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Lexus LX 470



  • csnowcsnow Posts: 5
    When using your method in post #49 were you requesting a specific interior/exterior color and options?

    I have the brochure for the 2001 and see many combinations. Would you lose bargaining power if you wanted it in a certain color and just had to have the navigation.

    Thanks, Chris
  • Yes, Chris - I specified an exact model, including exterior/interior color and options. It is important to do this and include the current MSRP price (cut-&-paste the list with prices from That way, both you and the quoting dealer know exactly which vehicle you want. I do not believe you'd lose buying power by telling them what you will buy (at the right price). Quite the opposite. Remember though that this method is for those who are absolutely serious and ready to "pull the trigger". Also, don't forget about Theresa, she and the two over on the east coast have built quite a rep on this board. Your exact model is out there and it'll be worth the search once you find her...

  • Hi Bill,

    I took my LX 470 for service in the New Orleans Lexus dealer sometime last week or two. It went smoothly...although a lot smaller dealership than what I saw at JM Lexus dealership. (Incidentally I did shop at the New Orleans Lexus dealership.....but they would not work with me. I was there about a year ago looking for an LX 470.....the only one they had was already sold, SO I WAS TOLD. It was a Golden Pearl too. They absolutely would not allow a test drive AT ALL. I could ONLY LOOK. I PROBABLY LOOKED WAY TOO YOUNG TO BE IN THE MARKET FOR THIS VEHICLE........THEY PROBABLY THOUGHT!!!! BOY, WERE THEY WRONG!!!)

    Anyway, after the service for 5k, I got a complimentary wash.

    I did not notice a few defects regarding the front bumber until I got got home later. There were a few places in the front bumper with what appeared to be "chips" looks like the paint had "jellied up" during the painting process.....very small had to look VERY CAREFULLY.

    Also I am beginning to hear a strange vibrating sound.....near the front drink holder area.....I will test it again later in AM (after I remove all that junk I had put in out of the center storage bin area).

    Other than the above the vehicle is an absolute joy to drive around. There are only three in my area (one black, one Golden Pearl, plus my Golden Pearl). Several LC's cruising around.....but the LC's are EASILY DISTINGUISHABLE ............Many Ford Exp and Lincoln Nav and Chey/GMC/Call Subs around.......but none of them turn any heads.

    Bill........a job well done.

    I will be back for my next Lexus!!!
  • Hey,

    You might try looking under the "top" console lid you can open, and not the drink holder lid. When you do look on the underside near the rear where the hinges are look to see if you see a black rubber gramet, I'm sure I spelled this wrong, a rubber piece in the far corner. If you just see a hole then your rubber has popped out which lets the top of consule vibrate and is audible. I finally tracked this problem down and replaced it and I just found that it did it again. ck it out

  • (John,

    The word you were looking for is "grommet".)

    Here's a curious opinion on the 2000 LX470 that just popped up elsewhere on the Web. It appears so atypical of the experiences with the LX470 that show up in this topic that I thought it might arouse some reactions. Here it is:

    Pros: luxurious
    Cons: too many problems to list.

    To whom it may concern:

    I am very dissappointed with my purchase of my new 2000 Lexus LX-470. The reasons that I am mad, dissappointed and confused about this car is because I have no power, visited the shop 3 times in the past 3 months for the same problem and lets not forget the incredible low mileage that I get per gallon.

    I was promised from the dealer that if I did not like the car now, that surely it would grow on me. Well, here I am 3 months later and no sign of growth. May be I have some kind of secret repellent for this particular kind of vehicle. I have spent more time driving rental cars, than driving my own car. This makes me mad because, I pay a nice monthly payment, and lets put it this way, I have 247 miles in three months. half of those miles are driving to and from your shop.

    The problem that keeps reoccuring is in the engine compartment, everytime that I come to the dealer to try to get it fixed it is always the same problem, however you tell me that it is an easy fix, and I get my wonderful car back in three weeks, with the same rattling noise as if something were missing.

    Lexus is a trademark of luxury and right now, I do not feel that luxurious driving around in a rental car, but I guess it will have to do for now.

    The purpose of this letter was to inform you of the problems that I have been receving because of my reckless purchase and my trust into your salesman. I liked the looks of your dealership and the 2000 Lexus LX470, however what happened to my particular car. Is it a bad one, because if it is please get me a new one.

    Thank you for your time,
    signed buyer...

    If you owned a car of this sort, a 2000 Lexus LX-470, you will have to write one of these types of letters to your dealer wondering why your $60,000 car has a single problem. My friend just received the car, and he is having many problems, and he has not written a letter, but maybe this will help him to acheive his happiness.

