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Mitsubishi Montero



  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    Shoot for 4% over invoice.

    Also, I bought the 100K/7 year warrenty. These used to be a bad idea and probably still are for cars but for a 4wd that you really plan to use I think it is worth it.

    There is over twice the complexity compared to a car, there are multiple things that can go wrong and the warrenty covers just about anything.
  • awallawall Posts: 3
    Thanks for your response. Helped a lot. Or shall I buy the MDX... It is just such a long wait... 3-4 months...
  • alexpalexp Posts: 70
    Neighbor bought Sequoia... Seems little bit disaponted, but is not saying why. Saw 2 MDX's, plain looking, wonder how they drive??? Maybe I will go and check one out, just for fun. Gas usage (probably due to the winter mixture or maybe idle running) went up. City driving is closer to 14 mpg, vs 15-16.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    Hey, do whats right for you. We at the Montero site look at things without the emotion and passion seen at the Seq and especially the MDX site. Visiting those sites you would think there are nothing but dealers and stock holders.

    I went for the Montero over the MDX for a few reasons.

    I wanted a more capable 4wd
    I wanted a more rugged 4wd
    It was cheaper
    It was smoother and quiter (I dont race my 4wd)
    I thought it looked better (more modern in an age of every car/truck starting to look alike)
    Since then I found out that it rated #1 4wd in Austrailia over the Landcruiser (what a complement that was)

  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    Is there a recall or are the Yok tires supposed to be changed at the POE due to balence problems?
  • Can anyone share the price they paid for their Montero Limited (2001)? Are they being sold at dealer invoice?
  • cct1cct1 Posts: 221
    awall: If you want a more car based SUV, wait for the MDX. If you will go offroad, or want something more trucklike, get the Montero. I personally think the MDX is too small, I don't like the styling, and I wanted something more trucklike. I think the MDX is a great vehicle, however (In terms of quality/performance/value, think it is the best in the MDX/BMW/ML320/RX300 class), and honda did a good job pricing it (as compared to Toyota and the Sequioa).

    Nutmeg: look at all the posts on this site and the other Montero site w/r to prices--prices now may be better, with the novelty of the Montero wearing off, and more competition...Happy hunting!!

    Brill: where did you hear about the problem with the Yok's? I haven't heard anything or been contacted by my dealer....Gonna need an oil change soon, I'll ask the dealer then--if you find anything out, let me know (I'll get it fixed with my oil change then).

    Brill you may also want to check out the USA today review on Seq. on Friday...Overall a positive review, but it pointed out a couple of things both of us have concerns with--the part time 4WD, drivability (I did not know the turning radius was 2 feet greater than the Expo's), and VSC and A-TRAC (The VSC can be disengaged, but the A-TRAC, which breaks a spinning wheel, cannot be disengaged in 4WD--my fear of slowing down in this situation, possibly causing a rear end collision, was brought up by the author, who found the slow down annoying); the author also thought the Seqouia jittery on the highway....I would post this on the Seq board, but I am unsure if their fragile psyche's could handle it...
  • Hello all! Just wanted to say thanks, as I have been lurking here for quite some time and I must say that all of the opinions written here prompted me to go and look at the Montero, even after placing my deposit for the MDX. On paper, it is the perfect car in every regard and I had almost made the decision to purchase it even before seeing it. However, I will NOT be buying this car and here is the reason why... the third row seat is the flimsiest, cheapest thing I had ever seen- reminded me of one of those fold up seats that you might take to a football stadium. It is so tiny that it would only fit a small child, yet I would never put my small child in that seat for the sake of safety. So, my opinion is that this car is AWESOME!!!!! and it is GREAT for someone who will not use the 3rd seat or will use it very seldom (imagine sitting back there off-road!?!?! ouch!!!). It is not a "family" (i.e., more than 1 kids and a dog) vehicle. For all of you who have the 2001 Montero- I am jealous! (I'll wave to you from my MDX.) For those of you who are still considering it, I hope this helps.
  • cct1cct1 Posts: 221
    I am confused about your post--which vehicle are you talking about? Are you dissapointed with the MDX or Montero's 3rd row seat? Just checking for clarification...I personally bought the Montero with the idea of using the 3rd row in a pinch only, and would never put my kid back there...I haven't been in the back of an MDX though so I would be interested (out of curiosity) on your opinion...
  • Was wondering which other website you guys were referring to for the Montero? The one? Or is there another...

