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Mercedes Benz R-Class Prices Paid



  • We are about 8 months away from our certified pre-owned warranty expiring and I really like this car and plan to hold onto it for a while. However, I've already seen a few things that could add up in the maintenance category. I have about 50k on the car, what would I expect to pay from the dealer for an extended warranty plan?
  • ven7782ven7782 NJPosts: 31
    Edmunds TMV for 2010 R350 base shows 40K which is 5K below invoice. Is it true or some kind of error? In that case I am considering putting an offer for a used 2008 R 350 which has 10K miles on it for around 30K. Dealer is asking 40K. Is it a reasonable price? Any comments, help, tips would be appreciated.
  • I am in pretty much the same situation, have an 06 R350 and am going to lose coverage in Feb '11. My wife just asked the dealer today and was quoted $4800 for 4 years/40k miles. That seems steep. Even worse, the warranty has to start in Oct, or else we have to pay extra! WTF, so we either buy a warranty starting in Oct or we have to pay about $500 more if we buy it in Feb. BTW, you dont want to wait until the warranty has expired, then it's an extra $1500.

    Curious what others have paid, $4.8k seems steep. Is this negotiable, I figure the dealer must have some profit built in to this. If so, can we shop around to different dealers or is it best to try to lean on the sales person who sold us the car?
  • I emailed several dealerships for warranty prices, and was surprised to see a wide variation in prices.. I bought the cheapest one from a dealership 400 miles away, and have had no issues getting everything covered with it at my local dealership.
  • i am comparing (2010 - New) LR4 V6 4ltr engine with 2009 (pre-Owned 5.5K KM) MB R350 4 Matic.

    Should i go for the MB or an LR?

    Need urgent reply as i need to decide the fate by tomorrow.
  • Thanks for the suggestion bmwgal3, my wife called a range of the WA and OR MB dealers and we already have shaved $1200 off the price our dealer wanted AND bumped coverage up to 60k miles (as opposed to only 40k). Will move on to CA next and then start playing a few guys off each other. Best person so far was at the dealership Eugene, OR who worked to beat other offers and is now the best deal we have. 4 yrs/60k miles for $3600. My guess is that there is still some room to shave it down.
  • Thought I would share my buying experience with the board.
    R350 2010, P1, Heated Seats, Parktronic, DVD Pre-Wiring, Pano Sunroof
    42,995 on MSRP of $57k+
    Closed deal last day of the month. I think I got a good deal. Beautiful car.
  • agrawalagrawal Posts: 49
    edited October 2010
    what was actual MSRP, any fleet discount deducted in this deal, was a demo? or any miles on the car? color? diesel or Gas, I am also looking for a R class diesel, which dealership did you buy it from?
  • $57,605
    $1,000 Fleet Discount
    Boston area Dealership
  • ramssaranramssaran Posts: 36
    edited November 2010

    I got an offer for $48500 and the original MSRP was 62K. Is this a good deal on 2010 R 350 with 100 miles on it?
  • Sound s good to me when you can get 13500 off the sticker.
  • I completed the deal today. This was the best offer I got out of 7 offers. I was looking for Acura MDX, Audi Q7, Odyssey but finally settled down with R350.
  • Which dealer did you get it from?
    I'm in the northeast and haven't been able to locate a 2010. Edmunds inventory not accurate.
    Any other way to see what's truly out there?
  • ramssaranramssaran Posts: 36
    edited November 2010
    Mercedes Benz of Chicago

    Here is the story. The dealer took $1000 deposit over the phone yesterday and I was going to pick up the wagon tomorrow but today afternoon he called me and said the wagon was damaged and I will locate a different one. After a few hours he came back and said that he could offer me a car which is identical to the one I bought and it was used one with 14k miles on it for the same price and 100k warranty for 5 years.

    When I asked him yesterday, he told me it only has single digit miles on it. I strongly believe he did not tell me the true mileage earlier and when I asked him for the mileage specifically this morning he came back with this story.

    Mercedes Benz of Chicago. Guys be careful when you deal with these type of dealers. I never thought a reputable dealer could do such things.

    Anyways, I do have a couple of similar offers from different dealers and will be finalizing one soon.
  • Sheesh.. sorry to hear that.

    Please update when you get your new car. I think I might look into a CPO 2008 if I can't find a new 2010.
  • I have offers from 2 dealers for 10k under invoice but I am specifically looking for color and a 7 seat option.
  • vchadvchad Posts: 97
    edited November 2010
    let me tell you about Mercedes benz of Chicago...

    they are one of the dirtiest dealerships I've ever dealt with, i think crooks. Last year, I gave them 1k deposit on a Mercedes GL320 bluetec, it also had a 10k rebate at the time, we settled on 17k off sticker. Was going to drive up on weekend and do paperwork, drive the car home to michigan.

