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    Anyone getting quoted prices on 2001 LX470 with Nav/ML stereo? The dealers seem to be asking much more for vehicles equipped with Nav/ML options. If you have received a quote on 2001 LX470 please let me know including options on the vehicle.
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    Thank you for your advise.

    How does Teletrac compare to Lojack? With Lojack as I understand it you have to report your vehicle stolen. So if it is stolen during the night[on a flatbed] without your knowledge they could be long gone before the system is activated. Also coverage may not be national.

    On the other hand with Teletrac you have to pay a fee every month but the minute your car is stolen the system is aware. Also coverage may not be national.

    I also heard that there is some system which is tied into the GM "On Star" system which an individual can purchase and add to a non GM car, pay a fee and get the same service. What do you know about this? Thanks again.
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    I am not familiar with Teletrac, and as I read on Lojacks site it is only available to 65% of the US. Probably the rural and more sparsely populated areas are not covered. With most thieves looking to flatbed a car they are not going to cross country them but rather strip for parts or try to ship overseas (in your case the LX may be hot overseas).

    The best way to prevent theft is to take aim at the way they could steal your car. If you park on the street turn your wheels in. Unfortunately if someone REALLY wants to steal your car/suv they are going to find a way.

    I checked the onstar site @ and couldn't find anything about it being available to other mfgs. cars as aftermarket. If they were smart they would do that, but hey it's GM for you.

    Sorry I can't be of more help. I would suggest posting in one of the other forums like #841 - Speeding tickets, or #740 best excuse for speeding and look for Tripdog (I believe he is a cop) and maybe he can suggest some info for you.

    Good luck.
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    Does the LX470 have a Locking Center Differential like the LC?

    There is a button on the LC to activate this feature. This feature is supposedly an advantage off road.
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    The LX has a LCD like the LC.
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    I am unsure. I checked with the service dept. of a Lexus dealer and was told that the old LX450 had a LCD. However, the LX470 has a Limited Slip Differential.
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    From page 197 of 2000 LX470 Owners manual, under Four Wheel Drive System: Use the four-wheel drive control lever and center differential lock button to select the following transfer and center differential modes...Pushing the center differential lock automatically turns the vehicle skid control system off. (There is also a "2nd STRT" button for those who live in snow country).
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    I have just come back from a trip round the mountains of Provence in France and although the LX did very well on most roads, it swayed, rolled and generally behaved like a boat on the winding mediterranean roads.

    Has anyone changed the shock absorbers to Bilsteins etc. or otherwise dealt with the body roll problem. Various 4x4 magazines advertise shocks/springs etc which guarantee an excellent ride.

    I would appreciate your suggestions
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    I would suggest Tokico shocks, installed them on a '00 4RUNNER and realized significant difference in body roll, and nose dives when braking. Tokico makes alot of OEM shocks for the car makers and Toyota is one of them. Although the shocks that are made for OEM applications are NOT their premium shock, but rather a custom valving design for that car/truck and maker.

    The premium shocks are excellent and for the price on a 4RUNNER the cost for the set was $292. I got them from Overlander Outfitters @ but for some reason they don't have them listed YET for the 98-01 TLC/LX470.

    If you want goto and see if they are going to list the application. If you go for Bilstein you are going to get a FIRM ride meant for serious off-roading.

    Good luck.
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    Does replacing the shocks on a LX470 to after market shocks adversely affect the adjustable suspension system?

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    Check the tire pressure today. The front is 31 and the rear is 33 psi(oh, yes, I check it when the tire is cold). This tire pressure is original, meaning it is coming from Toyota or from the lexus dealer ( I have not put or take out any air from the tire since I got it about a month ago) So, I guess either Toyota or Lexus dealer is ingoring the recommendation of tire pressure.

    I will increase the tire pressure by 3 psi for front and rear over the recommended pressure during summer time and observe the recommended tire pressure during winter time.
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    You got what you bargained for. I was told the nickname for landcruiser is landyacht.

