhopper Posts: 9
    This is form Inside Summer 2000 Vol 11

    Electronic Compass
    Running-board puddle lights
    Touchscreen DVD navigation system
  • vbentleyvbentley Posts: 21
    Just committed to the 2000 LX470! Pick it up on Monday the 31st of July. Can't wait!! Everyone's comments in the LX/LC/Sequoia topics really helped me decide. There were a lot of points brought up that I had not considered. Yes, the LX is a little more $$ than the LC but you also get that active suspension, lots of quiet/luxury and that great TLC, both inside the vehicle and at the dealer. Comparing the LC to the LX is the same as comparing the Exped to the Nav. The gap is less dramatic but still there and large, none the less. I won't disparage the LC or Sequoia. The LC is a fantactic machine and I am certain the Sequoia will be the same (when it finally gets here). Must admit I was a little concerned about how the 2001 LX's will differ but the killer deal I got made it all worthwhile. I plan on having this vehicle a very long time, so end vs beginning of model year matters little. The heart of an LC but the manners of an LS400. What a combo! Once again, thanks to everyone!!
  • rewyllysrewyllys Posts: 24
    Dear V. Bentley,

    Congratulations, and many, many happy miles of motoring in your new LX470!

    Those of us who are still dreaming of acquiring an LX470 would be interested in knowing where you got your killer deal. Is your dealer located in your home town, or did you have to go out of town or out of state to find a dealer willing to offer a good deal?
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    I just recently test drove an LX 470. The drive feels like pure silk. The car feels great on the road.. 70/80 mph feels like standing still! BUT!!!!! I'm 6 feet 4 inches tall with a pretty big build and I found the interior too tight and crowded -- especially the back rows. I know I won't be sitting in the back much at all but I'm almost certain friends and relatives would find it cramped. I turned down a decent deal to go test drive the Lincoln Navigator. I LOVED IT! The nav has a great interior feel (it even had dealer installed wood trim throughout the entire console). It has TONS of room throughout and a greaat bumper to bumper warranty. I also liked the compass and trip computer (which lexus doesn't offer yet). In my opinion the Lexus wins out in ride quality by a little bit (the lincoln feels like a floating cloud whereas the Lexus feels firm and glued to the road). To be honest, it wasn't a big enough difference to justify the $$ difference as well as the cramped feeling I had in the 470. Owning an ES 300 I know lexus quality and service is top notch.. now I'll get to see if my Lincoln dealer can match the experience. My suggestion to those considering an LX 470: test drive a Navigator and see if you like it. If not, go with the 470.. had it felt as roomy as the Nav, it'd be sitting in my driveway right now. As it is though, I am VERY happy with my Nav purchase. I PRAY this Ford product turns out reliable. By the way, this post has been a great source of info for me.. I send out a big thanks to all of those who have contributed.
  • vbentleyvbentley Posts: 21
    To rewyllys and others:

    Picked up my new 470 today. Smoothest and easiest auto purchase I have ever made. What a vehicle! Read the Luxo SUV article elsewhere on Edmunds. That piece pretty much says it all...

    I got a great deal by knowing what I wanted, being willing to go to any dealer in the southwestern US (out of state if necessary) with the best price, having all my ducks (financing and no trade) in a row and then being willing to "pull the trigger" NLT the 31st. Basically I wanted an LX at a LC price. Buying at year's and month's end made such a deal possible, as I was looking for a dealer who wanted to sell fast and was possibly overstocked. I wrote an email which stated these facts and then asked for a firm quote. Got the dealer email addresses from the site. Limited my search to southwestern states as I did not want to ship clear across the country. I got quite a few returns with super quotes. Southern CA dealers provided the best quotes and northern CA/central & south TX had the highest quotes. In typical Lexus style, even those who chose not to bid were very polite in their returns. The absolute best quote was with Theresa Reefer at Riverside (CA) Lexus. If you live in the Southwestern US (or even if you don't) I'd highly recommend you give her a try at: Mention to her that you saw my post. As to my purchase, a local dealer was able to come very close to Theresa's bid and the lack of a shipping charge with a local delivery, clinched the deal. Had it not been for the shipping, Theresa would have had my vote...

