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Kia Sedona Brakes



  • katrogkatrog Posts: 10
    kiasedona2008 - loved your posting in August - way too informed & technical for Kia though as there was no snappy response from their forum guru, lavishrevo. I have a 2004 Kia Sedona with brake problems that I can't sell or trade in because everyone outside of "Kia world" knows the problem exists and nothing can or will be done about it. Interesting but nothing ever changes......
  • GREAT research!! I got the same line of crap about driver misuse, blah blah blah. The issue surfaced at 20k miles and I actually got them to resolve but now at 46k I am on my own. I just purchased new pads from Pep Boys. They installed the ceramic pads and it has only been a few weeks but so far so good...the squealing, pulsing, grinding noises are gone and we have the stopping power back. Worth looking at ceramic pads...I know this is not what I was looking for in an ownership experience!
  • AZBakers - PLEASE update us. Has your fix lasted? If so, what exact brand and type of pads did you purchase?

    I have been through this whole list and have the same severe pulsating problem on my 2005 Sedona. I do NOT ride my brakes, drive with two feet, or drive agressively. Anyone who claims that's the reason is full of it. And I live in central Ohio, one of the flattest regions in the country. And I have driven probably 200,000 miles in various modern passenger cars and minivans with NO such problems.

    I have been to the Kia dealer multiple times, and the ONLY change is that I am now over $1000 poorer. Absolutely no fix, and they will not repair further unless I keep paying them. I do not see how that's legal, so I am exploring my options.

    Anyone who found a fix - PLEASE POST IT!!

    thanks all,
  • katrogkatrog Posts: 10
    Go to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform site and report them
  • Dave,

    I had a 2007 Sedona and fixed my issue with the drilled cross rotors and pads from R1Concepts. I changed my car into a 2009 Sedona and I changed them directyly from 13.000 just in case and I have been having them for another 13k and doing good. The R1 concepts have very good customer service and as a return customer I got a discount, 450 plus the 150 to change them. I am good, no squealing. :) I am happy with my Sedona.
  • Thanks, that helps!
  • Dave,
    OK so now about a month after getting the pads changed and I am still squeal and pulsing free!!!! The whole service from Pep Boys was under $200 and they had to do a little rotor work. It was the ceramic pads, nothing fancy beyond that!

    Here is a link to their page...
    Pep Boys Brakes
    Good luck! I would be interested to hear what you end up doing.
  • Thanks for updating Bryan, I appreciate that! Not sure yet what we're going to do, the wifey is about out of patience with both the car and the dealer and wants completely out. (I left out a lot of details, but trying to fix these brakes this has been an ordeal. The dealer service dept. is out of ideas but still charging $, and Kia as a company has been less than useless. Utterly unresponsive.) If I get my vote, we're going the Pep Boys route.

    Thanks again,
  • When pressing the brake pedal in our 2010 Sedona when the vehicle is in Park, Drive or Neutral, a clicking sound is coming from the area under/around the gear shifter. When in Drive, the clicking sound only occurs when the vehicle is stopped or when the vehicle slows to a near stop (i.e. when coming to stop for a traffic signal/stop sign, etc.). The clicking sound does not occur when the vehicle is in Reverse (and the brakes are applied). Has anyone experienced this issue with a Sedona? If so, what was the resolution/cause? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • I'll make one last post regarding warped rotors on our 2005 Sedona - which we just traded in at 94K miles toward a Subaru Forester: We found a replacement rotor that works! Two rotor set (#RS-50014) $175.75 Fifth time replacing rotors finally worked!