    Take care and have a great day.
    Purchase Price: $ooooo
    Owns this: No
    Condition: New
    Model Year: 2000
    Reliability: Several visits to the shop per year
    Comfort: Seats comfy for about an hour
    Quality & Craftsmanship: Everything rattles a lot
    Handling & Control: Significant roll when cornering
    Model and options: LX-470

    Has anyone in this topic heard or seen anything like this?

  • swiftmswiftm Posts: 68
    Ron: Sorry, sound like lemon law may apply to your case. To share my experience with my 2k LX, it has <5k with only two problems: I ran over a nail and driver back seat squeak. Dealer replace the seat and repaired the tire for $18. Most of my miles are from driving across the US recently. This is my fourth Lexus and no significant problem with others also. Swiftm
  • ixixviixixvi Posts: 24
    Can someone advise on the following:

    Can the Adjustable Suspension be placed in the lowest position and driven very, very slowly?

    If one is putting a LX 470 into a garage where the clearance [height] is close [garage door entry lower than garage height]can the vehicle be placed in the lowest suspension setting and just creep along to park and also reverse out of garage space also in lowest suspension setting.

    The information I have says the suspension goes into the lowest suspension setting for entry and exit. I have no idea if it will do the above. I seem to remember that on my test drive once you put the vehicle into Drive the vehicle goes to Normal setting and will not remain in the lowest setting.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank You.
  • ixixvi

    There are three solutions to your problem:

    1. Adjust the garage height. or

    2. Put the adjustable height to low. Turn off the adjustable height mechanism and then turn off the engine. Try to push the SUV into or out of the garage. (based on the manual, even if your lx is located on the truck during the tow or in the shop, a vibration may cause it to adjust back to normal height.) or

    3. Try to get in or out of the garage within, say, one million second to beat the adjustable time needed by the haydraulic mechanism.

    Good luck.
  • I was seriously considering buying either 2000 or 2001 LX470 until I read a lot a complaints on vibration from the NHL and am having second thought. I was wondering how many of you considered the vibration a big enough issue that you would make you regret buying this car. I did read one post warning potential buyer from buying? Thanks in advance for any input !!
  • ixixvi,

    You won't have any problem, as I lower my lx before I pull into the garage always. It will not automatically re-adjust to the neutral position until vehicle is traveling between 10 to 15 mph.


    I'm one of the posters on this issue and I've even been blessed with being able to hear it as well as feel it, would I still buy the lexus? You bet. There does'nt seem to be any mech problem here just annoying if you have your hand on the shifter.Concider that if this was Ford they wouldn't have given me the time or day with the audible or vibration. The line of "within operating condition" I'm sure I would have heard.

    Good luck John
  • Nothing is perfect. Consider the alternatives to the LX470, I'm sure they will have more existing and/or potential problems. I just took the plunge last night on a 2000 LX470. It's black/ivory. I feel I got one hell of a buy!!! The dealership still have several 2000 left including black/ivory. If you're interested, Email me at
  • jma7jma7 Posts: 10
    Hello, all. I just put down $1000 as a deposit for a 2001 lexus LX 470. It's fully equipped with Navigation/Mark Levinson Sound System and Lexus hands-free cell phone. I live in Boston and the best price I got is $65000 from a local dealer. I contacted three other dealers in Massachusetts and New Hampshire and the prices they quoted me are around $67000 without the cell phone.

    Can anybody comment on the price? Did I get a fair deal?

  • lancehlanceh Posts: 9
    I finally got an opportunity to test drive a 2001 model today complete with the Mark Levinson package. In short, I was left pretty disappointed and thus have removed the LX470 from my list of SUV candidates.

    I've owned an LS400 in the past. I was very pleased to find the LX470 exhibited the same smooth engine, shifting, and quiet ride. However, the body roll and poor braking really disappointed me. I hasted to mention that the salesman handed the keys over to me and I drove on both inner-city roads and highways for over an hour. I tried all of the suspension settings and even on the "stiffest" sport setting, this beast, in my opinion, swayed horribly. A couple quick stops (safely performed in the back of parking lot of a grocery store) also proved less than comforting.

    Prior to my test drive, the LX470 was at the top of my list. I very much wanted this vehicle. The navigation system was very cool and the touch-screen very easy to use. I was surprised at how disappointed I found the illustrious Mark Levinson audio system. And, yes, I did make frequency adjustments via the touch-screen, but the sound still seemed a little flat and muddy to me, *big sigh*.