    I feel the Sportronic used with the 4wdLow helps me in the deep sand. (as opposed to leaving it in automatic) I was able to get on and off the beach, and even up a slight incline without reducing tire pressure which makes me a very happy fisherman!

    Have been very happy with it so far. (1,200 miles) The only problem I've had is my front speakers are not working. :(

    Last question: what's the final word on the gasoline grade to use?

  • The Montero 3rd row seat is the horrible one. The MDX 3rd row seat is one of the nicest I have seen, with the ability to split (half up, half down for more cargo area) and shoulder belts.
  • I'm getting ready (gulp), to purchase my limited montero this coming weekend. I'll be pulling a 20 foot speedboat in the summer months and was wondering what some of your experiences have been while pulling a decent load. Also, has anyone purchased from a chicagoland dealer that they would recommend?
  • I just purchased my first Mits. Monty Ltd and we love it. Paid 35k at a dealer in Ore. It's all black w/ black leather its so nice when its clean and even nicer when its dirty if you know what I mean. Only has just over 1k miles. Drove back to the Bay Area and didn't see 1 full size monty. I loved it.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    I was at Barnes the other day a new mag (cant remember which) reviewed the Seq and stated "the rear end kicked out further than expected" with all the systems on. Seems interesting as these systems are claimed to prevent the rear end from being kicked out (not that Im saying kicking the rear out can be fun) but it seems that reports starting to come back now indicate it may not be the best thing since sliced bread.

    With respect to the tires, someone else remembered it as well but thought it was on earlier models or earlier in the year or something. If you are not getting any vibration then dont worry.

    Joublin: None of us, I think, have any intention of putting adults or small children in the back of these SUV's for anything more than short hauls in a pinch. We would have bought a minivan if we needed that kind of space on a regular basis.

    I test drove the MDX before buying the Montero. 5 family members went with me. All stated the rear of the MDX was harsher, louder and uncomfortable for anything but short hauls. We took turns at different locations in the MDX so we could all see what the various locations felt like.

    The MDX is a fine S>UV (sport>utility) being that it is more sportscar like and I wish you well with your choice. The Montero is S<UV (utility over sports) and now with the 2001 it does it with class and comfort blended in. Hey, it even beat the LC in Austrailia. WOW! now that is saying something because I think we all know just how good the LC is.
  • Just got a quote from my dealer 34,700 limited w/air 34,100 without rear air. I rarely carry backseat passengers is the rear air really worth the extra $600?
  • cct1cct1 Posts: 221
    Get the rear air...I didnt want it initially, but it happend to be on a Monte the color I wanted..I asked the dealer to discount the price of the rear air, which he did (You might want to give this a shot too). That being said, I'm glad I got it--I've used it several times with passengers in the second row. I've seen a couple of posts from people regretting not getting the option...It may also help resale down the road (although I hopefully won't be selling it any time soon).

    Good luck!
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    I would get the rear air. It adds climate control as well which is really nice. I have it and love the setup.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    34,700 is a fair price for the LTD with air.
  • Just thought I would update- posted some time ago about how I wouldn't buy this car because of the 3rd seat. Well, gave it alot of thought and realized just how infrequently I would really need to use that 3rd seat. While I wouldn't put my children back there, it certainly is good enough for when my MIL visits ;o)
    Picking up my new Montero tomorrow!!!!!
  • cct1cct1 Posts: 221
    Congratulations!! My guess is you will be very happy...

