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Suzuki XL-7 Problems and Solutions



  • I have a 2008 XL7 with the 3.6L engine. I've just starting having the same problem when turning left, then the check engine light came on and it was hesitating in low revs (seemed worse in 4th gear-strange) and since I needed an oil change anyway, I took it to Valvoline and the tech said it was a misfire code (didn't get the code#-Stupid on my part). I didn't think it was too serious then this morning it wouldn't start! AAA is on the way, but reading her and elsewhere it sounds serious; either a timing chain issue or trans issue. I have 45K on the engine so this should definitely be covered under warranty!!! It sounds like the timing chain issue should be a recall issue. I'll update when I have the car serviced and the issue (hopefully) resolved. :sick:
  • I bought a 2007 suzuki xl7 with about 400 miles on it and hadn't had any major problems until this past year. The jerking, sputtering, shaking, sounding terrible overall. I won't post names on here but I did take it in to a reputable repair shop. It's been there for months. We've gone through everything from the battery being too small to bad camshaft sensors to something with the engine harness needing to be rebuilt to the pistons being "off". I'm not an idiot but I'm not a mechanic either so I'll explain the best I can. This engine has 2 compartments which will fill up with oil and sludge and crap causing the above problems. It can be cleaned out, parts replaced, and things set right for roughly $2000. I'm pretty sure it was supposed to be more but the manager felt really sorry for me so he found coupons and what not. Anyway, one of the reasons he felt sorry for me (aside from the big bill so close to Christmas) is because of the response he received when he called the local dealership as well as the manufacturer. Get ready: Suzukis are known for this problem but there's no recall because not enough people have gone through the process of filing a complaint. If a customer brings this problem in to the dealership, they are told that it happened because the oil changes weren't kept up properly. And when my mechanic asked what he was supposed to tell his customer, they basically told him "She can replace the head gaskets and that should fix it." Needless to say, my mechanic was floored and said he couldn't believe they even admitted that to him. I have found a link online to file a complaint and as soon as I can pay off that bill and get my paperwork together, I will file. In the meantime, I won't be able to drive it much once I get it out of the shop because it will happen again if the original problem isn't fixed. And that wasn't my mechanic's 1st call to suzuki but it was one of the last (in case you're wondering why the gaskets weren't fixed first). Regardless of the gaskets though I still would have the huge "clean up" bill.
  • I own a 2007 XL7 with 72,000 miles on it. I'm facing the same issues that several have posted and commented on. When I go to make a turn the transmission slips and a grinding noise occurs from under the vehicle. There are times that the trans slips when driving on a straight road, normally at lower speeds 10 - 35 mph. I've only noticed the check trans lite to come on once. I will check and make sure the level of the trans fluid is correct, but honestly I stand a little concerned from previous post. Check warranties...
  • One of my best days occurred June 1, 2011 that is the day my 2007 XL7 AWD was stolen in Mexico never to be seen again !!!! I really liked the vehicle, but every-time there was an issue there was no support or the dealer could not replicate the issue or they needed to keep it for days on end with little noise occurring that the dealer called 'normal'. Yeah, try to replicate no heater/defroster while driving thru Aspen, or the inoperable CD player/radio/ac while crossing the AZ/CA dessert or vehicle lunges forward while at stop sign with foot on brake, or one of my favorites the vehicle complete shuts down /off while driving at 65 mph ! My advice is to get rid of you XL7 while you can before it fails on you while you are driving along with your family in the car and you smash into something or some one. This vehicle is unsafe! Just to show the difference I traded in my awesome 2006 Grand Vitara AWD for the larger 2007 XL7, after I was experiencing problems with the XL7 the dealer and I had long discussion, it seems they believe the problem to be do (point the finger) to assembly location; Grand Vitara fully assembled in Japan; XL7 engine & they told me. I will never buy a Suzuki again and that dealership lost all my business forever.
  • I have a 2002 XL-7 2.7 litre with 188K Kms. It has been a good vehicle and looked after. I put it in 4WH over the summer and it appeared to work fine. The light indicator came on and it seemed to be handling (with a slight wheel turn) as if it were in 4 wheel drive. I do this just to ensure it stays lubricated. I was in snow country last week and went to put it in 4 wheel drive. It would not work. No light, no traction. What might be the problem? I've tried several times since last week and the same result. Is there something that sticks? Is it fluid levels possibly? Is there a quick check or an easy test to see what issues may be the cause? What would a Dealer charge to check this out, or is it a simple mechanic test for any mechanic? Thanks.
  • anyone there to help me with this? Merry Christmas!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Try cross posting over on Edmunds Answers gets a bit of a different crowd.
  • Hi, my wife's 2007 XL7 is having a similar problem. Did you fix your problem? Please tell me what the remedy was and how much it cost if you don't mind. Have a happy and car trouble-free New Year!
