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Jaguar X-Type: New Owners Needs Some Pointers



  • We just bought a 2006 used X-type, and it has Sirius radio installed. There was no owners manual with the car, and we'd like to activate the satellite radio service. How do we switch from the standard radio to the satellite radio? We already have a Sirius account and know the steps to activate, but we can't get the satellite radio sound through the speakers.
  • daxdaddaxdad Posts: 3
    I purchased an 02 just today. I am feeling somewhat sheepish as I cannot locate the door lock switches.......Help
  • oldcemoldcem Posts: 309
    They're the little levers located just above the door handles.

  • bigsmigbigsmig Posts: 1
    I have a new 2.2 x type and i tried to set the voice recognition up, but stopped half way through.

    But now all audio is muted, how do i turn the mute off

    B :mad:
  • dcosnerdcosner Posts: 2
    I was wondering, with the price of gasoline, if it is totally necessary to put in premium. the octane they stated in the book, is actually higher than we have here in the states!
    also, I just found out that I need the tumbler assembly for my car because I have trouble turning the key in the ignition. they told me that it would take me 8 WEEKS to get this from England. By that time, I am sure I will be pushing the car to where I have to go!!!! :mad:
  • daxdaddaxdad Posts: 3
    I meant to thank you. I feel stupid... but would feel worse not ever iknowing how to use them. All the best
  • oldcemoldcem Posts: 309
    Both the 2.5 and 3.0 liter engines used in the X are high compression. The 3.0 being 10.5 to 1. They need premium gas. I won't even run blended premium in mine (the 10% ethanol stuff) - it reduces my fuel economy substantially and costs the same. About your ignition lock - did you try givng it a little squirt of WD-40 in the keyhole to see if that helped.

  • oldcemoldcem Posts: 309
    No problem - I've asked plently of questions of other owners on various Jag forums. It's saved me a ton of money - I'm doing almost all of the maintenance on the car myself.

  • morgartmorgart Posts: 3
    In reference ...what are you calling premium? I just purchased a 3.0 2005. I got it from a car saleswomen who sells her jags every two years. She told me to use Shell 87. It seems to run pretty good. 23-24 in town and 29-30 on the highway. Your thoughts please.
  • oldcemoldcem Posts: 309
    Where I live, premium is 93 octane gas. I won't run blended premium because it's the same price here, and, it decreases my fuel economy and performance.

  • monty2222monty2222 Posts: 48
    It was from a used car lot. According to carfax it was a 3 year lease in PA, had a right front accident in 2005, has 35,000 miles. I got it for $14,400. Perfect finish, engine very clean. Drove good. I noticed the pass door made a rattle when closed with the window down. They said they would tighten it up before I pick it up next week. Is this typical? I notice on all the Jags on the lot, the interior door trim panel shakes when you slam the door shut. Never see that on other cars. As a first time Jag owner would appreciate any tips. Oh, the chrome trim around the side windows is like a corroded look, not shiny. Bumper trim is fine. He said it is a known issue with aluminum trim on this car and he has known the dealer to replace it free. Is there a recall (silent recall)? I have to check the vin with the dealer, it may be under warranty till november.
  • loriecloriec Posts: 3
    I have a 04 XT and my doors also rattle when the windows are down. My vehicle wasn't even in any accidents. So it must just be the way they are built. I can say, it scared me the first time I heard it. I thought the window broke. My chrome seems fine, just the front grill has a nasty scratch. Seems like you got a nice car for a nice price!
  • loriecloriec Posts: 3
    I have been driving my 04 XT for 7 months now. I absolutely love it. The performance is superb. I did some research prior to purchase and noticed alot of issues with the transmission of the 01-03 years. But I didn't see any problems with the 04. I got a 3 year warrenty when I bought it - It is through Fidelity - and cost 1684.00. The dealership paid for it as part of the deal - so far I haven't had to use it.
  • dfciiidfciii Posts: 12
    anytime you run an engine above 3000 rpm, your MPG's will suck. Mine runs around 2400 at 73MPH, and i get 25 MPG. So it is really your choice, but i would say keep it under 3000 and you should get the best of both worlds
  • How do you reprogram the fob's had a 06 for a month & just noticed that the key fob won't lock or unlock the door's.
  • my 54 plate diesel both fobs kept playing up , after many returns to stratstone in luton they found that the fobs had to have a gel put in them theyve been fine since, apparently a common fault with the fobs , if you have it in your pocket it does something to it static or something, but is fine now, i sugest a return to a dealer, and have a jolly good moan ,
  • take it back to the dealers, yourfobs may need packing with a gel, to stop them playing up, mine did it and several returns to the dealer . stratstone in luton, they finally told me its a common fault and its cured now the fobs have been packed with a gel, theyve been fine since,
  • I have a 2002 X-type and the only speakers that work are the 1" speakers. The 6" speakers and the subwoofer have no output.
  • Hello all,
    I recently purchased a 2002 X-type 3.0. I think that I am going to get to like it. Being a Beamerhead for the past 25 years, I thought I would try a Jag.
    However, the car had several problems, this is the story 1 of 2;

    I went to AUTOZONE and rented the DTC reader for a few days
    1. It had the dtc of p0171, p0174, check engine light on and cruise not available

    I searched around the forums for solutions. (You guys are sharp!)