    I'd really like to hear what other SUVs the denizens here tried, considered, and maybe even purchased instead.
  • jma7jma7 Posts: 10
    Hi! Lanceh,
    Can you give us more specifics about the problems you mentioned, i.e., body roll and poor braking. Are you comparing it with a Sedan or a similiar SUV?
    I remember reading two reviews in MSN Carpoint. One of them mentioned the body sway in cornering, but gave the vehicle high marks (9.7 out of 10). The other one mentioned the braking problem. I was wondering if you have test driven other SUVs like ML430, Escalade, etc., to see how they compare.

  • I think you should give the Florida Lexus dealers a try. Email them with the specific options you want. I'm from MI and just purchased a 2000 LX470 from FL. I Emailed over 40 dealers and I found FL and CA dealers to be most competitive. I think you probably can save at least $3,000 from what you're paying now. Good luck!
  • Check out before you buy! The website will give you a pretty good idea of what a good price is for your vehicle. Also, when you're at the site, put in different zip codes and see dealers from which parts of the country offer the best price!
  • If the $60k plus is insignificant to you,,,
    if you need to seat 8 person,
    if you need large cargo space,
    if you need overall performance,
    if you are not a perfection phobic,
    if you know the HNL vibration, but you don't care,
    if...... then by all means, buy a lexus 470. You might not regret it.

    OK, folks, it seems that lexus will soon issue the statement that the vibration of HNL is normal. The relentless pursue of perfection be damned for pre-2001 models or even 2002 model.
    If you dare to complain the HNL vibration, you will get a sugar-pill treatment ( probably, dealers will install a o-ring to reduce the intensity of rattle, but not vibration) and will advise that they can do nothing about vibration.

    As for you, Gold Lion 2000, when in doubt, wait it out. Maybe you shall wait for 2002 model year with an all new v-8 engine producing over 300 hp and over 400lb-ft torque with same MPG. Good luck.
  • jma7jma7 Posts: 10
    If you gave a deposit to the dealer and signed a purchase contract, does the dealer have the obligation to provide the vehicle to you when it becomes available or will the dealer simply sell the car to anyone who offers a higher price for the vehicle? I have given a deposit to a dealer and was told I'll get the car in 2-4 weeks. How do I know when the dealer actually gets the car? How could I be sure he does nots ell to another guy who is willing to pay more?

    Any comments would be appreciated!
  • lando3lando3 Posts: 1
    I just bought the 2001 LX 470 with navigation and DVD. Not surprisingly, the DVD will not show movies while the car is moving. Plus, many of the navigation functions will not work while the car is in motion.

    Has anyone been able to dissable these annoying features? There must be a way to fool the system into thinking the car is stopped. Where there is a will, there is a way. Anyone who has tried, or knows any thing regarding, please let me know.

  • csnowcsnow Posts: 5
    I really like the grey leather interior so the exterior colors would have to be Riverrock Green Mica, Black Onyx, Blue Vapor Metallic and the
    Mystic Sea Opalescent". Has anyone seen these colors in person and would share their opinion
    on how they look.

    All I've been able to see personally are the
    2000's in White and Cashmere with ivory interior.

  • Hi ALL,

    I have a 2000 LX470 and have no problems with the HNL shifter vibration at all (at least not yet, knock on wood).

    To ALL with the HNL vibration: Is it really that BAD? I MEAN IS POSSIBLE THAT IT IS MORE NOTICEABLE BECAUSE THE CABIN OF THE TRUCK IS SOOOOOO QUITE COMPARED TO SOME OF THE OTHER SUVS????? On some of the demostic (and import) SUVs the "background noise/vibration level" are higher and therefore one tend not to notice ANY ADDITIONAL VIBRATIONS? For those of you having the HNL vibration about go drive another similar sized SUV of a different make (demostic or import) and immediately jump into your LX470 and drive over the same route and in the speed and manner.....and see if there is any difference. It may just suprise you.

    It is true that one can get a FULLY LOADED FORD EXPEDITION EDDIE BAUER for about $34K or less(no kidding!!)Or even spend some more dough for a FULLY LOADED LINCOLN NAVIGATOR.......THE QUALITY AND DESIGN APPROACH is TOTALLY DIFFERENT. One would be visiting the dealer shop way more often with these two. What I am saying is that if the background noise/vibration is more to begin with.....then one might not hear/feel any additional noise/vibration.

    As you can tell.....I am very happy with my LX470.......Yes, it costs more...lot more to buy and run.....yes it gets very terrible gas milage. But everything is relative................


