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Mercedes Benz R-Class Prices Paid



  • From what I see, that is a normal oil change price! Eee gads, as I said, I have been in American car mode for the last 3 years...$30 for an oil change. I just bought this thing, and it is a CPO, so I can't imagine the oil needing changing already. I only have 400 miles on it after it was delivered to me.
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    I know its kinda late but are there any rebates or incentives on the 08's? There was none according to this website. Thanks
  • Yes there is still 9000 back from MBUSA for the r class 4matic if you can find one. Dealer shoudl sell at invoice basically about 13K off plus low APR

    Good luck
  • d5ad5a Posts: 63
    Was quoted a price of 38,500 on the road for a new end of year 2008 awd r350 with pk1 sunroof ipod 7 seat and heated seats. does everyone think thats a fair price or could i do better? :confuse: car sticker is 50,760. dealer said they would not make any profit on the car at this price, it be employee pricing at 38,500 on the road. Should i beleive them?
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    If "on the road" means tax, tags, and everything, I'd run to the dealership.
  • d5ad5a Posts: 63
    Yes got them down to 36,200 then add tax and tags. its an 08, new last one. Black on Black (not what i would have picked but hey) awd, R350 gas with some options. pk1, heated seats, sunroof, ipod and a few other things. Has anyone heard of them being marked down even more? I have the car on hold will be picking it up on monday but want to get a feel for what people are paying. Even at 36,200 plus tax and tags its still alot of money to be parting with so planing it on keeping it a long time. Hope its a good car. Wanted to wait for the desil but know i couldn't not get a 09 desil down this far in pricing. Any ones thoughts would be helpful.

    Thanks room! :blush:
  • cary28cary28 Posts: 53
    My 06 R350 lease is ending this month, and I will really miss the luxury and comfort of this truly amazing crossover vehicle. Our family had quite a few road trips, including numerous drives from Northern Cal to San Diego, ski trips to Lake Tahoe, and enjoyable jaunts along the Pacific coastline.

    The R350 is really a hidden jewel in MB's lineup, and those of us who have lived with this car have learned to appreciate its stellar features. Its a luxury vehicle in the true MB sense(not like the ML/GL SUV class), with a solid body for smooth quiet drives. Ours was loaded to the gills with almost every option, which is what we will really miss after the lease. I still get a kick every time I sit behind the wheel, knowing it is still a unique car that gets a lot of notice on the road.

    MBF is offering a buyout of around $31K, which includes all tax and fees. I haven't started to negotiate with them, but will call them back tomorrow to give it a last attempt before the inspection on Thursday. It is a shame to let it go, since I only have around 19K miles on the odometer. My target is to get them down to under $22K, possibly even $20K, which would make it attractive when I calculate the total lease payment was only around $12K(really low mf and discounts in 2006 for a 27 months lease, and I used 1 pay lease to minimize my out of pocket cost).

    One concern I have about keeping this car is all the "gadgets" which will increase cost of ownership. I had no idea how expensive MB dealerships are until I paid $700+ for a "B" service, which is nothing more than an oil change with brake fluid recycle and tire rotation, along with the usual inspection and fluid top off.

    Any comments or suggestions on how to deal with MBF would be appreciated.
  • skr2skr2 Posts: 32
    Hi d5a,
    Where are you located? Can you post the dealership name and city please? Is this the R350 4dr All-wheel Drive 4MATIC Base?
    thanks in advance
  • d5ad5a Posts: 63
    Located in maryland. I did purchase the car and love it. the car is a well loaded r350 with all wheel drive. pk1, ipod, heated seats, seven seat option. Called other MD and VA dealers and no one could beat the price or no longer had 2008 in stock. What state are you located in?
  • Looks like th $9K incentive on the '08s expired - nothing replaced it, at least according to Edmunds.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    You should wait a few days before assuming that the $9k incentive went away. Sometimes edmunds is a week or so behind--particularly at the beginning of the month...
  • d5ad5a Posts: 63
    Incentives were due to end november 1st according to edmunds and mercedes. Last week being the last week of October was one of the reasons i purchased the car. I did not want to miss out on the 9 thousand back and 3.9 interest rate. Was able to get more then 9 off the car and got the special interest rate also. I'm very happy it all feel into place. Been watching edmunds to see if mercedes offered a better deal in November but I know that in my area MD, DC, VA all 08 are gone.

    If they did I would not be able to find a car to take advantage of the savings.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    Good job. My wife has been begging me to buy her one, but the stroller wouldn't fit in the back. She'll probably get an M-Class when our eldest leaves for college in 2010.
  • Checking on new 2008 CDI R320's around the country, wow, are they discounting these things. !

    MSRP of $51,750, OTD price of $41,000 + 200dh = $41,200. P01, Heated Seats, Pano Roof, iPod Connector. No metalic paint. This is below invoice significantly.

