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Mitsubishi Outlander Prices Paid



  • abangabang Posts: 44
    Are taxes title and license already included in the $23702 price?
    No. Just title and license which is additional. (No taxes where I live)
  • I am thinking about an Outlander or possibly a Pilot. Could anyone who has actually purchased an Outlander, post a review on the Edmunds site or reply here to what you think about the Outlander vs. Pilot. It would be most appreciated.
  • dodo2dodo2 Posts: 496
    Hm...Pilot and Outlander ... kind of two different SUVs, different class too. I don't know if they compare at all. If you want a bigger SUV, Pilot is the way to go. If you want smaller SUV, Outlander should be the natural choice. Outlander better compares to RAV4, CRV, Grand Vitara, and somehow Santa Fe, just to name the imports. If you need 7 seats gimmick, CRV and Grand Vitara will be eliminated. If you need V6, CRV will go. It all depends on your personal criteria. Provide more hints and I'm sure you will get some opinions.
  • "Interior wise, this topic was extensively discussed on this forum - it seems to be on par with RAV4 and CRV"

    Sorry I beg to differ, it's not on par with the CR-V. That interior is LIGHT YEARS ahead of the Outlander. They had to do that, have you seen the grill?
  • I test drove a Santa Fe, (actually I have had it for 2 days now) and I was SHOCKED about with the quality in the vehicle. SHOCKED I tell you! Inside, the SF has the Outtie beat IMHO hands down. Exterior styling is a toss up. The plastics and vinyl that Hyundai uses seem to be far superior. Also, the fit and finish seem to be better…..I noticed a couple of flaws on the dashboard of the Outlander and in other places. (In front of the instrument panel, there is a piece that does not fit…this seems to be on very model.) Also, when I flipped the rear seats forward I was unimpressed with the build quality of the seats and the plastics.

    True the Outlander is faster, but that’s only because it’s lighter. The SF felt heavier and more solid. I never wanted a nav system, so the lack of that feature is of no consequence to me.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the Outtie, but right now I can get a Limited SF for the same price as a XL Outlander (with Hyundai’s incentives), it will just comedown to price and gut feeling next month. Also, this extended test drive has me placing the SF 1st by less than an inch over the Outtie.
  • dodo2dodo2 Posts: 496
    I agree that the CRV interior is nice, except for the center console and the gear shifter placement. I would never get past that minivan look.
    LOL, did you mean that Honda had to make a nice interior to compensate for the butt-ugly grill? Isn't CRV's interior and door panels made out of hard plastic too? It looks that way to me. I know for sure that this is the case in the RAV4.
  • Yeah that's what I meant. That thing is UGLY. :surprise:
  • dodo2dodo2 Posts: 496
    I agree that Santa Fe has a more luxurious interior than the Outlander and RAV4 - haven't seen the CRV yet. The design itself, did not impress me though, but again, this is a personal matter. What I was trying to find out is if the Outlander's interior quality is decent, not luxurious. I like the Outlander's interior design, except for the door panels and particularly the door handles - too plain, small and no silver accent like in the Japanese models to spice it up a little. Also fit and finish is important for me too. My understanding is that all these aspects are covered in the Outlander without saying is the best, just at par with the others and OK for the class. Outlander I think has its pluses in the overall package -handling, looks, feature set for the money.
  • dodo2dodo2 Posts: 496
    +1 here. :confuse:
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,320
    ..compares the Outlander to the following cars (on the Mitsubishi website)..


    Just FYI..


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • dodo2dodo2 Posts: 496
    I know that comparison, but has no much value from my stand point. For instance, they compare Outlander with RAV4 I4 (?!..)
  • It's off topic, but a few weeks ago I had a Hyundai dealer offer me an '07 Santa Fe Limited 4X4 with the Touring, Premium, AND Ultimate packages (essentially all packages that are offered for this model) for a price of $27,838 BEFORE rebates... which was just a hair shy of $5,000 BELOW MSRP.

    Now, I really like the Outlander and it's at the top of my list, but if it weren't for the fact that I need to get some other bills taken care of first before I invest in a new vehicle I would have probably snatched that Santa Fe up in a jiffy.

    Personally, I think the Santa Fe is ever so slightly nicer looking exterior-wise, and a whole lot nicer looking than the Outlander interior-wise. On the other hand, the Outlander has a lot of neat extras, options, and bells and whistles that you could never hope to get with the Santa Fe... so it's a toss-up.

