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Mitsubishi Montero



  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059

    tidester, host
  • dusterduster Posts: 37
    I have 2001 Monty, only 30k miles, the dealership
    states the belt should be replaced every 4 years or 60k miles. I thought it was every 60k miles, does it go
    by years was well thanks.
  • Same thing just happened to me on my 2001 engine with 80K.
    The truck got noisy. I pulled off the road and now need a new engine. I am being quoted 6k-8k for a new engine!!!
    Is there anywhere I can get a used, refurb, remanufacted, or something to cheap to get back on the road!??
    so much for faulty engine warranties.
  • My engine died at 80k. A cylinder was not getting combustion and noone could tell me why including the dealership. Now the engine is dead. I only found 3k-6k. I only owe 8k on the car now. Help! Any ideas? Other than that its looks new.
  • 95 Montero v6 24v My spark plugs were not firing correctly at all losing almost all power up hills and highway driving. I changed them about 3 days ago(and wires). Everything was great until today on the way to work they started going terrible again. Same symptoms as before i changed them. anybody know why they would fail so quickly?
  • i am working on a 1995 mitsubishi montero,it has a 3.0 24 valve v6,it,s my sisters car,the timing belt split in to 4 pices,and took out every thing ,i put on a new timing belt,a new crank shaft sensor,a new cam shaft sensor,that did not work,so i had the ecm rebuilt,and also put on a new idle air control valve,this did not work,i checked all the wiring it,s all good,checked all the fuses they are all good,the thing wont start,the check engine light goes out,it turns over good,the chilton,s repair manual dont say any thing about trouble shooting ,by all means the car should run but dont,i am a disabled vet,and my sister is a widowed single mom,we cant aford much money on auto repair,we have spent alot all ready,i would greatly appreate any help on this matter that any could give me,i went to the public library and looked through all the repair book,s and could not find any thing on the montero,s so i am preaty flustered,please help.thank,s :mad: :confuse: :sick:
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Some libraries subscribe to and can download info for you. Or you can subscribe yourself (link). This article has some more links in it:

    You, Your Vehicle and the Technical Service Bulletin

    And you may want to post in the Got a Quick, Technical Question? discussion while waiting for more responses in here.
  • pitterpitter Posts: 9
    I am about to purchase a 2007 2-door Mitsu Montero in Colombia S.A. The vehicle appears to be more or less the version sold in the US in 1992 or so. It has the 12 valve V6 engine. I´d like to upgrade to oversize aftermarket shocks as it will be driven daily on rough unpaved roads. I´ve been looking at Tokico and KYB shocks. Are there any reccomendations for what works the best on the Montero? I tried the search feature here but nothing popped up. Thanks.
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    Canada and Mexico will get the 2007 Pajero/Montero later this year. The salesman I spoke to said they are making the next US Montero up to the safety standards of the 07 line-up, starting with the 07 Outlander, then 08 Lancer, Evo X. Will it be an 08 Montero? who knows. But I'm sure the Montero will stay for a long long time, it's longevity guaranteed by good performance of the super production model in the Dakar Rally. 7 consecutive championships, 12th win overall this 2007, and that's a 1st and 2nd place for this year.

    See the video Pajero Evolution MPR13
  • dsgnr1dsgnr1 Posts: 9
    Does anyone know how to get the rear door open when the lock is inoperable? :mad:
  • Search the web for Pajero as it's called in Asia and Australia. Australia has a few shops that will send replacement parts for what you are looking for. I'm actually trying to find lowering springs and firmer shocks for smooth on-road use and can't find a thing. I've seen 2 different lift kits, both from Australia vendors. good luck.
  • My rear door lock stuck on my 02 Montero also. I ripped off the inside of the rear door and discovered that the handle Spring was rusted. Still worked after shooting some gumout rust remover/oil on it. You don't have to take the door apart,
    First: Buy some and shoot it in the little holes on the underside of the handle. Get a little screw driver and insert in the drain hole of the handle and move it around till in breaks loose. Or just tap the handle till the vibrations and the gum-out break it loose.

    Happens every few months. I haven't gotten around to getting a new handle assembly from Mitsu. Think it's about $60 since they don't just sell the spring. you can take the door apart with a phillips screw driver and pop off the plastic pegs. Plastic sealed the inside door, but I just pulled it back, cleaned the spring and pressed the plastic and that sealed it back up.
  • Give you a maintenance update: Our 02' Monty Limited with rear AC 104k miles.

    At 75k miles we did the timing belt and water pump as well as new rotors/pads aftermarket. Flushed all cooling heating tranny fluids. Brake Booster Recall done. The rest of the 60k tune up was done of new sparks ect.

    OEM tires went at 60k miles
    Goodyear Frontera lasted 40k. Much quieter tire.
    Pirrelli Snow and Ice are on now. Better traction than above and surprisingly more quiet than the touted Frontera. Gonna get a set of summer wheels/tires.

    At 101k, Brake Booster was making noise when ever I applied brake. Needed to be replaced. I was mad since the original Booster was fine, but the recall made them replace it, now the replacement was out.

    At 103k, engine was running hot while idling so I had it towed to dealership. Blown head gasket. Head was fine after extensive testing. CHECK your Rear AC Cooling Pipes! Ours were rusted out and cracked. Not yet leaking but would have happened real soon. Another way to blow your engine. AC pipes were about $300 to replace.

    We use 4x4 about 5 days a year so it's been working fine engaging and disengaging.

