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Saturn Aura Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I located a used XE w/only 4400 mi on it at an independent lot (used to be a rental) for $16,600. My wife used to drive a '98 SW1 and now has an '04 Vue and the Aura is in a completely different league. Perhaps that is damning with faint praise but there's a feeling of heft in the way it drives and the interior doesn't feel nearly as cheap as Saturns past.
  • I am contemplating which car to lease for 24 months. I have no experience with Saturn cars. I owned an 00 and 04 Camry, LE 4 bangers both of which never had a single problem. I am driving about 20K miles year freeway/city outside sales between covering all S.Cal area. The company is paying for the lease. I see that GM/Saturn has special lease rates but nothing on the Camry. Here's a copy of 24mth lease offer on the Saturn site for the 07 XR:

    2007 AURA XR - Lease

    $286.00 per month 24 month lease
    $1,995 due at lease signing for qualified leasees
    No security deposit required.
    Tax, title, license and retailer fees are extra.
    For qualified lessees.

    Lease payments based on specially equipped 2007 AURA XR with MSRP of $24,995, a capitalized cost of $23,131 and a residual value of $17,746. 24 monthly payments total $6,864.00. Option to purchase at the lease end for amount to be determined at lease signing. GMAC must approve lease. Take delivery by 09/04/2007. Mileage charge of $.20 per mile over 24,000 miles. Lessee pays for maintenance, repair and excess wear. Payments may be higher in some states. Residency restrictions apply. Not available with other offers.

    I can buy miles @ 0.15 each in advance plus tax. MSRP is most likely going to be closer to 25,995 or so. Not sure what money factor is on this lease offer. Anyone know? I read lots of negative buyers ratings on the 07 Camry (IE engine stutter mainly and other issues) My only worry is the Aura has no cabin filtration and the Camry does. Driving in LA smog everyday is not all that healthy without the cabin filter.

    Your comments/suggestions are appreciated! :)
  • noles200noles200 Posts: 49
    Looks like I'm into an Aura XR with an MSRP of $25,719 and a sell price of $22,100 with discounts, etc. Excited about the trade price of $13,100 for an Accord EX-L too as it really cuts down on taxes (KBB had it at $12.4 in good condition - which it is). I think it's a good deal.

    I looked at the order guides for both the new 2008 Malibu and 2007 Aura and not much differnce. The 'Bu LTZ has leather and a couple more bells and whistles that I didn't feel I needed (and will probably be priced like an Aura XR loaded at about $27 to 28K). The 'Bu 2LT didn't have 18" rims and some other extras that the Aura XR has so I'm diving in. This will be my first GM car (always been a Toyota, Honda, Mazda family) so I hope it goes well.
  • lulilululilu Posts: 2
    Hi, guys,

    I got the offer from a Saturn dealer for leasing a 2007 XE. The car is with preferred package which has power seats, audio controls, and heated outside mirrors. MSRP is $21319. Downpay: $1995
    residual: 69%
    interest rate: 3.5%
    cash back: $1250
    term: 24 month
    milage: 12k/year
    the monthly payment ends up to $277.94 (including tax).

    They told me the cash back incentive ends today. I am not sure whether it is a fairly good deal. Needs your opinion. Please input. Thanks

    By the way, I am in central NJ.
  • What dealer in central Jersey? I just bought in NJ too. If you want to contact me get me post your email address. Don't believe for a minute Saturn won't deal. I don't know how they are coming up with that payment based on the numbers you have above. I'm getting about $204 (before gap and tax of course but that doesn't equal $73 per month!) Something isn't adding up there. Also, I got $1,500 cash back, not $1,250. That cash back deal ends Sept 4th so you have until Monday. Of course, they'll end up with another deal in September (they still need to get rid of the '07's so you may get $2K in Sept. Saturn also needs to sell cars as they are slightly below projected sales for the Aura for the first year.