    No problems what so ever using these rotors. R 1 Concepts rotors were better than the KIA, but still warped after a few months. Brake Performance rotors are guaranteed against warping, and they did not!
  • taxilady7taxilady7 Posts: 2
    :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: This brake problems seems to a real issue with the 05' an 06'! I am trying to find answers to the 06" I bought used a few months ago! The auto shop has replaced many sets of ceramic disc pads on the front and back and new rotors on front and back. The vehicle only had 70,000 miles when I first purchased it! Now, I have been back many times because the brakes scrape on the front right, and its shaking the whole front right and they can not figure out what is causing the issue! I am so fustrated! I am also having issue with a bad hesitation when you take off and some times it acts like it has no power and I have to keep pressing the gas peddle to get it to go! Any one have any other answers! I see we might have a class action suite with all the problems people are posting on here??? :mad: :sick:
  • taxilady7taxilady7 Posts: 2
    I have an 06" and the same type of brake problems as the 05" I have been reading about! Replace many sets of ceramic pads, new rotors front and back and I am getting the grinding on the front and the mechanics keep putting dressing and new pads, has sanded the pads down, tryed every thing and still having problems, now I have a shaking on the right front and have not figured out what it is. I wish I had never bought this vehicle. I don't have the money or any other way to get another vehcile right now!
    Anyone have any answers! I need help! :lemon: :sick: :confuse:
  • for the hesitation use seafoam in the gas.

    Brakes- I put on slotted and cross drilled rotors . the only other problen I had was two calibers hang up. Make sure the proper grease on the sliding points on the calibers.
  • Hi,

    I am not sure if you are still out there... but we brought our 2010 sedona to the dealer today for routine maintenance but also to check for a clicking/knocking that we kept hearing everytime we started to slow down to a complete stop. They, of course, said that they didn't hear it... so didn't do anything. Anyone else having the issue still? Thank you! :mad:
  • I had the ceramic pads installed at Pep Boys. 4000+ miles later, I am pleased with the results.
  • I bought a 2011 Kia Sedona in March of 2011. It is now October 2011. I have over 16,000 miles already. The front brakes have now been changed for the FOURTH time. The rears have been changed twice. Yes I hear clicking/knocking when coming to a halt - I also hear it when sitting at a light with my foot on the brake. Then there's the issue of MUFFLER NOISE. And the fact that my driver's side sliding door keeps sticking - NONE of which is apparent at the dealership. The only thing apparent at the dealership is $300 per brake job. Guess what?? ADVANCE AUTO PARTS now carries 2011 Sedona brake pads! Guess who is doing her own brakes from now on?? You got it!
  • smockbsmockb Posts: 1
    I have a 2010 Kia Sedona, only Problem I have had is with this clunking noise as described when at stop or slow speed coming from behind the gear shift, If any one has gotten this fixed please advise what they did! I am at 43k miles and break pads still have 40% left, Just had them checked- This clunk is driving me NUTS!
  • kwbellokwbello Posts: 2
    We are at about 43K too (we also have a 2010 Kia Sedona) and I posted about this clunking a while ago. It's exactly as you described. We took it to the dealer (where we bought it) but they said they couldn't hear the sound. It is definitely a CLUNK... and that is a perfect word but I also described it as a knocking sound... and it only occurs when I am slowing down or about to move least that is when I notice it the most. It's been happening more and more and it really makes me nuts too!!! Anyone else having this problem?? We can't be the only ones!! :confuse:
  • drknitedrknite Posts: 1
    I jsut bought an 1995 acura integra LS and found out that my rotors and pads were completely shocked. The dealer wanted to charge me $500 for all 4 rotors and pads.

    I came across areion brakes ....have any of you heard of them?

    They shipped me the exact rotors and pads for $212 all in. Have you ever heard of them?
  • mgdonmgdon Posts: 1
    edited October 2013
    I have been a race car driver for 20 years and it seems to me the brakes on my 06 Sedona will start to apply by them selves without touching the brake pedal. After a few miles I will start to feel a vibration like a warped rotor then the vecicle will start to slow down and I need to increase the speed. If I stop the brakes will lock and I need a lot of accelleration to unstick them. Then will get very hot. Sometime on long trip I have to stop and let them cool down and I can smell the hot brake pads. It seems maybe there is something wrong with the ABS or the ESPE causing the brakes to apply by them selves. I have done the usual rotor and pads replacement and lubricated the sliding surfaces with no help. Maybe the solution would be to take the fuse out of the ABS circuit but this may not be a safe solution. I am affraid this problem could cause an accident and should be reported to the DOT or whoever does recalls.
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