    I've been reading some other recent posts and I have to admit that for some reason the Outlander does seem to have a bit of a mini-van'ish appearance, especially when looked at from the back. At all other viewing angles I still think it looks perfectly fine... but there's just something about the way that the back looks that I don't like.

    As of right now I'm not sure which of the two vehicles I like more. Being a computer/techie geek puts me in favor of the Outlander, but I also like the look and price (see above) of the Santa Fe. Decisions, decisions...
  • dodo2dodo2 Posts: 496
    What I cannot understand is how come Santa Fe is a brand new model that had received good reviws everywhere, got most of the stuff covered, but yet you can got low financing and big discounts on already fairly low prices. Aren't they suppose to sell well without extra incentives?
  • dodo2dodo2 Posts: 496
    What about driving the car... which one do you like? I think this is an important factor too if you are a car enthusiast of some sort.
    Ideally, I wish I could buy a compact SUV with Santa Fe's price, Outlander's looks and handling, Honda's quality and Toyota's resale value. But I think at this time I have to compromise to the best overall package which it appears to be the Outlander for me.
  • May I ask which dealer it is for such a good price?
  • The dealer was Brad Benson Hyundai, of NJ. The price was quoted to me by email during an October sales event they were having at the time.

    I suppose that's my biggest gripe about the Outlander... just that I had expected it to be around $2,000 to $3,000 cheaper than it had actually turned out being for the config that I had wanted. When I saw Mitsu's claims of "fully loaded" for under $30K that's what I had expected... that you could get every available option (sunroof, premium sound, nav system, rear dvd player)and it would still cost less than $30K. This isn't true though... with those options the cost is actually somewhere just shy of $32K. My thought had been that if somebody could get one of these fully-loaded for under $30K (as the early press claims had suggested before the official pricing had been decided) and if one had decided that they didn't need the DVD entertainment system, that would have shaved maybe $1,000 off the price bringing it to around $29,000. But, instead for this config its actually $31,000. Quite a difference. I still don't think the pricing is bad, but an extra $2,000 more than I was expected is enough to make go back to considering other alternatives again.
  • dodo2dodo2 Posts: 496
    I think the effective price of the fully loaded Outlander would be under 30K provided that you buy it at around the invoice price ($29,745, including $625 destination charge). However, I get your point - MSRP under 30K fully loaded.
  • Exactly, I mean I do recall reading some recent posts from others who just bought one and got it for $500 below invoice, but that's not a firm number worthy of using for comparison with other manu's vehicles. I seriously doubt that there are many (if any) dealerships around here that would even consider letting one of these go fully-loaded for invoice price, or under. A guy can dream though :P

    On an off tangent, last week I had called both Mitsu Customer Service and a local Mitsu dealership to get some info about leasing one of these. When I had asked what the "residual value" was the Customer Service rep thought I was speaking in tongue... and the dealership was like "we can't figure that out on the phone... you would need to come in so we could find that information for you."

    Now, the Mitsu execs know full-well what the intended closed-end lease residual value percentages should be for this truck under given circumstances (the residual is usually a firm amount that gets set at around the same time as a vehicle's pricing is decided upon, based on market trends and such)... but it seems they neglected to pass this important information on to anyone else in the Mitsu family. Maybe the residual value of the new Outlander is TOP SECRET? You know things are bad when a Mistubishi Customer Service Representative has to ask you "Sir? What exacly is residual? I've never heard that term before..."

    Come on, Mitsu. You've got a fairly decent new vehicle on your hands... now get on the ball!
  • dodo2dodo2 Posts: 496
    Well, the residual value should be low. You shouldn't even bother...
  • I think they are aggressively trying to push their product out to the streets. I guess it's all about numbers.
  • I liked the Outlander at first.....then I drove the sales manager's SF with about 5k on it (after the break in period) and I was done! I enjoyed the ride MUCH better in the SF. There was a lot less road vibration and wind noise. It seemed that the broken in SF could hang with just about anything on the top end. Also, the engine seemed more decisive about downshifting.

    If you are test driving, try finding a demo on a dealer's lot. Not a brand new vehicle. That way you get a better feel of the engine after the initial break in period.
  • The reason that I really need to find out the residual so badly is because in the case of leasing the monthly payment amounts during the term of the lease are affected greatly by the vehicle's residual value. The residual value itself is affected by things like mileage, model popularity, etc and being that I am a low-mileage driver it would be helpful to know these things if I ever tried to negotiate a lease price for one.