    BTW, why 24 months and not 36?
  • noles200, thank you for your response. The dealer is Saturn of Brunswick, a DCH company. The price for 39 months that they offered is 269 (also with 1995 down pay). There is some uncertainty in my life in two years so I want to go with a 24 month term. Could you pls send the dealer and agent information and the numbers you got to me at [email protected]? Thanks in advance. By the way, I am in Princeton.
  • toybenztoybenz Posts: 10
    I just wanted to say that I have had a VERY positive experience with Saturn of Fairfax, VA. Not only do I love my '07 Aura XE (my first domestic vehicle in 20 years), but the entire buying process was a pleasure. No hassle and high trade-in were plusses. I had owned 4 Honda products and 1 Toyota product previously, and was leaning toward a new Accord. However, I was not happy with the sales practices of the Honda dealers I recently visited in Northern VA. Saturn was a pleasant surprise. I do consider myself a foreign-car junkie, but if you are in the market for a mid-size sedan, you owe it to yourself to at least look at the AURA. (BTW, besides Accord 4 and v6, I looked at Fusion v6, G6v6, Malibuv6, Jetta, Camry SE (4 and V6), and Mazda 6 (4 and v6).
  • chronochrono Posts: 149
    I also wanted to express my very positive sales experience with Saturn of South County in Saint Louis. I've owned several Honda's and a bmw in the past and Saturn has been the best buying experience ever. Blaine, my internet salesman was working with me over one month to get me this deal. He was no pressure yet responded to all of my questions promptly. He informed me on the current incentives and gave me a heads up to the extra 1k cash back that started a week ago. I could not trade my car in since the prices were too low so he helped me sell my car on Craigslist giving me tips to attract buyers (and it worked). I purchased a brand new 07 Ocean Mist XR for 21K after the 3500 in rebates. I feel like I stole the car at this price. I just want to say Saturn is truly a different car company and they have me for a long while!
  • drwilscdrwilsc Posts: 140
    Too bad about the Cards. Oh well, at least my Tribe is in the playoffs.

    The Saturn experience does go beyond buying the car. The service centers at the dealers are just as friendly and customer-oriented. I had positive experiences with my old Saturns in the 90's with Saturn service departments, and that was a major factor in making me choose Saturn again.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 100,127
    Ask your Aura lease questions here!

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • My metro ny Saturn dealer has quoted me:

    08 XE MSRP $21,810
    Rebate : $500
    CapCost $19,604
    Money Factor .29
    Due at signing : 458.66 (1st month + DMV fees)
    monthly payment : $326.16
    Residual :50% or $10,900
    36 month 36K miles

    how does this look?
  • 07 Aura XR:

    MSRP: $27,208.00
    Price Paid: $22,886.65 (Received GM Employee price minus $2,000 GM Discount)plus TTL

    Experience: Went to local Savannah dealer where I received a test drive. The salesman was great and when I asked them to run the numbers, they wanted me to buy various dealer add-ons like door guards, upholstery protection and paint protection that ran the price up over $1,000 above MSPR. The sales manager was very rude when I indicated that I did not want the add-ons. She said that Saturn was "no haggle" and that she could charge for the add-ons if she wanted and she would not consider the fact that I did not want these things. I told her that I would find a dealer that would not force their customers to buy add-ons. She told me that I would not find another dealer willing to do that within 200 miles.
    So the next day I drove to Jacksonville, Fl (130 miles) and drove home with a new Aura. The dealer offered many of the same add-ons, but I did not pay for anything that I did not want. Thank you to Orange Park Saturn in Jacksonville Fl! Shame on Saturn Savannah!
  • drwilscdrwilsc Posts: 140
    You know what they say: 'There's a rotten apple in every barrel'. Evidently that applies to Saturn dealers as well.

    Congrads on your purchase! You ended up getting a great deal.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,081
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  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    So the next day I drove to Jacksonville, Fl (130 miles) and drove home with a new Aura. The dealer offered many of the same add-ons, but I did not pay for anything that I did not want. Thank you to Orange Park Saturn in Jacksonville Fl! Shame on Saturn Savannah!

