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Ford Escape Audiophile Radio & MP3



  • i have a 2007 ford escape xlt with the audiophile package, and i was wandering if there is an aux port somewhere, that maybe i could plug an ipod/mp3 player into.
  • vg33e powervg33e power Posts: 314
    Nope...I tried doing this about a year ago. Only FM modulators which are crap. Ended up pulling out stock head unit and replaced it with a Pionner headunit that had iPod connectivity.
  • jlevijlevi Posts: 2
    Appreciate any help received. 2004 Escape with 6 cd changer, factory install - 2nd one but this one's been working for 5 years. Just the other day it stopped working but I can still load and eject cd's, when I press the menu button I get the time display and can set hours and minutes. So it seems to have power but no sound, neither cd's nor radio play. Just to be sure I changed the radio and audio fuses but nothing. I took the unit out and disconnected everything so it's free, and I'm at a standstill. Is there a way to test the unit ? I'm not too savvy with electronics but can follow instructions. Thing is, I don't want to buy another unit if its not the unit but some wiring problem - there are alot of wires going into the unit ! How do you track down a short -not likely I'll be able to do that and don't really want to pay to have it done, would rather replace the whole thing. If I bought another tuner/cd player, how in the world does one hook that up with all the wiring currently there ? So....many quesitons - first I guess if anyone can tell me how to find out if its the unit or some short somewhere, I'd appreciate it - and anything else provided. Thanks
  • vg33e powervg33e power Posts: 314
    Bad Head Unit. If you had a short on the speakers it would most like be only one or two speakers that are not expelling sound. Since you get no sound out of is very unlikely that you have a short, what you have my friend is a bad head unit.
  • jlevijlevi Posts: 2
    Thank you for the response. A friend once said there's no such thing as bad head but clearly he was wrong ! So this sounds like replacing the radio would be the way to go - get a unit plug it in and I should be good to go ? Thanks again -
  • dlmertsdlmerts Posts: 1
    my Escape is a 07 and I put in 2 cd's (4 were already in), then nothing would happen, wouldn't eject or play. Kept saying eject error. I tried the fuse thing, didn't work but maybe I didn't leave it out long enough. I then held the eject button and pounded on the dashboard. Next thing you know 3-6 were ejecting. I had to push the eject button and pound again and 1 and 2 popped out. I am so excited, figured I was going to have to take it in somewhere (and pay the library for their cd's, 1 and 2 were theirs).
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Good to hear. I added that trick to the Guide. :shades:

    Are you going to trust it with any more discs now?
  • l left my sunroof open when l was gone for a few hours . While l was gone we had a down pour of rain. When l returned my escape was covered in water and my radio and cd player won't work . It has been 4 days now . We have checked the fuses and they seem ok . Will l have to buy a new stereo system??
    if anyone can help please let me know.
  • My 2002 Escape will not work. When I try to eject I get a CD error. I tried pounding on the dash as recommended by others, but nothing happens. I want to take the radio/cd changer out of the dash but I don't know how to remove it. Please help! Thanks
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Try Crutchfield or InstallDr. They have generic (and maybe more specific) instructions on how to pull radios and decks out. Links are in the Stuck CD guide.
  • If you are talking about a OEM stock head unit:

    You will need a special tool to remove the radio, you can try to make one yourself or if your nice enough to you local radio shop they may pull it out for you or let you use their tool (every stereo place has to have at least three to four sets laying around). The radio has two holes on each side one above the other, the tool is a "U" shaped metal contraption that you insert into both holes at the same time until it "clicks", then you pull outward (left and right) while pulling out towards you and the radio should slide right out. Note: to put it back in just push it in until it "clicks"
  • Boy, sure sounds like a widespread problem! When this happened to me, I didn't bother with pulling the head unit, fuses, etc. (sounds like none of those options really work continuously afterward anyway!) I just took the end of a credit card & pushed down lightly on the CD & they come right out! No hassle, No worries.
    It still happens on occasion, but mostly it seems if I have a "homemade" CD in with the rest. I just do the card trick & all is well!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Oooh, nice variation on the "coaster" trick. Consider it added to the guide. :)
  • Purchased used OEM 6 CD AM/FM radio - works great but CD slot will not open; receive error message stating full but nothing is in the CD. Was told there is a reset button but did not notice when installed. Can pull radio out of slot (relatively easy) if I knew where or if it is located on back of radio. Would appreciate suggestions or any experience.
  • I have the base radio. Can the radio be easily upgraded to the factory 6CD? I know the upgraded system has more speakers, but will it work with the 4 speakers in the base unit?
  • ridenom3ridenom3 Posts: 1
    If you are getting the CD Error message, take out the radio and remove the faceplate. There is a wire in there that may have gotten lodged up in there that will stop the cd loader from opening. We moved this wire out of the way and tried again and it worked immediately. Hope this helps!
  • sam178sam178 Posts: 1
    I have a 06 escape, radio will not pick up stations over 10-15 miles. Have installed a new antenna and coax, also put a ground wire on coax. Still doesn't work, have taken radio out of my 03 f-150 and put in escape and still doesnt work, put radio out of escape in to truck and it works fine, both radios work equal in truck, but not in escape.
  • raymedvecraymedvec Posts: 2
    My radio stopped working in my 2003 escape. For awhile it would go off then after I let it sit for awhile it would come back on. Then one day it shut off and came back on by itself and it played for months. Now it will quit after 5 minutes in the car and now it's dead. I can load and unload cds and push to see the time put that's it. I bought another factory radio and the same thing, nothing. I have power to the radio but I am lost from here. any body got any ideas?
  • raymedvecraymedvec Posts: 2
    The radio quit woking put I can load and unload cds and see what time it is but that's it. I replaced it with another factory radio and it's doing the same thing. I have power to it but am lost from here.
  • There is a $10 tool you can buy from V.I.P. called OEM Radio Removal Tool, go figure, huh? Well, I have an 02 escape as well, with the same problem. It wouldn't eject cds or play them. It would always say cd error. My son was able to get 2 cds out and took radio apart. When he put it back in everything works except the cd player, it still is doing the same thing.
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