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Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon Brake Questions



  • greg164greg164 Posts: 3
    The rear brakes on my truck grab, lock up, and squeal. It is a real pain. I took it to the Chevy dealer twice. The first time they told me they had cleaned them and that worked for a few weeks. I took it in again and they said that they needed cleaning again and charged me for the pleasure of doing this for me. It was still less than 3 years old and had less than 15000 miles on it. It started getting so bad a few months later that I had a different shop put new brakes on the rear and turn the drums. This worked for a few months and they started doing it again. I took it to a third different shop and they said it was just a bad design. They worked on them and it helped for a little while, but within several months the problem was back. This time the front brakes were screaming too. I had the second shop redo the front brakes and clean the rear. This has worked for the front brakes, but the rear ones are back to their horrid ways and it's driving me crazy. I have forked out about $1000.00 on the brakes of this truck and it only has 31000 miles on it. If I could get the brakes truly, fixed I would spend another 1000.00 and be happy just in knowing the brakes weren't going to kill me. Has anyone tried replacing the entire brake system on one of these trucks with an aftermarket system. Can anyone point me in the right direction. It is a 2008 Chevy Colrado
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964
    Good morning greg164,

    I'm sorry that this brake concern has been so problematic for you. Were the last two shops you worked with independent or some of our dealerships? We're available to you to follow up with any dealerships on work done, if you like. Please get in touch via email.

    GM Customer Service
  • greg164greg164 Posts: 3
    The last two shops I took it to weren't Chevy Dealerships. I took it to Sutherland Chevrolet in Nicholasville, KY the first two times and they didn't fix it, so I tried elsewhere. Is there a fix for this problem or am I doomed an have to deal with it.
  • greg164greg164 Posts: 3
    I finally got rid of my brake problem, I traded it for a Honda Ridgeline. Good luck to anyone who owns one of these trucks with squealing brakes. It is unfortunate, but you're one your own. I have made my second and last mistake with GM.
  • woodysrwoodysr Posts: 2
    My 04 Colorado, 60k miles, has had recurring E Brake sticking, brakes squealing and grabbing when cold. The brake pedal goes so low when cold that your foot can simultaneously hit the accelerator. The entire brake system is a disaster waiting to happen. The last time I took it into a GM dealer was during a trip eastward in new mexico. The service writer was so busy telling me about GM diagnostic fee, I told her to forget it and made do. (AND IT WAS UNDER EXTENDED MAINTENANCE!) Solution? Never use the parking brake, put it in Park and it won't roll. This is what happens when you use MBAs to design and sign off on vehicles. And then they fly multiple biz jets into DC to ask for money! I drove GM products for 40 plus years but last year, I purchased a new Ford product. One year later, only a valid low tire pressure warning. When I can unload this sucker it won't be a GM product that replaces it!
  • woodysrwoodysr Posts: 2
    Since I plan to unload my last GM vehicle, I called a local dealer and asked how they were repairing the recurring Colorado brake problems. He said "There are no problems aside from wear and tear" Well, I am amazed! Since I cannot in good conscience dump this PU on an unsuspecting buyer, I'll do it myself. New ceramic pads and I'll just fight with or replace the stupid parking brake cable! Since it probably cost GM a buck, their markup will make it 100.00 retail. Good-by GM!
  • fmagellanfmagellan Posts: 10
    I'm happy with my 05 Colorado other than the electrical glitches that GM won't own up to (bad design/flaws). Tried to change the rotors and saw the Cluster**** that GM has decided to use on the Colorado for brakes. Changing rotors and pads should take no more than 30 minutes per wheel. What was wrong with the old design of having the rotor slide over the hub/studs? Too simple I guess. I figure GM had to make this newfangled design so average Joes like me couldn't do it themselves and force us to take it to the dealer so they can charge $600 to do an $80 job. Way to go GM! This seals it for me. I will never buy GM again. I'm tired of GMcustserv apologising for problems with the vehicle that GM won't own up to. They have lost a loyal customer and I will make sure I tell everyone I know.

    *** Can't wait to hear "We are SO sorry that you have had prblems with your vehicle. Have you taken it to your dealership?"
  • i went to look at one today, 4x4, they wanted 9962.00, i thought it was to much, 120,000 miles, was in a small accident, i drove the truck, ran good, i told the sales man, have to fix the lens in the back light, wheel bearing hums left front, drivers seat can't be adjusted, needed a evac sensor, brakes (front) front grill rattles, back tail gate wouldn't open, needed tierod ends and front brakes, seemed ok to me, but he said they needed them, now i am so glad i read alot on this forum, i told them i would give them 9000 out the door after they fixed the items, they came back said, out the door would cost 12,000 because of all the work it needed, never said 9962 as is, i expected the work to be done, tax's and all dealer cost i know, but to fix and pay for the work, kiss my butt, you probably gave the poor sucker 6000 for the truck because it needed all the work. thanks again, i will stay away from these. my brother swears by his, but it goes to the shop for everything, i work on my own.
  • I have a 2004 Chevy Colorado Crew Cab 4x4. Have 251,000 miles on it, and going strong !!! Must have gotten one of the good ones.
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