    Thanks to all for contributing to this forum and hope this helps you in your quest. Come what may in 2001, I know I'll love that beautiful pearl jewel sitting in my garage for many, many years...

  • f888l888f888l888 Posts: 45
    So, you pay tlc price for lx 470. Does that mean you got a discount at a magnitude of 8k-10k? More power to you.

    Maybe you can go buy a tlc and paying, say, an acura tl price. That will be nice, really nice.

    Anyway, congratulations!!!!
  • f888l888f888l888 Posts: 45
    Edmund recommended tlc over lx 470 on the ground that TLC does basically the same thing as Lx 470 but with 10k less. A dealer (I guess) from the TLC board stated that he never understood why people would spend over 10k to buy LX 470, instead TLC? So,proud owners of lx470, care shed some light on it? Is that prestige? I doubt because even TLC is more expensive than that of Mercedes ML 430 with more hp and more advanced safety feature ( such as 4matic EsP or at least has two more side air bags) compared with TLC or LX 470? Is that product reliability? But TLC will just last as long as lx470 if not longer ( I suspect the sophisticated auto height adjustment and driver selected ride in lx470 may produce trouble a few years down the road)? Is that the service difference between TLC dealers and lexus dealers? But didn't lexus owners already pay more for parts and labor for lexus-brand cars? Is the exterior and interior color difference between tlc and lx470? Yeah, there appears some minor difference, but does it worth 10K? So, what is it that owners of lx 470 chose to spend 10k more?
  • f888l888f888l888 Posts: 45
    Just couldn't resist it. I guess you are going for Bentley and pay for mercedes price ( or prize)?
  • hermesmhermesm Posts: 3
    I am here in London , England and would appreciate some advice from across the ocean since we don't have many LXs or technicians who understand the car here. The tracker on my car has been draining the battery. The telescopic steering wheel stopped working after such a battery drain. Although it extends out it does not go up or down. It seems stuck. Is there somebody out there who knows whether this is a simple matter to deal with? I would appreciate your comments?
  • f888l888f888l888 Posts: 45
    your old view of Lexus, announced in a lexus site. I wonder what that statement really means. Well, I think lexus emphasize how quiet model year 2001 will be, and at the same, indicated the fact that pre-2001 model is noisy( compared to 2001). If the statement is a true statement, then expect the value of pre-2001 will drop like a stone. Owners of pre-2001 lexus will line up and trade up.

    P.s. vBentley, a whole working day came and past and I haven't heard any word from your highly recommended Theresa Reefer other than her automated standard-bearing acknowledging receipt of e-mail notice. Well, Maybe she's in sick leave today. Sometimes, internet time can't beat human time.
  • vbentleyvbentley Posts: 21
    To answer your questions f888l888: Yes... At the end of the model year, there are dealers out there who are willing to deal. But competition, persistence and timing are the keys to a low price... Yes, Edmunds did recommend the LC under the assumption that it is $10K less than a LX. First, when similarly equipped (apples to apples) the difference is a little over $5K. Check if you don't believe me. Want a stripped LX – forget it. Want a stripped LC – go for it and save the $10K. I’ll take mine loaded, thank you. Second, the LX has the active suspension. Eighty in a LC feels like, well, 80. Eighty in a LX feels like – “no way we were over that 45mph speed limit officer”. Finally there is the world class Lexus dealer/service network with customer care second to none. That has to be worth something over the life of the vehicle. As to quiet – scene in our garage today - my wife was talking to me from outside as the door to our LX closed (me inside) – the sound stopped completely but her mouth kept moving. I’ll make no further comment. As to Theresa at Riverside Lexus, I figure she took some well-deserved time off. Yesterday was the 31st and I’d bet she sold a ton of cars while working long hours through month’s end...