    I also called around the country, found this to be easily obtained. Today I received a letter from my "local" MB, (we have 3 or 4 in Colorado) offering "up to" $15,000 the R models at a sale this upcoming weekend. Of course they don't have any R320's.

    we close on the deal I made in about a week as it's being shipped in.
  • herisheris Posts: 15
    Hi, I'm sorry that I'm just now responding....months later. The Orange Park Mercedes Benz dealership. link title
  • watkinstwatkinst Posts: 119
    Pricing range seems very large I'm seeing the same cars with 2X the miles being listed for more than what many people were reporting for new purchase prices.

    Thinking 30K ish range for a 12Kish 08 CDI. Anyone experience the same 7sp issues they had with the 06's and 07's? This is my major stumbling block for the MB the 7spd issues scare me enough to go elseware.

    Anythoughts experiences shared are much appreciated
    Thank you
  • d5ad5a Posts: 63
    Purchased a new 2008 Mercedes R class on Oct 21'st of this year. The day after i bought the car i noticed a ding in the front fender and many scratches all over the car. Called the dealer who informed me that they would take care of it at the time I came in for its 1,000 mile service. This being a mercedes I trusted them and figured all would be taken care of. As the days went on I noticed the hood had dents in it. As I was walking up to the car from the front I noticed dents all over the hood of the car. At this point I called the dealer, they said again they would take care of it at time of service. I told them I would be bringing it in asap not waiting for service. They agreed and the date was set. Dropped the car off on day of service and figured they would get a dent repair guy to look at it. that afternoon I get a call from the sales manager now stating that they see no dents what so ever. I jumped in the car drove to the dealership and pointed out all the defects. Sales manager told me it was all orange peal. BULL! So any ways he then changed his tone and said they will fix everything. I left and a day went past and nothing so on the second day I called to ask what was happening to my car. They informed me that they had found an issue with the sunroof and a part was missing that was on back order. We are talking a new mercedes here with only a few hundred miles and I had never even used the sunroof due to cold weather at this point. So long story short mercedes dealer had my new car for two weeks waiting on a part for the sun roof. At this point I had faith that they during this time were fixing all the dents and scratches on the car. Finally I got a call after two weeks saying my car could be picked up. Went to get it only to find nothing had been done to any of the dents or scratches and they had damaged the hood of the car. I now have a dent sticking out of the hood. Some way they have pulled the metal out of the hood as if someone had closed the hood on the car and left something under it. Needless to say I was pissed. The cars not even a month old. At this point the service manager said they were sorry and called in the general manager who went on to say how its not the dealer fault and they see no damage to the car and that any damage on the car has been due to my fault. I informed him that we had emails to the sales man stating the issues she then went on to say its still not there fault. I left, came home called the ower of the dealership who offered a meeting with me. Drove back up a fourth time to meet with him only to have him look at the car and say he would be in touch in a few days. Few days went past and nothing. I repeated called never to get a call back. I then contacted MBUSA who informed me that it had to be delt with at a dealer level. Can you believe this? So I emailed everyone I could at MBUSA Corporate, Daimler Corporate and the dealership stating the issues and they way I have been treated. At that point I did get a call back from Corp (MBUSA) stating they would open a case file to have the car bought back. I felt relieved. This was three weeks ago. During that time MBUSA has told me we need to meet with the east coast regional manager. So I set up a meeting with him. During my time waiting for the meeting day to come I informed him that our gaol is to have mb buy the car back or replace it with a new car. I also informed him that I had to spent 200 to have a few dents takin out already and that the hood now has to be fully repainted at the tune of 850 dollars and there is still two other hail dents that need to be fixed for another 200 dollars. So I'm looking at 1200 out of pocket on body work on a new car. And the dealer saw nothing? Regional manager called today to inform me that they dont see reason for a meeting and that the dealer now makes the call on replacement cars. I'm getting the run around!!!!!!!!!!! I have no clue now what to do. They are trying to wear me down so that I go away. MBUSA has been no help at all. I now have a 60,000 mercedes with hail damage which they deny but I found out it sat on the lot during two hail storms over the summer and I also have a car that has been damaged by the dealer costing me to have to get the hood repainted on a new car meaning it wont have the facotroy paint on it and it may never match. On top of that resale will take a nose dive due to the painted hood making it look as if he may have been in an accident at some point. Any ideas on how I can get a replacement car or get mercedes to buy this car back from me? I will never buy another mercedes again. I have always had BMW's which I loved but we needed a bigger car then what BMW had to offer and I regret it 100% Any advise would be great.

  • watkinstwatkinst Posts: 119
    That was my first guess before I read the whole thing. There are terrible dealers out there seems you found one. I'm in CA hail is rare and not big enough to do damage but I think automakers have hail damage policies that are pretty strict. In this case I think you face a buyer beware issue. I also hope that you paid between 8 and 10K below MSRP for your R given thats what they seem to be going for. Given the hail damage the dealer should have been even more willing to sell it for more than 10K below MSRP.

    I really don't know what to say except to have all agreements in writing - do not accept over the phone - sure we'll fix it verbal agreements.