    You did not identify what model year lx you have. I guess it must be a model year before 99. I have limited experience on 2000 lx 470 (only 500 miles so far), based on my experience, the body roll of lx470 is less than that of ML430 ( this is the key reason my wife eliminated ml430 for excessive body roll in normal highway driving) Since 99 or 00 model lx470 comes with adjustable suspension, in windy mountain road chose suspension #3 ( if memory serves me right), with the possible help from automatic height control, the body roll of lx470 with adjustable suspension shall be limited. Maybe other oo lx 470 owners with windy mountain driving experience can comment on it.
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    seriously looking at a '98 lx470 through the lexus certified used program. seems to be a good value for $ and great vehicle. i am concerned that is is the first year of the current model. any feedback would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
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    Does anyone know when the body style change will take place for the ls470?
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    Most warranty buyers, like lottery buyers, lose out in this game. The reason is simple: Dealers will have to cover their expenses in connection with issuing warranty plus profits. since toyota has a good reputation about reliability, it is advisable not to purchase extended warranty. Bet your luck. The odd is in your favor.

    If you still want to buy extended warranty, consider the following:

    You want the longest year with the longest possible mileage allowed to increase the odd you will get your warranty money back plus some. So, six years with 70,000, defintiely not. Most time, you are covered under emission control warranty up to 70,000 even if you exceed 50,000 mile limit. Of the three, the best option is 7 years with 100,000 miles. But then again, statistic shows it is more likely than not that you will lose out. Do you think why dealers only offer 7 years 100,000 warranty (of which 4 years are already covered under factory warranty), and you must pay the fee upfront? If you are unfortunate enough to fix something after warranty expired, just pay it and move on. On the other hand, if you race your car and put your car to the extreme test, then by all means buy the warranty.
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    Stick "extended warranty" in the Edmund topic search block and press GO. You'll find a bunch of posts and even a topic specific subject (133+posts).

    In July, I did not take the extended manufacturer's warranty with my 2000 LX. That, paint protection and Lojack are typically the last "profit push" your dealer will make. Toyota's reliability is almost a legend. I have previously owned 3 and each traveled well over 100K (one over 200K) with just regular maintenance. Typically you trade them before they break. However, if I were buying a Navigator, Tahoe or Grand Cherokee then an extended warranty might make sense. Still feel uncomfortable? Here is an idea: Take the almost $2000 that a Lexus extended warranty will cost and put it in the bank (or Cisco stock). Set it aside for major maintenance. In 5 years you'll have $2600+. When you trade your vehicle in for a new Lexus (and haven't used the $$), roll it over on your next vehicle. That way you are "rolling the dice" in your favor and not the dealers bottom line. Cheers!

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    Thank you for your replies on the extended warranty.


    You have my thought exactly. If I put the $2100 plus tax that they want for the 7 years/100,000 in investments I should have more than enough for major repairs in four years. Additionally, I am buying this vehicle because it is supposedly very reliable.

    Thanks again everybody, you confirmed my thinking. I got a very good deal on the auto, I am not giving them back profit.
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    I have got a quote for 2001 LX470 with the DVD Navigation/Mark Levinson at $610000. It could turn out to be a good deal when brought on the table.
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    You wrote: "I have got a quote for 2001 LX470 with the DVD Navigation/Mark Levinson at $610,000."

    Wow! You could buy a Rolls-Royce convertible for that amount and have cash left over. I'd run, not walk, from that dealer.
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    I do not know where you are located. However, I am getting a better deal than $61,000. E-mail me at [email protected] and I will provide you with details. My car has Nav/ML stereo,tow hitch, roof rack, wheel locks, spare wheel locks, cargo mats.

    Take care.
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    It's a very good deal!!!! $61,000 for a 2001 LX470 with Mav/ML stereo, tow hitch , roof rack, wheel locks, spare wheel locks, cargo mats.

    Scottsdale, Arizona Lexus have rejected my $60,000 offer for a 2001 LX470 with the same options except w/o the DVD navigation (that's a $2000 upgrade). Lexus wants $62,175 purchase price(MSRP=$64,675). I would rather pay $1000 more to get the $61,000 LX470 with Navigation option.