    While I do not feel I need to justify my choice, in the hope of assisting some other board members make their decision - here is why and how I chose the LX. This was my first SUV purchase but not my first experience with Toyota (a short bed 4x4 truck and a sedan – 10 years each). As such, I must admit a slight bias toward Toyota products. My SUV requirements were: 7 or 8 seat capable but used mainly for 4-5 persons, world class fit, finish, build quality and reliability, luxury feel and ride comparable to that of the best high-end sedans on the market, true 4x4 performance in snow and dirt (forest fire roads to a mountain cabin), a manageable size and capable of lasting my typical 10 years of ownership. With the above requirements in mind, we narrowed the choices to the LC and LX. The GM stuff, MB and Exped/Nav lost out on fit, finish, build quality, reliability (you have read the Luxury SUV report on Edmunds, haven’t you?), durability and also size for the Exped/Nav. After driving both the LX and LC multiple times, it was the LX feel, ride and luxury interior finish that won out. The pampering within this vehicle was matched at the dealer as well. In contrast, the LC felt somewhat plastic’y and had a much stiffer ride. Credit the LX active suspension. It works and gives me a choice – off road stiff or touring sedan smooth with no compromises. Like I said before, heart of a LC with the manners of an LS400. Spent this morning coating my new LX with “Nu Finish”. Saved me the $1,500 dealers extra coating fee and gave an opportunity to inspect the car inch by inch. Results of inspection? Zero flaws, zero runs and zero dings, in a word – perfect. Have never seen such a fine finish and that includes my previous Toyota products. One beautiful machine!

    Hope this helps you all and sorry for the long winded dissertation...

  • hermesmhermesm Posts: 3
    I just saw this note on a privacy shelf. I am in London and have tried desperately to find something. There is nothing here but I found some literature originating from Japan on the CYGNUS as the LEXUS is called there. They have some amazing after sales products including numerous types of shelfs, compartments, nets etc. Unfortunately I do not speak Japanese and cannot understand their brochure. There is a web side on

    I would greatly appreciate it if you could let me know if you can make contact. Apparently their prices are reasonable and their accessories very extensive. I'd love to order the shelf; if anyone out there is from Japan or can speak Japanese I would be very grateful for their assistance!!!
  • netmiaminetmiami Posts: 13
    Hey Bill,

    The LX 470 we picked out last weekend at your dealership-----golden pearl----What a jewel to drive around. We had to drive very slowly....about 50 mph all the way home (about 1100 miles!!!)....but in the long run it is worth it.

    Hey Bill.....we will be back later on this week back to you for service. (the first oil change at 1000 mile...looks like I will have to do here locally). To those of you looking for the ultimate SUV.......go for the LX470.....yes it costs more than some of the domestics (and imports too)........but hey each one of us have just one "rear".....might as well plant it and drive the BEST SUV OR VEHICLE POSSIBLE AND ARRIVE IN STYLE.

    p.s. BTW....I had e-mailed to Connie at the Ft. Myers Lexus dealer the same time I e-mailed Bill at JM Lexus at Margate FL.....NEVER HEARD FROM CONNIE......well....she just lost a sale (or two, maybe more. I don't know.)
  • Hello again all,

    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for their much appreciated business in July, 17 deals (6 LX's) most of which came from within this wonderful site.

    I currently have half as many LX's as Goliath but I do need to sell them twice as bad ;-)

    Anyone interested in a great product at a price that should be illegal, give me a shout!!