    I then broke out my can of starting fluid, started the engine and begin to spray. I sprayed the IMTs, the pipe to the brake booster, the other hose that comes off top of the throttle body (TB) and the PVC hose, to no avail.

    So I removed the TB to take a look around and WALLA! There laying on the rear valve cover was a SMASHED PIPE (repaired by inserting both ends into a section of gas line). The TB was not properly installed, instead of being secured to the lower mount (on the side of the valve cover) it was all the way down, pinning the pipe between itself and the valve cover. After reassembly, I cleared the codes, drive it for a few days with no problem.

    I then returned the DTC reader back to Autozone. While there I figured I would get a can of Seabreeeze to clean my injectors. I filled the car up with premium gas and added the Seabreeze.

    Later that evening, I had to fly out of town and it’s approximately 50 mile trip to the airport, so off I went. During the trip the check engine light came on. I noticed no difference in the car’s performance.

    Upon my return home, I went to Autozone to have the codes read and there were p0300, p0301, p0302, p0303, p0305, p0420, p0430 and p1316.
    With this combination of codes indicating a misfire and NO p0304, I figured that this was caused by the Seabreeze (injector cleaning). Is my logic sound?
    The car runs smooth
    Because of a lawsuit Autozone can’t reset or rent the DTC Reader tool. The person that rented me the tool before was reprimanded.
    I have:
    1.tried removing the negative battery terminal for more than an hour
    2.tried removing F32 from the fuse box under the hood
    3.tried the reset / trip reset button (never got the timing right)
    4.have cold started the car more than 10 times

    Thanks in advance for your help.
    Mike L.
  • you can try this it worked for me i couldnt get my check engine light to go off and by accident i used the key toopen the door instead of the remote and the damn light never came back
  • :cry: I have several scratches on the glove box of my dash. I have tan interior and have tried matching shoe polish and several cleaners with no results. Appears the tan finish on the glove box has chipped off and a clear/white color under neath.

    Any suggestions ???
  • brendon3brendon3 Posts: 10
    Looking for some Wheels for 03 x-type anyone have some
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,461
    Here's a set of 4 on eBay:

    Alloy Wheels X Type 16"

    Looks like they are in good shape, w/ center caps.

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  • hedonistic1hedonistic1 Posts: 1
    edited May 2010 - ir=up&askpriceub=6000&askpricelb=any&deliverymileageub=100000&deliverymileagelb=- - any&listingtype=used&model=&make=jaguar&distance=any I am looking at this used 03 X type and was wondering if it would be a good decision to sell a 2000 Chevy S10 with 12000 miles in order to buy this car. I have heard that JAG's often have problems, but the S10, though useful, offers no driving pleasure and only seats 2.5 people.
  • i would like to buy a second hand jag xtype 02-04 .
    but i notice most of them DON,T HAVE in built Navigation system from the manufactures.
    1. can i install a Navigation system into this yre (02-04) Jags/ i.e remove the present radio unit and fix a navigation touch screen console ?

    2. which year xType would be suitable to install a Navigation system?

    3. can i install the xj navigation into a 02-04 yre xtpye jag?
  • daxdaddaxdad Posts: 3
    Yes, I looked into doing the same. You can even find them used on e-Bay... However you will have to have it installed by the dealer.... most independent mechanics don't have the computer equipment nessasary for the Jag.... and Jag will not install a used unit (at the least will not guarantee it will work or cover it with any type of warranty). Going directly to the dealer will cost a couple thousand dollars (my quote - $2,400.00). I opted for the aftermarket navigation. You can find a few.... that a good install shop can mount into your dash ( I ended up with the one simply plugged int the lighter, not what I wanted). I did the same with the hands free phone...I was able to have it installed to my satisfaction.... it worked best having an additional speaker installed rather than going through the radio .
  • thanks daxdad for the advice. yap most dealers wouldn,t waste there time in fixing secondhand units. what about if i get an entire working Nav unit removed from a jag xj X308 (1997–2003) or X350 (2003-2007) they all seem to have a Nav unit. do you think the deminsion of the xj Nav console can fit into a Xtpye dash board panel. are the radio console dimensions of the XJ and the x-type similar? they look similar.
  • I drive Michillen's and the the ride and handling.
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