    If you don't mind, please provide your Lexus dealership (location and phone number). Thanks.
    [email protected]
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    Did you try Theresa at Riverside Lexus (see previous posts for the e-mail and phone)? She is a lot closer (<$300 delivery charge) than the east coast options. I am also located in Phoenix and she was by far the lowest for all western dealerships in a 5 state area, back in July. See my previous posting for how I got a great 2000 LX deal using a shotgun e-mail approach. It was a variation on the old "fax for a quote" technique. Don't know what Theresa is charging for the 2001's but I can tell you in July she was AT invoice on the 2000's. That was end-of-year closeout time, so no doubt you'll pay more. But it is worth checking with her. Also, the Beverly Hills Lexus and Bakersfield Lexus dealerships each had strong internet sales programs and were quite competitive. Best of luck with your purchase. By the way, absolutely no regrets on the vehicle. You are making a great choice. In this case one really does get what one pays for...

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    To the best of my knowledge, the LX will receive an overhaul in 2003. That is the most consistent info I have received from dealers and spy info.
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    I have posted about this problem here previosly. This will be the 5th unit that is to be installed. I'm wondering how many other people are continually having this problem. When the head service guy at my dealership found out that I was going on to my 5 unit he started to read me the riot act that I was installing the cds to fast, basically saying that it was operator difficulty. Thats when I informed him that it was when, having 4 cds in unit, cd player just finished playing the cd4 and was in the process of transporting to cd1 when something jammed and the error 3 message came up. cd player is now inoperatable. He then changed his tune and has contacted his "tech support" and says they have issued a "new improved" unit that is less prone to vibration. Then he says that there is no guarantee that the problem will ever be totally fixed. Hm, I spend 1200. extra for a premium nak system only to be told that it may be a bad design. I'm going to give this new unit 1 more shot and then concider my options. Any input would be greatly appreciated,
    thanks, John
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    Hi, John

    sorry to hear your problem. For the purchase price paid for Lx, you deserve better. I suggest you call 1-800-lexus to file a complaint. Let us put lexus's promise of "relentless pursue of perfection" and "legendary service" into test.

    I did not hear the vibration. I can only feel it when I put my hand on it. Maybe my car is only 600 miles old. Overtime, it may develop the vibration that I can hear.

    I took a 15 mile test this morning. Here is the summary about the HNL vibration.

    1. The intensity of the HNL shifter vibration appears to be the same at idling speed no matter which gear the transmission shifter is at (P,R,N, or D)
    2. The intensity of the HNL vibration increasing when accelerating from idling speed up to 35-40 MPH, after that, the intensity of the HNL vibration decreases and at the speed of 60mph or higher, the vibration of HNL shifter is almost gone.
    3. The intensity of the HNL vibration decreasing when downhill, even at worst speed of 30-35mph
    4. The intensity of the HNL shifter vibration increasing when uphill, even at the best speed of 60mph or higher

    I beleive this is a problem related to the torque management and the transfer case. My suspicion of the root problem is that Toyota got a new v-8 470 engine to replace old v-6 450 engine while still use v-6 era transfer case to fit into v-8 470. The old transfer case is just not adequate to handle the tremenous torque(320lb-ft) from the v-8 engine.

    Any Lx 450 owners out there with the HNL shifter vibration problem?

    In the meantime, document your repair record for HNL shifter vibration or noise problem. It took time to have Toyota admit there, if any, is a problem. Preserve your warranty right after the warranty is expired. Ask the dealer to fix the problem again and document it. Regards,
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    Obviously, the vibration kills your CD player for the 5th time. Sorry to hear about this problem.

    Maybe you shall consider to load less Cds in the changer, say, three CDs instead of 4, to see if the 6th, newly improved, player will last.

    BTW, For wiw, someone in the LC board posted that he tightened up the HNL shifter manually and then the "noise" part of the vibration is gone.

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    1. should I pass this Lx because of 50,000 mileage?

    Well, I bet you never bought an import before. Yeah, I guess I can understand what you thought. I just learned the engine of my friend's ford explorer died at young miles.

    But, the engine you are talking about is Lexus ( or more exacty, a Toyota). I don't know much about toyota's v-8 470 engine, but I do know how Mercedes made its engine durable. Since the Japanese is the greatest copy cat in the first place, then they continually improve what they learned and then they continually improve what they learn on top of what they learned, you got the picture. I believe the V-8 470 engine in the lx470 will be durable.

    The 50,000 odo is not the concern. what you shall concern are how those 50,000 miles were registered (highway miles v. city stop and go miles ) and the maintenance history of the Suv in question.