    One needs to compare vehicles of the same similar sized SUVs with SUVs and not with a sport sedan (or just a sedan). Similarly one would not compare an LS400 sedan to a LX 470. These two are totally different class of vehicles...and YES BOTH ARE MADE BY LEXUS. Certainly if you owned a Ferrari you would not go off road with it.....similarly if you have an LX 470 or any other similar sized would not take that right angle right turn at 80 miles per can probably do it in a Ferrari though (assuming no traffic, and of course with a good set of rubber).

    By the way.......for those of you who can not stand the LX470's HNL shifter noise/vibration.....don't get a Ferrari because the engine sure is loud and the shifter(not the ones on the steering wheel) vibrates (but it feels good).

    For those of you keeping track of my postings......I did have some type of vibration noise from the center console....but it was due to all that junk that I had in the center console.....after I removed them....the vibration noise was gone.
  • rewyllys


    Sounds like you own a lexus dealership or you work as a lexus sales manager. If you feel strongly about HNL vibration, please defend it just don't drop it. After all, lexus is not chevy. Lexus is judged by the relentless pursue of perfection.

    The HNL vibration, in and of itself, is indeed not a safety issue, but is a nuisance, an indication of imperfection, a design defect (look at Mercedes ML class, no shift stick, no vibration). An owner is entitled to require Lexus to live up to its own standard, relentless pursue of perfection, not the standard set by Chevy, rattle and rock and roll.

    I think Lx 470 owner is lucky this time due to adjustable height control. Look at LC owners. Now they have proved that the vibration from the transfer case (the main culprit of HNL vibration) has something to do with the powertrain which after certain mileage (most after 5,000) will cause the gas pedal and floor to vibrate. Well, I guess someone will say that's great foot massage device. Check out the lc bulletin board to see for yourself.

    BTW, Lexus has apologized for the embarassment of HNL vibration and taken steps to meet the demand of the customer. Unfortunately, Lexus so far has not considered the HNL vibration NORMAL and has asked dealers to try any means possible to conquer the beast of vibration. We shall see what come out from Lexus. Good luck.
  • In Re: color

    Riverrock green mica is really not green. The color is more close to a light grey, or the color of stone in river bed. The color is closer to green when under direct sunlight.

    Black is bad in hiding dust. Also, black color is not metallic paint ( a value of $695)

    I have no opinions regarding the other two colors, I believe one of the color is new for 2001 model (sea something)

    You can check the lexus site and see the color for yourself. Good luck.
  • devengdeveng Posts: 5
    I am a long time reader (about 1 year) and 1st time poster, and first of all I would like to thank everyone who has posted on this forum, as the information has been very beneficial.

    I live in Rhode Island, but bought this truck from Florida (Lexus of Fort Myers (Connie Johnson as previously mentioned in prior posts). The dealers in New England are very shrewd, and unwilling to negotiate much below sticker, and anyone who is seriously interested in saving big bucks should buy this truck from Florida (or California). I have been very happy with the entire transaction, and I think it was much LESS painful than buying something from a local dealer. I say stick it to the local dealers until they are willing to negotiate.

    With regards the particulars, I bought the Blue Vapor, with the Ivory interior, and the DVD Navigation system. The Color is beautiful, more blue than silver and unique (So don't buy this color because I want to be the only one that has it(hehehe). The Navigation system is excellent, very user friendly, and I figured most of the commands within minutes before reading the manual. I think it is the most sophisticated Nav system available currently.

    The sound system is phenomenal. Anyone who doubts this did not put the system through the ringer. The sound initially coming through the tuner (FM) was OK, but when I played a CD, and DVD, the sound was excellent, and compared to my home audio theater system (Also made by Madrigal) it was very good.The system is very well balanced, sound is crisp and clear, tight, not boomy and can be played very loud (from Van Halen to Classical Indian music to action scenes from James bond movies)everything sounds great. Also, as is the case with most speakers, the material has to 'break-in',especially the woofers, and after hours of use, the sound will change to the better.

    The HNL shifter vibration is there, but I do not see myself touching this instrument much, and it does not present itself unless the knob it touched(you cannot hear it). Not a big deal if it is considered 'normal'.

    The ride is very smooth for a truck, and I think anyone who buys the vehicle must remember that it is a truck and will behave as a truck and feel as a truck. My other vehicles are a sports car and a sports sedan, and this truck does not handle as well, or brake as well as the others (makes sense given that it weighs twice as much (momentum), and its center of balance is higher (SUV)) and the ride is equivalent to the sedan (which is 4 years old). But this is what I expected, I did not expect it to drive like the LS series, or handle like the Porsche, as it is a TRUCK. (but a dam good truck)

    The biggest advantage of the Lexus is that compared to equivalent SUV's (the big ones) it is very quiet, smooth, and refined. One of the selling points is that Japanese know how to make things fit well. The best test is to drive a 3-4 (or older) LX and see how much rattle, and change in the ride there is compared to a new one (and I was surprised to see that older ones still drive very smooth, with no rattle, unlike domestic SUV's that start rattling(dash, doors etc.) within months-year).

