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GMC Envoy Maintenance and Repairs



  • gene37gene37 Posts: 11
    Ouch! Varying oil pressure could be a lot of things (low oil level, bad pump, bad oil filter, clogged line, bad ring(s), manifold leak into oil pan, module, gauge, etc.) Hate to mention it, but you may have to throw in the towel and visit your dealer on that one. On Ebay, best bet is to go to Ebay site map (or Google), and 'search' for item, bypassing the category. Use as few words as possible such as (Envoy module, Envoy ISP, Envoy oil pressure, etc.) + 'Search'. Good Luck.

  • pocketpocket Posts: 29
    I have had the oil changed, plus the filter, all the lines check clear, I ran a compression test on all cyls. and they check fine. Ran a pressure test with a mechanical gauge, pressure checks ok, also ran vacuum test on manifold, no leaks found there. The only thing I have not done is to replace the sending unit. I guess that is next, as a new gauge is only available through the dealership. I searched Ebay for an ISP module, none were found anywhere. Spent over an hour searching the site for any Envoy parts. Will continue searching. Thanks for the input.
  • rj123456rj123456 Posts: 137
    Just checking to see owners' experiences on this. The old adage used to be "Replace the belt at 60K miles or pay a lot to replace the water pump too". Is this still true today?

    My wife took in the truck to the local "Precision Tune" place and they wanted to replace the belt immediately (for $$$) of course.

    Later I visually inspected the belt (not exhaustively, just the part I could quickly see when I popped the hood) and it looked in fine condition.

    Is it a good idea to change it anyway?
    Also any idea what a 60K service should cost? Other than oil changes every 4-6,000 miles, and an air filter replacement the truck has not been serviced much. It is still driving very well. I suspect a lot of the brake/transmission/differential fluids are ready to be replaced.

    2002 GMC Envoy XL 63,000 miles
  • mcmjcmcmjc Posts: 1
    This is my 2nd winter with my 2005 Envoy. One problem that is back this year is temperature related. When the temp is below about 32 degrees, my BOSE CD changer will start to play fine. After anywhere from 2 - 10 minutes, it stops and shows INITIALIZING on the display. It re-reads the cd and begins at the beginning of it. This may happen 2 or 3 times before it finally plays the whole thing. (Very frustrating when listening to an audio book.) Any suggestions as to cause and/or cure?
  • were you able to resolve your issue with rear window and wiper?
    Please advise
  • I have an 02 envoy with the same problem. Did you ever get an answer to this climate control problem.
  • kjcripekjcripe Posts: 2
    If you got an answer to this question could you please shoot me an e-mail? Having the same issues right now. Car has been in the shop for a week and they still have no answers.
  • dcrews1dcrews1 Posts: 2
    In an attempt to do it myself I purchased a climate contol console for my Envoy but that didn't fix my problem. It was a used part so I may have received a defective part (although the message on ebay said it had bench check good). I am almost ready to take it to the shop.
  • :sick: As I haven't picked up a maintenance book for my GMC Envoy as of yet is there anyone out there that can tell me where I need to look to find the fuel cleaner so I can replace it with a newly purchased one as I seem to be bogging down and I figured I'd start with the fuel cleaner as it is a relatively inexpensive part. Thanks in advance
  • I love my 2006 Envoy Denali, had to have it....its in ths shop getiing a new ignition switch...58000 miles. Had to drive my daughter's Honda Accord with 210,000 miles to work. I've replaced the fuel gage sensor already. Honda Accord's never spent a day in a shop...
  • kjensen1kjensen1 Posts: 2
    Were you able to fix this? I am also having the same issue on my Envoy XUV 2004. The window just stopped half way down and I got the error "Rear Wiper Obstruction". Is there a sensor that needs to be replaced?
  • gene37gene37 Posts: 11
    I just experienced the same thing on my 2005 Envoy XUV. (the rear window would not go up after unloading). It was my mistake; the rear tailgate was not fully closed, so the window would not go up. Check to see if it closes fully and/or check the close/open switch to see that it is not sticking.
  • kjensen1kjensen1 Posts: 2
    I figured out why I was getting the error message "Rear Wiper Obstruction". First of all there are no sensors that produce this message so there are no sensors to clean etc. There are no fuses, relays that you can pull that will stop the message either.