    Overall, not much maintenance (the head gasket was expensive but it was a freak thing). Very reliable overall. I give it a thumbs up. Now I'm trying to firm up the suspension as the OEM is a bit mushy and going to be replaced at 120k (shocks/springs).
  • I am quite saddened after trading in my Montero Sport this week. She was so reliable for me for 150,000.00 miles. Never had to have any service on it other than oil changes.

    I got into two wrecks in that truck, and came out the winner both times! :)

    Godspeed, my little ol' dinged-and-dented silver savior, I'm really going to miss you.

    That damn Montero got me through some of the roughest patches of my life without any problems whatsoever.

    You were great to me and I know your "organ donations" will help other mighty Monteros!!!


    For what it's worth, if you are by some chance contemplating purchasing a used Montero Sport, I encourage you to go for it.

    Damn, maybe I shouldn't have gotten rid of mine.

    BEST VEHICLE I'VE EVER HAD :shades: !!!

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I got into two wrecks in that truck, and came out the winner both times!

    I suppose anything short of a total loss or serious injury could be regarded as a "win." :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • djsaldjsal Posts: 1
    I have 1999 Mitsubishi montero and its having some transmission problem. When I drive about 30 Mph on a regular steet and then I let go of the speed padel. The transmission [non-permissible content removed] to lower gear and then and then when I step on the padel slightly I hear a kick sound from the transmission. It seems like there is a delay in shifting gear and when it shifts gears it makes a kick sound.
  • jasonb1jasonb1 Posts: 3
    i have a 1989 montero LS than ran before i replaced the head gaskets...
    but now it wont start....
    it has a spark and brand new spark plugs but it sounds like its not firing

    can anyone help me out??????
  • semakulnsemakuln Posts: 1
    I am not sure what Mitsubishi Motors America has planned, but I would assume that they are bringing back the new Montero in the near future. If you look at the Shogun/Pajero for the rest of the world, that thing is a sure winner. It's looks like they are going after Land Rover's LR3. Not to mention the awesome track record that the Montero has all over the world. If you look at the Mitsubishi site for Chile, there is actually the new Montero on there. If you can read spanish, you should be good to go. But as the rest of us are, I am waiting for the debut. Can't wait.
  • mikevegas06mikevegas06 Posts: 272
    The following Mitsu site has the latest Montero/Shogun/Pajero info in English:
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    Pajero/Montero/Shogun and it's involvement in motorsports as it happens: The All New Mitsubishi Pajero and Pajero Evo
  • dsgnr1dsgnr1 Posts: 9
    It worked! I sprayed the thing inside the door like you suggested and a few months later (probably due to warmer weather) it finally let me in. I then popped the panel and lubed everything in site. thanks for your input.
  • I am having a really tough time getting a shop manual for my 2001 Montero. (It is NOT a sport!)
    I am not into downloading the manual & having to look at the computer for every move I need to make.
    Matter of fact...I am having a tough time getting any parts I need at the parts houses too. They inevitably get it wrong each & every time I need something. What's with this? :confuse: I really like my truck & would like to keep it for another 105K! The alternator recently went & it took over a week to get one. While in the shop I had the trans pan dropped & cleaned.......another problem getting the "proper" fluids.
  • Two questions - we bought a 2000 Mitsubishi Montero Sport a couple of months ago and so far love it.

    Question 1 - The owners manual was not in the glove box and we need an owners manual, but the dealership wants to charge us $49.00 Any suggestions??

    Questions 2 - I had to disconnect the battery and clean the posts, as the vehicle wouldn't start. When I got it reconnected, everything came up OK except the radio, which indicated "code" on it's digital display. When we punched in "1234", it now comes up as "off" and we can't get any of it to work. On the faceplace, it shows that it is an anti-theft model. The dealer says that without the code in the owners manual, it has to come out of the dash and they would have to read the serial numbers on it to re-set it, which will cost us $79.00 plus tax - less than buying a new radio. :mad:

    I need help, as I am getting frustrated.

    Thanks for your help.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Where To Find Your Car Owner's Manual Online says that Mitsu doesn't have them online. Maybe eBay?

    Some radio codes are on top of the radio, and can be seen by removing the fascia trim (aka bezel) surrounding the radio - often you can read the number without having to pull the radio out at all. Usually the surrounds pop off with a butter knife (any owners know?), but it depends on the car.

    You might ask a stereo shop if they can do it, if there's one in your area.
  • Thank you so much - you saved us a 90 mile trip (one way) and $79.00+. We got the radio back in order within just a few minutes. following your suggestion. Thank you.

    I am still trying to find an owners manual, but will take your suggestion about e-bay. A friend had suggested calling junk yards, but again, we live 90 miles from the nearest city.

    Thanks again.

    Gary and Annie :blush:
  • nthenthe Posts: 414
    Does anyone here know where i can find the fuse for the power mirrors? I have a 2001 montero sport. The manual shows 2 diff fuse boxes in the passenger compartment, and the only 1 i can find doesn't have the correct fuse. Thanks.
  • I am having the same problem. When I press the brake everything seems to work well except there is a quick series of 4-5 sqweeks coming from under the dash or more likely by the master cylinder. The accumulator shakes every time the sqweeks happen. Has anyone had this or know the problem.
  • There is some type of booster for the abs which was on a recall list. I have had mine replaced twice so far, There is a series of clicking noises then the pedal seems to drop a little farther than usual. Check with a dealer to see if it is covered....mine was both times. JLH :)
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