    With regard to the 3rd row seat--I agree with you. In fact, the only person allowed to sit in it is my mother in law...
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    My only concern is the lack of power for towing only. Around town I keep up with traffic easily. I went the same way with the third seat, havent even used it yet. If the only problem is the towing power that is going to be a mute point too because I only plan to tow a small trailer to local camping spots around OR.

    Yes, I am lucky enough to have wonderful camping in my backyard......flyfishing heaven :)
  • Picked up my Montero last night! I got the black limited with rear air - dealer dropped to 34,550. I appreciate eveyone's input - was a great help in making my decision! Can't wait to show it off!
  • phonosphonos Posts: 206
    August 14, 2000 article from

    Posted for informational purposes only.

    "'In its first full month since the launch of the all-new NM series, Mitsubishi's Pajero has blitzed its opposition.

    Sales increased by 98% over the same month last year (increasing from 492 to 974), while it also showed Toyota Landcruiser and Nissan Patrol a clean pair of heels to become the top-selling medium or large 4WD on the market.

    Pajero registered 974 sales for the month, while Landcruiser sold 942, Patrol 876 and Prado 793.

    Mitsubishi's Director of Sales Operation, Ian Ludgate, said that it was obvious that the new Pajero had struck the right chord with 4WD buyers.

    "The stylish but aggressive looking new monococque body, the superb on-road driveability and improved off-road capabilities brought about by the new independent suspension is obviously the right package. When added to the Australian-first of a five-speed tiptronic-style automatic transmission and the innovative third row of seats Pajero has set a standard for other cars to match.

    "Journalists are saying that 'Pajero has lifted the bar', and obviously the consumers agree. It is obvious that Pajero could have opened the gap even more if it hadn't been constrained by tight supply and an overwhelming initial demand," Mr Ludgate concluded.

    Pajero has racked up more than 80% of its initial sales at the top end of the range, with the luxury Exceed and feature-packed GLS being winners. Exceed alone accounted for 50% of the sales.

    Mr Ludgate said the Company had increased their orders on Japan to help satisfy the pent-up demand, and he expected that the waiting period currently being experienced will evaporate by late September.'"
  • How are the 2001 Monties leasing. My research leads me to believe they are soft on the residiual resulting in a less than stellar lease arrangement. Has anyone leased, and if so, please provide some details. I am looking at a limited with rear air. Does 34 + tax out the door sound like a decent price?
  • aldon1aldon1 Posts: 1
  • I've been considering the Montero since Spring 2000. After months of researching a reading the comments in Edmunds, Motor Trend, etc., I finally compared the Montero & the Acura MDX (MT SUV of the year) back-to-back.
    Acura MDX- This SUV is bigger than the Montero on paper in almost all interior dimensions, but does not feel this way when actually inside it. There is also excessive wind noise protruding inside when cruising down the interstate. The handling seems better than the Montero, but the acceleration seems to be very similar (even thought the 0-60 time in MT is 2.2 secs faster for the MDX). When entering the 3rd row seats, the salesman told us we could enter from the passenger side only b/c the driver side 2nd row does not fold down for entry. After putting mud on the 2nd row seats while stepping on them to enter, we later had the mud rubbing up against our knees while sitting in the 3rd row. There is about 2 inches more seat width in the 3rd row but the overall comfort is a tad less than the Montero. Even though it is great to stow 1/2 of the 3rd row, I would usually just stow the whole thing when not using it. Interior fit and finish was very good and the nav system was intuitive enough for my wife and me. There is enough data contained here to dazzle the Jones', but I do not do that much traveling that I could justify the $2000 option and $100 upgrades when Huntsville, AL becomes more detailed. Also the rear air vents are similar to my father-in-law's LHS. Vents are needed in the ceiling to cool off the ALL of the rear passengers pronto. I do like the memory seats and the Home-link. The exterior design DOES NOT scream "Upscale", "Masculine", "SUV"-from the rear,"Unique"- especially when parked next to minivans, "Expensive". Also the running boards seem useless when entering/exiting the vehicle.
    After optioning out the MDX to make it look more masculine and less "minivan like" by adding fender flares & the tailgate deflector then putting more wood accents into the cabin, the cost can easily come to $42K in my area where dealers DO NOT budge and with 7.9%-9% APR. This is compared to an easily haggled-down $34,500 fully loaded Montero with the special 4.9% APR through 2/28/01.