    Interestingly enough, I used to be completely anti-lease. I've only ever had two cars since I started driving and I've financed/owned each of them. My thought was that it was ridiculous to put money into something which you'll have no equity in. But, now when I think about all of the hassles that I've had with each of the two vehicles that I've owned, leasing starts to sound better and better.

    My current truck, a Ford Ranger, has a Bluebook value of maybe only $4,500 and during the past 3 months alone I've spent about $1,000 on necessary mechanical repairs for it... which is crazy considering that I take excellent care of my truck and it only has 47,000 miles on it. My previous car, an '88 Nissan Sentra, was the same way.

    Anyways, sorry for going off-topic. I was just curious if anyone else out there is considering leasing one of these instead of buying.
  • You say that the sales manager of a Mitsubishi dealership has one of the new Santa Fe's? Does the dealership sell both Outlanders and Santa Fe's (some of them around me sell both brands)?

    I spent another night last night racking my brains out trying to decide which of the two I might like better. I have purposely been holding off on a test drive of either truck until I have some money saved and put aside first, as being the naturally impulsive person that I am afraid that if I test-drive either one now I will likely end up getting one before I'm in a sound financial position to do so.

    Anyway, some of the things that I realized during my "Zen Experience".... The Santa Fe has a more white-collar, professional look to it, inside and out... which I prefer to the Outlander. It really does have the air of a Lexus, in my opinion. However, the Outlander has lots of toys and gadgets to play with on the inside (and I love my toys), so it seems that the Outlander might actually have a greater "excitement factor" overall.

    Of course, I'll never know until I finally go to test-drive the two of them, which probably won't be until January at the earliest. And of course pricing and leasing rates will be a big factor in my decision, as well.
  • xcellxcell Posts: 14
    My Ordered Outlander comes in next week, and I am going to Lease it. I will let you know what the residual numbers are when I finish the paper work. This will be a 24 month lease on a XLS 4WD,nav,luxury,sun and sound packages.
  • I will let you know what the residual numbers are when I finish the paper work.

    Well, thank you! I would greatly appreciate that!

    I am considering the exact same configuration as the one which you had ordered, except I think I'm going to go with a 36 month lease, instead of a 24. Had you negotiated a price on the vehicle yet? Or has the haggling yet to commence? LOL
  • dodo2dodo2 Posts: 496
    What is the leasing rate? Is it through Mitsubishi or through a bank?
  • Its not meant to answer your question directly, BUT.. sit down if you are standing up... current lease Rate (Canadian) for Outlander and Lancer 2006 (200-Six) is 9.1% !!! Finance rate is 0%, but lease rate is 9.1%... Are they out of mind? It's almost like they do not believe that they gonna stay in business in Canada... Mazda, Toyota, Honda have Lease rate anywhere from 2% to 7% on their brand new and 2006 models, but Mitsu 9.1% on 2006 models...
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    Uhmm, pardon if this will sound funny, as I'm a total noob with state laws and federal regulations, but can't you buy from an American dealer and bring the car to Canada? So you get all the perks MMNA offer for the 06 models. Is this legal/feasible at all?
  • Uhmm, pardon if this will sound funny

    Not at all... for example I've lived in Jersey all my life and I still don't understand the majority of rhe ridiculous laws this state has.

    I don't know what about the legality of purchasing a car in the U.S. and then bringing it back to Canada, but I suppose there wouldn't be anything illegal about it. I think the main questions would arise in terms of paying purchase taxes (i.e. what tax rate percentage, who's it paid to?)
  • I really might have flipped now. I took back my SF (to answer the earlier these are 2 different dealerships, only about 5 miles apart)and the dealer wanted me to make an offer. Well push came to shove and I told him I wanted a SE with Sunroof package for 22,900 not including TT&L. Can you believe he got down to 23,200? (My target was 23,500)

    Unfortunately I was not in a position to buy. (I will be coming into more $$$ for a larger down payment in late December) I stuck to my guns and I am going to wait until I can make a fair comparison with the XL Outlander with the same options. So, now I know how much I can get it for, I also feel as though I could have got him down lower had I pressed. me crazy for walking away, but I just don't like making snap decisions. I just hope Mitsu is as flexible or else I might be rollin' in a Santa Fe!
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