    You should drive over to that Savannah dealer and wave the keys in the sales manager's face and let her know that her attitude cost them a sale. ;)

    I know I would.
  • You should drive over to that Savannah dealer and wave the keys in the sales manager's face and let her know that her attitude cost them a sale.

    I know I would.

    It is very tempting, but I'll still have to deal with these people for service. But now that I think about it, there is no reason that I can think of why I can't take it to the very friendly Chevy dealer for oil changes and such....
  • Hi 2or4wheels. I believe that the Aura has four wheels. OK, next question ;). Let's take a look at the selling price that you were quoted for this car. The 2008 Saturn Aura that you described probably has a spread of around $1,400 between its full MSRP and its dealer invoice price. Saturn is not currently providing any cash incentives on leases other than a $500 conquest cash incentive in its Northeast region. That may be the $500 that you referenced in your post. Either way, the selling price that you were quoted for the Aura that you want to lease looks very attractive to me. GMAC's base lease rate for the 2008 Saturn Aura is currently 3.0%. Make sure that the dealer that you are working with uses this rate to calculate your lease payment and you're all set.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Looking at an 07 Aura. They have a $2000 rebate but I see that it expires on 11/19. Does anybody know if the rebates will increase on the 20th? Paying cash so don't care about special financing. Thanks
  • chronochrono Posts: 149
    I do not know but you should talk to your closest Saturn dealer. My internet salesmanager told me about the incentives about a week before they came out. That helped me make my decision.
  • hackdhackd Posts: 65
    Test drove the XR V6 today and loved the car. Only problem is I want to get the XE V6 due to pricing. Has anyone drviven much of a difference does the lack of horsepower on the XE make? I was told I would get the $1250 cash rebate plus another $500 rebate for being a non-GM customer. Final Price without tax with leather and preferred package was 21,160. Also, what kind of additional discount can I expect if I can get a GM friend price?
  • chronochrono Posts: 149
    XE's are nice too. I actually got an 07 XR for 21K out the door back in Sept. There was a 2K rebate plus 1500 conquest rebate for a total of 3500 off. Check your dealer to see if there are any 07's left and what the current rebates are.
  • hackdhackd Posts: 65
    I was not aware of the extra $1K conquest rebate on the 2007....thanks. I just spoke to another dealer with some 07 stock and they seemed to indicate I needed a trade to get that amount...which I have but is that accurate in case I get low balled. Also, how has your mileage been in the XR? Any major differences between the 07 and 08?
  • hackdhackd Posts: 65
    I just got clarification that you don't need a trade but it seems to only be $500...maybe it varies by region..where do you live...I am in NY.
  • I have driven both. In fact I have driven the hybrid also. In my opinion, they all had enough power, but I chose the XR because I wanted the most power and I wanted some of the extras that only the XR offered.
    As far as mileage, I mostly drive mine back and forth to work and around town taking and picking up my 2 teenagers. I have been getting 26-27 MPG. I am very happy with this and absolutely love my XR.
    See my photos in my album..........
  • On 11/20/07 my wife and I leased a new Saturn Aura after leasing Buicks for the past 17 years. We decided on a loaded XR. Using the current $1000.00 GM Red Tag incentive, a GM friends and family discount (not the employee discount) and $1674.00 of our own money, our 39 month/ 39 K mile lease is costing $310.00 per month, including a 6% Michigan sales tax. We were both very impressed with the car and decided on it over the new Malibu LTZ, primarilly due to the styling. We were also very impressed with the treatment we received at the dealer - Saturn of Grand Ledge, Michigan. A first class buying experience all the way through. Hope we enjoy the car.
  • I am new to Saturns. Have always purchased cars where you haggle w/the salesperson. Is it true that there is no negotiation on the Saturn price? I am looking at a 08 XE 3.5L Aura w/Preferred Package only. Since I have always previously purchased my car, I understand the costs, taxes, fees, etc. How is leasing different? I want to make sure that I do not get "taken" should I decide to lease. Any help is appreciated!