    The message actually originates from your wiper motor and is a circuit inside the motor. There is a plug with about four wires that go into the back wiper motor. You have one of two things that are wrong either 1) The wiper motor is burned out 2) or one of the wires is damaged from the back window going up and down. One of my wires were damaged (the black one). I repaired it and sealed the wires with electric tape. Fixed!
  • stoneman5stoneman5 Posts: 1
    Tachometer going up and down while driving . Could it be transmision or speed sensor?
  • sparkybert97sparkybert97 Posts: 1
    edited August 2010
    hey,, while driving down the highway the other day, after about an hour the radio quit playing sound and the service air bag light came on. the radio lights up and looks like its working but no sound, after a couple of days after this happened, now the door locks, windows, rear wiper wont work. spent 100 buck to have the dealer diagnose it and they had no idea without swapping out stuff. was also told to replace the control module. anyone know where the communication control module is located? or ecm? thanks 2005 gmc envoy xl
  • I asked this question in the triplet forum. I didn't notice there was a specific category for maintenance items here in the Envoy forum, so I'll ask it here, too. 2002 Envoy; 90,000 miles; 8.5 years old.. Just curious how long belts and hoses should normally last.. I don't know of any problem, and I presume the dealer probably looks at them at oil changes (hopefully). Should any of these be changed just due to age/mileage?
  • wuchterwuchter Posts: 1
    Hi there. I have a really baffling scenario going on. I have a 2006 Envoy that I love. It hasn't given me too much trouble the last 3 years I have had it but recently it started to sputter and lose trouble. I took it to dealer ( apparantly they are the only ones that can work on these problems;.. go figure) and they put 2 sensors in. 303$ later it started doing it again.. except worse. I took it in and barely made it there. My husband followed me and said it was like i flooded it he could smell gas the whole way. i was terrified to drive it but I made it. The service guy took it in and found 2 codes... neither cheap.. SURPRISE! and hooked it to another machine to figure which one of the 2 it was. Well. here comes the problem.. It started acting fine. No problem. they had cleared the codes to replicate and there are no codes. 2 days later I still do not have it. i am afraid to drive it cause it will not fix itself and I drive a busy highway to work.. what if it happens again.. Has this happened to anyone else??I cant leave my truck there forever and am afraid to drive it.. please help if you can
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    I would like to set up a case with GM Customer Assistance. In order to get this case set up I will need the VIN, current mileage, full name, address and best contact number for our records sent to me in an email. Also, what GM dealership are you currently working with?

    Thank you and have a great weekend!
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • how do you change/inspect the wiper motor with the window fully down?
  • ac238ac238 Posts: 1
    The front driver's side door panel on my 2002 Envoy is just barely hanging on. I took it to a body shop and they replaced all the little clips around the edge of the panel, but there's a larger connector in the middle that was crushed. It was in a square-ish opening between the handle and instrument board (door lock buttons, etc.). I asked them about replacing the door panel, but GM is no longer making them. I've checked with salvage yards across the U.S., and so far none can provide me with a panel with this connector intact. I don't even know what it looks like!

    Can anyone give me an idea on how to get this fixed? It won't be long before the panel falls off completely, though I do have a spare now that's missing the same part. The dealers tell me that part breaks on "all" the 2002 Envoys and there's no way to fix it. Thanks for any advice! :confuse:
  • My 2006 Envoy is driving me to drink...the newest problem happened tonight, while driving I cannot turn my wheel to take a hard left or right or the truck will not move i have to put it in reverse to start moving again. My stabili track light comes on and the dealership cannot locate the issue and my drivers window will not work, its not the master switch because all the other windows work, i have replaced the wire harness and it still does not work...the dealership has been NO help what so ever...any ideas? Any helps would be appreciated! thanks!
  • foutzfoutz Posts: 1
    Please Help. The compressor wont activate when I turn on my car. My rear suspension is completely flat. Does anybody know a quick fix to this. I am assuming it is a relay or fuse, but I can figure it out. I have dumped enough money into this car. Just need to get it aired up one more time so I can take it down to the dealership and trade it in.
  • I have a 2006 GMC Envoy Denali with a 5.3 engine. I have all the problems that I have read about on this site like the load leveling system going out, engine burning excessive amounts of oil, etc. Now I need to change out my throttle position sensor and I get another light that comes on and I loose power. When I shut it off for a few minutes and re-start it that usually temporarlly fixes the problem and can go about my way. Also, sometimes I will be driving down the road and the headlights will go off by there self and I have to pull over and shut it off and start again. Sometimes that will make them come back on and sometimes it doesn't. Is there anyone on here who have experienced any of these problems and if so did anyone try to get GM to do anything about it or are we just out of pocket to fix this junky truck ourselves?
  • Good morning,
    If you would like to explore any available options through Customer Service, we can get a Service Request set up for you. Please send us an email with more information (include your name/Edmunds user name, the last 8 of your VIN and current mileage, and the name of your dealership) and my coworker Christina will advise you from that point.
    GM Customer Service
  • Hey everyone, in need of some help! I bought a 2006 envoy Denali Xl, we have had issues with the oil consumption and air suspension and a.c..
    So... I changed my oil and noticed my oil was pretty low at around 3,000miles , around 3 quarts low. It's been about 4 oil changes and every time it's been that low. No leaks , no blue smoke, no oil burning smell, no signs of anything , just missing oil. Any ideas? Gmc dealership want to rebuild the engine for a small fee of 2000$.

    Next the rear air suspension will deflate once a week when the car is parked for hours. They inflate within seconds of turning on the car and will be fine for days then randomly deflate. Again no leaks found and compressor works great.

    Also our rear a.c. Works whenever she wants to. I will turn it on and nothing happens . Then while driving it sometimes turns on and sometimes just remains off.