    Obviously I am biased after buying one, but so far, after less than one week, I have no doubts or regrets, and my wife also loves the truck (gets high WAF (wife acceptance factor).
  • I'm shopping between a '98 LX470 and a new 2001 MDX. The only concern I have regarding the LX470 is braking distance. How big are the discs? Is it possible to get bigger ones? and do they help in braking? Some reviewers are using the hyperbolic "from here to enternity" to describe the braking in the test 470's, I can't help wondering what it would be like braking with 6500lbs in tow.
  • "not a big deal if it is considered normal"

    That is the problem. I have been working with Lexus for roughly one month now. So far, Lexus has not acknowledged that the vibration is normal. Instead, I got all the special treatment and dealers tried to do everything they can to remedy the vibration problem.

    complaint it and you shall get special treatment.

    BTW, the tire pressure for front has been revised to 32 psi. Ignore the 27 psi recommendation.

    Good luck and enjoy your car. Regards,
  • post 209

    Dear rewyllys,

    Thanks for your response.

    I think you will agree that Lexus has the final say about what is normal or abnormal for LX470.
    Obviously, Lexus does not think that the HNL vibration is normal. Otherwise, this case will be dismissed long time ago.

    Check the Lx470 manual in 4-wheel drive system. No mention that the HNL vibration is normal.

    In fact, lexus has made special arrangements trying to remedy this situation. But in the end, dealers fail miserably because the vibration is a design issue, not a manufacturing issue.

    Until Lexus put it in writing that the HNL vibration is normal, I will keep mentioning this issue from time to time. It is quite simple for lexus to do so: Just say it that it is normal. Easy and fair enough. What do you think? Let's all work together and make lexus concede that the HNL vibration is NORMAL. Regards,
  • deveng: Nice post. Congrats on taking "the leap". Let us know how you feel after a month. That blue is beautiful. Care to divulge the approx $$ you paid for your new blue baby?

    F8: I too am getting tired of the HNL non-issue. If (like the TLC) my gas pedal, main shifter, floor pan and whatever else were vibrating or making any noise what-so-ever that'd be another story. They aren't. Shoot some people pay good money in other "applications" for this type of "vibration"! If Toyota/Lexus come out with some kind of service directive - then by all means let us know in BOLD TYPE. Otherwise give it a rest.

    To all: Ordered and installed this rear cargo tray: For those who take their 3rd row seats out most of the time and carry anything less clean than the inside of their new LX - this is the ticket. The color of the tan one is a shade off from the ivory int but not bad for the price. It came in 4 days with free shipping. Fits perfectly and is well made. Still looking for that rear cargo privacy pull shade. Toyota dealer says if I order a TLC one (at $600+) then it won't be returnable. Can't be more than $20 of plastic in them. Lexus still says they do not carry one. Anyone know who makes the GM Tahoe/Yukon cargo shades?
  • I have towed a medium sized pop-top with my 00-LX ( On the highway and without looking one would not even know it is back there (accel or stop). Why would you ever even consider towing 6500# without electric/mechanical brakes?
  • lancehlanceh Posts: 9
    Following up on my earlier posting after a test drive of a 2001 LX470, first allow me to comment that I had made mention of (even comparison to) the LS400 sedan to describe *only* my positive impressions regarding the smoothness of the engine, shifting, and quiet ride. Let me make clear right here that the reference was NOT made to compare suspensions. I am well aware that the LX470 is a truck.

    That said, I have driven some other SUVs: Toyota 4Runner, Mercedes M-Class (both ML320 and even an ML55), and BMW X5. Since the ML55 is highly tuned (engine, suspension, brakes) we'll leave it out of the comparison. None of these other vehicles exhibited the amount of body roll, IMHO, that the LX470 did (even during its stiffest suspension setting) either in appreciable road curves or attempts to simulate a quick swerve. Further, the LX470 seemed to dip a bit and require a lot more room to brake on a quick-stop. All of the other vehicles are, I believe, smaller, of lower weight, and closer to the ground which certainly contributes to these results.

    In terms of cargo capacity, the M-Class approaches the closest, I think, to the LX470. Unfortunately, even in the AMG version (ML55), I still feel that the fit and finish aren't even close to the LX470. Alas, the BMW might be the strongest candidate now on my list, though its diminuitive size will restrict on occasion my desired cargo needs, *sigh*.
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