    Shane Palmer
    e-Business Development Manager
    "Lexus of Palm Beach"
    Florida's only Eight Time "Elite" of Lexus recepient!!
  • vpotlurivpotluri Posts: 47
    I have been considering buying the LX470 for a few months now. I loved the vehicle. It is basically a choice between ML430, BMW X5 and LX470. It looks as though the 2000 LX470 is available for about 55K before options. I never wanted to pay 60K+ for this vehicle. I will not buy Land Cruiser as I hate Toyota dealers (I owned 4 Runner before). I have a few questions:

    1. I hear emergency handling is poor on this SUV. I live in NJ and snow isn't too bad, but I must have nice handling. Is this truly a problem?

    2. Should I wait for the 2001 model? I will not pay MSRP for any SUV. (I am removing X5 from my list). I suppose the 2001s will cost more than the 2000 model. Is there a disadvantage other losing some value of the truck right off the bat because I will buy the 2000 model so late?

    3. Does anyone know if Lexus is offering anything new in the 2001 model?

    4. Does anyone know if Lexus is going to redo this SUV anytime soon?

    Thanks for the help.
  • scongroscongro Posts: 80
    The LX 470 will get some changes for 2001. Some thing that will change are puddle lights for running boards, and the addition of a compass and a DVD-ROM NAV system. Expect some very minor exterior changes also. However, these options will probably cost you over 60.

    The Toyota Land Cruiser production is set to end after the 2002 model year, which leaves this SUV up in the air after '02. Will they base the new LX off of the Sequoia (Please god no), keep the platform alive only on the Lexus side of things, etc. So expect a major change for 2003, but nothing before then.

    I live in Florida, so snow traction really isn't a problem here.
  • f888l888f888l888 Posts: 45
    I appreciate your effort in your message, but I am not sure if you answer it because I am not sure what was my question.

    Your beloved theresa-reefer never returned my e-mail other than that infamouns automated response. Exactly 24 hours later, I went to a dealer and picked up a lx470. Well, sometimes internet proves to be useless.

    Now, please kindly advise what the heck of 30 days service to check the nut and bolt? And if the engine was previously break-in in factory, what was the heck for the limitation to drive under 55mph for the first 1000 miles? Why is the manual specifically warning of engine oil consumption and check engine oil on each and every gas refuel? Well, on the upside, the wood steering wheel looks good though I did not want it in the first place, thanks to the Lx470 one trim fits all. Regards,
  • Just drive it like you normally drive and enjoy it.
  • mavamava Posts: 32
    Hey everyone:

    If any of you are interested in a used LX470, my Black/Tan 470 may be the ticket.

    Shot me off an email with your interest and I'm sure we'll work out a great deal. I'm in the LA area of CA.

    Thanks, MAC
  • gkexecgkexec Posts: 6
    I have had my LX 470 about two months. I notice a lot of interior wind noise above 50mph when I have just one window down, or just the two rear windows down. It is very annoying. Also, as my dog likes to ride with the two rear window down, I notice the rear seat belts flap in the wind, even if I have the clip attached to hold them back. Has anyone else noticed this? I am going in for service next week and intend to see what the dealer has to say.

    Otherwise, I love the vehicle. It is incomparable for ride and quality. I drove them all before buying it. It is expensive, but got almost 10% off the sticker, so I was happy.
  • dont know about the rest of you, but i am finding
    that the lx470 is a much better value in my market. toyota dealers want 3k over invoice, or the best price ive found is approx, 52k all with 3rd seat,running boards, roof rack.Gulf states toyota dist...will not sell stripped down. Im buying a loaded lx470 for 2500 more. found the car and bought over the net. good luck to all
  • swiftmswiftm Posts: 68
    I got my LX last week at the invoice price; Call Theresa Reefer for a quote. Very large selection and a pleasant experience. Swift
  • can anybody tell me what's the best after-market set-up for the lx470 and what's the best price for the hardware+install. i know the stock stereo system is pioneer (ie could the pioneer gps work better?)-but then i have a nakamichi setup.

    seems a japanese brand is the best (alpine or pioneer) but there's philips too.

    your inputs would be appreciated
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