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GMC Yukon / Yukon Denali



  • Whew! I just spent the last hour or so reading the earlier posts on this board. Unless I missed something, nobody has attempted to increase performance in a Denali through anything other than a new air filter? I bought a new Denali for two reasons: I need something to tow my boat, and, at 6'7", 335 lbs, I'm too big to get a Z06 vette. The 325 horse motor is much better than what I had in my '99 Yukon, but it's no vette. Car&Driver did a piece on a Lingenfelter C3 that had 475 hp. That truck was capable of taking all but a few stock vettes at the line w/o thinking twice. According to LPE's web site, that same upgrade package is available for the Denali, but at a premium: $14,500. As is, I am paying enough for the truck in the first place, and I don't want to add that much more.
    Has anybody tried new exhaust or even a supercharger yet?
  • drb2002drb2002 Posts: 72

    After many problems trying to get Catch-All's for my 2001 Yukon XL Denali, I ended up holding the bag with floor mats for a Yukon/Tahoe :( (long story!).

    I have a rear cargo mat (w/3rd seat) for a 2000+ Yukon/Tahoe in gray.

    I also have a 2nd row mat for a 2000+ Yukon/Tahoe in gray.

    They are both new and in the original box. If need either of them, send me an email and an offer.

    Thanks, Dave
  • larry91larry91 Posts: 189
    Hey Chris,
    The supercharger is a good idea, limited investment and a decent amount of performance, if u can find someone that can do the job right.
    Lingenfelter can do it, but he comes pricey. He built me an engine for my 90 vette, which I still own and drive.

    There is a dealer in Arizona that supercharges the Yukon'S. I will try to get the name of the dealer and post same.
  • andyl2andyl2 Posts: 84
    I just received my 2nd row mat for my Denali XL. It fits much better around the console than the original mat they sent me. Not the only problem I have is that when I slide the 2nd row seat foward to access the 3rd row, it catches the mat. Anyone else have the problem?

    By the way, Nifty exchanged my mat, no questions asked.
  • stirlnjostirlnjo Posts: 4
    Hi all, I'm new to the Town Hall. My plan is to upgrade from my 99 Sierra to a DXL next year (I have a few more backyard projects to finish before I discard the pickup). I currently have an upgraded stereo in the Sierra (speakers, subwoofers, amplifier, head unit). I want to replace the Bose system with my system presently in the Sierra except that I'll upgrade the head unit as well. My question: has anyone done this, and if so, are you able to utilize the steering wheel stereo controls with your new head unit?
  • ayatesayates Posts: 1
    There hasn't been and posts for a while on expectations for the 2002 Denali's. So I thought I'd just ask I case anyone has some recent news. I understand that the information will be released officially on August 1st, but I am trying to decide whether to get a 2001 now.

    P.S. The best price I am being quoted in Canada for a Denali XL (2nd row buckets, no sunroof) is C$57,236 + taxes (C$1,300 over invoice). US$37k.
  • heatwave3heatwave3 Posts: 462
    stirlnjo: good choice on the DXL as I picked up mine in Feb and have 4800 miles. Traded in a 3/4 ton Silverado 4x4 Sub with a 7.4L. The DXL is an incredible Utility vehicle and well designed.

    I would wait on any consideration on transferring the stereo for a lot of reasons. The volume, mute, radio and CD change controls are duplicated on the steering wheel which could be complicated. The in-dash 6 Changer CD player is also integrated into the 240 watt Bose sounds system that the DXL comes with and finally On-Star is also integrated into the radio. A very complex environment.

    Most importantly the sound system sounds tremendous and I think after you hear it you'll have no desire to swap it out.
  • larry91larry91 Posts: 189
    The Bose sound system is a good unit, however I am awaiting a replacement radio because of several problems.
    The variable volume does not work, the radio does not remember where it left off after using the CD player and turning same off, it defaults to the radio, which it shouldn't do. Let's see if that fixes the system.
  • stirlnjostirlnjo Posts: 4
    Thanks for the responses. I wasn't aware that the stereo is integrated with the On-Star. I will check with my stereo installed to see if they have any history. I agree that the dose system sounds better than most factory systems but I am spoiled with my system at home and the existing one in my Sierra. It really does sound significantly better than the dose. The power to my dual 10" sub woofers is almost twice that of the whole dose system. I have 75 watts going to the each of the speakers in the front (mid range and tweeters = 300 total). The power and after market speakers really do make a significant difference, not to mention the speaker wire and inter connects. But the Sierra upgrade with installation was 3K and it would be difficult for me to spend that kind of money on top of 45K(or so) if I can swap it out. At minimum I could do something with the speakers but I really wanted to go with digital inputs on the head unit to eventually upgrade to a surround system of some sort when they become better defined in the marketplace. (This vehicle is not meant to haul the kids).