  • I posted just before you (#53). Here's what I found out while shopping for a lease on a Saturn: They do hold to a predetermined price. I checked with 4 or 5 different dealers here and they all came up with the same lease payment, given the same criteria. In addition to the $1000.00 Saturn rebate, I used a discount offered by GM, available from any GM employee or GM retiree. Those 2 discounts subtracted from MSRP, established the price of the car. You will pay state sales tax up front on the rebate but not on the sale price of the car as you do when purchasing. Instead, you pay sales tax on each monthly payment. Make sure the lease payment you are quoted includes this sales tax. You will also pay up front your 1st months lease payment, document fee, license transfer fee, vehicle registration fee plus any other fees that are different from what we have here in Michigan. Make sure you stick with a GMAC lease. Putting more money down than the "up fronts" will lower your payment but won't lower the cost of the lease. Usually it's better to put as little down as possible in a lease.The length of the lease will make a difference in your lease payment. Generally, the longer the lease the lower the payment - but not always. Have the dealer quote you different length leases. The key factor in whether a lease is a good idea is the number of miles you drive per year. If you can get by with 12 or 15K per year a lease will work. If it's more than that, or if you are uncertain how many miles you will drive later during your lease, it might be better to buy. Once you sign the lease that's pretty much what you have to live with. Hope this helps.
  • Thanks for the info. It helps alot. One more question...the dealer that I went to had additional charges on the Aura; a $995 charge for detailing, pinstriping, window tinting, etc and a $695 charge for interior protection - scotchguarding, etc. Can these charges be asked to be removed? Do all Saturn dealers have these charges? When I have purchased other manufacturers' cars, I have had them deduct them from the sale price, but with leasing, I don't know. Thanks again.
  • I encountered this same situation at the Saturn dealer I leased from. Naturally they like to sell these "add ons" as they generate big profits for the dealer. I picked out a car that did not have these intems installed (just arrived from the factory). I would say that if they have actually done the work that they are charging for, you will have to pay for them in order to lease that particular car. If they have a sticker on the window indicating the price for these ad ons - such as the pin stripe, window tinting etc. but they have not actually been done to the car, then you should not HAVE to purchase them in order to lease that car. If they insist that every car they sell has these add ons, go to another dealer. Someone will be willing to lease you a car without the add ons. For the most part these items make no sense on a leased car. Remember, you are just renting a car from GM and have to give it back. Why pay for window tinting, pin stripes, etc. for the next owner of the car?
  • Was looking for a Saturn Aura. Went to Saturn of Austin. For a '08 Saturn XE with 4cyld, alloy wheels & power drivers seat the car came to $17k + TTL (which I was told would be about $1400 in Austin. TX). I didnt buy the car though because my wife & I decided on a Nissan Altima but fantastic car, good value for money.

    1) The $17k was with all discounts - supplier price + $1250 rebate for year end + $500 rebate for Austin Auto Show (that was good thru Dec 25).

    2) fantastic experience at Saturn of Austin. They really wanted to sell their cars, talked directly to the GM. Very friendly folks, the only dealership that let us test drive the car alone for over 30 mins. When we still werent too sure, they let us have the car for the weekend !! 10 times better dealer experience than any of the dealers we went to.

    3) was surprised GM didnt have usual $500 recent grad discount & $500 loyalty rebate (I also own a '04 Saab 9-3) but check on those since GM usually has those.

    4) maybe the car had to breakin but in my test drives I couldnt get more than 21 mpg !! thats horrible for a 4 cyld. This while driving the car as if egg shells were on the pedal. A '07 used Aura XE with 6 cyld my friend has with about 21k miles on it gave avg 26 mpg so i would just check the 4 cyld with a few miles on it before buying a 4 cyld.

    5) that has got to be the worse steering on earth !! its too loose. that stupid electrical steering fad that GM is on now. Its too light, brand new car on highway required constant course correction.

    We almost bought the car because of the value & look but we have been import buyers and the Altima really seemed worth the extra $2k (better interior fit & finish, better mileage)
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