    2001 Montero Limited- This SUV looked distinctly different and seemed to have a less minivan like feel to it compared to the MDX (which my wife and I liked). I was concerned with the acceleration and handling before testing it. The acceleration was on par with the MDX and the 5.4 liter Tahoe we also drove earlier that day. However, the lane change maneuver did produce some top-heavy feel. The interior seemed very spacious and the 3rd row was easier to enter/exit with similar leg room, but no mud on our knees (see MDX comments). Volume behind the front seats is the same as the MDX with 82 cubic feet of space. The 2nd row seats recline nicely and passengers in the 1st and 2nd row can enjoy an almost convertible-like feeling with the HUGE moon roof. LCD instrumentation is similar to the MDX w/o the nav system. The #2 glove boxes are great. My wife also likes the 5 speed sport-tronic shifter, but it does take some getting used to after coming from a 5 speed Nissan Maxima-no clutch with the Monty and you always shift up when accelerating. Overall, the interior is of high quality even w/o the Home-link or memory seats. My only question is "WHERE IS THE CASSETTE PLAYER?!". The exterior is very sporty and unique. I do wish they would match the side mirrors and the crome tail-light accents to the color of the vehicle. Even though the rear hatch opens from the left side, that doesn't really concern me. Somehow, this SUV screams "Upscale", "Different", "Masculine", "Unique", "Rugged".

    I'm beginning to see as many MDX's as Madza MPV's on the road. I'm having a tough time telling them apart. I think my wife and I are going to purchase the Montero before the 4.9% APR runs out and head to the country club after tackling the Appalachian Trail here in North Alabama. Good Luck on your choosing.
  • phonosphonos Posts: 206
    I get about 17 mpg consistantly using 87 octane ARCO gasoline with MTBE (which is about to be phased out) including freeway, paved streets, and offroad driving in SoCal. This is in a 2001 Montero Limited w/ rear A/C which has the 5-speed auto transmission that the LTX does not have. Other people on the 2001 Full Size Montero board have reported better gas millage using 89 or 91 octane. (As high as 21-22 mpg).

  • plgunnplgunn Posts: 1
    I have owned 2 Monteros (1997 and 1991) and generally been pleased. I plan on buying a 2001 but haven't decided between the Limited or XLT. I wonder if the addtional perks on the limited will really be used such as the five speed shift transmission, heated front seats (in the South), heated mirrors, etc. I guess it is a question of price because I do want leather seats. For those who have puchase a 2001, how have you liked it, any problems. My 1997 had problems with the CD skipping and is tough on front brake pads. Thanks.
  • I own a 2001 montero limited. Have had it about five months. 2 things which bother me about it. One is: the door seems to but right against the drivers seat so that the entire left leg, above the knee down to the ankle is jammed against the door. Has anyone else noticed this? At least anyone else 6 feet tall 200 lbs. 2nd is the car is emitting a burning smell everytime after it is turned off. I have read the undercoatin theory. But that smell is supposed to go away after a few months. All fluids have been checked. Any ideas. This vehicle is starting to scare me.
  • The book of Montero accessories at the dealership mentions two baskets for the Montero: a "luggage basket" for $93, and a "luggage basket with net" for $267. Now, I can't believe that the baskets are the same and the net costs $174. Nobody at the dealership had any details on these baskets, only that the one without the net might be smaller. Nobody could give me dimensions. Does anybody know anything about these baskets?

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