    I don't want to sound snooty at all. I've been into high-end home stereo for years and I think you'll agree that once you are accustomed to a certain level of quality, it is hard to go back. I think it is just a matter of education about what is available.
  • stirlnjostirlnjo Posts: 4
    Another thought. When I bought the 99 Sierra 4WD and installed a bug guard, it made an annoying (to me anyway) rain-pounding or snow-pounding sound where the windshield meets the roof. I tried a second brand and it did the same thing. A co-worker has one on his 2000 Silverado 2 WD but he lives with the noise. Is anyone using one on their DXL and if so, do you get the noise, too?
  • larry91larry91 Posts: 189
    I have a bug guard installed, it is available thru the dealer and has GM stamped on it. It comes in 4 or 5 factory colors to match the truck and I don't hear any noise, period. Nada!
  • heatwave3heatwave3 Posts: 462
    stirlnjo: my DXL had a wind sound from the upper windshield that turned out to be the aftermarket sunroof installed through the dealer. The adjusted the sunroof and 95% of all unusual wind noise was eliminated. Some folks have reported that with a bug shield installed on their Yukon XL the plastic/rubber flap at the top of the windshield will "flap" possibly resulting in the sound you are hearing. I did not install a bug shield to avoid wind noise and possible mirror vibrations even those others have reported success in their installs.

    FYI since you are considering a DXL you might want to look into the aftermarket sunroof versus the factory. You lose rear climate control with the factory unit and the aftermarket unit I purchased and had installed through the dealer was the same unit GM uses from ASC. Consequently you get the factory sunroof plus rear climate control when you order a DXL w/o a sunroof and have it installed aftermarket.

    It also comes with one-touch close and open features and an auto-close feature 10 seconds after the ignition is turned off. None of these features are available with the factory unit.
  • safe1safe1 Posts: 16
    I recently spoke with the local service manager re: the status of GM TS and Bose TS findings on this problem. I'm to bring my vehicle in to have the radio unit portion removed to note the Julian date of manufacture. The conventional wisdom of GM and Bose is to compare these dates to other defective models to see if there may be a bad batch that will require replacing. Only until they get these dates will they apparently take corrective action.
    This weekend, I did find something unusual with the CD changer. Every time I placed a cell call through the Onstar system (with radio/cd changer in the off position), the indicator light on the CD changer select button # 1 illuminated and stayed illuminated until the call was terminated. I related this to the service manager with the hopes it will shed some additional light on this annoying problem, if relevant.
  • kikinjkikinj Posts: 6
    I posted a couple weeks ago that our new Denali XL had an oil leak which we noticed only 6 days after having it . They said it was due to the rear main seal in the engine leaking which never ever happens and was a freak thing. Brought it in last Tuesday, picked it up Friday... Saturday, noticed it was STILL leaking. Needless to say, we were pretty pissed! So hubby gets under it and figures out where it's coming from, tightens two bolts, and all's been well since Saturday. Of course now I am mad at him for not looking sooner before letting them take our truck apart for no reason! He said the bolts where it was leaking wasn't near what they had to take apart to get to the rear main seal, so he's pretty sure that what he fixed was our original leak. GRRRR. Anyway... since getting the truck back, I swear it seems louder. Not from the outside, but when I'm driving it, I feel a bigger vibration in the gas pedal and a louder like almost humming sound when accelerating. I only hear it when I'm accelerating. Hubby thinks it's psychological since there was already a problem, and I'm looking for things, he says it was this loud before, it's a big engine, blah blah blah. Could it be possible that it really is louder? We had to stop back at the dealership so I took my salesman for a drive in it and he didn't hear anything different, then he took me for a drive in another one off the lot and from the passenger seat the vibration felt the same, but it didn't sound quite as loud. But since I'm the only one that seems to be hearing this "loudness" I don't want them taking the thing apart AGAIN looking for what could be wrong. Sorry to ramble on, thanks.
  • larry91larry91 Posts: 189
    Dear kikini,
    The engine is loud, especially when cold. It seems to quite down once it warms up a bit.
    As for the oil leak, I have not experienced that problem yet, maybe soon, I will let u know.
  • cchamccham Posts: 14
    How much did you have to pay for the DVD with 5" screen installed? Did they have any problem with the sunroof?
  • lalanelalane Posts: 39
    I was wondering amongst my fellow Denali owners as to what octane gas your using. Since the purchase of mine , I've been using 91 but everyone else is telling me I'm wasting money especially because 91octane in the Los Angeles area is averaging $1.93 to $2.05. So I went to Costco and decided to try 87 octane at $1.40/gal. I hope I'm not making a mistake. Like to hear from you guys................