    Saturday morning, I get a call, saying my car (the one with deposit....was "accidenttaly sold"....YEA RIGHT!!). they clearly knew i didn't believe a word of it. but he said, I can get you a car, same one, no problem.... I drove the 4hours. I get there, sure....same car......a year old......with 9k miles. I asked why he failed to mention the mileage and it being USED. he said..."it looked new, thought you'd be fine with it".

    Got back in my car.....went to a different dealer...30minutes later, had a new benz. that afternoon, I wrote a letter to Illinois Attorney General and also BBB. Never heard from anyone....but I did contact my MI Attorney General, got a reponse in 2 days. Saying they will speak to IL office on mybelf, and even followed up with me 1 month later, saying IL office is not being helpful. So be careful guys........ I hate MB of chicago.
  • ramssaranramssaran Posts: 36
    edited November 2010
    Did anyone buy 2011 R350 recently? I got an offer for $1700 under invoice. It does not look like a good deal to me.
  • agrawalagrawal Posts: 49
    edited November 2010
    2010 offer was good till 1st of Nov. I think you got little late to nail the deal. MB did not offer big incentive this year as they did last couple of years, reason very good year for MB. MB sales are up by almost 22%. 2011 cars under invoice is good deal since no cash incentive from MB if you can get special APR with that. Good luck.
  • ramssaranramssaran Posts: 36
    edited November 2010
    I am confused with these three options below. I currently have good offers for these three models but wanting to see which one is better in terms of reliability, mileage and cost factor.

    2008 R320 CDI - 22K miles - 38K plus TTL has extended warranty for 100,000 miles up to 2013 April (P2 Package) - MSRP 58K

    2010 R350 Bluetec - 8k miles - 44K plus TTL and the original factory warranty up to 2014 June (P1 package) - MSRP is 61K

    2010 R350 (gas) – 6K miles – 43K plus TTL and the original factory warranty up to Sep 2014 (P2 package with lots of nice options) - MSRP $62K

    Please let me know what you guys think.
  • I'm in the Boston area too. Are you able to be more specific on the dealership? I've been looking at 2008 CPO R350s, but it sounds like there are some good deals to be made on a newer model. Thanks.
  • ramssaranramssaran Posts: 36
    edited November 2010
    I purchased one a few of days ago with 8100 miles on it. It was a MB representative's demo crossover and got a good deal.

    MSRP was $61305 and the sale price was $43700($17605 off of MSRP). The mileage was awesome too. In highways the average was 22.5
  • mbr350_4maticmbr350_4matic Posts: 5
    edited November 2010
    2 yr old 2008, 39.6K miles R350 AWD, P2 package, 19 inch alloy wheels, sports package, heated package, panoramic sun roof, navigation, ipod package, chrome inserts

    Its a CPO so it has warranty till 2013 or 100K miles (whichever is earlier). I purchased extended warranty.

    But sale price was $30,900. Tried for 28K-$30K but dealer would not budge. Threw in a 3.19% APR 60 month financing deal and free all weather mats.
  • I think that was a good price. I got 2.64 APR for 60 months.
  • Thanks ramssaran for the feedback. If anyone else has feedback pls feel to reply to the 2008 R350 4MATIC - $30,900 post
  • Hi ramssaran,

    can you tell me where you got 2.64 for 60 months? i might refinance.
  • Bank Of America.
  • Thats great. Thanks. When I look at their (BofA) website the best they have is 3.49% for 60 months. Any ideas how I can get the apr you got
  • I got pre approval on Oct 30th, 2010 and at that time the rate was very low but now they increased it to 2.99 for a new car. Please see below for my pre approval message from BOA as of Oct 30th.

    Also, my dealer said BOA is one of their preferred banks and asked me to go through them instead of going through the bank directly and I agreed. That was the reason why I got 1% less than my current offer.

    Anyways, the dealer already pulled your credit report, so it does not hurt to apply with BOA to see how much you get.

    Congratulations! You're approved for an Auto Loan. You're approved for the following offers.
    Loan Amount Vehicle Term APR1 as Low As
    $50,000.00 Used 36 months 2.95%
    $50,000.00 New 36 months 2.75%
    $50,000.00 Used 60 months 2.85%
    $50,000.00 New 60 months 2.65%
    $50,000.00 Used 72 months 3.73%
    $50,000.00 New 72 months 3.43%
  • Thats a good deal. Is this Diesel or Gas? I am looking for diesel. Any reason why I should be swayed away from Diesel? I am on the wall for Odyssey and this one. Have owned Bimmer but not sure if I can trust MB! Please advice :-)
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