    2. for warranty, I doubt you can buy one after 50,000 miles. But anyway, check the warranty history first.

    3. I have never driven the lx470 in snow or ice ( got lx 470 7 weeks ago). But since Edmund rated lx470 (actually lc470 tested) #1 in off-road, I guess lx470 shall do fine in snow. But I am not sure how well Lx470 shall perform (in terms of driving pleasure) in ice since the automatic slip control will interfere when it senses the slightest spin of the wheel. But then again, you can use the vibration-guaranteed HNL shifter to use the low range and at the same time select the center differential lock to help you negotiate the ice. So, if you just want to go from ice point A to ice point B, I think you are ok drivng a lx470. Good luck.
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    boxsterjbc & f888l888:

    Checked my '00 LX for HNL shifter vibration. Sure enough the lever was vibrating. No vibration whatever on the main shifter. I can hear absolutely no noise from either at any speed. So as to document that it is indeed there, I will add this to my "punch list" for the 1000 mile service, which is scheduled this week.

    Only other mechanical item on my punch list is a slightly "squishey" sound that occurs when the brake pedal is initially pushed. Anyone have experience with this?
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    First of all, I like to thank all the LX470 owners that posted in here. Your posts gave me a deeper understanding and appreciation for the LX 470. I'm looking to possibly lease a 2001 LX470. Does anyone know any good lease deals?
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    Re: "Squishey" sound

    Could be the sound from the auto-check of ABS system or from the automatic slip control system. If the sound indeed from those auto-check up, then based on the manual, the sound indicates that the system is in normal operation. The sound, whatever it sounds, shall disappear after a short period of time. Otherwise, you need to add it to the "punch" list.

    As for the HNL shifter vibration, nothing is mentioned in the manual, the sales brochure, etc....I just sent a letter to the lexus complaining the HNL shifter vibration. See my post in Lc board if you are interested. I suggest you do the same by voicing your dissatisfaction and send a letter to the Lexus.

    My lx has only 600 miles on it so I will wait patiently until it reaches 1,000 miles to bring the car in for the check-up. Sure, I will add the HNL shifter vibration into my punch lists, too. Regards,
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    I just got the 2001 brochure in the mail today and the SUV looks great. Check out if you have time, as they updated for 2001 and have an interior 360 for the LX.
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    I need to know what price the current owners of 2001 LX470 paid for their vehicle and with what options... If you do not wish to post here, you can Email me at [email protected]. YOUR RESPONSE IS GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! THANKS IN ADVANCE!
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    Sorry to hear the main shifter vibration problem you have. I have this problem about two weeks ago, now I think I have fixed this problem. ( or at least I thought I have)

    For WIW, I noted the main shifter vibration one day. The next day, I started the engine and played with the HNL shifter for some time. Then, I noted the minor main shifter vibration was gone.
    I don't know it will help your case or not, but certainly it won't cost you anything.

    So, start your engine, put your main shifter in N, then pull or push your HNL shifter into high(H), N (neutral) and L (low) and back and forth and forth and back until your are tired or satisfied. Hope after this exorcism, the main shifter vibration will be gone. Good luck.

    BTW, I think every LX470 owners shall file a complaint with the Lexus regarding the HNL vibration, main shifter vibration, weird sound, etc. to expedite the process that a patch can be issued to fix these problems in the near future.
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    Have any fellow owners noticed chipping/scratching of the door sills along the running boards? Only a couple of months new and 2500 miles, but already a couple of nicks in the paint. I have been unable to determine a cause as sneakers are the most prevalent shoes worn.
    Wheel/Tire question. Has any owner changed to a larger (18 inch) wheel/tire combination? If so, what types and has it affected ride quality and
    noise? Thanks in advance to all who help.
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    Yes, the very first week we got a 1/8" chip in the sill paint on the RR, along the edge. After 1,000+ miles on my 2000, that is still the only "ding" anywhere. At the time I thought it was a kid thing. Now it appears that others have experienced this problem and there may be a paint adhesion problem in this area. I will add that to the "punch" list on my 1,000 mile check (which is Monday). For a 1000 mile check, my "punch list" is amazingly short: mild HNL vibration, squishy brake pedal sound and a paint chip in the RR sill. I remain a Lexus convert/believer. This is one solidly built vehicle and when comparing it to previous GM/Ford products - there simply is no comparison. If you are considering a new LX, do so with confidence. I will post later this week and let everyone know how the first check-up goes.