  • I am having the exact same problem with the same vehicle. Please tell me how you fixed the problem. I would really appreciate it. Thank you also for the link to file my complaint.
  • turrenturren Posts: 3
    Happy New Year! I have not heard from anyone on this issue; still unresolved although I am thinking of calling a Dealer now and taking it in as I can't wait any longer.
  • Get rid of it. I did mine- that was a very comfortable SUV to drive- I put 170K miles on mine before I changed the brakes- but that was the only good thing about it- otherwise it was a bucket of bolts and drove me crazy. I drove it for a year and a half with a restart issue. I could not restart it after fueling. I would have to sit for 30-45 minutes before it would restart. It also stalled at red lights. So every time I refueled I had to leave it running. And I took it to the dealer and they didn't know what was wrong with it. So I gave it back to them. Good riddance. Got a used 2005 Honda that runs like a dream.
  • Get rid of it... I agree 100%. I really liked the XL7 when it wasn't in the shop, what a headache and the dealers & suzuki don't care! They actually told me to take it to another suzuki shop 250 miles away??? Got a 2010 ford escape 4 cyl. runs and runs and runs....
  • i have a 2006 suzuki xl7 and i when i put in drive it doesnt want to go. i have to slam on gas to get it to go and when it finally starts to move it makes a loud clunking noise from the rear and then sometimes i get the same noise when i come to a complete stop. only happens in drive and when its cold outside. last week while it was warm outside no problem then it got cold again and the problem came back.
  • My 2003 Suzuki XL-7 fuel door came off too as did a neighbors. Also i have been through several batteries my vehical can't seem to keep power the battery is drained in a few months the alternator was checked and is said to be working. I have to get a jump every time i want to use my SUV and not turn it off.
  • rgypinrgypin Posts: 1
    I recently took a job that requires me to travel a great deal. Most miles are highway and i seem to be getting around 18 on the road. My rpm are at 3k at 70 mph, which in comparison to some larger and smaller vehicles is high. I am curious as to what others are experiencing with rpms at different speeds and any suggestions on what i can do to improve mpg.
    tire size is 16
  • kofo81kofo81 Posts: 1
    edited July 2013
    Hi, I have a Suzuki XL7 2007 Limited edition. And my mechanic has said the auxiliary is bad. He said this is found in the gear box. Apparently we have been driving around with the off road button on and he says this is what spoilt it. Please can someone tell me where I can order a new auxiliary or gear box? Somewhere that can ship internationally. And any idea of the price of this part? Thanks in advance.
  • I have an 07 xl7 and I have been getting a p0496 code that I believe is a faulty Constant Pressure Valve or Purge Control Solenoid but I'm not sure which one it is. Can somebody give me some clarification.
  • got a 2007 Suzuki XL7 2wd with the 3.6L. It had a bad cat on the front bank(loose brick). replaced both the front and rear cats with these from rock auto EASTERN CATALYTIC Part # 40822, EASTERN CATALYTIC Part # 40823. Replaced the spark plugs with Denso PTV16TT Platinum TT Spark Plug. now comes the problem when you acel with the vehicle getting a rattle, chirping sound from the engine almost sounds like a bad belt tensioner but not quite and the vehicle is not accelerating like normal. It does not have the original engine in it. It was changed supposedly about 3 years ago with a 3.6l out of a Cadillac and had the oil pump replaced about a year ago. Any ideas on where to start looking?
  • i have a 2001 suzuki xl-7 , only have little over 55000 mile on it . for some years now had a major problem , anytime it would rain or i wash it , when its start up or when im driving in just a few seconds the check engine light would come on. the vehicle would idle rough and run rough , it would also misfire and alot of black smoke comes out the exhaust pipe & would shut down . when i scan the vehicle it says a p1450 (barometric pressure sensor ),p0328 (knock sensor) and p0057 (HO2S bank2 sen2) . Does anyone know a solution and where to find the barometric pressure sensor? .from research it says that the barometric pressure sensor is in the ECM not 100% sure . :) any ideas would be helpful ;)
  • I have a 2008 Suzuki XL-7 and was ok before the last 8 months when it started with all forms of Dash Board notification - Check SERVICE BRAKE MONITOR, SERVICE TRACTION MONITOR, SERVICE TYRE MONITOR. as well as SERVICE ENGINE LIGHT on!
    unfortunately the vehicle has been taken overseas to Lagos-Nigeria. took it for engine scanning machines and they don't seem to see anything.
    Can someone please advise on what to do before the car sends me crazy!
  • Hi there, I have a 2001 XL-7 and need to source parts out of New York or Miami. Can someone recommend the better buy.
  • my 03 xl7 when put on D wont drive i have to bring the shifter down to L TO STAR driving and than move it to drive once it reach speed of 1o to 15 mph but everytime i come to a complete stop have to do it al over again.enybody have any idea?
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