    That and if hail damage dents bother you - it should have been noticed during the purchase and either factored into the price or another car should have been found for you.

    No fix for crappy dealers and buying a car without noticing issues. It sucks - I wish you luck but its a long hill to climb.

    For anyone looking a fairly complex vehicles and dropping large amounts of money on them - you need to make sure every item operates as advertised new or used. If a dealer is rushing you and not allowing you time to flip seats up and down - open close sun roofs - open close auto tailgates manually and automatic - running airconditioning systems - multiple fan settings - running power seats up and down every which way and checking it over for dents and scratches. A dealer rushing you is hiding something or just a crappy dealer. It's your money and the vehicle will be yours if its right. All the dealer has is an upside so they shouldn't rush you and if they do - you should tell them where they can go.
  • watkinstwatkinst Posts: 119
    Now days with the cost of repairs being quite high and the complexity of the MB cars or even the BMW's - even for a new car I would request a Vin - report check via the dealer or the manufacturer. They want to sell the cars on their lot and if the car is everything they say it is they should have no issue giving you the Vin report which will have all the vehicle notes listed. Recall fixes - any shipping damage that was fixed - hail records- or low milege lease returns will have even more info - any complaints or issues the former owner had will be in that report. Things like hard shifting - fixs done - autogates not working correctly - any electrical issues etc.

    The Autofax reports are more generic they list major things such as reported accidents and major service intervals etc.

    I'm researching the R's the CDI's being my only interest in MB. I hope to talk with a MB transmission guy to get the scoop on the 7spd stuff. If what he has to say about it is positive - then I'll search for an R and do all that I just mentioned. If I'm unable to get a vin report on the vehicle I won't take a second look at it - if for some reason MB dealers all refuse to share the vin history then I will never own a MB and will go to a Auto builder with a better track record and find another vehicle to buy. Cars are too damn expensive now days to take some random guys word at a dealership.

    Research your vehicles!!!!! Before you buy them! - The one you end up with will make you happy and if a problem crops up you know you did everything possible to avoid any issues.
  • This is a great and timely post. We are close to putting a bid in on a MB certified black 2008 R350 with P02 options (case has 15 k miles) car is at a local dealer. Dealer has the car listed at $41k and the salesman says "Make me an offer". Car is very good to excellent condition - we are thinking of going with an offer of $37k. What is the thought out there with all the experience and research? Thnx much for your help - wanting to close this deal before the first of the year. From the internet searching I have done, seems like the 2008 R350 class is slim pickings.
  • Got a new one for less a few months ago if you can hold out I am sure MB will offer 9 off the car and 4 more to sell at or under invoice. They are goign to tweak it for later 09 2010 release to match new E class style if you can hold out wait for a new one wiht discounts if not still a great car and not a bad price at 37 since you will get a longer warrentte
  • I am trying to locate a new 2008 R320 so I can take advantage of the marketing support being offered. I looked on yahoo and edmunds. Some of the cars listed are not available What is the most reliable way. Also, how do I negotiate marketing support?

  • I found mine by emailing all local dealers using automated emailing from MBUSA,, etc.
    The only ones out there still most likely have miles on them from service loaners or used by dealer staff, etc.

    Love the car great in snow and with all discounts applied cheaper then loaded honda pilot
  • herisheris Posts: 15
    What kind of marketing support IS BEING OFFERED now and on what models?
  • shuedshued Posts: 107
    I know ML is made in USA. Also, for C class if the 5th letter in VIN is
    F, then it means the car is built in Germany. But for R-class,
    Where is R class made? in USA, or in Germany?
  • big_tabig_ta Posts: 7
    Hi I am planning to buy a MB R 350 from a MB dealer as a Certified Pre Owned (CPO). The various add around the bay area shows USD 25K for a 20-30K Mile car with different options. The lowest one is from one dealer called ACA cars. I have not heard them before. Any Idea what a good price would be? Edmunds TMV quotes about 22K to 27K range. Any one here is buying any CPO in the Bay Area. How much is the dealer ready to bring down from the offered price?
  • big_tabig_ta Posts: 7
    All R class is made in the USA in Alabama plant along with the ML SUV. One more reason to be worried about the quality.
  • I bought mine recently in bay area. R350 2006 with around 28k miles. CPO.
    With AMP package, Nav, etc. Paid 26.5. Looks like the price has gone up by few k in the last few weeks as R's have been selling well. As the options seem to vary a lot, I went for comparison using the list price and mine was around 60k.
  • big_tabig_ta Posts: 7
    How do you like it? I am worried about the maintenance of an old MB. How much service does the extended warranty covers and what does it cover? And once warranty is over, if I have to fix something on a MB, do I have to pay really high. I have an Audi, but for 4 years, everything is covered in this vehicle. I have heard horror stories about fixing old MB where even a regular work cost 700$ and any major fix can be 3K or more. I don't want to pay more later for an even older car to fix.
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