    There was a previous LX post that suggested going up one width size but don't think that a diameter increase was mentioned. You might find that post.
    I have been running 33 lbs front & rear on "softest" ride with excellent results.
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    Wow, this is one quiet board. Guess I'll have to go over to TLC, for some "action". Over there the Diane and Cliff saga are kind'a like the instant coffee commercials of a few years back...

    Had my 1000 mile service today. A very, very nice experience. Dropped vehicle off at 9am. Basic service items accomplished. "Punch list" results - HNL shifter vibration is considered normal. Sorry f8... The "stirring of the HNL stick" fix which was suggested earlier on this and TLC boards, greatly reduced the amount of vibration. Quiet "squishy" sound from the brake pedal when it is initially pushed, is also considered normal. Service manager checked 4 other new LX's for above two items and said each had the same indications. Dealer found and corrected the steering wheel that was ever so slightly off-center by doing complete alignment. Paint chip was not fixed as dealer had no touchup paint in stock. Placed on order and said I'd get call when it comes in. Said sill chips are not common. During the wash, the left rear quarter panel window discovered to have "water-like marks" embedded in the glass. Due to these imperfections, glass was completely replaced. Wow! I received a complementary loaner car (a new Corolla) for the day and my LX was completely cleaned upon return.

    Total cost - $0 (this and the 6K). Invoice said dealer's labor rate is $87.50/flat rate hour. For my later services, I wonder how this compares to other Lexus and Toyota dealers? Have heard that Toyota dealers can do Lexus work and are often cheaper. Anyone have experience with this?

    Asked if oil was changed and they said not at this service. As next scheduled maintenance is not until 6K, I will likely do my own oil change prior to this. No synthetic stuff but I believe 3K oil changes to be cheap mechanical insurance. Picked the vehicle up at 4:30pm. Legendary Lexus service was exactly as published and have NEVER had a service department discover and then fix items like this (under warranty and and on the same service day). Quite remarkable...
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    Oh, V-Bentley, you are so cheap. So, dealers said it is normal, and you buy it. If it is normal, why not Lexus listed in the manual, like that sound from auto-check up, specifically that the vibrations from HNL is normal.

    I have not received any response from Lexus regarding the HNL vibration. I will rest this case if Lexus put it in writing that HNL vibration is normal. Then, at least, I will have something to talk about the relentless pursue of perfection. Regards,
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    So, you got a new glass for the imperfections in the "water-like marks" glass of which you didn't even notice? How about got a vibration-less transfer case? If you consider tramsmission shifter vibration is a major defect, how come the HNL shifter (in the same location as transmission shifter) vibration is normal and perfect? Enlighten me, please. Regards,
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    In Re: Sucker for 3k oil change

    This is the most convenient way to change the oil at 3k. Go buy a sucker (at marine shop) which uses vaccuum to suck the oil from the engine. Just add new dino oil at the same amount of oil sucked out of the engine and you are done. No crawl under the hood, no drain plug, no clean of mess, no.... Regards,
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    How about today's actions shown in LX board? Have a nice day. Regards,

    BTW, I got the feeling that buyers of Lx 470 are either retired , are not interested in anything mechanical, or are busy in paying off the debt from buying Lx470. On the other hand, buyers of Lc are eager to boast about off-roading, a topic I have little interest.
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    f8 - Yes, the TLC board does seem to be a little different crowd. Got a kick yesterday out of reading the entire postings there. Wife would kill me if I took the new Lex 4 wheeling. That's what the PU is for. As to the oil sucker, sounds interesting and may look into it. Have always used one of those sealed flat pans which I can also use to take the old oil to the local Checker.