  • safe1safe1 Posts: 16
    I use 87 octane fuel and did so in my 99 Denali with no discernable performance problems. The GM owners manual suggests 87 or higher. Why throw your money down the rat hole using higher than necessary octane rated gas!
  • larry91larry91 Posts: 189
    I also use 87 octane fuel, and did so in my 99 Tahoe as well. The 91 might and I say just might give u a little better performance, but I didn't buy it for performance. After all, it is a 6000# Truck not a race car. 87 octane is the fuel recommended in the manual and it certainly won't hurt your vehicle, so rest easy...
  • lalanelalane Posts: 39
    Thanks for your input, I feel alot better now.
  • kikinjkikinj Posts: 6
    Thanks Larry, after driving it around the past few days I guess the engine doesn't sound as bad as I thought it did, I probably am just imagining things since we already had a problem.

    lalane, I use 87 octane.
  • Hi, I was curious to know if anyone knew when the 2002 Denali information would be released. Someone said 8/1/01 but I haven't seen anything from GMC.
  • Hi everyone. i am thinking of trading up my 2000 tahoe z71 for a gmc denali. I test drove a 2001 at our local gmc dealer and was really impressed. For those of you that already own one - how do you like the AWD. I'm a little skeptical about losing my 4wd power when i need it - and i do need it since i live in maine. Also hows the Bose sound system? I have not yet decided whether to get the denali and pay big $ or upgrade to a slt yukon. (i dont like the lift gate , dont need the 3rd row seat and wanted a color not yet offered in denalis. What do you guys advise?

    Thanks debster72
  • heatwave3heatwave3 Posts: 462
    Bose sound system is great. You won't be disappointed. You'll also appreciate the steering wheel controls for the sound system which is not available in a Z71. AWD was particularly impressive this past winter as I took delivery in early Feb right before several large snowstorms in the NE. The AWD is no muss, no fuss with great traction. My comparison was my previous 3/4 ton Sub w/ 4wd.

    The AWD is definitely better unless you're doing some serious off-roading as you will not have a low 4wd in the Denali. In my previous Sub I never used the low 4wd in the 130K miles I owned it and figured it wasn't going to be a significant loss.
  • larry91larry91 Posts: 189
    The AWD is the premier system to own. It is more positive, and without the feeling of 'lock-in' when accelerating in 4wd. Maybe it's not the best for serious off road use, but neither is the Denali XL. It has much too long a wheelbase, which is NOT conducive to Off-roading anyway.U get 38% power to the front wheels and 62% to the rear.(I think that's the breakdown)all the time. Gas mileage 'may' suffer a bit, but I am not sure that is true.

    The Bose sounds great, tho I have had trouble with the Radio. It has been replaced twice.

    The unit in my vehicle, does not remember where it was turned off, defaults to the radio when i am listening to a cd, which it shouldn't, and the Auto Volume does not work. Another radio was ordered and should be in next week. I will keep u posted. Other than some minor parts falling off, i love the truck. It's as quiet, and rides as well, as a luxury car. I get no wind noise like i did in my 1999 Tahoe and it is responsive when necessary.

    If GM would only spend more time putting it together correctly.

