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New Scion xB Owners - Give Us Your Report



  • dishbrkrdishbrkr Posts: 2
    I too just bought a 2009 Stingray Metallic xb. I traded a 2006 Ford Freestyle that had lots of room, but the 22 mpg at $4.00 per gallon hurts when you live in a rural area and it is 20 miles one way to anywhere! I wanted a 4 door hatchback to suit our lifestyle, so I test drove the Nissan Versa, Chevy HHR and only sat in a Honda Fit (felt like a shoebox!) The Scion won me over hands down...plenty of room in there! I figure I traded off a few miles per gallon over the Versa, but it seems well worth it to get the extra room. My Toyota dealer gave me a great trade-in on the Ford...well over Kelly Blue Book. I am on my 3rd tank of gas, and the mpg are up to 28, mostly highway. I'm just glad I am the primary driver so I don't have to sit in the passenger seat and try to decide what to do with my left arm! REALLY needs to have an armrest! Other than that, it is a nice car and fun to drive...and I will really like the gas mileage!
  • I just got a 2009 XB auto. We love it. Best around town car I have seen. Love the instrument panel. The digital speedo is very easy to see in the bright Az sun.

    Very roomy, I am 6-2. My granddaughter has a 2008 XB manual (I can't see any difference) and she loves it. I was amazed how much room the back seats had. So when our 200K miles 93 Mitsy died, We decided to buy the XB.

    We are getting 25mpg in town and it is going up as engine breaks in. Haven't been on freeway yet, want the engine broke in first. We use the big car (MPV) for freeway.

    We also, bought a super duper alarm/disable system. The XB is popular with car thieves in Phoenix. Bought the car from Larry Miller Toyota on Bell road and the 101west. Good deal and good service. Highly recommend Larry Miller. This my second car from Larry.
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