    Please let us all know what Lexus/Toyota says in response to your HNL vibration letter. The stir-the-stick "fix" really helped in my case. I also ran it through all the gears several times in low, when I did this. Both seemed to help as I would not even call it a vibration now. More of a totally silent "hum". Have an 80 Toyota 4x4 shortbed with manual trans and the transfer lever does vibrate a little on this also. But then with almost 200K and some serious off road use, I guess that's to be expected. Unless the vibration significantly increases or I actually hear something, I tend to believe the service guy when 4 other new LX's have exactly the same or slightly greater HNL vibration (and brake sound). If it is a "defect" and things start falling off or making noise, we have 70K/7 years of warranty coverage on the powertrain. Cheers...
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    Does anyone have a good idea of what a fair price would be for a 1999 LX470 (all options) with about 24,000 miles in excellent condition?
  • swiftmswiftm Member Posts: 68
    Uforever: Try good luck, swiftm
  • lexuslookerlexuslooker Member Posts: 1

    Looking at 2001 LX470 with Navigation and inquiring about pricing - have seen ixixvi & jasmine10 postings, wondering if any are now 2001 w/ Nav owners, and how pricing went?
    I pinged both my local dealers and both would take $1k off MSRP, and since they will order, I don't see why I should be paying that price - they are not carrying inventory,, so it's all gravy...Thanks in advance!
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    About pricing for LX470, that's $64,000 question. Well, I have no idea how pricing is going this day. Suffice it to say that the price is all over the place, depending on whom you ask.

    Remember, time is on your side. If NASDAQ continues sinking, if gas price continues hiking, then by the January 2001 ( a reasonable time frame for lexus dealers to be hit with allocations) you might have a decent chance get a fair price. Unitl that time, stay put. Wait until dealers have taken their allocations. No inventory and one demand show up, you got pay up for it. Lots of inventory and no demand, WOW, ready for a bargain way under invoice like Nissan xterra. That's the rule, demand and supply. Good luck.

    BTW, may be you should wait for 2002. I heard new engine for lx470 (to be called lx500) based on ls430 may be available in 2002 if history is repeated itself. And, there is a slight chance that 2002 will feature a botton, instead of a stick, in the transfer case which will ensure that there will be no HNL shifter vibration whatsoever (because the HNL shifter will be eliminated, just like the low range button in Mercedes ML class)
  • f888l888f888l888 Member Posts: 45
    Glad the stick exorcism works for you.

    Today was a fine day, weatherwise. I decided to take the car out for a spin. At the same time, I went through the stick exorcism ritual one more time. Oh, Boy, did I get a kick out of it. After the exorcism, I finally felt the v-8 engine's torque, the Lx-470 showed its eagerness to race. Now, driving lx470 is becoming exciting in addition to comfort. I am not a mechanic, I don't know why. I guess the High gear was not in the correct position when the car was delivered to me and was not in correct position even after I performed the stick exorcism ritual some time ago. Today, I push fully into H gear pisiton ( if vibration is strong, then it is possibly not in correct position---well, it is quite difficult to describe it. if in N gear and when you shift main transmission, then HNL shifter move in response to the main shifter, then N is not in correct position) The other possibe reason could be: at 800 miles odd, someway somehow engine is conditioned, but I doubt it.

    At 32 psi front 35 rear at a good weather day, under normal driving suspension recommended, the ride seems a little rough. After turning the variable dampening suspension to soft ride, then the roughness is gone. At night time, the ride is not rough even under normal suspension recommended. I guess the temperature does have some impact on the tire, but you can compensate it by using the adjustable variable dampening syste. By the way, while I lamented that xenon (?) light was not available on LX470, after tonight's drive, I can see the halogen in LX470 is bright enough and the auto-dim rear view and side mirror are proved to be useful.

    Anyway, I am delighted that I decide to take a 150-mile one way to the beach tomorrow so I can bring the car in for a check up after 1000 miles. I shall see if I still get the kick tomorrow. Regards,
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    I got my 00 LX for below invoice with 1k rebate about three months ago; I know they ship cars to all over the country; many have done it and pleased with the service. Call Theresa Reefer at this web site with the toll free number I am waiting for the right time for a LS or RX in the near future.
    good luck, swiftm
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    Hopefully you have gone back through this whole board (and the LX470 I). There is a huge wealth of buyer and owner experience presented here. I personally hate the whole 1 on 1 "dealing" process. That is why I used the method I explained in my post #49. There are some interesting follow-ups just after that one, also. It may be a little early in the model season for this method, but you never know till you try. I agree with f8 - patience is the key to getting the best deal. Good luck with your quest.
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