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New Vibe Owners - Give Us Your Report



  • i own a 2010 2.4 lit. AWD and i get 28 mpg all the time driving rural/ this that uncommon? love my Vibe btw...
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    that is pretty high gas mileage for a Camry Vibe. You must be doing a whole lot of highway driving.
    I get 30 mpg overall in suburban city driving with my Corolla Vibe. I chose the smaller engine for the gas mileage, and I'm still glad I did.
  • Alright! Finally someone who has a 1.8 L engine.
    I'm interested in buying a Matrix but can't decide on which engine 1.8 L or 2.4 L
    Is the 1.8 L powerful enough?
    My wife and I got to cross the U.S. and the Rockies once a year to go see our daughter, so it's going to be loaded with luggage after coming back home from that 6,000 miles trip it's going to be almost city driving.
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    Is the Corolla engine as powerful or enjoyable as the Camry engine???? I think not.
    However, the current Corolla Vibe is significantly more refined and peppy than the first generation; I own both.
    Next question: is 20 mpg in the city as enjoyable as 27 with gas at $3 or more a gallon? The Camry engine is not efficiently mated to the Vibe. I find getting 20 mpg on such a small car an outrage in this day and age. I'm very glad I went with the Corolla engine. My car loves 85 mph on the highway (not gas mileage mind you), and is very quick off the line.
    You simply need to decide what is more important (mileage or power). If you don't mind throwing a lot of extra money away on gas, buy something other than the Camry Vibe. I really don't understand why people would buy such a small car on a Corolla platform (the Vibe), and then throw it all away on a Camry engine to kill your gas mileage. Unless you live in Montana and have laws that allow you to show off your sped, the cops are everywhere, and blowing away people on the road everywhere else is just not an option. If you live in the Rockies, I would recommend you buy a manual. While I always buy auto trannies, I live in the city and don't want to be shifting every 10 seconds.
    To end this rant: if you want power and a wagon, buy the larger Toyota Venza or even Rav-4 or Highlander. I laughed when they decided to put the Camry engine in the Vibe. Bulletproof engine for sure; but at the end of the day, the Vibe is still just a Corolla. Why sacrifice gas mileage on such a small car??
  • I've had my Vibe just over a year now. Approx 9K miles driven. This car is a "FUN" driver. Quick and agile. I love the electronic shift. Cruise control only works in "D" Drive. I drive this car rather aggressively within safe limits. Smooth on the highway, I catch myself cruising at 100 mph on occaision, oops! Great car!
    I don't see a problem with floor mats as the original mats have retainer clips that prevent movement. I have heavy GoodYear rubber floormats on top of original mats. Plenty of clearance for accelerator pedal. I see no problem here. Have not had any indication of "sticking" gas pedal. I think by now something would have happened. I'll remain vigilant. I also think GM is making a big mistake eliminating the PONTIAC Marque. They are wiping out a lot of automotive history here.
  • 29tomt29tomt Posts: 12
    We have a 2006 Vibe and the daughter has a 2005. I have noticed that both windshields seem to have scratches in the glass where the blade has traveled and the blades have been replaced every year with dealer units. Anyone else noticed this?

    I have an RV and was wondering if the Vibe is a model that can be towed like a dingy with all 4s on the ground without killing the tranny? Thanks.
  • goateegoatee Posts: 51
    Have had our 09 AWD 2.4 for 15 months now, just about 20k mi. I know the roads are bad her as they are in most other areas of the country but I have just replaced my second bent rim in 3 months. They are the 17" chrome variety. Also now I noticed the stock Goodyears are pretty much worn down (yes they have been rotated per schedule) and the rt rear has a bulge in the sidewall. I will have spent well over $1000 in the last 3 months just dealing with the rims and tires alone. The 45 aspect ratio tires w alumium wheel combo just cant handle any adverse road conditions as you are basically driving on a very thin layer of air. Love the car but bad design here I feel will cost me plenty more in the months to come.
  • 29tomt29tomt Posts: 12
    As an update, found out that the Vibe has to be dolly towed. Pumps are driven by the engine. PS, they do make a pump deal that can be added but it cost more than the whole thing is worth to mess with.
  • electricdesignelectricdesign Posts: 681
    edited June 2010
    In February 2010 I bought an 05 Pontiac Vibe, FWD, 1.8L, and in the last 4 months it has proven to be a wonderful car & workhorse. It gets 25 mpg around town and 31 mpg on the road. I use my Vibe for work, so the back seats are permanently folded forward and cargo area is always heavily loaded with tools and materials. It is great that the passenger front seat back folds forward and that the hatchback window opens, allowing me to carry a 10 foot step ladder with only about 18 inches sticking out the back window, and I can slide a 6 or 8 foot step ladder on top of the 10 foot step ladder (carry both ladders at the same time inside the Vibe). Or I can carry a 22 foot folding ladder in the back of the Vibe with the back window closed. This Vibe can really carry a lot and do a lot. It runs and drives great. Cruise 80 on the highway with no problem. I like this Vibe better than the Ford Explorer that I was previously driving. In fact, this Vibe is the best and most useful car that I have ever owned, and I have owned over 15 cars in my lifetime. I rate the Vibe a 10.
    E.D. in Sunny Florida
  • Im trying to install an aftermarket radio in my 2003 Vibe and I plugged the radio harness into the car harness it powers on the radio but there is not sound. The radio is about a year old and I tried 2 different harness thinking it was the harness. Is there something im missing to produce the sound? The original radio works fine when it is hooked up. In need of some direction!
  • stealth06stealth06 Posts: 2
    46 K miles , leather, moon and tunes package, gets 25 miles per gallon HIGHWAY!!! Help! Runs great smooth ride but my O4 with 220K miles gets 30 highway and 28 combined so i was shocked to see the lousy numbers on the 06.
    ANY ideas on what could be wrong!?
  • stealth06stealth06 Posts: 2
    I purchased this car new in 04 and have driven mostly highway miles 140/day commute, plus beach vacations, bike riding in the mountains and I love this car. plenty of room for hauling gear and with all those miles I have only replaced sparkplugs once, two batteries, one serpentine belt, front brake pads at 200K miles (rear are still good) and three sets of tires, everything else is original and works great!! my son will inherit this car when he turns 16 in two months and all I plan to do is change the plugs one more time!! This car is awsome! 30 mph at 85mph and I just bought a used 06 with 46K miles on it and the 04 outruns it (both have the 1.8l automatic)
    The 06 is in mint condition with leather and moon and tunes package, great ride but lousy gas milage, I am looking for any help with this area thanks
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