    Regarding the 2002 Denali's. U will probably see the backup warning system, turn signals in the mirrors, dual controls for the front heating and air conditioning. Maybe more choices in color. I don't think there will be any major changes. How do i know this you ask? Well it's mostly guessing. I looked at the new Envoy and it had the previously mentioned accessories, so I fiqured the new Denali would also have some of the same stuff.....Let's see if I am right..
  • Thanks heatwave3 and larry91 for responding to my requests for info on the awd and bose sound system. I think i will be ordering a 2002. My local dealer has said he would order me one for $500 over invoice. Is this good or could I get better? I will be trading in my 2000 tahoe z71 and they are offering the low end trade -in value. I will of course try to sell outright while waiting for the 2002. I want a sunroof - have there been any delays in getting them? I guess GM still hasn't figured out that they can have climate control and a sun roof but wont offer it to the public. I also would have strongly prefered to have panel doors instead of the liftgate but !que va!. Thanks for your input

    Debster 72
  • larry91larry91 Posts: 189
    In my opinion, $500.00 over invoice is great, ya know, the dealer has to make money to stay in business. I paid $1000.00 over for mine in April.

    U should check with the dealer about the sunroof, they may be offering it with the climate controls now, not sure...

    I would definitely wait for the 2002, they will be out in about 6 weeks. If u buy the 2001, the vehicle is one year old before u get it out the door. If u keep a vehicle 6 or 7 years, it probably doesn't matter, but it seems that you don't keep them long at all..

    I have an aftermarket sunroof and it is every bit as good as the factory installed unit. Tho the aftermarket unit is more costly than the factory, I believe it is worth the money to keep the climate control.
  • heatwave3heatwave3 Posts: 462
    debster72: You'll be very satisfied with the 2002 DXL. I would suggest not getting the Factory sunroof. Instead have the dealer install the ASC sunroof aftermarket. You'll get a lifetime warranty, one-touch open and close and auto close feature 10 secs. after the ignition is turned off. None of these features are available with the factory sunroof. The interesting thing is that the ASC sunroof is the exact same sunroof used by GM with different electronics that were probably rejected by GM's lawyers.

    You'll pay about $200 more aftermarket but I think you'll be much more satisfied with the features. On top of the features you'll also get rear climate control with the aftermarket which the factory will automatically downgrade to manual when the sunroof is installed at the factory.

    I've have been extremely satisifed with the '01 DXL and the aftermarket sunroof. Also if you can get a 2002 for $500 over factory invoice don't hesitate and place your order, that's a fair price. If you're interested in reading more about the ASC sunroof check out the following link:


  • ferraro1ferraro1 Posts: 44
    Hello ~
    I have a 2001 Denali and will be trading up to the 2002 , and the ony thing that i would want in this one IS the Turn Signals incorporated into the mirrors like on the Envoy so are you for sure that is what GMC is doing ?? where did ya hear that ??? ok thanks a bunch !
    Happy Denali Owner,
  • Purchased this vehicle to tow our boat and as a daily driver. Tows with ease (6k+ lbs), and with us in comfort. It's black on gray and has received many compliments from friends and strangers alike. BTW- I've installed the brushed billet aluminum GMC emblem in front and that alone has received many positive comments. I wish there was a smaller one available for the rear door. Have also swapped out the high beam bulbs for some real lights (that's more an age/eyesight personal issue) In no particular order, here are some other observations. It drives out very nicely for a vehicle this size. Feels nimble for its' size, and manuevering around in tight quarters hasn't really been a big issue for us. The drivers seat lumbar support control is easy to activate with your leg upon exiting, and is therefore misadjusted when you get back in. I think I've read here of others having the same problem. The seats have enough adjustment to get a comfortable position for someone over 6 feet tall. The engine pulls strong and smooth, but is loud, at all speeds. It diminishes at highway speeds, but is still loud. The brakes are A1. The bodywork fit and finish is A1. The interior leather fit and finish is A1.The dash and controls are typical domestic work-not bad, but not as refined as they could be for the money. The sunroof deflector has already broken. The passenger door lock switch has fallen off. One of the rear AC vent louvers fell out. Upon inspection, it was missing the complete pins to hold it in place and only had 'stubs', molded wrong, should have been rejected and never installed. This is all minor, and will be fixed shortly under warranty of course. The Bose stereo is absolutely no better than TODAY'S average. Yes, it's better compared to what automotive sound USED to be, but not compared to today. I own three other vehicles, in three different price ranges (two below the Denali), with significantly better sound. The steering wheel controls for the stereo are an excellent feature, and used often, but feel very mushy (I'm comparing them to my BMW- cost just a little less than the Denali) The cd changer always remembers where it left off, so mine hasn't exhibited the problem I've read about here. I think the Michelins it came with are pretty good rubber. Couldn't tell you what the spare is. All in all, for our specific purpose, we would purchase this vehicle again.
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