    Other than this we love our problem child! Thanks for any help we can get, extremely frustrated here in the sunshine state
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964

    I'm sorry that you're so frustrated, though I understand given the different concerns you described in your post. If we can follow up on your dealership on any of these concerns, please send an email to us at with more information (include your name/Edmunds username, phone and address, the last 8 of your VIN and current mileage, and the name of your involved dealership).

    All the best,
    GM Customer Service
  • phiphiphiphi Posts: 1
    My interior bell went off for about 30 seconds today. No light came on. After turning car off for a couple hours, still no light. Driving down from mountains Check Engine light comes on flashing and car feels sluggish and like the idle off. Light went off and then on and then off. Shut the car off for an hour, and started flashing again. Now it is on continuous. No new gas or brand. Gas cap on but doesn't feel sealed. Should I take to dealer or try a new gas cap first? Manual says I could do more damage to emissions/injectors if I continue to drive it. Any thoughts?
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964

    If you do decide to work with a dealership, please let us know as we would like to be available to assist in whatever way we can! Feel free also to get in touch via email ( if you have any questions.

    GM Customer Service
  • Besides other smaller issues, my car came with a noise that would come from the back seats or somewhere around. Cutting the very long history short (I am pretty sure GM has everything on file - I Do!) none of the GM assistance in Kissimmee or Orlando were able to find the cause of that noise. After many years, time consuming, work hours lost and stressful and frustrating situations, my husband and I gave up trying and just kept the car like this, knowing that anytime we will try to sell it the buyer will complain and we will loose money right there. The funny and irritating part is that we had the GM warranty for the first years, GM was NEVER able to fix the issue that came from the plant with the car, and then I was told that the car was not in the warranty anymore, therefore I could have no assistance without paying!!! I cannot even start to explain the anger and the feeling of betrayal as a customer, and for such an expensive matter. It is not that we bought a pen in a dollar store!!! Time goes by and now I see myself unbeliaveble-ly going through the very same situation, just the car issue changed (by the way, my 9 year old son found out what is the problem, the sound comes from the back panel control for the radio and ac...

    The check engine light started going on and off about 1 year ago, and, because it would sometimes be off for weeks, even months, we did not bother until it started being on more often and the fuel sensor stopped working. I took it to Advanced Auto care to do a check and it accused that it was the fuel sensor ( I just wanted to make sure I had the reading from another place other than GM since my prior experience does not allow me to trust GM service). It was when I learned that there is a "light recall" or however GM calls it, for this problem. I called GM, spoke to Mrs. H., and she sent me to Fountain Auto Mall in Orlando (I know well that place, unfortunately). They confirmed the problem was the fuel and they "fixed" the sensor. however, the check engine light keeps going on and off, basically after a little while when I put gas in my car. Mr. R.from GM customer service, at this point was following up with calls etc.. and I spoke to him about the issue. Fountain Auto Mall set up an appointment for me to take the car back (here I go all again) to check. I did so yesterday (April, 6 2012) and - surprisingly (I am being sarcastic) they told me that the engine light on means "low idle" and it is not the same issue w/ the fuel sensor issue therefore there is nothing they can do for me and I should pay (how convenient) $99 just to check why the idle is low.......Kidding? Any 9 year old would know better that low idle comes also from the fuel pump, fuel filter or such and what a coincidence they touch my car and now this..... believing that Gm could redeem itself from previous experience I trusted that Mr. R would assist me by allowing further check on my car, fair enough, to make sure the low idle IS due to the fuel system (which they DID NOT fix, clearly), I contacted him, who, not only was very unhelpful, but sarcastic and anti professional, telling me that my car is not new and I will have problems with the car from now on....This not only underestimate my intelligence as put me more frustrated.....I WILL have problems w/ my car SR.? I ALWAYS had problems w/ my car since I bought it.... I understand that Gm customer service personnel needs to close their "cases" and better if it is as soon as possible to get rid of issues and to have one more case “solved” in their pile, however, my case Sr. is far from being “closed”. It does not even matter the fact that OF COURSE this was the first and last time me and anybody else I know will not buy GM or affiliated cars never more in life, but I am not going to be fooled again by GM. I am going further on this, I want nothing else than my car problems caused by GM's lack of professionalism and knowledge to fix he cars, to be fixed, any other issues I had w/ my car, I took care of, I pa I have the right and proof enough since the beginning, all paperwork, more than 20 times I took my car to service. I want you to know that Gm can pretend to care for its customers by calling, flowering the customer service in talking, following ups etc.. but this is all for your eyes only. Gm does not do anything for customers just pretend it does, and, like every single situation in life one day the curtain falls and the faces come up. I feel disrespected and being forced to pay for a service that, not only is GM’s responsibility, but I would not choose to fix my car should I pay for it. GM authorized service touched my car and either created another problem or did not fix the problem in the corrected way, for the 20th time, and I have to hear from the customer service rep. that my car is going to give me problems…….

    I will search for assistance in this matter, this is the minimum I can do to make it right and worth to have bought a car 0miles, brand new and never had the feeling.
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964
    Good morning kaitlinbarbera,

    Would you please email your case number, name, and Edmunds username to We'd be happy to check in and see what happened.

    GM Customer Service
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